brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:30
davmor2_Morning all something to make you groan https://www.buzzfeed.com/stephenlaconte/jokes-that-will-make-you-say-i-hate-myself-for-laughing?bffbmain&ref=bffbmain&utm_term=.jbLZvG77l#.udYMzVXXl08:55
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marshmnwhat is it with USB (wired) network dongles? they just seem to stop working after a period of time18:01
marshmnI've gone through about 3 in the last year18:01
marshmnanyone have a recommended brand?18:01
zmoylan-piis it perhaps something you are doing to them, tugging the cable, putting pressure on the usb connection like the weight of the cable?18:03
marshmnI thought that - but one of them has been sat in a cupboard where it's connected and doesn't move at all18:03
marshmnit might be the case with one of them that gets carried in my bag18:04
zmoylan-pithat would eliminate those ideas, unless it's an outlier and failed for some other random reason...18:04
marshmnthe cables on them don't feel especially flexible, so that sort of thing is always a worry18:04
marshmnbut I've not really found any that feel better quality than others TBH18:05
zmoylan-pijust that if i have 1 item fail, it's me, 2 and it's suspicious and 3.... something wacky is happening18:05
daftykinstried startech?18:05
marshmndaftykins: yeah, the first one that broke was one of those :(18:06
marshmnthe one that seems to still be working the longest after I've bought it is a U-Green one18:07
marshmnmaybe I'll get another of those18:07
marshmnjust wondered what other people's experiences are18:07
zmoylan-pimaybe try some strain relief seperate from the gizmo to hold the cables weight and keep it steady?18:07
daftykinsopen one up to see if something simple is happening like the connector detaching?18:07
marshmnyeah, both ideas worth trying18:08
marshmnwonder how easy they are to get apart :)18:08
zmoylan-piyou have 3 to experiment on... :-P18:08
marshmnindeed :)18:09
* zmoylan-pi passes the 1kg lump hammer for delicate work...18:10
marshmnoh I see the problem with it - it's been smashed by a lump hammer18:11
daftykinsmy my18:13
zmoylan-pii played with a new nokia 2017 today.  it does run other apps... has a link to opera shop for nokia 3310 apps.18:14
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zmoylan-pimy dentist bought one for his daughter who's heading stateside and needs a backup phone in case of emergencies like fending off bears, muggers or terminators... :-P18:33
daftykinsmy my, but who for a telco?18:35
marshmnbears usually want the 711018:35
diddledanlxd is silly: Starting snapcraft-balmily-uniniquitous-gaylord18:41
diddledanyey for random names18:41
diddledanI'd say that was a spell well-cast: https://twitter.com/picturecats/status/90484881102099661023:30

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