cmaloneyAre we having fun yet?18:45
cmaloneyBlergh. Taking a test-drive of Ubuntu 17.10 in a VM and wishing Unity was back20:15
cmaloneyI'm not sure how this is supposed to be more user friendly. Seems at every turn the menu is in a different spot20:17
cmaloneyAnd I can't fucking zoom in a background20:18
cmaloneyIt's like I'm using a fucking chromebook20:18
jrwrennothing about desktop linux is ever user friendly, nor has it ever been. instead, it seems to get less friendly every release.20:28
jrwrenchange for change sake. YAY20:29
Scary_Guystop using bloated WMs anyway and go with XFCE or something similar.  i3/BSPWM/rat poison if you want hard mode.20:32
Scary_GuyI REALLY like MATE without marco and using i320:33
cmaloneyXFCE is terrible20:33
cmaloneyBasically I want a Mac-like interface on a Linux machine20:33
cmaloneyand XFCE isn't that20:33
cmaloneyit's a Windows 95-like interface and that makes me sad20:34
Scary_Guyif you want a mac like interface why can't you just use the mac interface?  I'm sure there must be something similar20:37
Scary_Guyor just shoehorn unity back on20:38
cmaloneyEver since Canonical realized they lost the phone war to pretty much everyone else they discontinued UNity20:40
cmaloneyso Unity is a non-starter20:40
Scary_Guyhttps://sourceforge.net/projects/macbuntu/ older so you might have to modify it a bit to work20:41
Scary_Guyhttps://www.quora.com/What-is-the-easiest-Linux-window-manager-for-people-familiar-with-OSX the top two answers are literally Gnome and XFCE.  I guess it's really just personal preference though20:43
Scary_Guyreally I think MATE would be best with some tweaking, but there is no easy out of the box solution I think20:44
Scary_Guytoo bad you can't get Aqua itself to work on it.  but I suppose if people could do that it'd be one less thing that Mac has over Linux (in their eyes)20:50
cmaloneyyeah, I don't literally want a Macintosh. :)20:53
cmaloneyI want a non-crazy version of GNOME that hasn't completely sucked into its own asshole20:53
cmaloney(crazy me)20:53
Scary_Guybut they did that, it's literally MATE :p20:56
Scary_Guywhen the (first) version of Gnome 3 sucked, they forked 2 and made it better.  of course "better" is always subjective too20:56
cmaloneyI also want to move forward.20:57
cmaloneyso MATE is a non-starter. :)20:57
Scary_Guyalso https://flexion.org/posts/2014-03-memory-consumption-of-linux-desktop-environments/20:58
Scary_Guyand https://l3net.wordpress.com/2013/03/17/a-memory-comparison-of-light-linux-desktops/20:58
Scary_Guyhttps://brendaningram.com/article/ram-usage-of-various-linux-desktop-environments/ I switched to Debian from Mint for a reason :)20:59
cmaloneyI have 16GB in this machine. I'm good. :)21:04
Scary_GuyI have 4 of ECC, but still every bit counts to me21:04
Scary_Guywhen I ran Window$ I replaced Explorer with BBlean (a BlackBox derivitive) and brought the memory useage from 30-50 down to 2mb21:05
Scary_Guybut back then you had to worry about RAM useage21:05
cmaloneyExplorer is a bloated POC.21:09
Scary_Guywe're all adults here, you can say S :P21:12
cmaloneyPiece of Code? :)21:12
Scary_Guybut yeah, it always has been since 95 and probably even before that.21:12
Scary_GuyI do miss 3.11 sometimes but probably just for nostalgia reasons21:13
jrwrenwell, rick_h knew.  https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2017-08-30/how-nakaya-pens-anticipated-the-writing-tool-renaissance  :)22:25
rick_hjrwren: lol22:26

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