Jupiter123how is ubuntu different from mint?06:43
Jupiter123though mint is based on ubuntu, what differentiates it from ubuntu?06:44
Jupiter123and are mint's update policies prudent?06:44
alkisgJupiter123: mint doesn't follow the debian policy in package management06:46
alkisgE.g. they just modify whatever they want in /etc, breaking other packages and updates06:47
Jupiter123alkisg: but, mint has both versions. One based on Debian and the other one based on Ubuntu.06:47
alkisgYes, it does the same in both versions :D06:48
alkisgSo neither Debian developers nor Ubuntu developers like that very much06:48
Jupiter123what is flawed in their update policy?06:48
alkisgThey could just create a "flavor", instead of trying to hack their own "distro"06:48
Jupiter123please educate me.06:48
alkisgFor example, they go and write mint in /etc/os-release06:48
alkisgSo the next update prompts "hey administrator, you modified that file, but now there's an update, do you want to overwrite it?"06:49
Jupiter123why it tops the distrowatch rankings?06:49
alkisgAnd the administrator replies "wth? I never touched that file"06:49
alkisgBecause it has good themes :)06:49
alkisgAnd because many linux users have more enthousiasm than knowledge06:49
Jupiter123then, it is not as secure as ubuntu?06:49
Jupiter123or debian.06:49
alkisgThey also block some updates, thus lowering security06:50
alkisgSo yeah06:50
Jupiter123what about other ubuntu derivatives like elementary and zorinos?06:51
Jupiter123do they also have a similar policy?06:51
alkisgLong story short, "real" distros have their own repositories and don't depend on other repositories06:52
alkisgMint depends on ubuntu's repositories06:52
Jupiter123I am using ubuntu mate.06:52
alkisgAnd has an "overlay" for its own06:52
alkisgSo, avoid distros that aren't real distros, and rely on other distro repositories06:52
alkisgMATE doesn't have its own repositories, it's a proper flavor using ubuntu's repositories06:52
Jupiter123what exactly do you mean by real distros?06:52
alkisgThe ones that do the work06:53
alkisgInstead of others that want to offer a theme etc on top of the work of others06:53
Jupiter123but ubuntu also is based on debian06:54
alkisgYes, but it has its own repositories06:54
alkisgThat means it maintains the versions it ships by itself06:54
sigurdsonAnyone know how to add Klite codec's pack or any good codec pack so i can play files in VLC?09:11
CrazyTuxwhat to do when the OS freezes suddenly?11:09
CrazyTuxwhy ubuntu has this problem of random freezing?11:10
alkisgCrazyTux: run `dmesg` and check for errors there11:16
alkisgIt doesn't freeze for most people here....11:17
CrazyTuxwell, since the installation it never froze. Today was probably the first time it did.11:17
CrazyTuxI hope it will not happen again.11:21
diogenes_CrazyTux, doesn't it also happen on win and mac?11:22
CrazyTuxdiogenes_, I have stopped using Windows.11:23
diogenes_I stopped also but what I am talking about is that it happens everywhere11:24
diogenes_doesn't depend on OS in most of the cases11:24
CrazyTuxdoes it happen on Mint?11:26
CrazyTuxdiogenes_, could it be because of some plugins installed in Firefox?11:36
CrazyTuxthe OS froze when I was browsing on Firefox.11:36
diogenes_everything can be11:38
nemoSo I was reading:12:22
nemowhich was making me rethink my current transition of all my ubuntu 14.04 machines to devuan12:23
nemo(currently is only my father in law's computer)12:23
nemooh. and the living room one12:23
nemoWhat I was wondering was.  As currently packaged in ubuntu xenial, would MATE function fine with systemd stripped?12:23
nemo(they have instructions there for xfce, but not mate)12:25
reebHello :D anyone using finger print reader ?  good program to use ?12:38
reebThis is for a Dell latitude e6400.12:40
imexilHi, I've just upgraded 17.04 to 17.10 and now the different layouts are gone. I even needed to install mate-tweak. But I can no longer set up mutiny. does 17.10 need additional packages to offer the different themes?14:43
imexillayout = mutiny, cupertino, redmond14:43
marosgthey are all in mate-tweak14:43
imexillet me log out and in again.14:44
marosgI installed 17.10 and mate-tweak was there, maybe something to do with upgrade path?14:44
imexilmust be. I only get GNOME2 and Traditional. Nothing else.14:46
alkisgimexil: https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=redmond.layout&mode=exactfilename&suite=zesty&arch=any14:47
alkisgSame for artful14:47
alkisgI.e. the file you're looking for comes from the "ubuntu-mate-default-settings" package14:48
alkisgInstall it...14:48
imexilyes that package was missing actually. Strange this since I had 17.04 on mutiny14:48
alkisgimexil: were you using a ppa, like e.g. for some mate newer version?14:49
alkisgPPAs cause upgrade issues...14:49
imexilI had PPAs but not mate specific ones IIRC14:50
imexilalso keyboard locale is borked. Says its correct Norwegian but is actually US14:50
alkisgStrange then. You could check the upgrade log and report the bug, if you feel like it14:50
alkisgsudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration14:51
alkisgAnd reset all mate keyboard settings14:51
alkisgI don't know why all DEs want to implement their own keyboard handling in broken ways, when xorg implements it correctly...14:51
imexilI simply removed Norwegian and added it again which fixed it14:52
imexilstill no mutiny or any other Panel (as I see it is called correctly)14:53
alkisgls /usr/share/mate-panel/layouts14:53
alkisgAnd you open mate-tweak and you don't see those?14:56
alkisgDid you try logout/login, after you installed the mate settings package?14:56
imexilwhere would I find the upgrade log14:56
imexillet me do a restart just to be on the safe side14:57
imexilOnly Gnome2 and Traditional still15:00
imexilalso it seems it is missing quite a lot of the features mentioned in the https://ubuntu-mate.org/blog/ubuntu-mate-artful-beta2/ notes15:02
imexillike I don't have the session indocator15:02
marosgstupid question - does it report 17.10 in /etc/os-release ?15:03
imexilVERSION="17.10 (Artful Aardvark)"15:04
imexilPRETTY_NAME="Ubuntu Artful Aardvark (development branch)"15:04
imexilI might have found something in the log.15:06
imexilhere is my apt.log and there is some problems with mate-tweak indeed: https://paste.ubuntu.com/25667443/15:08
imexilLine 639ff15:09
imexilOK I did a apt --reinstall ubuntu-mate-desktop and now I can choose all Panel types but no effect what so ever. Neither after restart15:20
imexilAlso still no Session menu etc.15:21
imexilLooks like the upgrade must have borked out in the middle but didn't really report this. I'm running apt upgrade now and let's see if that will fix it.15:28
=== andre is now known as Guest41509
imexilRight after some iterations with synaptic, it seems to be resolved. Looks like broken upgrade was the reason. As to why ... hard to tell now. Anyway I'm good to go now.16:40
TaZeRi cant wait for ubuntu 20!18:22
ouroumov_TaZeR, 20 ?18:30
nemoouroumov_: presumably whatever ubuntu is released in 2½ years? ☺19:19
TaZeRyes i think it will be a revolutionary version21:01
TaZeRjust because developers will try extra hard to make that number special21:02
sixwheeledbeastwhy 20? or 20.04?21:02
TaZeR20.xx however they number it21:13

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