floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> @KMyers I'm printing directly on glass, no raft https://print.adamoutler.com/webcam/?action=stream&150687858978101:54
floridagram-bot<KMyers> https://m.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/tropical-system-may-bud-in-caribbean-or-near-florida-coast-in-next-10-days/7000287305:13
floridagram-bot<ahoneybun> Damn14:00
floridagram-bot<KMyers> I think I have enough flash drives for a few weeks16:48
floridagram-bot<ahoneybun> @KMyers can I forward that image?18:39
floridagram-bot<KMyers> @ahoneybun, I don't care18:41
regenerationHi guys. What do you think Apple is profiting from releasing ARM-optimized iOS and macOS? I have ideas like having the benefits of open source development in a sense that anybody can come up with higher value than Apple developers. And it makes sense building that enormous super spaceship-like mega center for the company as a tease reward for developing for Apple. I mean they have the coolest workplace on the earth. Also the19:27
regeneration can be spent in any country for all who want to participate in making an Apple product. That's how I think Apple is investing into their business. And the walls of a company is the hinder for making decent software. 19:27
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> What's with all the flash drives?19:30
floridagram-bot<KMyers> @AdamOutler, Just a work project19:43
floridagram-bot<KMyers> @regeneration, I cannot support anything Apple does.19:43
regenerationI just heard they put innovation into freeBSD. 19:58
floridagram-bot<KMyers> @regeneration, Not as much as you would think - and they rarely contribute to open source. Apple is well known for abusing patent litigation to restrict others - they hate competition and anything that poses a threat to their walled garden. The last thing I would argue that they contributed to was WebKit.20:01
floridagram-bot<KMyers> Microsoft is doing more for Open Source than Apple20:01
floridagram-bot<KMyers> by a landslide20:01
regenerationI'm not well informed KMyers, just seeing the walls of Apple lower20:06
floridagram-bot<KMyers> Best to do your own research as many will say that I am a bit Anti-Apple but if you sift through the marketing, you will find that they are well known for inhibiting open source software while giving the illusion they support it.20:07
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> Word.20:07
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> We need a Microsoft Word emoji for when I want to just say "word".20:08
floridagram-bot<KMyers> clippy20:08
regenerationThey are aggressive for profit tigers for sure. 20:14
regenerationThis article has a comment which plays with the idea Google making a desktop OS to replace Windows. And I'm saying Apple is kind of following open sourcy policies as Google enters their territory(desktop pc)20:31

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