rick_hanyone know wtf the name is for those things that build a word graphic where the words are different sizes based on occurance and such?00:36
* rick_h wants to generate one of those for the first time ever00:36
cmaloneyTag cloud?00:40
cmaloneyand why?00:40
cmaloneyrick_h: ^^00:41
rick_hcmaloney: oh yea that's it ty00:41
rick_hcmaloney: for my next blog post, it'll make sense when put together00:41
* rick_h hopes it'll make sense at least lol00:41
rick_hcmaloney: http://mitechie.com/blog/2017/9/28/learning-to-speak-juju00:46
cmaloneyah, nice00:50
rick_hYea, figured it would be a fitting blog header image00:51
cmaloneyCroscon plans, builds, and grows the digital products and services that help02:48
cmaloneycompanies become leaders in their industry. We operate in a hybrid model and02:48
cmaloneyalso incubate and launch our own products or joint ventures with clients.02:48
cmaloneywhat does this even mean?02:48
_stink__it means some of your soul was lost while reading it02:49
cmaloneyis it like digital amphetamines and steroids?02:51
cmaloneybotsnacks for the bot-god?02:51
cmaloney"We're matronly incubating hybrid killing machines that will make our customers the leaders in their field"02:52
cmaloney"Kneel before Zod INC"02:52
rick_hmorning party people13:41
greg-gparty morning people14:55
jrwrenGood Morning.14:59
cmaloneyIn the middle of tech interviews. Whee16:20
cmaloneyFrom 10am - 2pm16:20
rick_hgood luck!16:24
cmaloneyThanks! :)16:24
cmaloneyThank you. :)16:26
cmaloneyIf anything I'm getting experience.16:26
cmaloneyAnd done.18:01
cmaloneyNow to crawl back into my hermit mode18:01
greg-ghilarious: https://qz.com/1089987/ikea-is-buying-taskrabbit-because-americas-diy-spirit-is-dying/18:07
greg-gcmaloney: have you heard of/checked out resonate.is ?18:11
greg-gcmaloney: tl;dr: coop music streaming. Pay by listen to a max of about a $1 for a song then you listen for free (.002 cents for the first listen, I think). Average about $2-4/mo. But, I ask because I thought, if you dug it, you'd be a good "connector" with your podcast: https://resonate.is/a-new-form-of-collaboration/18:12
greg-gthey profit share with their volunteers18:13
cmaloneyI'm not familiar with it19:24
cmaloneysure beats the current model of promotion (It says here on your resume that you have a podcast: Open Metalcast?)19:25
rick_hcmaloney: how did the love fire testing go today?19:28
cmaloneyIt went OK19:30
cmaloneyI'm done getting excited about interviews though. I'm old (wise? burned?) enough to just take things in stride and realize that seond place is still a win, even though it might not be a job19:31
cmaloneyAgain, it is what it is. :)19:31
cmaloneyI still have to try, but I'm really jaded about the whole process19:32
cmaloneyAnd still thinking of ideas on how to make $$19:33
cmaloneyPerhaps I could disrupt the clothing industry by offering a service to burn your clothes when you're done wearing them19:33
cmaloneysomething like that19:34
cmaloneyOr make a service where nudity is OK as long as you're paying me $10 a month19:34
cmaloneyI'm sure there's options in there.19:34
rick_hBoo, won't let me see w/o joining19:54
cmaloneyTry this instead: https://octodon.social/@craigmaloney/717474320:01
rick_h:) on the headphones20:06
greg-ghuh, I'm poking around the resonate.is site and I found an older video of theirs. Sure glad they turned down the "blockchain" selling point :)20:57
greg-ghuh2, I just saw someone with an "opposite sleeve" tattoo, as in, his hand and wrist are tattooed, but not the rest of his arm21:13

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