xnoxsent email to the containers mailing list.... now i'm not sure if it is held in moderation or something else.02:55
xnoxcannot see it in the public archives yet02:55
stgraberhaven't received it yet02:56
xnox=/ i did subscribe to it, and got no subscription email. i bet i am held. I did cc hallyn, hopefully he will be kind to me =)02:58
xnoxsomehow canadian-pharmacy spam can post, but not (somewhat) legit patches02:59
stgraberI think it's just slow :)03:01
xnoxok, i see it now =) https://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/containers/2017-October/038250.html03:06
xnoxsforshee, added some more info / reproducer steps / history ^03:07
stgraberyeah, just hit my mailbox too03:07
xnoxi hope it is good enough to be merged =/ fingers crossed03:11
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xnoxand denied....03:39
xnoxnot sure how to check for what i am asked for.03:40
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xnoxi wonder if lookup_user_key() will fail to lookup somebody elses keys03:45
xnoxbah, my subscription confirmation went into spam, so i didn't receive the reply, not sure how to reply to it properly now =/03:47
stgraberxnox: I can bounce it to you03:57
xnoxstgraber, yes please.03:57
xnoxstgraber, also i'm not sure how to reproduce the concern raised.03:57
xnoxwill ponder about it later.03:57
xnoxcause trivial create key outside a namespace; and try to change it inside the namespace does not work.03:58
stgrabersorry, I'm not familiar with that kernel keyring stuff, so not of much help :)03:59
xnoxi'm pretty sure that lookup_user_key() fails, because it goes via key_task_permission() and security_key_permission() thus one cannot even access / lookup the key to change ownership on04:13
hallynxnox: try session keys.  lxc-usernsexec -- keyctl list @s04:30
sforsheejjohansen: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kernel-team/2017-October/087355.html12:54
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jjohansensforshee: ack, thanks15:00
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leitaohi. It seems that the http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.14-rc2/ kernel didn't  built for ppc64el20:39

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