Arthur_Dhi, I'm having a weird issue where the keys on my netbook are constantly outputting the numbers and symbols in blue under its primary function, and I have no idea how to turn it off. It works fine before logging in but after logging in, J becomes 1, K becomes 2, etc17:47
Arthur_Dso I'm obviously typing this on another computer17:48
glitchd_Arthur_D, i would try plugging in a usb keyboard and see if the same function persists17:50
Arthur_Dplugging in a USB keyboard works fine, but I can't go around lugging a huge external keyboard, then the usefulness of a netbook kinda diminishes17:58
Arthur_Dfound the culprit18:04
Arthur_Dsomehow managed to turn on Num Lock18:04
Arthur_DHmm wrong channel23:47

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