popeyahoneybun: some cc meetings are private, but usually public in #ubuntu-meeting.11:16
ahoneybunAlright thanks popey and jose13:19
ahoneybunpopey: do we have a UCC meeting this thursday?16:09
popeyI am not on the CC :)16:09
ahoneybunmm well the meeting logs are kinda light lately so no idea if someone is planning a meeting soon or what16:10
popeyhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda has the details16:10
popeyso yeah, 1st thursday looks good16:10
ahoneybundepends who is going to come tho lol16:10
popeywell, the new cc should :)16:11
popeymaybe you could fire a mail at the cc and ensure they do :)16:12
ahoneybungood idea lol16:13
popey<- ideas man16:18
tsimonq2(or as Chris Fisher likes to put it, "Canonical's Secret Weapon" :P)16:32
knomepopey, where have you imagined flavors would appear at the new https://community.ubuntu.com/ ?19:41
popeyknome: great question. how do you think flavours would want to use it? I anticipated that some already have their own tools.20:19
knomei was thinking from xubuntu's point of view and i think we would at least want to show up there20:20
knomeprobably not use it very actively20:20
knomeor at least - not as the main platform for anything20:20
popeyRight, that's what I thought. I figured some might want to use it but the branding might put people off, because it's not flavour specific branding20:21
popeybut, as a project resource, I'm super keen to have anyone in the wider Ubuntu family use it in whatever way they want, within the overall remit of the site20:22
popey(i.e. not tech support)20:22
knomeof course20:22
knomedid discourse support subcategories again?20:22
popeylook in the documentation category20:22
popeythere are two (hidden from the main page) sub-categories in there20:22
knomeso maybe a "Flavors" category and subcategories for each20:23
popeyYeah, maybe opt in, I wouldn't want to create a bunch of categories which end up with zero content20:23
popeyBut if you have some ideas for what might be posted there, I ca20:23
popey*can set them up20:24
popeyhappy to set you guys as moderators of the area etc20:24
knomei'll take this to the team devel list, but i think we could use it for some testing calls and other (probably more one-off) calls/announcements we want to spread as much as possible20:24
knomelike a call for submissions to a wallpaper contest for the next LTS20:25
popeyYeah, we're gonna do a similar wallpaper thing for ubuntu i think20:26
popeywe have an "announcements" category, we could put flavour announcements in there too?20:26
popeyup to you, let me know what you guys/girls want and we'll accomodate it20:26
knomeyeah, i'm not sure20:27
popeyThe good thing is it's super flexible so we can move posts around later20:27
knomeif the flavors have their own (sub)categories, it might just be confusing to have the announcements elsewhere20:27
popeythe flipside being it's nice having one place for all announcements20:28
popey(although it's a complete lie that it's one place, of course, there's the social networks, ubuntu-announce mailing list, fridge, etc)20:28
tsimonq2Really like how it looks so far popey :D20:31
popeySuggestions for improvements always welcome.20:31
tsimonq2popey: So it seems like on the Ubuntu MATE one at least I am part of "teams" which show up as badges when I post something20:33
tsimonq2For example, I'm in an Ubuntu Members team (I think).20:33
tsimonq2Could we maybe try something like that out?20:34
tsimonq2(maybe have it authenticate with Launchpad teams or something to ease maintenance)20:34
popeyWe did discuss this with IS, and it's certainly an interesting thing that we could potentially do20:34
tsimonq2popey: One more thing, is it ready enough to link in the topic here? :))20:34
tsimonq2Cool cool20:35
popeybut we had to get the site up quickly, so didn't have time during the initial deployment20:35
popeytotally! :D20:35
popeyGO GO TOPIC!20:35
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tsimonq2Lil' marketing bit there :320:36
tsimonq2popey: One thing I've been working on is helping reduce the number of exploitable CVEs in Universe packages20:39
tsimonq2I've always just said something on my Twitter when an update is released20:40
tsimonq2popey: Would that be something I can put under Announcements?20:40
popeyIf it's tweet sized, then maybe it's ideal for twitter :)20:41
popeyNot sure we want to replicate things like artful-changes20:41
tsimonq2Well the community CVE updates are somewhat low volume20:42
tsimonq2A couple a week, maybe20:42
tsimonq2But the point is to let people know that updates have been done to keep their systems secure.20:42
* tsimonq2 shrugs20:42
popeyYeah, they have value, totally20:42
popeyWondering where the best place for that is, and in what form.20:42
tsimonq2Because ideally the goal is to help onboard more contributors to help.20:43
tsimonq2It's a good (and easy) way to get involved with packaging, it's nothing complex (usually), just patch the upstream source and test it in a PPA to make sure it works. :)20:44
tsimonq2Here's the list that I've (sort of) been following: https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/universe.html20:44
popeyYou know what would be cool. Is a piece by piece guide to getting started helping fix these things20:45
popeynot a 22 page packaging guide ;D20:45
tsimonq2heh well the packaging guide has its uses ;)20:46
tsimonq2But I agree.20:46
tsimonq2Something super easy and quick someone can do.20:46
* acheronuk nods20:46
popeyI'd love to see a simple guide for SRUs too - I mean, testing them20:47
popeythat's a super simple way to help. Install this package - make sure the thing reported no longer happens - mark it fixed20:47
tsimonq2And maybe once they've done the simple packaging tasks over and over and over again, they'll want to move on to something more complex. ;)20:47
tsimonq2popey: Hm, I thought we already had one of those?20:47
popeyWe do?20:47
tsimonq2Bam: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/PerformingSRUVerification20:48
tsimonq2Maybe a bit outdated, though.20:48
popeyI reckon most people don't know that page exists (as with much of the wiki)20:48
tsimonq2popey: ooh that's something else I've been thinking about20:49
tsimonq2Once the outstanding MediaWiki CVEs are dealt with... I think we actually need to focus on having a good, working wiki...20:49
popeyThat would be fun. I'd love to help migrate.20:49
tsimonq2Here's the thing, we had this discussion at one point, did we not?20:50
tsimonq2And then (I think) Jorge Castro offered to give people a tarball of all the data to run through a conversion script.20:50
popeyYup, but it fell on the floor due to lack of time20:50
popeyI have it20:50
tsimonq2Nobody stepped up to make that happen.20:50
popeyyeah. it's a big job20:50
popeyNow, the next question is, do we *really* want to move to moin20:51
popeydiscourse has the concept of wiki posts :)20:51
popey(all the documentation category are wiki posts)20:51
popey(the content I copy/pasta'ed over from the old static site is all there and editable)20:51
tsimonq2Ooh, that might be workable... would be nice to have that integrated with the new Community Hub :D20:52
popeyBe interesting to build a list of most visited and most edited pages20:52
popeyto see what coverage we need20:52
popeyI imagine converting moin to markdown wouldn't be _that_ hard20:52
popeyfamous last words :D20:52
tsimonq2Exactly, famous last words... :P20:52
tsimonq2popey: Small(ish) nitpick, the Ubuntu logo used in the favicon isn't transparent, I've just Telegramed you what I mean by that20:54
tsimonq2It would certainly bug someone with a dark browser theme...20:54
popeyyeah, lemme see how to fix that20:55
tsimonq2usn.ubuntu.com does that as well, I just need to figure out who/what to poke to fix it :P20:55
tsimonq2AaaaaHA, nvm, found the GitHub page :P20:56
knomethe favicon doesn't have a transparent bg either.21:01
tsimonq2yeah :)21:01
knomegoing to bed, good night21:02
tsimonq2o/ knome21:03
popeyis that transparent for you?21:04
popeybecause that's the currently set favicon21:05
popeyit is in eog21:06
tsimonq2Hmmmm, interesting...21:07
popeyand that's the same one that's on ubuntu.com21:09
tsimonq2Except, ubuntu.com's favicon isn't transparent either21:09
popeyhah, okay21:09
popeyget me the url of another one that is good21:10
tsimonq2popey: Every one of these on here ;) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IconsPage21:12
popeywow, there's some crusty old icons on there!21:13
tsimonq2But the Ubuntu one on there is actually good21:13
popeyiconCircle32.png ?21:13
tsimonq2This one, specifically: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IconsPage?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=iconCircle48.png21:13
tsimonq2Or that too :)21:13
popeyok, set that as favicon, look right now?21:14
popey(I see no favicon in my browser)21:14
popeylooks good in my bookmarks..21:15
tsimonq2First load takes a bit... (cleared my cache)21:16
tsimonq2Hmm, still not good...21:16
tsimonq2But wait a minute it's better in Qupzilla21:17
* tsimonq2 blames Firefox for this one :P21:17
tsimonq2popey: All better :D21:17
tsimonq2popey: I have to go get some stuff done, but this is looking great so far!21:19

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