mjogHey all, is something up with uploading packages to PPAs?00:33
mjogI'm trying to upload using dput to ppa:geary-team/releases and it's silent failing - no email, no change on the PPA00:34
mjogthe sources seem to be getting signed okay, and the gpg key is on my account for launchpad00:35
mjogthis worked at the end of last year, the only thing I know of that changed is the source release I'm trying to make00:35
naccmjog: as in you're trying to build for zesty or artful?00:47
mjognacc: uploading for trusty xenial and zesty, all are failing00:48
naccmjog: a couple of weeks ok, per my logs, cjwatson said that there can be silent failures if your key has expired on the server00:50
naccmjog: is it possible your gpg key is expired?00:50
naccmiika: was the one who hit that on sep 2300:50
mjognacc: haha, yeah of course it has expired, thanks!00:51
* mjog puts on a brown paper bag00:51
naccmjog: np, glad that was it (well, glad that you have an easy fix)00:51
naccmjog: it's a bug in LP that it's silent, but it sounds like a fix will be there for that eventually00:52
mjogCool. Seahorse didn't make it very obvious it had  expired, either, so hey.00:53
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rikingI need to reset my 2FA devices05:51
rikingThe page mentions the "#isd" and "#webops" channels, but I have no clue what server that's on.05:52
rikingBecause it's not freenode. https://login.launchpad.net/ shows "sites you last authenticated to", top of the list is https://launchpad.net/2016/08/0905:53
rikingoh, I still have one of the ssh keys on the account.05:53
rikingsent the email, then.05:58
rikingI just wanted to file a bug on Transmission that it should support adding a webseed to an already-started torrent when someone didn't put it in their torrent file for their music album06:01
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ricotzwgrant, hi :)07:09
cjwatsonricotz: done08:41
cjwatsonricotz: William's on holiday, please stop bugging him08:41
cjwatsonnacc: where "eventually" = "next rollout"08:41
ricotzcjwatson, thanks, I assumed he is active since it status changed08:46
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nacccjwatson: ack, that's what I figured :)15:03
tvansteenburghhow does one get access to an s390x snap builder?17:06
xnoxtvansteenburgh, at the moment it is not generally / publically available. There is a limited number of snaps that are built with s390x. Usually for canonical-only projects / with restricted source requirements (not much use of external / 3rd-party source code). However, launchpad is in progress to gain virtualised s390x builders, at which point building for s390x architecture will be generally available.17:08
xnoxtvansteenburgh, what specific snap you want to build for s390x? where is its snapcraft.yaml file?17:08
xnoxmost s390x snaps in snapstore are currently build by developers and pushed to the store manually.17:09
tvansteenburghxnox: https://code.launchpad.net/~tvansteenburgh/+snap/etcd17:09
xnoxi don't think "go get -t -d github.com/coreos/etcd/cmd/etcd" will be ok yet to be run on the current s390x builders17:10
xnoxtvansteenburgh, you may want to file a launchpad question requesting evaluation if devirt snap can be enabled for that snap build & ppa.17:11
xnoxtvansteenburgh, https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion17:11
tvansteenburghxnox: devirt snap?17:13
tvansteenburghxnox: what's the problem with the 'go get'? firewall/proxy restrictions?17:13
xnoxtvansteenburgh, currently s390x builders in launchpad are physical machines on the internal network which build things in a row. rather than KVM virtual machines that are spinned up by openstack and destroyed when they are done.17:14
xnoxtvansteenburgh, thus the same physical s390x box is reused for ubuntu package builds; ppa builds; livecd builds etc.17:15
xnoxtvansteenburgh, and e..g they do not have firewall access to snap store.17:15
xnoxdue to security concerns that one can break out of them.17:15
tsimonq2xnox: virtualized s390x> When might that happen?17:16
xnoxtvansteenburgh, your team has access to s390x machines; and it is connected to jenkins; thus you can use those instances to build your snap in that environment and upload to store.17:16
xnoxtsimonq2, i wish for it to happen any day now. there is openstack region setup with it, but i have no idea when it will be enabled in launchpad. i think it is close. but not there yet.17:17
xnoxtsimonq2, i guess wgrant knows more17:17
tsimonq2It would be great if something could be said to ubuntu-devel{,-discuss,-announce} when that happens :)17:18
tvansteenburghxnox: fair enough. i'm not in a big rush, and i know we *can* do it manually right now, but i'm still eager to get everything on lp17:18
xnoxtsimonq2, i'm sure it will be very public about it.17:19
xnoxtvansteenburgh, right, lp is cleaner for these things17:19
xnoxtvansteenburgh, you should have all the arches on lp unrestricted already: amd64 i386 armhf arm64 ppc64el -> do you have all of those enabled?17:20
tsimonq2One thing that has nabbed me before is when I don't have access to the CI Train and there's test failures *only* on s390x, and I have no way to check before uploading (and then I have to do a follow-up upload fixing the thing I missed), I'm curious why people who already have upload access to packages in the archive can't do the same in a PPA... *shrug*17:20
tsimonq2xnox: Cool cool, thanks.17:20
tvansteenburghxnox: yeah i have everything i need except s390x17:25
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