lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:44
EriC^^morning lotuspsychje05:28
lotuspsychjehey EriC^^05:28
EriC^^how are you?05:28
lotuspsychjegreat here05:28
lordievaderGood morning06:07
ducassegood morning06:10
lordievaderHey ducasse, how are you doing?06:16
ducassemorning lordievader, still waking up here. how about you?06:16
lordievaderI got coffee ;)06:17
* lordievader slides ducasse a coffee06:17
ducassethanks :)06:18
ducasseno thunderstorm today either, it seems - forecasts have proven totally unreliable lately06:19
lordievaderThat is good :)06:21
lordievaderThe no thunderstorms I mean. Not the unreliable forecast.06:21
ducasseyup. got surge protector, but... i still sort of like thunderstorms, though :)06:24
lotuspsychjemorning guys06:40
lotuspsychjeducasse: check this: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2017/09/kde-plasma-mobile-coming-purism-librem-506:40
ducasseon $290000 now, with one more month to reach $1.5 mill - i doubt this will happen.06:43
ducassei suspect most of the backing happens early06:46
lotuspsychjebut its good that this project exists06:46
ducasseabsolutely, i'd love a fully open linux-based phone06:46
lotuspsychjewith a with full access06:47
lotuspsychjewould be awesome06:47
lordievaderRooting an Android phone also gives you full access with a terminal.06:48
lordievaderTermux is quite nice for that.06:48
lotuspsychjeyeah but i dont like android06:48
ducasseyes, but rooting certain phones can be a hassle06:48
lordievaderFor my Nexus 5x it was rather simple.06:51
lotuspsychjehmm whats this https://postmarketos.org/06:51
ducasseit can be, but it varies06:51
lordievaderThe only 'problem' was unlocking the bootloader wiping the phone. The advice of the internet for this phone, unlock the bootloader when you get it.06:51
ducassei have a phone here, sony totally refuses to give me the code to unlock it.06:57
lordievaderBastards -.-07:03
ducasseyep. i have a strong hunch that's illegal here, but haven't really looked into it.07:04
immuhi amigos07:05
ducassesigned bootloaders = work of the devil07:05
lotuspsychjeand preinstalled OS when buy too07:05
lotuspsychjefreedom of choice, zero07:06
lotuspsychjewhen schools start in september, theres a new iphone..07:06
lotuspsychjehow convinient07:07
lotuspsychjehi davidcalle07:07
lotuspsychjehi immu07:07
BluesKajHiyas all10:11
brunchGood morning, BluesKaj10:12
BluesKaj'Morning brunch10:12
BluesKajor should i say 'Afternoon brunch :-)10:16
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immuEriC^^, ducasse lordievader BluesKaj hi & did i miss someone?16:48
EriC^^hey immu16:48
immuhi EriC^^16:48
EriC^^how's it going?16:49
immucool eric17:02
immuhows it in lebanon?17:02
immuhow many are running Ubuntu daily builds?17:18
lotuspsychjegood evening guys17:29
lotuspsychjelets c whats new in ubuntu land17:31
immuwhere do i talk about ubuntu daily builds for issues?18:12
lotuspsychjeimmu: 17.10?18:12
ubot5Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) will be the 27th release of Ubuntu.  It is due to be released in October 2017. Discussion in #ubuntu+118:13
lotuspsychjefound a bug immu ?18:13
immunot sure but i get this message in software center that search took a long time18:17
lotuspsychjeshare url in other channel plz18:17
immutimeout was reached as snap took too long to return results18:18
lotuspsychjeimmu: ducasse showed you wich channel artful belongs18:20
lotuspsychjenot in #ubuntu plz18:20
immusure didn't see that18:20
immulotuspsychje, can some one sanitize ;)18:21
immubrb i am going to listen to latest ubuntupod casts :)18:21
immuhttp://ubuntupodcast.org/ i hope posting this here is not blasphemous :)18:22
immutnx folks18:22
immuso what else ?18:24
ducassewhat else what?18:27
EriC^^anyone good with routers here?18:28
daftykinswhat's up? :)18:29
lotuspsychjewhats going on EriC^^18:29
daftykinsalso hey all :>18:29
EriC^^i have an issue with my router, it was working fine all day then it drops the connection on the wifi, if i run ping in the terminal it gives "ping host not reachable, then later it works18:29
EriC^^hey daftykins18:29
daftykinsah yeah response from 2.237 so that'd be your machines IP18:29
EriC^^yeah it is18:30
daftykinsis the router on the newest firmware?18:30
lotuspsychjehey daftykins :p18:30
EriC^^not sure i didnt connect to it or anything18:30
EriC^^the isp just installed it 2 days ago, it was working ok til tonight18:30
lotuspsychjeso nice to see you18:30
EriC^^it's a technicolor18:30
daftykinsah ISP supplied will be locked to itself then18:31
daftykinsno firmware updates typically, that's the brand mine puts out too18:31
ikoniadaftykins: where have you been ?18:31
daftykinsikonia: eh? i'm always here18:31
lotuspsychjedaftykins: is still banned in main, remove his ban?18:31
daftykinshaha nah you don't have to do that, all is well as-is18:32
ikoniaexplains why I've not seen him active18:32
daftykinsi'd like to imagine the resolved-issues percentage took a hit, but then so did the users confirmed as idiots :)18:33
daftykinsEriC^^: i can only imagine checking there's no WPA1+2 mixed mode on, (have WPA2 with AES only) and have a different SSID for 2.4 and 5GHz if the router is dual-band18:33
EriC^^daftykins: could working on the channel as other routers affect it?18:34
daftykinsyeah but only really speeds, nothing near drops of that severity18:34
EriC^^i see 2 other ssid that have the same channel18:35
daftykinsmost are configured 'auto' these days and just pick channels that don't conflict18:35
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: did you try a good ol router reset too?18:35
EriC^^daftykins: it does have WPA1 WPA2 for the security18:35
EriC^^Blink163507     Infra  11    54 Mbit/s  45      ▂▄__  WPA1 WPA218:35
daftykinsmmm so mixed mode, better if it were forced on WPA2 with AES only18:36
EriC^^oh god, 2 of my neighbors have WEP xD18:36
EriC^^i'll give it a go tomorrow, i've never hooked up a pc to a router18:37
daftykinsthey must still be rocking the ol' Nintendo DSs ;)18:37
EriC^^so kind of excited :D18:37
daftykinsikonia: thanks for noticing though, btw :)18:37
ikonianot a problem,18:37
daftykinsi set up Nextcloud on my VM here today, after an update to 16.04 from 14.04 to make life easier :)18:45
daftykinsquite neat to have LAN-speed transfers onto a 'cloud backup' now and have it accessible when i'm out and about on laptop or phone18:45
pauljwHi everyone18:55
EriC^^hi pauljw :)19:09
pauljwhey EriC^^ :)19:10
ccatok -- thanks all.  Will still try #ubuntu-discuss though, since issue is both about linux in general and ubuntu in specific19:17
ccatq: this is to refute vendor claims that a stable linux install is too hard to achieve...19:18
ccat-- need documented reliability on general success rate for stable ubuntu installs19:20
ccat-- maybe like: picking N pc-models of various kinds (desk, lap, etc) at random from various mfg, where is documentation showing %-probability ubuntu will run stable with pc-hw ~90% supported?19:22
oerheksoh no, not that FUD again..19:22
oerheksanswer: 0 > nosuch manual exist19:22
ccatoerheks: now.. i AM in right chan...19:23
ccatoerheks: what do you mean "manual" ?19:23
oerheks "where is documentation showing %-probability ubuntu will run stable" ... show us 1 example please?19:24
oerheks"vendor claims" ... change vendor :-D19:24
daftykinsccat: when you say refute vendor claims, why are you taking on this query and for what benefit?19:25
oerheksif you *dont* believe it, see https://certification.ubuntu.com/  lots of hardware that works fine19:25
ccatdaftykins: have repeatedly tried to order certain spec and been denied despite "numerous" vendor claims of offering customized systems19:27
daftykinsccat: such as what, from who?19:27
daftykinssurely in most cases you just order a Windows based machine and then you wipe it with what you want19:28
ccatoerheks: y, saw that, but that is to help spec a given system, not why such system was not included in that list19:28
daftykinsare you saying you want to see a lit of components that don't work well? o019:29
oerheksare you drunk or something? this makes no sense..19:29
daftykinsyeah i'm having issues with this use of English too19:29
ccatdaftykins: large vendor, so such claims should especially matter legally19:29
daftykinsccat: you're not answering my questions. who? what did you ask for? what was refused? no answer, no more replies19:30
ccatdaftykins: sorry, hard to keep up :)  -- still reading above19:30
daftykinsoh dear you're on webchat, explains all19:31
ccatdaftykins: well it IS a bit hard to follow with no per-nick hilited lines --- but keep forgetting about kiwi (iirc)19:32
ccatdaftykins: plus eyes are blurry19:32
daftykinsyeah still no responses, goodbye19:32
ccatdaftykins: please be patient -- said i was reading19:33
ccatdaftykins: best not disclose mfg right now -- but just want certain spec (i.e custom) linux laptop19:34
ccatdaftykins: basically (large vendor) 17in touchscreen linux laptop and 24.7 sw/hw support19:35
ccatoerheks: what have i said that makes no sense?19:35
ccatdaftykins: oh, wiping os means no tech-support19:36
daftykinsthere aren't even many manufacturers who sell Linux machines to worry about the support angle, but really it's puzzling what the purpose is you have in coming here with this query19:37
ccatdaftykins: because if mfg claims it was just too hard to get ubuntu to work on certain laptops (or desktops) then i can give the doc that shows that was not likely the reason19:42
ccat-- and what better place to get ubuntu-install success-rate info but #ubuntu19:43
daftykinssounds a lot like you want someone to go to a lot of work so you can buy some specific machine and not just accept the models offered19:44
daftykinsit's pretty common knowledge it's a pain to get builds where everything works 100% out of the box19:45
ccatdaftykins: #1. not supposed to be a lot (ok a LOT then) of work for ubuntu install is it? - especially for professional installers, #2 when you claim custom systems, it should mean something19:47
ccatdaftykins: oh, #3 -  would accept touchscreen NOT working with ubuntu, so long as it did work (eg, with windows)19:48
ccatdaftykins: sorry, seemed like such a simple issue to ask about19:53
daftykinsthere is no issue i see19:54
ccatdaftykins: they are big, they claim to customize, they will not == issue19:54
daftykinsand still you haven't named a single brand.19:55
immuducasse, what else?19:55
ccatdaftykins: that would not be prudent atm i think19:55
daftykinsthen you have no point to make19:56
ccatdaftykins: unless you have the same issue -- but it seems by your responses you would not19:56
immudoes anyone has NAS setup with ubuntu19:57
ccatdaftykins: y, and i made it already19:57
daftykinsyeah i run a file server for a client with ubuntu server20:04
immucan we run plex on it to store and stream media around the home20:05
daftykinsyep but plex is only necessary when you have a player device that requires transcoding, otherwise just NFS/samba shares and Kodi is fine20:06
immui run plex on my latop and stream it from xbox plex app20:21
daftykinsah yeah, so you have to stick to Plex to make use of the xbox, mmm20:22
daftykinscome to think of it there's talk that Kodi is coming to the xbox one eventually20:22
immuheard a lot about kodi20:22
daftykinsah my 360 is retired now20:24
immui use to flung my video to google chrome cast20:24
immubut my kids killed my google chrome20:24
immumy bending the hdmi connector20:24
daftykinsah yeah, i'm thinking a chromecast is the best choice for a client i'm going to tomorrow20:24
daftykinsah nasty, kids ruin all :P20:24
immuget the latest one preferably the 4k version20:24
daftykinsi'll see if it fits for them first, they said they didn't want to use laptops they already own as they're too slow, but i might be able to do something about that :D i'm popping over to fit an SSD in their desktop PC20:25
immuwill that work SSD?20:27
daftykinsit'll work in their desktop sure :D20:29
daftykinsi wouldn't use a PC without an SSD now20:29
immudon't SSD burn out quick?20:31
Bashing-omdaftykins: Too slow, my go-to recommendation for my people is /X/U buntu . ( better more ram !)20:31
immuhey Bashing-om20:31
Bashing-omimmu: SSD Technology has gotten to the point that the SSDD will pitlove a traditional spinning drive .20:32
daftykinsimmu: nah i've still got my first one going fine20:34
immusamsung has released a good speedy one and cheaper also20:34
daftykinsthat said, i avoid ones using TLC NAND memory which is inferior, life span wise20:34
immudo snaps work in 17.10 daily builds20:54
immugood nite all21:06
Bashing-omGonna go have the lawn mower beat up on me . Back soonest .21:54
Bashing-omOK. mower done enough damage for one session .23:56

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