babbageclunkaxw: thanks for the review!01:28
axwbabbageclunk: np, will review the other one soon01:28
babbageclunkaxw: cheers01:28
axwjam wpk: just saw this in the GCP newsletter, in case you're not subscribed: https://cloud.google.com/compute/docs/create-use-multiple-interfaces01:56
* babbageclunk goes for a run02:00
jamgood/bad: "You can only configure a network interface when you create an instance"02:38
babbageclunkwallyworld: chasing a really weird bug with subordinates after upgrade21:44
wallyworldyou mean 1.25 -> 2.x?21:45
babbageclunkwallyworld: I needed to put in code to handle subordinates with multiple principals, which was pretty straightforward, but now I've got a weird thing going on in the upgraded model. Trying to track it down.21:46
wallyworldbabbageclunk: ok. do you need any changes to the 2.2 branch to fix any of this? we are about to cut the 2.2.3 release21:48
babbageclunkwallyworld: not sure yet but don't think so21:48
* thumper relocates to a cafe as car getting a warrent22:09
rick_hgetting a warrent?22:10
babbageclunkHe's renting it out for a war.22:21
veebersrick_h: NZ has WOF (warrent of fitness), need to get your car checked out every, um, year?22:26
* veebers should check his rego and wof22:26
babbageclunkwallyworld: do you have a moment? Want to talk about the problem I'm seeing23:03
wallyworldbabbageclunk: ok23:09
babbageclunkwallyworld: sorry, chatting to thumper now23:10
thumperwallyworld: I'm not going to be able to make the meeting, still in the cafe23:39
thumperwas hoping to be home by now, but started talking to xarses in #juju23:39
thumperand I don't want to leave him half done23:39
wallyworldbabbageclunk: joining us?23:47

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