hackrobatoh, two hours to go, i see.00:04
metalbikerhackrobat: what's up? i see your hello.01:32
nhainesIt'll all start soon enough.  :)01:58
metalbikerhey there! i'm here for once! yaay! lol01:58
nhainesGlad you're here, lol.01:58
metalbikeryeah, me, too! a lot has happened and i'd love to talk about it but i'll wait for my turn.01:59
nhainesIs it meeting stuff or do you want to talk after the meeting?01:59
metalbikerhmmm...some of it may be meeting stuff but the other stuff is definitely for afterwards i think.02:00
nhainesNo worries.  :)02:01
metalbikerthere's nothing wrong, i just have a lot of information to give out. about my ubuntu hour and all of that.02:01
nhainesAwesome.  I'm looking forward to it.  :)02:01
nhainesOkay, meeting time I think.02:01
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metalbikerokie dokie02:02
nhainesWelcome to the Ubuntu California meeting for September 3rd, 2017.02:02
nhainesTonight's agenda is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/17September0302:02
darthrobotTitle: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/17September03 - Ubuntu Wiki]02:02
nhaines#topic Upcoming events02:02
nhainesAre there any upcoming Ubuntu events in California that we should have on our radar?02:03
metalbikerum, not any from me at the moment but i do know that there's OSSummit in L.A. I think.02:03
nhainesOoh, I hadn't heard of that.  http://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/open-source-summit-north-america02:04
darthrobotTitle: [Error reading title]02:04
nhainesWhat darthrobot means is "Open Source Summit North America 2017 | Linux Conferences and Linux Events | The Linux Foundation"02:04
metalbikeri think it's in l.a., isn't it?02:04
nhaines"LinuxCon, ContainerCon, CloudOpen and the new Open Community Conference combine under one umbrella name in 2017 - the Open Source Summit. At the Open Source Summit, you will collaborate, share information and learn across a wide variety of topics, with 2,000 technologists and community members."02:05
nhainesSo that might be something interesting to go to.02:05
metalbikeri'd love that if i get the time off from work.02:05
metalbikerdoes that have anything on the weekend?02:05
metalbikeri haven't looked at the website yet, been super duper busy.02:06
nhainesYeah, the website has the schedule, speaker list, etc.02:06
metalbikerok,i'll take a look at it when we disperse for the evening.02:07
nhainesSounds good.  When's your next Ubuntu Hour? :)02:07
metalbikernot sure at the moment. i'm working full time now, YAAY!, so I can't say for certain just yet. i could possibly have it this coming saturday but i won't know until around thursday.02:08
nhainesHa, well congratulations for that at least.  :)02:08
metalbikeri got started late with the first one and so i need to make it a different time at least.02:08
metalbikerthank you! it's been year and i'm so happy! but that's a discussion for after the meeting i guess.02:09
nhainesWell I look forward to it.  :)02:09
nhaines#topic Announcements02:09
metalbikerawesome! me, too!02:09
metalbikeri think i may have an announcement, ubuntu related.02:10
nhainesGo for it.02:10
metalbikeri've been testing ubuntu 17.10 and i got asked by one of my bosses at work, after i talked to him about ubuntu and testing it, to bring in a copy of the OS and show him how to use it.02:11
metalbikerso i'm taking in my thumbdrive on tuesday and helping him get it setup on his computer so he can see it and he told me that we could possibly change all of our computers over to it.02:12
nhainesHey, that's great.  :)  They should still standardize around 16.04 LTS if they're going to use it for professional purposes.  Unless they're keen on doing 17.10 as a trial and switching to 18.04 LTS when that's out.  Then they get that good 3-5 year support period.02:13
metalbikerbut, i work outside all day and not inside an office. i work at Cemex in Rialto so i'm not around the computer systems much.02:13
nhaineshackrobat: welcome to our meeting, currently in progress.  :)02:13
metalbikeryeah, i told him that, too and i'm also taking it with me to use it instead but i wanted to show him what it's changing over to with 17.1002:14
metalbikeri'm going to install 16.04 lts and show him 17.1002:14
metalbikerthere's my clarification02:15
nhainesThat's a fine plan.02:15
metalbikeroh yeah! i do what i can to get ubuntu used more. and that was my announcement.02:16
nhainesThank you.  :)02:16
nhainesIn other news, the second edition of my book, "Beginning Ubuntu for Windows and Mac Users" is now available from Amazon and other fine retailers.  Here's a lovely affiliate link: http://amzn.to/2wrz3v102:16
darthrobot[R: www.amazon.com] Title: [Error reading title]02:16
metalbikeryou're welcome!02:16
metalbikeroh nice!! congratulations!02:16
metalbikeri'll take a look that and put back money to buy both!02:16
nhainesThanks!  It was a lot less work than the first edition, haha.02:16
metalbikerhehe, i bet! lol but awesome work!02:17
nhainesI got my author copies last week.  I still have to get together a package for you.  I'll throw one in and sign it.02:17
metalbikeroh sweet!! thank  you! *bows head* did you ever find any t-shirts for me?02:17
nhainesYeah, I have a box full.  I've just been busy with various things, only some of which were working on the second edition.02:18
metalbikerand it's no rush. we're all busy so it's completely understandable.02:18
nhainesMy book takes a look at Ubuntu from the perspective of someone who's a pretty good Windows or Mac user, but needs to figure out Ubuntu.  Because Ubuntu is very weird from that perspective.  :)02:19
metalbikeroh, cool! i look forward to wearing it and using whatever you've got for me! lol and now i've got money to buy stuff and hand them out.02:19
nhainesAnd I'm very happy to say that this edition is much less expensive--$35 for the print edition and $25 for the ebook edition.  And hey, if you get the print edition from anywhere you can get the ebook edition as a companion for only $5 thanks to Apress.  :)02:19
nhainesmetalbiker: I'll send you a copy because seeing "someone wrote a book about this" is sort of a nice placebo for new Ubuntu users.02:20
metalbikeroh very nice!! i can do it either way now! i be rich! lol not really, but i've got enough money for discretionary spending.02:21
nhainesYou can also buy the first chapter "Installing Ubuntu" from Apress for $29.95.  I... sort of advise that nobody does this, lol.02:21
metalbikernhaines: ok, cool02:21
nhainesmetalbiker: okay, well, if you want to buy an extra copy feel free to use the affiliate link.  Because of math, it basically doubles my royalty on the purchase, ha.02:22
nhainesAnyway, the blog post is here and with that I'll end my own promotional portion of this meeting.  :)  http://www.nhaines.com/blog/2017/08/31/beginning-ubuntu-windows-mac-users-2e/02:22
darthrobotTitle: [Beginning Ubuntu for Windows and Mac Users, Second Edition | nhaines.com]02:22
metalbikerok, cool02:22
nhainesAny LoCo member who wants to know more about it, contact me via email and I'll see if I can get an electronic copy to you.02:22
nhainesAre there any other announcements before we move on?02:23
metalbikernothing else from me02:23
nhaines#topic Agenda02:24
nhainesThere are no agenda items for tonight's meeting.02:24
nhaines#topic Other business02:24
nhainesIs there any other business before we end tonight's meeting?02:24
metalbikeri don't have anything to add right now, maybe soon. i'd love to see if we can put together some kind of package to take my employer to pass around to the other office folks.02:25
metalbikerbut, that can be on me to do.02:25
metalbikeri think i'll add a topic for the agenda for next time since i just got a good idea for something.02:26
nhainesI look forward to hearing more.  :)02:27
nhainesBring it it the mailing list, too, if you want feedback or collaboration02:27
metalbikerok, i'll do that as well. i'll put my thoughts together and get it out to everybody that way soon.02:27
hackrobatsorry im late02:28
nhainesmetalbiker: great.  :)02:28
hackrobative been looking forward to this02:28
nhaineshackrobat: not a problem.  We're just wrapping up but we'll have logs in a second.02:28
hackrobatnhaines, ok cool02:28
nhainesSpeaking of wrapping up, is there anything else before we end the meeting?02:28
metalbikeri'd just like to say be safe and have fun for the rest of the weekend.02:29
nhainesYes, I hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day plans!02:29
metalbikeri'll have more news concerning my testing through the email list, too.02:30
metalbikerthat's it for me02:30
metalbikernhaines: i just need your ear for a moment after we wrap.02:30
nhainesGreat.  Thanks everyone for joining us, and I'll see everyone in two weeks, on the 17th.02:31
darthrobotMeeting ended Mon Sep  4 02:31:09 2017 UTC.02:31
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metalbikernhaines: if you've got a minute, i'd like to have a sidebar with you.02:31
nhaineshackrobat: there are your logs.  :)  But I'll be around for a bit to chat--other than when I run outside to catch a photo of the moon behind the cloud.02:31
nhainesmetalbiker: of course.02:31
metalbikernhaines: oh! got to get that pic of the moon!!02:32
metalbikernhaines: i just wanted to relay some work info. i work in Rialto at Cemex, like i mentioned before and i work monday through friday, 06:00am to 14:30. that way if you want/need to meet me, i can perhaps meet you somewhere half between our two locations.02:34
metalbikernhaines: other than that, i've been testing 17.10 really well and have 6 or 7 bugs already reported and i'm trying hard to get ubuntu membership. work is awesome and i feel much better about myself since i can pay my obligations now. lol02:36
nhainesHaha, that's always a plus.  :)02:36
nhainesI'll be up your way next weekend but I'll be carpooling most of the way so I won't be, like, *there* there.  But Sunday depending on how early we get back I might be able to drive up at least most of the way.02:37
metalbikerok, that's cool. like i said before, it all depends on what's going on with work now. but, it really shouldn't be a problem granted i get sunday off.02:38
metalbikerand it depends on my girlfriend. she's got a lot going on personally and it depends on what i'm doing for her, too.02:39
metalbikerspeaking of which, i need to get back to her. she's been sick for a long time and still is. i hope your weekend is awesome and i'll catch you later.02:39
nhainesYup, my next couple weekend are crazy unpredictable.  Then back to boring normality.  :)02:39
nhainesThanks!  Do take care.  :)02:40
hackrobatnhaines, sounds like a good photo op02:40
metalbikernormality sucks!02:40
nhaineshackrobat: how are you?02:40
metalbikerl8r guys! see you at the next meeting!02:40
hackrobatnhaines, im alright.  we just got this 15 minute light rain and i had to hightail it home on my motorcycle.  but that's all passed haha... how about yourself?02:41
nhainesI didn't get the tripod out in time before the cloud cover was total.  Here's a handheld shot: https://cloud.nhaines.com/s/UNoCo0EFf1jKl1Q02:41
darthrobotTitle: [Nextcloud]02:41
nhainesOtherwise i'ts pretty unremarkable tonight.  :)02:42
hackrobatnhaines, nice shot.  what sort of lens are you using02:44
nhainesThanks!  It's a Canon 75-300mm telephoto that really needed a tripod.  That one was through a window.02:45
hackrobatnhaines, i am in need of an upgrade from my camera phone02:48
* hackrobat reviews the logs02:48
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hackrobatnhaines, were you previously a windows and/or mac user?02:57
nhainesSure, since 1992.02:57
nhainesI'll probably reboot into Windows 10 tonight for an hour or two to play some games before booting back into Ubuntu.  :)02:58
hackrobatnhaines, i had good luck with the steam for linux setup... but then i eventually just switched to using windows as it seemed like there were just more development resources available... as in things just ran a bit better.  the only apple hardware ive ever used was a 15 dollar nano mp3 player.  oh i guess there was some time spent at school on macs if that counts03:03
nhainesIt tends to be driver issues.  But Windows makes a good gaming system if that's the only thing I'm using it for.  Less work for me for sure.  :)03:04
hackrobatyep i hear you.  hey i must jet folks. nice meeting some of you.03:11
nhainesGlad you could make it!  Hope to see you again soon.  :)03:11
hackrobatyes im going to keep an eye on the events... i have some time to allocate somehow03:12
hackrobatsee you!03:12
pleia2btw, I'm speaking at the oss summit in LA next week (saw mention of it at the meeting)17:15
pleia2I'll send a note to the list, maybe we can do a quick Ubuntu thing when I'm in town :)17:16
lynorianpleia2, wow that makes me realize how relatively cheap scale is19:21

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