soeemamarley: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1024719/unix-graphics-announcements-and-news/linux-solaris-and-freebsd-driver-387-12-beta-/16:53
soeethis would be new beta version ?16:53
ricotzit absolutely is! ;)16:58
soeericotz: packaging ?17:22
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ricotzsoee, will take a look17:38
ricotzsoee, mamarley, I guess basic smoketesting worked out here, will upload to personal staging ppa18:06
ricotzsoee, I assume you are on artful?18:07
soeericotz: no, no18:14
soeeI'm on Xenial (Neon)18:14
ricotzmamarley, soee, it is up20:06
soeehmm 20:13
soeesomehow it does not see yet updates for me20:13
soeeah wait i have to install it20:13
ricotztjaalton, fyi, nvidia 387.12 beta has "drm-next" support20:16
mamarleyricotz: Awesome, thanks!20:21
soeeand back20:21
mamarley(I was in an all-day meeting today so I didn't see this message until now.)20:21
soeethanks for packaging :)20:22
* mamarley is leaving now and will install it when he gets home.20:22
mamarleyI will probably just copy it into my own staging PPA so I don't have to add yet another PPA to all my boxen.20:22
ricotzmamarley, it makes more sense to actually use the official ppa packages yourself too, aka using *the* ppa ;)20:31
mamarleyOh, you've already copied it?20:47
mamarleyIndeed you have.  OK.20:48
mamarleyI'll go ahead and package nvidia-settings then if you haven't already done that.20:48
ricotzmamarley, haven't done settings, I didn't plan to though21:04
mamarleyI am going to put it in my staging PPA anyway.  If you don't want it in the main PPA yet, that is fine.21:04

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