hallynI have a juju client machine and vsphere server together behind a proxy.  so 'juju bootstrap vsphere vs1' should contact the vsphere server without proxy, but fetch over internet through proxy.  how do i tell juju to do that?04:33
hallyni've seen about per-model 'no-proxy', but can i do that for controller too?04:33
hallynhm, or does bootstrap bootstrap a model so i'm ok?04:36
hallynhm, nope04:40
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hallynHm, how does one change the hardware type for juju launched instances in juju+vsphere?18:36
hallynseriously there's an issue withthe googlability of the docs :)  I always end up with docs listing commands that no longer exist like 'juju get-env'18:39
hallynugh.  it's hard-coded in18:48
hallynwhich is a bug, technically, according to https://jujucharms.com/docs/2.1/help-vmware18:49
hallynthat page says only hardware version 8 is required.18:49
hallyn10 requires esx 5.5.  8 is 5.0.  I have (mostly) 5.118:49
hallynstokachu: ^18:52
hallynall right i'll email the guy who hardcoded that18:53

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