hggdhelacheche: there still?00:21
hggdhelacheche: you now have access to #ubuntu-communitycouncil00:27
wxlhey folks. i'm on the cc now and trying to get into the irc channel. anyone that can help with that?16:26
elkywxl: other cc like elacheche, or hggdh20:05
wxlelky: i'm not sure i understand the nature of your statement and/or question :)20:07
geniiwxl: They're probably one of the few allowed to do invites20:09
wxlgenii: ah, dholbach suggested asking here for the ACL to get fixed for the current cc20:10
elachecheHey folks.. I still don't have access to the channel →  "freenode  -- | #ubuntu-communitycouncil: Cannot join channel (+i) - you must be invited"20:10
elkyelacheche: hggdh added you so i assume +I which means you probably need to do /msg chanserv invite #ubuntu-communitycouncil21:10
elkyerm, not +I21:11
elkybut try what is aid and try joining again21:11
elkyi said*21:11
elachecheelky: "ChanServ (ChanServ@services.): You are not authorized to perform this operation."21:14
Unit193No one has been added to the ACL, looks like.21:18
hggdhI added wxl now23:48
hggdhI need to pass over control of the CC channel23:48
hggdhand I am +I-ing them23:49
hggdhelacheche: you still cannot join?23:50
hggdhUnit193: for the ACL itself I need to know who is going to take over opping the channel (then I can add them, and remove myself)23:52
Unit193hggdh: I saw the results, but I don't think I've seen an official announcement.23:54
hggdhor can I just op them all...23:57

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