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Guest83078hello, I just installed xubuntu 17.04. Why is the Software Centre so slow?08:18
Guest83078it is really too slow.08:18
Chetananyone :/08:20
Chetan:( :( :( :( :(08:20
Guest83078Chetan, you have any clue?08:21
Guest83078which place are you from?08:21
ChetanI am from India08:22
Guest83078which place in India?08:22
ChetanI need some help regarding xubuntu =(08:22
Guest83078I also.08:22
Chetan:( :(08:22
Guest83078Just installed xubuntu 17.0408:22
Guest83078software centre is pathetically slow.08:23
ChetanI installed xubuntu but my internet (wired) is not being detected.08:23
ChetanI installed xubuntu 16.0408:23
Guest83078i had to install all the packages through synaptic package manager.08:23
Guest83078I am new to linux.08:23
Chetanyes but I can't do it because my internet is not working in xubuntu08:23
Chetanwhere r u from?08:24
Guest83078I don't have any clue, since I to am new here.08:24
ChetanI am also new here08:24
Guest83078which other operating system are you using now?08:29
redblade7i dont even bother with software center08:59
redblade7i always use synaptic08:59
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linux_explorehello, why does Xubuntu 17.04 stop responding frequently?10:16
linux_exploreI am forced to manually reset my laptop.10:17
linux_exploreis this not an appropriate channel for xubuntu support?10:19
BlackBit017Hello everyone! I've got a newbie question ;) Does anybody know how much disk space xubuntu-core requires? Thinking of installing it on a ThinClient with only 2GB of SSD disk space.13:05
BlackBit017Figured it out by installing on a VM. Takes about 2.5 GB of space, with just a few necessary programs. Thanks anyways and have a nice day everyone.13:31
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foca_I'm using xubuntu 16.04 and I was checking in logs application is getting this error "Lightdm" "PAM adding faulty module: pam_kwallet5.so". Anyone could help me solve this ? thanks.19:23
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IrreliumWhich packages should I remove from xubuntu to completely disable networking support?20:56
well_laid_lawnIrrelium:  you can blacklist the kernel modules for your network devices20:59
IrreliumThat's a good idea20:59
adrian_1908If I want to report issues in the 17.10 preview, where would I best do this? The regular Ubuntu bugs launchpad, or some place more specific?23:57

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