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lordievaderGood morning06:17
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cfaulk43Good morning all you nice people! I wonder if you could help me; I'm trying to move away from 16.04.3 LTS to the latest version of Kubuntu, Zesty Zapus (17.04).  I can't get do-release-upgrade to pick anything up.09:54
cfaulk43I've tried a couple things on the net, do-release-upgrade -d to take it out of supported mode into devel, etc, but nothing's working.  If I do that, I get a traceback from python and something about it only being available from the "Latest supported relese">09:55
cfaulk43afk - brb09:58
lordievadercfaulk43: You need to configure the updater to allow upgrading to non LTS releases.10:02
lordievaderThat way you can upgrade to 16.10 -> 17.0410:03
cfaulk43Ok, can you explain to me how I do that please, lordievader?10:07
cfaulk43I'm in and out at the moment as i'm doing laundry, but I'm watching to catch any messages10:08
BlackKatMikeHi everyone! Got two 16.04 installations (one on a physical machine, one one a VMs) with the Kubuntu Backports PPA enaled (deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu xenial main). After upgrading to Firefox 56, Flash plugin doesn't work anymore.10:09
BlackKatMikeThe checkbox in FF plugins configuration that disables Flash for certain domains seems uneffective.10:09
lordievadercfaulk43: i forgot, to be honest. But some googling will likely point you to documentation.10:09
BlackKatMikeIs anyone experiencing the same problem?10:09
hateballlemme see, I am apparently on 55 still10:16
BlackKatMikeHateball: on the VM I still had 55. I tested Flash with that before upgrading and it worked, indeed.10:17
BlackKatMikeBut of course not anymore after upgrading to 5610:18
hateballjust letting dpkg work its magic here...10:19
hateballcome on little computer10:19
cfaulk43ok lordievader - thanks for the help, at least I have a rough idea of what I'm doing :)10:21
hateballBlackKatMike: hmmm, seems to work for me...10:24
hateballor maybe not10:25
cfaulk43Found it, lordievader - you have to update the line Prompt=lts to Promt=normal  in /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades10:25
hateballBlackKatMike: I wonder if that's because it's a rather old flash (v25) in 16.04 package10:28
BlackKatMikehateball: if you go to http://get.adobe.com/it/flashplayer/about/ you should briefly see a bouncing cube animation made in Flash on top of the page (it swaps fith a fixed image ad after a few seconds). On the side of the text (above the table with Flash versions per platform) you should see a frame with the installed flash version.10:29
hateballand I see I cant :p10:29
hateballIt works in chromium with pepperflash, so lets see if a manual install in firefox will work10:30
BlackKatMikehateball: I have flash It gets correctly listed in FF's plugin list.10:30
hateballI had 25 see, the adobe-flashplugin package wouldnt fetch anything newer10:31
BlackKatMikeI used the flashplugin-installer package actually10:31
BlackKatMikeIt's the package that installs just a stub downloader script, then upon configuring runs it and downloads the actual Flash plugin (tar.gzipped maybe?) from Canonical's server.10:33
hateballthe adobe-flashplugin is supposed to do the same, but for chromium (pepperflash) as well10:34
hateballso you dont need two packages10:34
hateballanyhow, I tried some random flash game and it freezes firefox10:34
hateballsame thing works just fine in chromium10:34
hateballsoooooooo some sort of firefox regression then10:36
BlackKatMikeHmmm... I read that with FF56 Mozilla deprecated ALSA and supports Pulseaudio only. Don't know if that's a contributing factor, though.10:44
hateballI do have pulseaudio, but maybe libflashplayer.so speaks directly to ALSA or something10:47
hateballBlackKatMike: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/172090810:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1720908 in firefox (Ubuntu) "Firefox cannot load Flash because of libxul broken dependency" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:48
BlackKatMikeubottu: thank you very much, will follow that bug!10:51
ubottuBlackKatMike: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:51
BlackKatMikeLOL talked to a bot :). Anyway, thank you hateball. Will follow that bug!10:52
BlackKatMikehateball: damn now I realized that the bot talked because of the link you posted! I'm doing too many things at once :)10:53
BlackKatMikeThank you again, bye!10:53
BluesKajHi folks11:58
wojbis here anybody who likes help others kubuntu users? ;)12:16
EvilClownI can try12:17
BluesKajwojb, just tell us your issue and we'll try to help you12:17
wojbI am on ubuntu 16.04 now12:17
wojband I want to use  Mouse Gesture Actions (I've been doing it on 14.04) but There is no "Mouse Gesture Action" option on the context menu on my system12:19
wojbI have enabled Guestures in Input actions Dameon12:20
wojbSo the first question id is it the right place to ask the question? :)12:20
wojband if yes, what may be the reason of it12:21
lordievaderAre mousegestures supported under Plasma 5?12:23
wojbIt is a question to  me?12:24
lordievaderThought support was thrown out.12:24
lordievaderYes, and in general.12:24
lordievaderOh, I see you enabled it somewhere, guess my info is wrong ;)12:24
wojbyes :)12:25
wojbAnd I see that there is some Konqueror Gestures defined in Custom Shortcuts  menu12:25
hateballwojb: if you enabled mouse actions *now*, did you restart your session to make sure the daemon is running?12:29
wojbI restarted my machine - yes12:31
wojbI must go now - anyway thank you for answers.12:42
BluesKajmouse gestures...never bothered with that12:48
ForceRecon_gooda mornin12:49
BluesKaj"Morning ForceRecon_12:53
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viewer|66161In kubuntu OS i'm unable to connect to WiFi. Could u pls help me15:20
johnpgarrywhois shameer15:34
BluesKajjohn51, run /whois in the server textbox15:39
johnpgarrywhois shameer15:42
johnpgarrywhois john15:43
BluesKajjohnpgarry,, run /whois in the server textbox15:43
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sintrewell hello all if anybody is around18:07
BluesKajsintre, yup, how can we help you?18:08
sintreseems a got of an audioproblem18:09
sintrewith this new system er year old one18:09
sintreno sound from laptop speakers 'internal'18:10
sintrebooted win10 and they work18:10
sintreso craching my head18:10
sintreeverything is up to date18:12
sintrebut using ts18:12
BluesKajsintre, open  lasmixer in the konsole, scroll lrft to the automue ctl, use the down arrow to disable it18:12
BluesKajoops alsamixer18:12
BluesKajmy kb skills are worse than usual today18:14
BluesKajsintre, scroll left to the automute ctl and use the down arrow key to disable it18:16
BluesKajsorry agian , scroll right, not left18:16
BluesKaj...bbiab ...need some fresh air18:17
sintreso what do i disable again?18:22
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sintrewell tried every setting no go there atm18:34
sintreok wierd settig change fixed it18:40
sintrechanged the output to hmdi stero instead of surround which it auto defaulted too18:42
sintreoutput profile i should say18:43
sintregood use of an hour lol18:44
sintreok not a full fix18:46
sintreshut down a audio /video playing window hen try to restart mute again18:47
sintrei just got to that audio configuraion page and choose any other profile and i get sound18:47
sintreanyways i'll toy with it later18:48
sintrehave a good day all18:48
reinaldoIs there a way to send a "persistent" systray notification? I'm using "notify-send -t 0"(never expires) but isn't working as the notification disappear after 10 minutes. I'm using kubuntu 16.04 kde plasma 5.8.719:16
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