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fuzei installed a new nvidia graphics card and now the settings won't save for my duel monitor setup and every time i reboot one of the displays is disabled03:52
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lordievaderGood morning06:08
BluesKajHiyas all10:11
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daniel__If I use Super_L+Tab for the task switcher and _also_ for the launcher the task switcher I cannot actually switch windows with Super_L+Tab. Super_L+Tab brings up the task switcher but nothing happens on the second Tab-press. Is there a fix for this?11:28
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luc4Hello! Anyone who knows if there is any reason why after reboot an old sddm.conf is replaced?18:02
ikoniareplaced with what ?18:04
ikoniait's likley it's a package upgrade that can't complete it's install until a reboot18:04
luc4ikonia: sddm is just showing a black screen cause it is trying to autologin with a user that does not exist. So I'm trying to change that user or remove the autologin portion. Whatever I do, it works until I reboot. After the reboot, the old sddm.conf is back. Any idea why?18:09
ikoniaso it keeps coming back after every reboot ?18:10
ikoniais this your machine ? or a managed machine by someone else18:10
luc4ikonia: my machine18:10
luc4ikonia: I just tried to purge sddm, and the file was still there... very weird...18:11
ikoniais it a systemd generated file ?18:11
ikonia(I've never really looked at it in ubuntu)18:11
luc4that is what I was asking... is it maybe something generated? I read online that it is normal behavior to edit it...18:12
ikoniachange the permission on it to be read only, see if it still gets changed18:13
ikonia(as a quick test)18:13
luc4I can try... ok, I reboot, thanks for your help :-)18:14
luc4ikonia: nothing worked, something is appending that section to the file. Probably cause this is a live system built with mkusb.18:24
luc4ikonia: I wonder what is doing this...18:24
ikonialive system !!!!18:25
ikonialivesystem is read only18:25
ikoniait uncompresses into ram18:25
ikoniaso when you reboot it reparses the disk and loads a fresh version of the disc into ram18:25
ikoniadisk even18:25
luc4ikonia: this is persistent18:25
ikoniaright, but not all files are18:25
luc4ah damn...18:26
ikonianormally only user space or specific installs are,18:26
luc4I should unpack the system then18:26
ikonialuc4: is that file / file system being delivered from the squash FS component18:27
ikoniaif so - then it's not going to be part of the persistant install18:27
luc4ikonia: I'm not entirely sure... cause the file was very long, then I removed everything, now the file is just a couple of lines, just with the autologin section appended18:31
luc4ikonia: so it did change18:31
ikoniaI suspect it's part of the immutable system18:31
luc4ikonia: not only, but if I purge sddm, the file is not there after the reboot18:32
ikoniaI thought you said it was there ?18:32
luc4ikonia: if I purge sddm and remove the file manually, I get no file after reboot18:33
ikoniaright because the package is gone, and from memory (I could be wrong on this) persistance does hold a package manifest18:33
luc4ikonia: but isn't there a better way to build a system from usb?18:36
luc4ikonia: I tried every possible way and this is the only one that worked :-(18:37
ikoniaare you trying to make a live system - or just a standard install on USB ?18:37
luc4ikonia: I intend to work on this system18:37
ikonianot the question I asked18:38
luc4ikonia: I need a regular system, just on USB instead of on internal HD18:38
ikoniaok - so why not just install to USB a full system ?18:38
ikoniawhy use any form of "live system"18:38
luc4ikonia: eh tried that, it just broke the bootloader on the macbook18:39
ikoniashouldn't do18:39
luc4ikonia: and the usb didn't run18:39
ikoniaI suspect the install was not setup properly18:39
luc4ikonia: well, I could try again, but I don't think it is going to change18:39
ikoniawhy do you not think it will change ?18:40
luc4ikonia: seems like it should be the proper way18:40
luc4ikonia: same actions -> same result18:40
ikonianot if the action is the wrong action18:40
luc4ikonia: the system was on the USB, but it couldn't boot18:40
ikoniaunderstanding the mac boot process and the grub install location importance will be key18:40
luc4ikonia: I selected to install on the usb device18:41
luc4ikonia: also the bootloader18:41
luc4ikonia: I was careful to that18:41
ikoniaright, but where did you install grub ?18:41
luc4ikonia: on the usb18:41
ikoniaok - so how did you expect the mac to boot it ?18:41
luc4ikonia: the mac has its own bootloader18:42
ikoniayes, thats why I'm asking how did you expect the mac to boot it ?18:42
luc4the mac has its own bootloader, which lets you select the device to start18:42
luc4which is what I'm doing now18:42
luc4after that, grub starts18:43
luc4when I installed on the USB, nothing was starting at all18:43
ikonialuc4: ok - so you're chainloading grub, great18:43
ikoniaso what's the problem then ?18:43
ikonia"nothing was starting" ?18:43
ikoniaand you said "it broke the mac boot loader"18:43
luc4nothing was starting in fact18:44
ikoniaso how could a USB install, self contained on a USB device touch the mac boot loader ?18:44
luc4ikonia: that is unknown18:44
luc4but that happened18:44
ikoniaright, which is why I'm saying understand the mac boot process and the grub setup18:44
luc4unless a bug in the installer installed grub in the wrong device18:44
ikoniathat goes where you tell it18:45
luc4then it was on the usb device18:45
luc4but the mac bootloader did not show the usb device anymore, so I couldn't reach grub18:45
luc4the only app that creates a proper device is mkusb18:46
luc4tried others but the mac does not detect it18:46
luc4I'll try again anyway, just to be sure... thanks for your time18:47
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