OvenWerksJackWinter1: Low latency kernel yes, rtprio and memlock are available to the user that installs (any other user just needs to be added to the audio group with ubuntustudio-controls)00:12
OvenWerksJackWinter1: It tries to set the audio card to a high priority thread... but the fact is it guesses. RTIRQ is installed, but setting it to snd,usb,etc. is rarely right.00:13
OvenWerkssnd will include the internal sound card first (probably not what you want) and then all usb be devices next (including mouse and keyboard).00:14
JackWinter1yes, rtirq is somewhat of a mixed blessing :)00:15
OvenWerksJackWinter1: in general terms, a pc made for windows is not designed for low latency anything in anmy real plug and play way. This is evident from manufature's spec for sound cards which are different for a mac or a windows computer00:16
JackWinter1so it sounds like it will work well for the first user. and if they ever want to add more users, they'll just have to learn about the audio group..00:17
OvenWerksrtirq should be user fixed to thge particular cards in use00:17
OvenWerksJackWinter1: if they use ubuntustudio-controls it is quite automatic00:17
OvenWerks(at least the lastest version... unreleased)00:18
OvenWerksThe old version does require a password00:18
JackWinter1i got a thought the other day, and maybe if i find the energy i'll persue it.  i think the best solution would be udev rules that change the priority of soundcards when they are detected...  should be doable, but i get a headache when i look at the syntax of those files :)00:18
OvenWerksJackWinter1: :)00:18
JackWinter1would be much better than the generic rtirq script, but still it's better than nothing!00:19
OvenWerksIn my opinion, someone using a USB audio interface should (if they can) install another USB card to plug the audio box into.00:19
OvenWerksIt removes so many variables00:20
JackWinter1i don't know, i think that whole can of worms is a difficult topic :)00:20
OvenWerkspc low latency audio is an art00:21
JackWinter1i just got done looking at av linux, so i guess i'm gonna hit the us site now to see what i can put in the wiki00:21
JackWinter1oh yes it is...  been playing with that for years :)00:21
JackWinter1is it possible to add a realtime kernel easily to us ?00:22
OvenWerksI can get .7ms one way latency trhough jack if I hold my mouth the right way00:22
OvenWerksif you build the kernel yes.00:22
JackWinter1hmm, i bet not with a high load...:)00:22
JackWinter1dsp and loadavg...00:23
OvenWerksthere is not one waiting to be used00:23
JackWinter1so is the case still that it's missing from debian?  i thought the situation had changed recently?00:23
OvenWerksit is with a PCI card (delta66) in the right slot, with cron turned off, no wifi stuff, both mouse and kb are ps2, etc.00:24
OvenWerksI don't know what debian has, My understanding is that there are different people who make a RT kernel, but that the support is hit and miss00:24
JackWinter1i guess not a big need for 0.7, but if one could get 10ms roundtrip latency (including the hidden latency from the usb transport and soundcard hardware) that ought to be ok.00:25
JackWinter1too bad that it probably means 128 frames buffer with a class 2.0 interface :)00:26
OvenWerksmy round trip should be 3.5ish ms00:26
OvenWerks(card mixer is 1ms each way alone)00:26
JackWinter1but ok, that's just needed for monitoring through daw fx, just for editing and mixing 1024-4096 buffers are totally ok00:27
JackWinter1yeah pci is much lower roundtrip latency than usb..00:28
JackWinter1are you one of the devs?00:28
OvenWerksJackWinter1: the problem is "low latency" means different things to different people. Intel/MS think 30ms is lowlatency. Telephony interfaces run at about 1 ms. CAM runs microsec.00:28
OvenWerksoff and on.00:29
OvenWerksI spend too much time on Ardour these days.00:29
JackWinter1personally i think if it sounds like i'm a few meters away from my amp it's ok.00:29
OvenWerksYa, I can use my computer as a guitar effect up to about 128/200:30
JackWinter1vocalist monitoring through headphones might possibly want lower than me.  and what ms thinks, is not really relevant :)00:30
OvenWerksRelevence is what the hardware is designed for.00:31
JackWinter1is there some text from the US site that i can lift for the wiki to introduce people to US?  similar to what i did for av linux?00:31
OvenWerksweb site stuff is not my thing at all. there is ubuntustudio.org, but what is where I am not sure00:32
JackWinter1someday linux audio will get so big, that even rme will write drivers for it :)00:32
OvenWerksTo get there would almost take someone making an audio centered mother board00:34
JackWinter1ok, i'll idle here, in the hope that another dev can point me to something.  thanks for your time and answers, think i know all i need about the distro now, but will read some of the site to see what i can find00:34
OvenWerksbut with Apple starting to cheap out on the audio parts of their hardware.. something might show up.00:34
JackWinter1don't think so, rme's usb offerings are quite low latency on windows, but then again they don't use the standard usb stack...00:35
JackWinter1and i guess we'll start seeing more stuff like dante etc as the years go by too00:35
OvenWerksUSB3 might change things too.00:35
OvenWerksI think if things go right AVB might do well.00:36
JackWinter1yeah i have no experience with usb3 sound cards, so no clue if things will improve00:36
OvenWerksright now there really are no usb3 cards unless they are audio as well00:36
OvenWerksif I was buying something right now it would either be one of the audioscience PCIe cards (which do have linux drivers) or one of the MOTU AVB series whic will work right now with USB and later with AVB.00:38
JackWinter1the new motus do look nice, and seem to promise hope for us penguinistas :)00:39
OvenWerksThere is some talk of them (and some other USB interfaces) mixing up the channels sometimes. Not sure what that is.00:40
JackWinter1fwiw, this is a start i guess, hope you guys approve, if not please let me know: http://wiki.cockos.com/wiki/index.php/REAPER_for_Linux#Ubuntu_Studio_-_https:.2F.2Fubuntustudio.org01:16
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