mupPR snapcraft#1533 closed: demos: update the name of the remote mqtt part <bug> <Created by elopio> <Merged by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/1533>00:47
mupPR snapcraft#1534 closed: jhbuild plugin: fix UnboundLocalError for chmod_path <Created by diddledan> <Merged by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/1534>01:44
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mupPR snapd#3872 opened: preserve TMPDIR and HOSTALIASES across snap-confine invocation (LP: #1682308) <Created by mwhudson> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3872>03:37
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mupPR core#56 opened: Remove ~ubuntu* instead of cutting after the first "~" <Created by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/core/pull/56>05:54
mupPR core#54 closed: Use io.snapcraft.Launcher instead of com.canonical.SafeLauncher <Created by mvo5> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/core/pull/54>05:55
zyga-susegood morning05:57
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mupPR snapd#3873 opened: interfaces: add udev netlink support to hardware-observe <Created by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3873>06:09
mupPR snapd#3874 opened: interfaces: add netlink kobject uevent to hardware observe (2.28) <Created by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3874>06:10
mupPR snapd#3875 opened: interfaces: add udev netlink support to hardware-observe (2.27) <Created by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3875>06:11
mvohey zyga-suse, good morning06:12
mupPR snapd#3873 closed: interfaces: add udev netlink support to hardware-observe <Created by mvo5> <Closed by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3873>06:12
zyga-susemvo: good morning, thank you for the fixes!06:13
zyga-susemvo: I edited the description on github so that it shows up in merge commits06:13
zyga-susemvo: today is the only day my kids go to school at 8:00 :/06:13
mupPR snapd#3854 closed: corecfg: mock "systemctl" in all corecfg tests <Created by mvo5> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3854>06:13
jameshmvo: I don't suppose there is any chance of getting the last polkit PR into the 2.28 release?06:13
mvojamesh: let me check06:14
mvojamesh: has that landed in master already?06:14
jameshmvo: the only open issue from niemeyer's review was scope of the polkit action ID06:14
jameshmvo: no06:14
jameshhere it is, for reference: https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/379706:15
mupPR #3797: daemon: allow polkit authorisation to install/remove snaps <Created by jhenstridge> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3797>06:15
mvojamesh: yeah, I think if that makes it before the weekend there is a chance, it seems like its very low risk and the benefit is (imo) huge06:15
mvojamesh: could you please nudge niemeyer to do a second pass on 3797? and if it goes in ideally it should be squash-merged in the commit so that it can easily be cherry-picked for 2.2806:16
zyga-susemvo: how is the 2.27.6 release looking?06:16
jameshmvo: on the forum, niemeyer said he wouldn't be around for the next few days, so I don't know how that affects things06:17
mvozyga-suse: waiting for tests right now, i.e. the PR for hardware-observe06:18
mvozyga-suse: once that is green I will continue with that06:18
zyga-susemvo: do you want to wait for anything else or just release ASAP06:18
mvojamesh: meh, indeed, thats slightly sad06:18
mupPR snapd#3858 closed: snap-confine,snap-update-ns: add -no-pie to fix FTBFS on ppc64el <Created by mvo5> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3858>06:18
mvozyga-suse: I am not aware of anything else - are you?06:18
zyga-suseno, just asking if there's more06:18
* zyga-suse has bad debian day06:19
zyga-susegpg: /home/zyga/snapd_2.27.5-1.dsc: error 58: Invocation of gpgme_op_verify06:19
zyga-susewell, there are updates to gpg, let's see06:19
mvozyga-suse: yeah, it should be just those two PRs (one from me, one from jamie)06:21
mupPR snapd#3773 closed: snap-repair: execute the repair and capture logs/status <Created by mvo5> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3773>06:21
mupPR snapd#3870 closed: interfaces/network-{control,observe}: allow receiving kobject_uevent() messages for 2.27 <Created by jdstrand> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3870>06:39
mupPR snapd#3857 closed: tests: fix lxd test for external backend  <Created by sergiocazzolato> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3857>06:43
zyga-suseikey: hey, I noticed that you ship 2.27.0, do you plan on updating snapd to 2.27.5 or .6 later today?07:05
pedronisFAIL: cmd_watch_test.go:44: SnapSuite.TestCmdWatch07:20
pedronis    c.Check(string(buf), testutil.Contains, "\rmy-snap 50.00 KB / 100.00 KB")07:20
pedronis... container string = "\rmy-snap 0 B / 100.00 KB    0.00%\r\x1b[K"07:20
pedronis... elem string = "\rmy-snap 50.00 KB / 100.00 KB07:20
pedronisI have seen a couple of times07:21
mupPR snapd#3856 closed: overlord: introduce Mock which enables to use Overlord.Settle for settle in many more places <Created by pedronis> <Merged by pedronis> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3856>07:22
zyga-susepedronis: I have as well, that looks like ansi escape07:24
zyga-suseChipaca: hey, thank you for the epic feedback :D07:25
Chipacawhat does?07:25
Chipacazyga-suse: epic feedback?07:25
zyga-suselaunchpad must adopt not only markdown07:25
zyga-susebut greek statue images07:25
zyga-suse(or was it roman?)07:25
Chipacazyga-suse: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facepalm07:25
Chipacawas going to point you to the image directly, but this way is funnier07:26
Chipacaogra_: you around already?07:26
Chipacazyga-suse: so to answer your actual question, french (turn-of-the-(20th)-century)07:28
zyga-susemvo: after I dput and get the ACCEPTED email (I did :), how can I track the package further?07:32
Chipacamvo: remind me, when is the cut-off for 2.29?07:39
pedronisChipaca: after the rally afaict07:49
Chipacathat's nearly two months after 2.28's cut-off07:50
Chipaca(granted we weren't very good at cutting off at that particular cut-off)07:50
pedronis2.28 was Sept 407:51
Chipacaoh wait, got my dates wrong07:51
Chipacai thought i read aug 1107:51
Chipacabut it's sep 1107:51
Chipacathat's fine then07:51
Chipaca(i'd understood 2.28 to be already forked)07:52
Chipacapedronis: Sep 4? github has it wrong then07:52
* zyga-suse reads https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3852/07:54
mupPR #3852: hooks: commands for controlling own services from snapctl <Created by stolowski> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3852>07:54
* zyga-suse looks at https://ci.debian.net/packages/s/snapd/unstable/amd64/ and :/07:56
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mvozyga-suse: https://packages.qa.debian.org/s/snapd.html might be a good place08:02
mvoChipaca: in ~3 weeks time 2017-10-0208:02
zyga-susemvo: right, I managed to find that now, I wish it was more real-time tho :-)08:02
Chipacamvo: a'ight08:03
Chipacamvo: and 2.28 is already cut, right?08:03
Chipaca(just checking)08:03
mvoChipaca: correct, fixes and low-risk things only08:03
mvozyga-suse: yeah, there is a bit of latency in the debian archive08:03
* zyga-suse looks at https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?src=snapd&archive=no&pend-exc=pending-fixed&pend-exc=fixed&pend-exc=done&sev-inc=important&sev-inc=normal&repeatmerged=no08:04
Chipacamvo: s/and low-risk things //08:04
Chipacamvo: :)08:04
mvoChipaca: *cough* yes!08:04
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zyga-suseI need to recall how to reply to those bugs08:04
Chipacazyga-suse: email?08:04
zyga-suseI guess I need to stand on my right leg, curl up my right feet behind my back and pick my nose while typing with my ear08:05
Chipacazyga-suse: or do you mean "lis'n 'ere mate"?08:05
zyga-suseChipaca: right but don't forget plain text and the magic first-few-line headers08:05
Chipacazyga-suse: how could I forget08:05
mvozyga-suse: pretty much https://wiki.debian.org/HowtoUseBTS08:05
Chipacasomething that I never knew08:05
* zyga-suse hugs mvo08:05
* Chipaca actually might have known once, but has forgotten not only the knowledge, but also the knowledge of knowing08:06
zyga-susein alternate universe debian has a web-based bug tracker with a "reply" button not using mailto:// an ubuntu is geeky and built from source08:06
Chipacazyga-suse: and we're all using something written by djb as pid 108:07
* zyga-suse stops looking at the BTS and then goes back to stuffing sharp items under his fingernails08:07
mupPR snapd#3875 closed: interfaces: add udev netlink support to hardware-observe (2.27) <Created by mvo5> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3875>08:12
pedronisChipaca: your PR had the funniest of runs,  everything failed _except_ xenial-ppc64el08:18
Chipacapedronis: :-D08:18
Chipacapedronis: i've got a typo (catalog -> catalogue, apparently)08:18
Chipacabut I disagree08:19
ChipacaI don't know why that's considered a typo08:19
pedronisit's US american vs UK08:19
Chipaca“In both the US and Canada, both catalog and catalogue are used, with catalogue commonly used in government and traditional institutions and catalog commonly used in informal, business, retail, and computing contexts.”08:19
Chipacait's pretentious08:19
mupPR snapd#3876 opened: debian: update trusted account-keys check on 14.04 packaging <Created by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3876>08:20
pedronisChipaca: that sentence doesn't say anything about the UK08:21
mupPR snapd#3877 opened: debian: update trusted account-keys check on 14.04 packaging <Created by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3877>08:21
Chipacapedronis: ah, i read you backwards08:21
Chipacawhy are we checking our spelling against british english agian?08:21
pedronisoxford says catalague is UK spelling08:21
* Chipaca goes with catalgae08:22
ogra_Chipaca, i am now08:22
Chipacanext it's going to object to Color vs Colour08:22
Chipacaogra_: /var/cache/snapd, how much work is it to make it happen?08:22
Chipacaogra_: good morning! had your coffee yet? here have some writable-paths nightmares instead08:22
ogra_Chipaca, one deb upload and an edge rebuild08:23
Chipacaogra_: deb upload + sru, or ppa?08:23
Chipacaogra_: any objection to doing it?08:23
ogra_none at all ... apart from "whatch it closely after the change and before committing to beta/candidate"08:24
Chipacapedronis: if we're using british spelling, then I'm fine with it (my local tools will be happier)08:24
Chipacapedronis: if it's using US spelling, then it's just being pretentious08:24
Chipacaogra_: could you do it, please?08:24
Chipacaogra_: (not urgently)08:25
pedronisChipaca: I have no clue08:25
Chipacapedronis: check for footprints08:25
ogra_Chipaca, mind if i do it in https://github.com/snapcore/core-build/pull/17 (same change other dir) ?08:25
mupPR core-build#17: switch /etc/systemd/system to "synced" mode <Created by ogra1> <https://github.com/snapcore/core-build/pull/17>08:25
pedronisis there an official choice for ubuntu?08:25
* Chipaca wonders what was in his coffee08:25
ogra_(would you approve that)08:26
pedronisChipaca: I just discovered I left extra lines in my just merged branch, this by looking at the diff I posted to the forum :/08:26
ogra_Chhmm, are you sure its /var/cache, not /var/lib ? (i thought you are talking about #3807 )08:27
Chipacaogra_: I don't mind! and should I approve it before or after the change08:27
mupPR #3807: cmd/snap-confine,packaging: import snapd-generated policy <Blocked> <Created by zyga> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3807>08:27
mptIs it possible to make a branch from edge? And if so, why? :-)08:27
Chipacapedronis: fun!08:27
pedronisChipaca: there's always the next PR08:27
Chipacaogra_: /var/cache/snapd, for #386608:28
mupPR #3866: many: implement fetching sections and package names periodically <Blocked> <Created by chipaca> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3866>08:28
pedronisChipaca: we are using  github.com/client9/misspell/cmd/misspell  don't know if there's a way to enforce a dictionary08:28
ogra_Chipaca, then i'll do cache and lib in that PR as well, that will help zyga-suse's issue08:28
pedronisat least to avoid getting UK one place and US another08:28
Chipacapedronis: https://github.com/client9/misspell/#locale08:29
ogra_Chipaca, i assume you want "synced" as well ?08:29
Chipacaogra_: well, it could be 'temporary'08:30
ogra_(or is "copy readonlöy once and never again" enough ?)08:30
pedronisChipaca: ok, now pick your poison and change run-checks08:30
Chipacaogra_: but if temporary means in-memory, then maybe something else08:30
Chipaca(one of the files that'll land there might be a couple of megs)08:31
ogra_Chipaca, i have two ooptions, one copies the content from the readonly dir once on first mount (transition), the other constantly updates if new stuff shows up in the readonly partition (synced)08:31
Chipacaogra_: you have three :-) what does temporary do?08:31
pedroniswell temporary won't survive reboots08:32
pedronisone would think08:32
ogra_Chipaca, its like /run ...08:32
ogra_right, what pedronis said08:32
Chipacait'll be recreated on boot (if there's network), but ok, sure, umm... 'synced'!08:33
Chipacaand we could ship a default sections file :-)08:33
ogra_Chipaca, it will be created on boot in any case, not just with network ... but it will come up empty08:33
Chipacaogra_: i meant the files08:33
Chipacasnapd creates them on startup08:34
Chipacabut, make it synced08:34
ogra_will do08:34
Chipacai don't want these on tmpfs on little devices08:34
Chipacaand if we feel like it we can ship a pre-loaded cache08:34
Chipacasounds like a win08:34
mvoChipaca, ogra_: please no changes to the ppa right now, we need to push a new 2.27.608:37
mvolater is fine, but not just now08:37
ogra_mvo, only doing the PR, i'll wait fo you PR approval there ;)08:37
mvoogra_: ta08:37
ogra_Chipaca, hmm, the dir doesnt exist by default, does it ?08:38
Chipacaogra_: currently it doesn't08:38
Chipacaogra_: is that a problem? do we need to change the snapd packaging first?08:38
ogra_right, then i need to create it too (no mountpoint, no bind mount)08:38
pedronismmg, no change was fine, copy-pasting from terminal issue08:41
Chipacagah, why is spellcheck _still_ not part of the static checks :-(08:42
mwhudsonzyga-suse: congrats on your upload :)08:42
Chipaca(also, i should run the static checks locally more often, tut tut)08:42
mvomeh, gccgo build failure on xenial/powerpc with master: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/336142278/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-powerpc.snapd_2.27.5+git360.71a180c~ubuntu16.04.1_BUILDING.txt.gz - looks conistent08:43
pedronisChipaca: should that dir comes from snapd.dir ?08:44
mwhudsonmvo: yay!08:45
Chipacapedronis: which dir?08:45
pedronis/var/cache/snapd ?08:45
Chipacapedronis: /var/lib/snapd?08:45
Chipacapedronis: i think so yes08:45
mvomwhudson: if you have any ideas, I would be very happy. fwiw, I worked around the ppc64el issue succesfully08:45
zyga-susemwhudson: thanks for adding the ACLs!08:45
ogra_i can created it from core-config as well if you want ... your choice08:45
zyga-susemwhudson: I think there are some bugs to address, some low hanging fruit there08:45
zyga-susemwhudson: man pages and such08:46
mwhudsonmvo: how did you manage that -extldflags -no-pie?08:46
mwhudsonmvo: well the test is hanging08:46
Chipacadammit, i'd _fixed_ this GOPATH issue :-(08:46
pedronisChipaca: we need on classic and we need it also on core reexec fwiw08:46
Chipacapedronis: yes08:47
mvomwhudson: https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3858/files is what I did for -no-pie08:47
mupPR #3858: snap-confine,snap-update-ns: add -no-pie to fix FTBFS on ppc64el <Created by mvo5> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3858>08:47
pedronisstating the obvious just in case08:47
ogra_yeah, then creating it from snapd is the better move08:47
Chipacapedronis: not sure where core reexec comes into it08:47
pedronisso you also need a mkdir08:47
mvomwhudson: yeah, it is hanging but apparently only on powerpc (gccgo), I have a look in a bit08:47
ogra_or debian/dirs08:47
Chipacaogra_: both \o/08:47
pedronisChipaca: even if it's dirs or core , you still need to create it on classic because your code might be running before you got the new deb08:47
mwhudsonmvo: ah i guess that works08:48
Chipacapedronis: ah, yes08:48
Chipacai'll be tweaking that code08:48
mwhudsonmvo: you can also pass -ldflags=-extldflags=-no-pie to go install08:48
mwhudsonmvo: my enthusiasm for debugging gccgo issues is, erm, low08:48
Chipacawant to have it in dirs, created on boot via initramfs-tools, created on ensure, and skipping the download entirely if unable to create08:48
Chipacai think that covers it enough08:48
Chipacabut also, who reverted the GOPATH%%:* change :-(08:49
* Chipaca curses08:49
mupPR snapd#3878 opened: tests: disable opensuse 2.28 as their infrastructure is having issues <Created by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3878>08:49
mvomwhudson: aha, thanks for this hint!08:49
mvomwhudson: gccgo> yeah, its pita that we still need to support powerpc08:49
mwhudsonmvo: i guess i should really SRU the fix i linked into zesty but my enthusiasm for that is not very high either :)08:50
pedronisChipaca: anyway double checked, seems indeed packages tend to put their /var/cach/pkg dir into .dirs08:50
mupPR snapd#3878 closed: tests: disable opensuse 2.28 as their infrastructure is having issues <Created by mvo5> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3878>08:51
Chipacapedronis: awesome, thank you for checking that08:51
Chipacapedronis: i think that makes dpkg clean it up on purge08:52
mvomwhudson: no worries08:52
Chipacapedronis: https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/dother.en.html#dirs08:52
mvomwhudson: the workaround is ok for now08:52
mupPR core#56 closed: Remove ~ubuntu* instead of cutting after the first "~" <Created by mvo5> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/core/pull/56>08:52
mwhudsonmvo: i don't glean anything very much from that traceback of the hanging test08:53
mwhudsonit looks like it's just sitting there doing nothing08:53
mwhudsonbut it's hard to be sure of course08:53
pedronisChipaca: that seems what we want, no? remove on purge?08:53
Chipacapedronis: yes08:53
Chipacaso... which english do we use?08:54
ChipacaUS or UK? is behaviour wrong, or is catalog wrong? :-)08:54
mvoChipaca: UK is closer to me08:59
mvoChipaca: what is complaining  ? spellcheck?09:00
Chipacamvo: misspell, but yes09:00
Chipacafor some reason i thought we were using US09:00
Chipacabut we've managed to be neutral so far :-)09:01
Chipacaexcept for one word in CONTRIBUTING.md09:01
mvomwhudson: nevermind, I will dive into it09:01
ChipacaI'll change it to Catalogue then09:01
mvoChipaca: lets stick with uk and solve the problem via po/en_US.po09:02
Chipacamvo: it's a variable name09:02
mvo*pffff* ok09:03
Chipacainterestingly, without telling misspell which locale to use, it seems to use a mixture?09:04
* Chipaca puzzled09:04
* Chipaca facepalms09:05
* Chipaca is dumber by the day09:06
* Chipaca doesn't get any better by night either09:06
Chipacait wasn't catalogue vs catalog09:07
Chipacait was "cataloge"09:07
* Chipaca <- dumbarse09:07
* mvo hugs Chipaca09:08
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Chipacacan we add shellcheck from zesty to our ppa?09:09
ogra_why to the PPA ?09:12
Chipacaogra_: how else do you get shellcehck from zesty everywhere?09:19
Chipacai mean everywhere xenialish09:20
Chipacaalthough i guess we could just make sure we run the static checks on zesty09:20
Chipacaor artful even09:20
ogra_Chipaca, where exactly do you want to run shellcheck ?09:22
Chipacaogra_: if shellcheck is installed, the static checks use it09:23
ogra_(do we have anything that has the PPA enabled where we use it ?)09:23
Chipacaogra_: but maybe running it on artful is good enough09:23
ogra_what i mean is that typically our travis tests run shellcheck already ... before a package hits a PPA09:24
Chipacaogra_: our travis checks don't run shellcheck09:26
Chipacaogra_: if they did, they'd be red09:27
ogra_mine all do :)09:27
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zyga-suseogra_: I left one comment on the core PR09:42
ogra_zyga-suse, already answred ;)09:43
pedronisChipaca: are you looking into classic revert now ?09:45
Chipacapedronis: yes09:45
pedronisChipaca: did you see #3852  ?09:46
mupPR #3852: hooks: commands for controlling own services from snapctl <Created by stolowski> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3852>09:46
Chipacapedronis: uh, yes09:47
Chipacadidn't i submit that review?09:47
Chipacai'll look again in a sec09:47
pedronisyou commented but I don't see a code review there09:47
pedronisfrom you09:48
pedronismvo: did you see the comment from jdstran-d about adding bind to harward-observe ?09:49
mvopedronis: yes, I think I did that, let me double check09:52
pedronisyou did09:52
pedronisgithub confused me09:52
mvopedronis: my bad, I force pushed09:52
mvopedronis: to make the cherry-pick easier09:52
mvopedronis: sorry for that, it was an exception09:53
pedronisyea, now I noticed09:53
pedronismvo: any reason not to merge #3864 ?09:54
mupPR #3864: interfaces: add udev netlink support to hardware-observe <Created by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3864>09:54
mvopedronis: thanks, merged now09:55
mupPR snapd#3864 closed: interfaces: add udev netlink support to hardware-observe <Created by mvo5> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3864>09:55
mupPR snapd#3867 closed: interfaces/network-{control,observe}: allow receiving kobject_uevent() messages <Created by jdstrand> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3867>09:57
mupPR snapd#3879 opened: release: merge release 2.27.6 <Created by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3879>09:58
pedronismvo: now that we run unit tess on more places,  SnapSuite.TestCmdWatch seems to fail randomly but often enough to be annoying, haven't looked at it yet09:59
mvopedronis: thanks, I have no looked either yet, there are some build issues in the edge ppa that I wanted to look at next, once these are under control I can have a look (until you beat me to it of course :)10:01
* zyga-suse needs to pick up his daughter in 10 minutes10:02
zyga-susewhy does it have to rain all week :/10:02
mupPR snapd#3880 opened: tests: add trivial canonical-livepatch test to ensure we do not break it <Created by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3880>10:03
pedronismvo: I looked at it briefly now, I don't understand the failure mode at all10:03
pedronismight also be different versions of pb ?10:04
mvopedronis: could be, we recently changed the import10:04
pedronisdebian-unstable seems one place where it fails10:05
pedronisbut not always10:05
pedronisbut I have seen also some autopkgtests10:05
pedronisnot sure10:05
* zyga-suse sighs10:06
zyga-susePharaoh_Atem: that shell replacement for that ruby replacement of just using go build10:06
zyga-suseikey: would you like if I could co-maintain snapd in solus?10:07
zyga-susePharaoh_Atem: this is gobuild :-( http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/25483256/10:08
mupPR snapd#3869 closed: interfaces/network-{control,observe}: allow receiving kobject_uevent() messages for 2.28 <Created by jdstrand> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3869>10:08
mupPR snapd#3876 closed: debian: update trusted account-keys check on 14.04 packaging <Created by mvo5> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3876>10:10
* zyga-suse goes into the rain, ttyl10:16
mvopedronis: it looks like https://launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/+archive/ubuntu/edge/+build/13346641 panics in snapstate_test.go:77 which indicates that maybe 5s for settle is not enough on arm/arm64 - do you mind if I try with 10s?10:16
mvopedronis: same error on powerpc it seems, anyway, I do a test build with 15s and see if that helps10:18
mwhudsonmvo: the pb import change did not change the code imported at all fwiw10:21
pedronismvo: I don't mind, it's there to be able to change it10:21
pedronisslow infra is slow10:22
mwhudsonpretty sure that library has buggy (== wall clock dependent) unit tests all of its own10:22
pedronisdoes it have wall clock dependent behavior as well?10:25
mupPR snapd#3881 opened: snapstate: give snapmgrTestSuite.settle() more time to settle <Created by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3881>10:28
Chipacamvo: o/10:40
Chipacamvo: completer snippet creation support, I thought that was in 2.27.2+, with 2.27.5 having the fix for not doing it on core10:41
Chipacamvo: but it's not! how did I become confused?10:41
Chipacamvo: (I looked at git's release tags for this information)10:44
mwhudsonpedronis: maybe?10:50
pedronisthere's a REFRESH_RATE10:51
pedronisso I suspect it is10:51
pedroniswhich means that test is very optimistic10:51
pedronisI'm surprised it didn't fail more often10:52
zyga-susemwhudson: hey, mind if I do .6 as well?10:52
mwhudsonzyga-suse: not at all10:52
zyga-susemwhudson: I need to re-learn the BTS insanity and reply to bug mail there10:52
zyga-susemwhudson: I'll look at doing manual page for snapctl so that we can close that one10:53
mwhudsonzyga-suse: debian bts sure is its own special snowflake10:53
zyga-susemwhudson: how does new packages sponsorship look like?10:53
mwhudsonzyga-suse: you know the bts(1) command line tool?10:53
zyga-susemwhudson: if, say, I packaged the gettext thing, could you sponsor it?10:53
mwhudsonzyga-suse: yes10:53
zyga-susemwhudson: no, checking10:53
mwhudsonuploads to NEW can't be source only and can't be done by a DM10:53
zyga-susemwhudson: does it require an operational mail server locally?10:54
zyga-susemwhudson: ah, debian still does binary uploads?10:54
* Chipaca murders pstolowski, review-style10:54
zyga-susemwhudson: but anyway that is fine, I just want to reduce the number of patches10:54
zyga-suseChipaca: ohh?10:54
* zyga-suse is grumpy because his daughter had no lunch at school today10:55
* Chipaca whistles innocently and cleans his blade10:55
mwhudsonzyga-suse: it requires something, i have mstmp which is not exactly "an operational mail server"10:55
Chipacazyga-suse: what?10:55
zyga-suseschool ends at 12:30 but lunch is served at 15:00, who made this schedule again?10:55
Chipacazyga-suse: your daughter is hungry, and you get angry? that's dad-level hangry right there10:55
mwhudsonzyga-suse: and oh yes debian still does binary uploads :)10:55
zyga-suseChipaca: just polish school crappiness and induced stress10:55
Chipacazyga-suse: if it's at 15:00 it's not lunch!10:55
pedronismvo: I fear that test needs a couple of Sleep in it10:55
mwhudsonmaybe not for many more years though10:55
Chipacamwhudson: what're you doing awake dude10:56
zyga-suseChipaca: on top of that she had to attend the religion classes again; even though we clearly stated we didn't approve of that10:56
mwhudsonChipaca: it's only 2300!10:56
mwhudsonbut yes i should go to bed10:56
zyga-susemwhudson: have a great rest man!10:56
* zyga-suse looks at bts(1) and laughs at 10:57
zyga-suse``The abbreviation "it" may be used to refer to the last mentioned bug number, so you could write:  % bts severity 95672 wishlist , retitle it "bts: please add a --foo option"``10:57
Chipacazyga-suse: sounds like something somebody used to writing Perl would do10:58
zyga-susedebian, where web-based bts is not an option but we parse `it` in sentences10:58
zyga-suseChipaca: yes, that's a very good bet10:58
Chipaca(Perl expands your awareness of contextual information, meaning you end up thinking these sort of thoughts)10:58
Chipaca(15 years later I still don't know if that's a good thing)10:59
pedronisanaphoric macros come to mind10:59
* Chipaca doesn't put no macros in no amphorae10:59
* zyga-suse finally found this: https://github.com/openSUSE/golang-packaging/blob/master/golang.sh#L11811:00
pedronisChipaca: : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anaphoric_macro11:00
Chipacayes, reading that11:00
Chipacatoday is being educational :-)11:01
zyga-suseI used that without knowing this term11:01
* zyga-suse used to write proprietary lisp stuff back in the days11:01
ChipacaI should learn lisp beyond being able to edit .emacs11:03
Chipacasome day11:03
Chipacaanyway, where was i11:03
* Chipaca got context-switched to hell11:04
* Chipaca notices it's lunch time11:04
Chipacapedronis: you weren't the one plopping things on my stack :-)11:04
Chipacawell, maybe that last anaphorensic one was11:04
Chipacaok, fine, take a little blame11:04
* Chipaca lunch11:04
Chipacaalso PS https://github.com/pts/pts-line-bisect/ is awesome11:05
* Chipaca cleaning up browser tags pre-lunch11:05
zyga-suseChipaca: I'll keep that tab for you11:07
Chipacazyga-suse: the biggest problem is that _we don't need it_ :-)11:08
Chipacaour files are small enough for it not to matter11:08
Chipacabah, should probably benchmark on the bbb11:09
pedronismvo:  do you remember which test  timed out of Settle ?11:09
pedronisI'm asking because when I was finishing the branch they were all fast except the one you added recently11:09
zyga-solusikey, hello ;)11:11
zyga-solusChipaca, using hexchat now11:11
mvopedronis: the TwoCores one, let me look for the exact name11:13
mvopedronis: fwiw, now only powerpc is having issues, even 30s is not enough for that it seems :(11:13
pedronisok, then something else is going on11:13
mvopedronis: TestInstallWithoutCoreTwaoSnapsWithFailureRunThough11:13
mvopedronis: including typos11:13
mvopedronis: the tests are ok on the other arches, however powerpc is the only gccgo based arch left so maybe it is something else indeed11:14
pedronismvo: 30s is not reasonable11:14
pedroniswe can still use  a local settle ofr a couple of tests11:14
pedroniswith a larger timeout11:14
pedronismvo: ppc is a big big pain :/11:15
mvopedronis: yeah, I'm running another test build on ppc now to see how things look11:15
mvopedronis: yes it is!11:15
zyga-solusmvo, is the real "ppc" arch?11:15
mvopedronis: I should have results in ~20min or so11:15
zyga-solusmvo, or something more recent11:15
mvozyga-solus: this is powerpc11:15
zyga-solusmvo, I ask because ... I happen to have one ppc box11:15
* zyga-solus looks elsewhere to avoid eye contact11:16
ogra_huh ? isnt powerpc dead ?11:16
ogra_i thought we only do ppc64el now11:16
mvoogra_: its a zombie11:16
mvoogra_: its alive in xenial11:16
ogra_oh my11:16
mvoogra_: so we need to care11:16
zyga-solusshall I boot it?11:16
ogra_do we really ?11:16
zyga-solus(well, boot and install)11:16
mvoogra_: maybe not11:17
mvoogra_: but the default is that we do :)11:17
mvozyga-solus: wait a little bit please, I run one more test on the builder and then I will check if its a generic gccgo issue11:17
pedronismvo:  here  TestInstallWithoutCoreTwoSnapsWithFailureRunThrough  takes 6.5 seconds11:17
ogra_yeah, but given it will be dead and there will likely also not be snaps anyway ...11:17
pedronisso definitely 5s is low for it11:17
zyga-solusmvo, sure - I *really* don't want to11:17
mvoogra_: yeah, I would love to burry it for good11:17
mvozyga-solus: heh11:17
mvopedronis: thanks for double checking!11:17
zyga-solusjust offering to help if last resort11:17
zyga-solusman, solus is really good11:18
ogra_mvo, we should start a forum discussion and if nobody complains just let it die11:18
pedronisbut 30+ seems a more serious problem11:18
pedronismvo: after that I have  TestInstallWithoutCoreTwoSnapsRunThrough0.161s11:18
pedronisall the rest is fast11:18
mvopedronis: woah, that looks like its worth invesitgating why the other one takes so long, I wonder if it does some retries11:18
mvopedronis: I need to get some lunch now, lets talk in a bit, I shall have results from another test run then11:19
pedronismvo: I suspect it might be new behavior related to the prereq task but not sure11:20
pedronisanyway, yes it's a slow test, would be good to understand/cut runtime if possible11:21
zyga-solus pedronis, is it an io-bound test?11:22
zyga-solusthat test you are discussing11:23
zyga-solusis it slow because of CPU, fake sleeping or IO?11:23
zyga-solusmaybe worth measuring with SNAPD_UNSAFE_IO=111:23
pedronisdoubt that but we can try11:24
pedronismore likely som retries11:24
mcphailHi everyone. Is there any possibility for a name-based virtual host layer for snaps? The idea being that multiple snaps could "bind" to port 80 and the virtual-host layer would direct to the correct one based on the requested name? That way it would be possible to run, say, the nextcloud snap and a separate server app11:25
zyga-solusmcphail, hey, that's pretty interesting but we don't have anything doing that at the moment11:26
mcphailOK. Cheers zyga-solus11:26
pedronisit blurs a bit the distinction with other container approaches, otoh when we allow to install the same snap multiple times we might have to think about that11:27
pedroniszyga-solus: no, that env var  doesn't change anything for that test11:27
zyga-soluspedronis, thank you for checking11:29
pedronisoverlord.Mock doesn't write state to disk11:30
pedronisanyway, I think I have also been context-switched to hell as John put it at this point11:33
mvopedronis: hm, even brute force 120s is not enough on powerpc, so something else must be going on11:46
* ogra_ waits for pedronis and mvo to cross the 1h mark for the test :P11:50
pedronismvo: we should understand why it takes so long on non ppc I suppose11:51
pedronisit might it why it doesn't work at all on ppc11:51
pedroniss/it might it/it might hint/11:51
mvopedronis: precisely11:51
pedronismvo: #3877 can be merged11:52
mupPR #3877: debian: update trusted account-keys check on 14.04 packaging <Created by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3877>11:52
mupPR snapd#3882 opened: debian: improve package description <Created by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3882>11:53
mvothanks pedronis11:53
mupPR snapd#3871 closed: tests: fix regex to check core version on snap list <Created by sergiocazzolato> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3871>11:54
mupPR snapd#3874 closed: interfaces: add netlink kobject uevent to hardware observe (2.28) <Created by mvo5> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3874>11:54
mupPR snapd#3877 closed: debian: update trusted account-keys check on 14.04 packaging <Created by mvo5> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3877>11:54
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
pedronismvo: now that settle is more than do Ensure 50 times, that test look strange11:57
pedronismvo:  we don't need the for loops around settle anymore12:00
pedronisdoesn't reduce runtime, mind12:02
mvopedronis: it looks like the outer loop is the problem, if I remove it I get runtimes of 0.8s12:06
mvopedronis: eh, 0.0812:06
pedroniswell I'm saying the inner loop is not needed12:06
pedronisbut both this consideration will not solve the ppc problem12:06
pedronismvo: there's no relation between the outer loop and settle timeout,  we  settle many times per outer loop, though as I said one settle is enough12:09
pedronismvo: we don't have  a ppc box we can access? this is not going to be fun to debug just through autopkgtest runs12:10
zyga-soluspedronis: I could set one up and open access for you but not sure if it will work, it's an ancient-ish mac mini12:12
zyga-soluspedronis: we could also try a qemu box12:13
zyga-soluspedronis: note that ensure loop prune also often fails on ppc so it feels like golang behaves different wrt scheduling there for whatever reason12:13
pedronismvo: this is my local diff, debugging prints included:  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/25483699/12:14
pedronisit works fine here with those changes12:15
pedronisrun time is just 10 times whatever it takes for one loop12:15
pedronissettle doesn't use timers fwiw12:22
mvopedronis: thanks, I poke at it some more now too12:30
mupPR snapd#3882 closed: debian: improve package description <Created by mvo5> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3882>12:33
mupPR snapcraft#1535 opened: jhbuild plugin: remove dependency on pkgconf <Created by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/1535>12:43
pedronismvo: xenial-ppc64el auotpkgtest are passing though, are the failures in the PPA?  or somewhere else?  me is confused12:45
mvopedronis: yeah, in hte ppa during build12:47
mvopedronis: one sec, I give you a link12:47
pedroniswhat's different there? though12:47
mvopedronis: https://launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/+archive/ubuntu/edge/+packages12:48
Chipacapstolowski: o/12:48
Chipacapstolowski: I was trying to think how to explain what i meant about simplifying it, but can't find an easier way (for me) than code12:48
mvopedronis: its a different build environment, I'm not sure about the details sbuild vs the autopkgtest env. I'm not sure how different hw/virtualisation is12:48
pedronismvo: ah, this is powerpc, not ppc64 el ?12:48
mvopedronis: correct12:48
Chipacapstolowski: would you mind if i wrote it and pointed you at it?12:48
mvopedronis: powerpc (32bit)12:48
Chipacapstolowski: i wish i were better at explaining :-/12:48
mvopedronis: I'm still working on the 2.28~rc2 test build, once that is done this gets my attention again12:49
pstolowskiChipaca, sure12:49
mvopedronis: I'm also curious if running the tests with gccgo makes a difference12:51
pedronismvo: well we do run them12:51
pedronison other archs12:51
pedronisso many moving parts12:51
pedronismvo: we have a spread test about that12:51
mvopedronis: hm, good point12:52
pedronisprobably me having made a panic is also not great12:52
pedronisgiven that then it ges covered by the lock panics12:52
pedronismvo: I can try to make a cleanup PR, might be  a better baseline to investigate12:54
mvopedronis: sure, that is welcome!12:54
mupPR snapd#3883 opened: overlord/snapstate: cleanup settle and its uses <Created by pedronis> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3883>12:59
pedronismvo: done ^12:59
mvopedronis: thanks a lot!13:00
cachiomvo, joining a bit late13:00
mvocachio: no problem13:00
sborovkovogra_: hmm, is there a way to tell ubuntu image to grab one of snaps from other channel? I want to build image from stable... but psplash is devmode so it can only be beta/edge13:02
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
=== rumble is now known as grumble
sborovkovand if I build it as an extra snap locally I won't be able to update/remove it :-(13:09
ogra_sborovkov, i'll have to talk to jdstrand at some point about having an interface that has all bits the splash needs13:10
ogra_currently the --extra-snaps way is the best way i think ...13:10
Chipacapstolowski: note i haven't tested that code! I think the main thing you might've been missing is that info.Apps is already a map (and that info.Services() exists)13:11
ogra_sborovkov, though why do you use the userspace bit, i thought you start some UI anyway ... the gadget splash should be sufficient for that13:11
pstolowskiChipaca, yes, exactly, I missed those13:11
pstolowskiChipaca, thanks!13:12
sborovkovogra_: well I wanted to have something to show if our service is restarted13:12
sborovkovso that we don't show login page13:13
ogra_sborovkov, would "black" be enough ? i think you can tinker with the vt.handoff= value in cmdline.txt for that (just have it come out at a vt that doesnt have login)13:14
ogra_i'd use the psplash snap only fo systems that dont have graphical bits at all, switching between the splash and your UI will likely be a "flashy" experience13:15
sborovkovhmm I guess so, since restart does not happen often and would take couple of seconds13:15
sborovkovI just was not sure if I need it to show up on the first boot when keys are generated and so on13:15
sborovkovthough that's a separate issue I guess13:15
ogra_yeah, kind of ...13:16
ogra_for that step you would still have the gadget splash in place anyway13:16
ogra_(it only goes away once the login prompt comes up)13:16
sborovkovyeah but on the first boot after login promt comes up it takes like 5 minutes of it doing stuff in background. so gadget splash would not be helpful. On the other hand it's not like I can change the image used by psplash on the first boot and later boots.13:17
sborovkovoh wait, psplash does not work on the first boot13:18
sborovkovso it's not gonna help anyway13:18
ogra_sborovkov, huh ? the gadget psplash definitely works on every boot13:22
ogra_and it only goes away once the "please press enter to configure" message comes up... i.e. when console-conf starts13:23
ogra_by then all device keys should have long been created13:23
mupPR snapcraft#1536 opened: repo: implement :target suffix for package names <Created by kalikiana> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/1536>13:25
sborovkovogra_: oh I was talking about psplash snap13:27
ogra_sborovkov, hmm, after the login pompt comes up yoou have an additional delay ?13:27
ogra_that sounds like a bug actually ... all keys should be generated once the prompt shows up13:28
ogra_(and psplash from the gadget actually only stops if something takes over the tty (i.e. getty for login)13:28
zyga-solusmvo: I downloaded ppc xenial iso13:35
zyga-solusI can find that box and hit the install13:35
sborovkovogra_: console-conf is disabled13:38
sborovkovon our image13:38
mvozyga-solus: I have access to a porter box but no rapt installed there nor go so I can't do much13:38
zyga-solusmvo: I'll make lunch and try to install it13:40
zyga-solusmvo: worst case it doesn't work13:40
ogra_sborovkov, well, you culd try with the gadget splash and setting vt.handoff=0 ... that will keep the screen up and not show a login prompt at all ... the question is if your UI can then take over13:40
zyga-solusmvo: best case I have something you can ssh into by evening13:40
zyga-solusmvo: and I get the geek card back13:40
ogra_sborovkov, your UI might need a chvt call ...13:41
sborovkovalright I will try that, going to try to apply splash screen changes from pi2 to my pi3 gadget snap repo13:43
ogra_sborovkov, https://github.com/snapcore/pi3-gadget/pull/13 and i also added a gadget snap for pi3 to the bug13:43
mupPR pi3-gadget#13: add splash support <Created by ogra1> <https://github.com/snapcore/pi3-gadget/pull/13>13:43
ogra_(though you got custom changes i guess)13:44
zyga-solusmvo: I found it13:44
mvopedronis: good news, I can reproduce the error with go-6 here apparently13:44
sborovkovogra_: ah cool will use that then, yeah, but I just need to merge it then13:44
ogra_yeah ... me too (once i get a second review :) )13:45
mvozyga-solus: found the ppc?13:45
pedronismvo: on master or the simplified PR ?13:45
mvozyga-solus: maybe it is not needed, it looks like I can reproduce it with go-613:45
mvopedronis: master currently, trying your branch next13:45
zyga-solusmvo: yes13:50
zyga-solusmvo: ok13:50
mvopedronis: with your branch it shows a proper error (but still panics on the lock) - its not converging. I will poke more, its good to be able to reproduce it13:58
* zyga-solus breaks for food13:59
zyga-solusmvo: I'm burning the ppc iso - just in case it is needed13:59
kyrofaUrgh, forum stealing /14:07
mvopedronis: looks like the loop is the problem - runtime with loop 1: 0.3s 2: 0.7s, 3: 1.4s 4: 2.1s 5: 3.2s 6: 4.4s 7: forever. very strange14:10
* mvo digs further14:10
ogra_sborovkov, so i just tested here ... setting vt.handoff=0 to keep the splash and then later calling "sudo chvt 1" via ssh works for me ... so your UI startup script would have to do that chvt 1 call to take over the console and yoou should be fine (*if* confinement doesnt bloock chvt here)14:12
kyrofadavidcalle, I need to add a deprecation notice to https://snapcraft.io/docs/deprecation-notices, but have forgotten where that code is hosted. Help?14:12
kyrofaI thought it was https://github.com/canonical-websites/snapcraft.io14:13
sborovkovogra_: ah, so this way until everything is done it will show black screen? or splash? And when my UI starts I just should use chvt then?14:13
ogra_sborovkov, splash14:13
ogra_and the chvt makes your UI take ooover the screen14:14
sborovkovoh ok, cool14:14
* ogra_ wonders whats up with his keyboard and all these duplicated/triplicated chars14:14
sborovkovfirst need to figure out why after I applied PR with splash screen my images stopped booting, I merged all other changes to my branch first. It booted. Applied splash screen PR and changed the image - it stops at PI logos above, no output from uboot at all14:15
ogra_weird, the Pr doesnt change any output settings for uboot14:15
ogra_you should definitely still get the loading of kernel, initrd and such ... as well as the autoboot countdown14:16
kyrofaAh ha! https://github.com/CanonicalLtd/snappy-docs14:17
ogra_sborovkov, you dont happen to have dtoverlay=vc4-kms-v3d set in your config.txt i hope14:17
ogra_(if thats the case there is more to do)14:17
sborovkovogra_: ah, it boots actually. But does not show splash. My image is not getting in. It went from rapsberries at top straight to my snap14:18
sborovkovare there any requirements on image used?14:18
sborovkovand that one in config.txt is disabled14:18
ogra_sborovkov, do you use dtoverlay=vc4-kms-v3d ? (i.e. GLES)14:18
sborovkovwe dont14:19
sborovkovout qt app is not working with it14:19
sborovkovnot sure on details, but there is a comment where it's commented out14:19
ogra_right, mir uses it though ...14:19
ogra_if your Qt app dooesnt use GLES we're fine on that level14:19
sborovkovI mean it's using egl14:20
ogra_welll, then you actually need vc4 enabled ... which the dtoverllay above does14:20
sborovkovno, it does not work with it14:21
ogra_if you do "lsmod | grep drm" on a booted board, does that return anything ?14:21
sborovkovone minute I need to boot another image for that, I don't have assertion for local stuff I build14:22
mvopedronis: ok, so the issue appears to be that the MockPrerequisitesRetryTimeout is too short, the taskrunner will always try to run a preprequite task next but that will see that there is a core snap task running and will trigger a retry but because the time is too short it always retries the prepreq task and never runs the core link snap task14:22
ogra_(i wonder how you would use EGL without vc4)14:22
sborovkovogra_: also, is the boot image going to be resized? Boot splash is 1080p. But since I connect my display via HDMI->DVI it boots at lower resolution. Can this be the reason splash is not shown on boot?14:23
mupPR snapd#3879 closed: release: merge release 2.27.6 <Created by mvo5> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3879>14:24
sborovkovlsmod | grep drm does not find anything14:24
ogra_hmm, ok14:24
sborovkovogra_: unfortunately I have no idea on implementation details. Qt is just using FB on the rpi I think14:24
ogra_sborovkov, hmm, the splash should adapt to the screen size...14:24
ogra_right, that should be fine14:24
sborovkovok, I am using SRGB 8 bit14:24
sborovkovwhich should be fine I guess14:25
ogra_i just wanted t make sure vc4 isnt turned on while in the initrd14:25
ogra_theoreticallly that should be fine14:25
sborovkovok, actually let me try to boot with your vanilla splash screen14:25
ogra_you should in any case get at least a white screen14:26
ogra_even if the image would be broken, the bg color should change14:26
pedronismvo: ah,  I wondered about that, makes some kind of sense14:26
ogra_sborovkov, your cmdline.txt has the "splash" keyword set i hope (the splash checks for that)14:28
pedronismvo: theorically we could implement something just using immidiate retries and SetBlocked, but it needs quite a bit of state tracking and the checks would be costly14:28
sborovkovogra_: yes your patch applied cleanly14:29
ogra_just to make sure :)14:29
sborovkovit has vt.handoff=2 quiet splash at the end14:29
ogra_i still wonder why you dont see any uboot messages14:30
mvopedronis: yeah, in practise with retry of 30s it should not be a problem, I pushed an update to 3881 and test build that now14:31
sborovkovogra_: not sure... stdout=serial, lcd... SO it should show something14:32
ogra_yeah and the splash PR doesnt touch anything in that area14:32
ogra_it only chnages bits that happen a lot later in the boot14:32
pedronismvo:  we probably don't need the global settle change, I would just do an explicit Settle in that test14:32
pedronismvo: we need to combine 3881 and #3883 somehow14:33
mupPR #3883: overlord/snapstate: cleanup settle and its uses <Created by pedronis> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3883>14:33
mvopedronis: yes, makes sense14:33
mvopedronis: I can fix that, I can also merge yours into mine14:33
pedronisthat works for me14:33
mvopedronis: but first I want to test build to see if my box actually is close enough to the ppc14:34
* mvo prepares an upload14:34
pedronisfearing the ppa is even much slower ?14:34
pedroniswe could bump it to 100 ms  but check arch ?14:34
pedronisI mean bump only conditionally14:34
* zyga-solus breaks for a few hrs to work on kids stuff 14:36
mvopedronis: merged your branch into mine and resolved the conflicts14:44
pedronisthanks, let's see how it goes14:47
mupPR snapd#3883 closed: overlord/snapstate: cleanup settle and its uses <Created by pedronis> <Closed by pedronis> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3883>14:49
pedronismvo: I closed mine14:49
mvopedronis: ta14:50
mupPR snapcraft#1537 opened: project_loader: aliases are deprecated <Created by kyrofa> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/1537>14:52
pstolowskiapi.snapcraft.io has a hiccup?15:07
sborovkovogra_: meh, no, issue is not in the image. tried clean build as well just in case. Unlike old behavior where I'd get login page while everything is configured. And then my snap would show up. All I see is raspberries on the top until our snap takes over. No splash screen though :-(15:19
ogra_sborovkov, even with my gadget snap ?15:19
sborovkovogra_: hmm, I am not sure, let me try vanilla snap.15:20
sborovkovbut the only difference from previous described behavior is your PR merged15:20
ogra_and it works fine if you just revert it ?15:21
ogra_the PR really only puts an additional file in place and adds an extra load command ... there is nothing it could do to actually make the ooutput before anythiing loads disappear15:22
sborovkovalright, I am going to revert it and try it again. Also try vanilla snap as well, but tomorrow I guess, will tell you if I succeed15:23
ogra_i'm around15:26
ogra_sborovkov, you guys dont happen to come to our rally in new york, do you ?15:27
ogra_(would perhaps be helpful to work face to face and with the HW in front of us)15:27
cachioogra_, hey15:42
cachioogra_, I am testing the 2.27.6 and I see it is failing on dragonboard15:43
pedronismvo: any news if it's fixing stuff?15:43
cachiono space left15:43
sborovkovogra_: don't think so15:43
cachioogra_, It was running on testflinger15:43
ogra_cachio, resized propely ?15:44
cachioI'm trying to reproduce it on my dragonboard15:44
sborovkovogra_: alright i want to bang my head against the wall. During our image creation something image is mounted to loop0 and loop1. So I was getting the freaking same image for a last hour *facepalm*15:45
ogra_oh my !15:45
sborovkovbecause it did not unmount15:45
sborovkovduring one of the builds15:45
cachioogra_, which command line do you use to flash your db?15:48
ogra_cachio, i use the same everywhere ... xzcat /path/to/image| sudo dd of=/dev/sdc bs=32M15:49
ogra_cachio, after explicitly running "sudo umount /dev/sdc1; sudo umount /dev/sdc2"15:49
ogra_(my SD reader shows up as sdc obviously)15:50
cachioogra_, ok, I'll do the same15:50
cachioI am umounting always15:50
cachioogra_, /dev/mmcblk1p9  546M  378M  128M  75% /writable15:56
cachioogra_, after I flashed it15:56
cachioogra_, where are the logs?15:56
ogra_after the first boot ?15:57
ogra_(or is that still in your PC)15:57
cachioogra_, after the first boot15:57
ogra_the log is in /run/initramfs15:57
ogra_and you are 100% sure nothing automounted the SD after you unmounted it ?15:58
ogra_befor you dd'ed15:58
cachioI checked that15:58
ogra_(smeone said this week that kde always remoounts it apparnetly)15:58
cachioogra_, I ran sudo umount15:59
cachioand then checked that15:59
ogra_he did as well ...15:59
* ogra_ tries to remember who that was ... 15:59
cachioogra_, the weird think is that I ran in test flinger and it failed in 4 different dbs as well16:00
cachiowith the same issue16:00
=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
ogra_cachio, well, nothing changed in months in the resize code16:00
ogra_so i'm surprised it doesnt resize16:01
* ogra_ glares at "open: No such file or directory while opening "16:01
ogra_but that message is even after it resized already16:02
zyga-solusback for 40 min, then one more school meeting16:02
zyga-solusmvo: any luck with that ppc bug?16:05
cachioogra_, do you need any other log?16:06
ogra_cachio, no, and i have absolutely no idea, that code has last changed in april and has not caused issues sice (at least federico never told me) so i'm a bit idea-less16:07
ogra_(actually even long before april)16:08
cachioogra_, are you able to reproduce it?16:08
ogra_let me try an install but i have never has resize issues since the code landed16:08
cachioogra_, perhaps the diff is how we are building the image16:09
cachioogra_, I am using this script to create the image https://github.com/sergiocazzolato/validator/blob/master/create.sh16:09
cachioI ran it using CHANNEL=beta16:10
ogra_yeah, not different to what i use here, though i'm still on the ubuntu-image deb16:11
ogra_so it might be the snap has changed something that breaks the partition table ... but i wouldnt expect that16:12
* ogra_ flashes todays daily 16:12
ogra_cachio, oh, dont forget when unmounting, the dragoboard uses sdc8 and 916:13
ogra_ok, booting here16:15
cachioogra_, yes16:17
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
mvozyga-solus: I think its fixed16:18
ogra_ogra@localhost:~$ df -h /writable16:19
ogra_Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on16:19
ogra_/dev/mmcblk1p9   57G  384M   54G   1% /writable16:19
ogra_cachio, ^^^16:19
ogra_so i cant reproduce it here16:20
zyga-solusmvo: great, I can trash this old junk then :)16:20
cachioogra_, which image are you using?16:20
ogra_cachio, http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/snappy/all-snaps/daily/current/ubuntu-core-16-dragonboard-410c.img.xz16:21
ogra_(got that locally here)16:21
ogra_uses edge ... but beyond that shouldnt differ16:21
cachioogra_, could you try with to generate the image with the snapd from beta?16:21
mvozyga-solus: I will know for sure once 3881 is in16:24
ogra_cachio, sure, but the initrd in both should be indentical ... (teh initrd is what does the resize)16:24
cachioogra_, tx, I am gonna try with the one you used16:25
* ogra_ dd's beta ... 16:25
kyrofaHey all, it seems snapctl -h broke16:27
kyrofaIt requires a cookie16:27
kyrofaMakes it difficult to figure out how to use16:29
ogra_cachio, http://paste.ubuntu.com/25484910/ this is how it shoudl look like ... (there is an extra message on the tty console about the GPT not defininig the fulll disk size (which is fine), this is copy/paste from serial)16:29
mvocachio: how are the tests looking so far? all green?16:30
cachioogra_, ok, I'll check with the image that worked for you16:30
cachiomvo, yes, but strugling with hte dragonboard16:30
cachiomvo, it is failing on first boot to resize16:30
* zyga-solus managed to install 14.04 on the ppc junk16:31
mvocachio: autsch, i remember you had this issue before, right?16:31
cachioit fails in testflinger for the 4 dbs16:31
cachioand in my db16:31
ogra_cachio, oh wow!16:31
ogra_ogra@localhost:~$ df -h /writable16:31
ogra_Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on16:31
ogra_/dev/mmcblk1p9  546M  378M  128M  75% /writable16:31
cachioogra_, well16:31
cachioogra_, with beta?16:31
* ogra_ checks if the kernel snap is any different between beta and edge16:32
zyga-solusogra_: the ancient ppc mac has the same amount of ram as raspi3 today, isn't that silly?16:32
cachiomvo, well, now ogra_ could reproduce the error16:32
cachiomvo, the rest is ok16:32
ogra_cachio, aha ! seems the kernel in beta has an issue16:33
ogra_there are two different snaps16:33
ogra_ppisati, sitll around ?16:33
ogra_cachio, edge is on rev 3316:33
ogra_beta on 3416:33
cachioogra_, well, that's possitive, now we know the reason16:34
ogra_they have the same version string, so i guess beta and candidate were a rebuild16:34
ogra_why is stzable so old on the dragonboard btw16:35
ogra_thats really behind (rev 27)16:35
ogra_cachio, is it urgent ? then i can re-release 33 into beta16:37
cachioogra_, yes16:39
cachioogra_, it is a fix that should be fully tested today16:39
cachioogra_, to go to candidate16:40
ogra_cachio, ok, 33 is in beta and candidate now ... you shoudl be able to rebuild16:40
* ogra_ does the same 16:42
cachioogra_, tx16:42
ogra_but looking at the build log of the kernel snap i dont  see anything wrong16:43
ogra_very weird16:43
cachiomvo, I'll restart the testing16:45
ogra_ogra@localhost:~$ df -h /writable16:48
ogra_Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on16:48
ogra_/dev/mmcblk1p9   57G  380M   54G   1% /writable16:48
ogra_cachio, back to normal here16:48
ogra_o not16:48
ogra_ogra@localhost:~$ snap list16:49
ogra_No snaps are installed yet. Try "snap install hello-world".16:49
cachioogra_,  :(16:49
ogra_the rebuild was actually to fix the broken clock setting16:49
ogra_so 33 wont work16:49
* ogra_ switches edge to 32 and does an edge build16:50
cachioogra_, is it ready?16:53
ogra_let me test first16:53
ogra_ogra@localhost:~$ snap list16:57
ogra_No snaps are installed yet. Try "snap install hello-world".16:57
* ogra_ switches edge back to 31 ... 16:58
ogra_resize was fine btw ... but that doesnt help16:58
cachioogra_, :(17:01
ogra_booting with 3117:01
ogra_ogra@localhost:~$ snap list17:05
ogra_No snaps are installed yet. Try "snap install hello-world".17:05
* ogra_ goes to rev 3017:09
ondraogra_ sorry did not get to it, but will test that cm3 tomorrow morning17:15
ogra_ondra, all fine as long as you are aware ... i'm not in a hurry17:16
ondraogra_ yeah, it's on my list :)17:16
* Chipaca shakes fist at stuff17:17
Chipacaanyway, EOD for me17:17
* ogra_ joins Chipaca 17:17
* Chipaca shakes some more17:18
* ogra_ hopes this boot will finally work ... i had an appointment 20min ago :(17:19
=== JoshStrobl|zzz is now known as JoshStrobl
ogra_ogra@localhost:~$ snap list17:20
ogra_No snaps are installed yet. Try "snap install hello-world".17:20
cachioogra_, the one we used in the previous beta was working17:21
ogra_cachio, cant be17:21
cachioogra_, could we use that one?17:21
ogra_do you knwo which one that was ?17:21
cachioI don't17:22
ogra_i just switched edge to what was in stable (rev 27) and run another test now17:22
ogra_ogra@localhost:~$ df -h /writable/17:27
ogra_Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on17:27
ogra_/dev/mmcblk1p9   57G  384M   54G   1% /writable17:27
ogra_ogra@localhost:~$ snap list17:27
ogra_Name                Version        Rev   Developer  Notes17:27
ogra_core                16-2.28~rc2    2853  canonical  core17:27
ogra_dragonboard         16.04-0.18     32    canonical  gadget17:27
ogra_dragonboard-kernel  4.4.0-1063.68  27    canonical  kernel17:27
ogra_cachio, ok, i released rev 27 to all channels17:28
cachioogra_, great17:32
ogra_cachio, oh, crap and i think i know what the issue is, zyga-solus added a massive amount of quoting to all initrd scripts, i bet something now spits out a wrong number17:32
ogra_there looking at the diff orf the initrd scripts (specifically resize) there is a gazillion pointless doublequotes now17:33
diddledanif in doubt, quote17:34
diddledanquote, quote and then quote again17:34
ogra_-device_size="$(($(cat $syspath/size)/2))"17:34
ogra_-sum_size="$(($(grep $(basename $device)[a-z0-9] /proc/partitions|\17:34
ogra_+device_size="$(($(cat "$syspath"/size)/2))"17:34
ogra_+sum_size="$(($(grep "$(basename "$device")[a-z0-9]" /proc/partitions|\17:34
ogra_     tr -s ' '|cut -d' ' -f4|tr '\n' '+'|sed 's/+$//')))"17:34
diddledanwhen you think you've quoted enough quote some more :-p17:34
ogra_i bet that grep doesnt return anymore what it did before17:34
diddledanis there a unit testing framework anywhere in the world for shell scripts? (I feel there should be at least one attempt)17:35
ogra_yes, that is what got us the breakage17:36
ogra_apt install shellcheck17:36
ogra_and it will make aou add quotes in a lot of pointless places17:36
diddledanquote all the things!17:37
diddledanas long as your quotes aren't imbalanced, you'll be fine"17:37
diddledandon't forget to quote your quotes or else you'll get randomness"17:38
diddledanthe one I really hate with shell scripts is that quotes in variables are interpreted when they're included in another line17:39
diddledanvariables aren't treated really like other languages, they're expanded BEFORE the command is parsed17:39
diddledanFOO="something with 'quotes'" do_something_with $FOO; echo "probably didn't do quite what you expected, did it?!"17:40
diddledanmaybe we should kill bash :-p17:41
diddledanor kill -9 bash17:41
SXXHello everyone.18:37
kyrofaHey there SXX18:37
SXXI looking for some advice. I want snap-packaged application to use assets from /usr/share/ inside snap as it's usually do on main system.18:37
SXXAssets I need are found inside /snap/vcmi/x3/usr/share/vcmi.18:39
SXXThough I feel that app while running via snap trying to read /usr/local/share of the main system which obviously prevented by apparmor18:39
SXXDo I need to specify some special CMake prefix while building for snap?18:40
sborovkovogra_: alright, nice, at least I got some progress. Seems like I get no output about services that are starting. Just uboot messages showing up until my snap takes over.18:42
SXXShould I somehow use $SNAP prefix in my app code?19:15
=== ShalokShalom_ is now known as ShalokShalom
ParkerRInstalled Discord via the Snap package (from the Software Center) and get this when trying to run Discord http://ix.io/zFu Any ideas? (17.10 Artful)19:47
ParkerRsnapd   2.27.5+17.1019:51
mupPR snapd#3884 opened: store: simplify api url config <Created by atomatt> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/3884>19:59
zyga-solusjdstrand: hey20:04
zyga-solusjdstrand: not sure if you did but a kind request to look at the child profile for snap-update-ns that I wrote20:04
kyrofaSXX, sorry for the delay, I was in a meeting21:05
kyrofaMorning mwhudson!21:05
kyrofaSXX, yeah, you need to somehow use $SNAP there, since snaps aren't chroots21:06
SXXkyrofa: i already find out snap actually able to rewrite paths for assets in /usr/share21:06
kyrofaSXX, how you do that depends on the application. Apache has a config file that allows use of environment variables. Others have cli flags for redirecting it21:06
kyrofaSXX, or you can use the preload part, is that what you're talking about?21:06
SXXI still have a problem that our applications need to be able execute each other.21:07
SXXE.g we have 3 apps: launcher, game client and server21:07
kyrofaWhat is the issue there?21:11
SXXThey use absolute path and desktop-launcher doesn't override that.21:12
SXXI mean desktop-launch.21:12
naccSXX: you control your app, though -- so don't use absolute paths?21:13
SXXTrue, I just looking what best practice is.21:13
naccSXX: I think hardcoded non-snap-aware paths are not best practice for snaps :)21:14
SXXYes, but it's code that works for Linux in general and I suppose there no better way to handle it other than hardcoding.21:15
SXXnacc: so I suppose the right solution would be to getenv SNAP and prepend it to our internal paths?21:16
naccSXX: so, e.g., in my snap, which is classic, i have application wrapper scripts that set PATH appropriately for applications to be found (that are packaged by my snap)21:17
naccSXX: all of my applications are actually just these wrapper scripts that setup the env correctly and then exec the actual application21:17
SXXnacc: thanks!21:20
naccSXX: that's admittedly just my way of doing it -- but I think that's also roughly what snapcraft does for classic snaps using plugins (I'm using the dump one currently)21:21
SXXAm I getting it right that with some newer snapd if I have app like "vcmi.vcmiclient" it's will automatically get alias of vcmiclient?21:23
SXXOr it's will always require user interaction to set alias?21:24
=== Eleventh_Doctor is now known as Pharaoh_Atem
naccSXX: i think vcmi.vmci will become vmci21:25
SXXyeah that I know21:25
SXXI read on forums before it's was possible to manually add aliases, but it didn't work anymore.21:26
naccSXX: https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/improving-the-aliases-implementation/18?source_topic_id=90521:27
naccSXX: so i think it's now  store thing21:28
kyrofaSXX, yeah, best practice is to just write code that is flexible. Not all linux distros follow the same rules for where things go, either. When you find yourself writing an absolute path, add a cli flag or config file property for it, and you can _default_ to the absolute path21:29
SXXkyrofa: Do you know how long does it take for reserved names to be reviewed / granted?21:30
kyrofaSXX, I'm afraid not, that's in the store team's domain. But if you find it taking an inordinate amount of time, create a forum post in the store category and ask about it21:31
SXXkyrofa: no problem, I just sent request so not big deal. I just wonder about that since I not sure if I should wait until it's granted or register temporary name for testing.21:32
kyrofaSXX, I do know that it's a manual process. If you're blocked on it, register it as something else. Heck, the store folks might even be able to rename the temporary one you use21:32
kyrofaSXX so I say go ahead and register <what-i-want>-sxx or whatever and use that for now21:33
SXXkyrofa: for the paths we expose way to set custom binary / lib / data paths in our CMake. So other distributions can really use what they want.21:33
kyrofaSXX, ah, indeed. Snaps work best when the application is relocatable21:34
SXXThough we still need absolute paths by default since that way it's easier to make sure development builds not conflict with installed system-wide.21:34
SXXkyrofa: wait, do you mean it's make sense to just make it single-dir windows-like install for snap?21:35
kyrofaSXX, hmm... I don't quite understand what you mean21:35
SXXkyrofa, I added monolithic install support since I initially wanted to try ship it with Steam Runtime.21:36
SXXkyrofa, my attempt is failed since runtime is horrible piece of tech, but I can still just dump game in single directory so it's use relative paths. It's what I use for my development builds so I can run several different builds side-by-side.21:37
kyrofaYeah that sounds promising21:40
SXXkyrofa: thanks for your time! I'll still need to solve problem with boost::interprocess somehow, but I have some better understanding what I need to do.21:44
zyga-soluszyga@mini:~$ snap version21:44
zyga-solussnap    unknown21:44
zyga-solussnapd   unknown21:44
zyga-solusseries  1621:44
zyga-solusubuntu  16.0421:44
zyga-soluskernel  4.4.0-93-powerpc-smp21:44
zyga-soluswe're not setting version on the powerpc build?21:44
kyrofaSXX of course, any time21:44
zyga-solusthis is vanilla snapd on powerpc21:44
kyrofazyga-solus, where on earth did you get a ppc machine? :P21:44
zyga-soluskyrofa: it was in my attic21:45
zyga-soluskyrofa: I can also say our xenial install media is broken, the trusty one is ok though21:45
zyga-soluskyrofa: yep, my mac mini G421:45
kyrofaWow, crazy21:45
jdstrandzyga-solus: I left voluminous comments in the PR yesterday21:46
jdstrandzyga-solus: and hi :)21:46
zyga-solusjdstrand: excellent, thank you21:47
zyga-solusjdstrand: I'll check it out tomorrow and iterate21:48
jdstrandzyga-solus: note, tomorrow is a half day for me (working my morning)21:48
zyga-solusaha, noted21:48
zyga-solusjdstrand: all the comments are (as always) very detailed and sensible, thank you, I will iterate on this tomorrow morning, hopefully by the time you're up it would be something you could re-review21:57
zyga-soluszyga@mini:~$ sudo snap install core22:00
zyga-soluserror: snap "core" not found22:00
zyga-solusand mvo worries about ppc test suite22:00
zyga-solusit's just totally broken22:00
zyga-soluskyrofa: do we build core for ppc?22:01
kyrofazyga-solus, ubuntu-core is22:02
kyrofazyga-solus, not sure about core22:02
zyga-soluswhy ubuntu-core and not core?22:02
zyga-solusI see22:02
zyga-solusI think it's rather terribly broken22:02
zyga-solusI wonder how anything passes22:02
kyrofazyga-solus, you're sure you're on ppc64el and not ppc64le or whatever other magical combinations there are?22:03
zyga-solusI'm on ppc22:04
zyga-solusthat's the 32bit powerpc running in big-endian mode22:04
zyga-solusand there's snapd preinstalled (xenial)22:04
* zyga-solus builds 2.27.6-1 for debian22:04
kyrofaJust because snapd is preinstalled doesn't mean it's an arch the store supports22:05
zyga-solusmwhudson: hey, in case you are around, I'll dput this soon22:05
zyga-soluskyrofa: my point is that mvo looses grey hair over ppc (precisely that arch)22:05
mwhudsonzyga-solus: cool22:05
zyga-soluskyrofa: and the elephant in the room is that it's totally broken22:05
kyrofamvo is LOSING hair now?22:05
mwhudsonzyga-solus: the ubuntu / debian architecture name is 'powerpc' :)22:05
kyrofaIsn't he like 30 or something?22:05
jdstrandzyga-solus: I can't guarantee I'll be able to get to it tomorrow-- my mornings are typically dominated by reacting to forum, email, irc, etc, but it will certainly remain at the top of the queue22:06
* zyga-solus always writes that word wrng22:06
zyga-solusjdstrand: ack22:06
zyga-solusthank you!22:06
zyga-solusso, to complete the "hardware from hell" I need the big iron22:07
mwhudsonzyga-solus: doesn't look like ubuntu-core or core exist for powerpc22:09
zyga-solusmwhudson: yeah22:09
zyga-solusmwhudson: *oops*22:09
zyga-solusnot that I care but what does snapd do on that arch there22:10
mwhudsonso i guess i agree that building the snapd package there is a bit pointless :)22:10
zyga-solusif we must support it then ogra_ should arrange a build22:10
zyga-solusand if not we should stop building the package and remove it from the distro and the isos22:10
mwhudsoni wonder if lp can even build snaps for powerpc22:10
zyga-solusI'm curious how we got the "unknown" versions though22:10
zyga-solusmwhudson: not without core for sure22:10
zyga-solusmwhudson: but I bet it can since it can build packages22:11
mwhudsoni guess we can build for s390x which similarly only has devirt builders22:11
zyga-solusogra_: still up?22:12
zyga-solusmwhudson: are you on ubuntu now?22:13
mwhudsonzyga-solus: i am on ubuntu always22:13
zyga-solusmwhudson: can you check if 2.27.5 has version?22:14
zyga-solusas in snap --version22:14
zyga-solusmy ubuntu laptop is closed now so just more convenient to ask22:14
kyrofazyga-solus, it does22:14
nacczyga-solus: i'm on 17.1022:14
zyga-solusI wonder how 2.27.5 has such a weird version22:15
mwhudsonzyga-solus: ah haha i have a test build i made for that pr installed :)22:15
zyga-solusthanks nacc22:15
nacczyga-solus: np (taht's the output from `snap --version`)22:15
zyga-solusand not that I see 2.27.5 in apt-cache policy, not -1 inherited from debian in some way22:15
zyga-solusmwhudson: FYI the 2.27.6 merge was clean, I just copied the changelog from xenial22:16
zyga-solusmwhudson: sbuilding now, will dput if green22:16
mwhudsonzyga-solus: yeah fair enough22:16
mwhudsonzyga-solus: oh yeah, changelog22:16
mwhudsonzyga-solus: i think i've been bringing the ubuntu changelog entries over into the debian one22:16
mwhudsonlike the reverse of what happens when ubuntu has a delta from debian22:16
mwhudsondpkg-mergechangelogs dtrt i think22:17
zyga-solushmmm, I never tried that22:17
mwhudsonbut it's not very important22:17
zyga-soluswill it break where debian version is non-native and ubuntu is native?22:17
zyga-solusso every other version will flip?22:17
mwhudsonno, that will make something (dpkg-source? dch?) complain at you but otherwise it's fine22:18
mwhudsonnative/non-native is mostly controlled by debian/source/format anyway :)22:18
mwhudsonalso the ubuntu package really shouldn't be native but ehhh22:18
zyga-solusyes I agree strongly22:18
zyga-solusit would help with silly releases that just fix debian (xenial really) packaging22:18
* zyga-solus install sbuild on ppc xenial 22:19
zyga-soluslet's rebuild this weird snapd22:19
zyga-solusand see what we get22:19
zyga-solusmwhudson: build passed, pushing to alioth and then dput22:22
mwhudsonzyga-solus: \o/22:24

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