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hallynarosales: hey - question.  https://jujucharms.com/docs/2.1/help-vmware  says vmware hardware version 8 or high is required for juju+vsphere.  But juju uses a hardcoded ubuntu.ovf using 'vmx-10', which is a lot newer (and newer than most of my boxes)04:28
hallynarosales: who would know whether the v10 is actually required, or whether that's a bug in the code, and maybe just maybe how to specify a different version (differnt ovf) without re-compiling juju :)04:29
thumperhallyn: axw probably knows04:30
thumperhallyn: btw, don't use 2.1, use 2.204:30
hallynthumper: hm actually i'm using 2.0.204:50
thumperhallyn: oh for the love of god please upgrade04:50
hallynguess i'm on xenial.04:50
hallynwhy isn't the archive uptodate :)04:50
hallynppa:juju/ppa ?04:51
thumperI think it is ppa:juju/stable04:51
thumperbut let me check04:51
thumperyeah, the stable one04:52
hallynok thanks, will do that now.  But having looked at github I assume it won't help with my problem :)04:52
thumperwallyworld: do you know about the vsphere reqs?04:52
arosalesah, thumper thanks for the reply04:58
wallyworldarosales: hallyn: IIANM we do only support vmx-10; i think it's to do with API compatibility but not sure05:21
hallynthat makes me very sad05:23
hallynwallyworld: in that case, https://jujucharms.com/docs/2.1/help-vmware is a bug iiuc :)05:24
hallynbut so, this lab i have can't be used this way.  that kinda sucks.05:24
hallynwallyworld: who would know for sure ?  (i.e. what features are missing etc)05:25
wallyworldhallyn: that would be andrew but he's away for another day or so; i'll be asking him when he gets back05:25
wallyworldi must admit, i thought we did support v805:26
wallyworldbut it could be recent sdk changes forced us to 1005:26
wallyworldbut i'll need to check05:26
wallyworldit's certainly in the code that 10 it must be05:27
wallyworldbut the reason i do not know05:27
hallynwallyworld: ok, thanks.  Hm, I guess I emailed andrew earlier today, as he was the one who pushed that ovf file05:35
wallyworldok, i'll follow up with him when he's back in the office05:36
hallynthanks- \o05:36
wallyworldwe do now make user of datastore apis to manage image caching so it may be related to that05:36
wallyworldi'd hope though we could still support v805:37
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hallynHm, created a 'datacente'r with just the single machine that's new enough.  Error chagned - http://paste.ubuntu.com/25671564/06:01
hallynheading to sleep - thanks for the confirmation so far :)06:01
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narinderHi Leann11:47
ed___hi there juju people! I'm looking at running canonical kubernetes. Can you recommend how I'd make a clean setup we can store the juju bundle [or whatever the right terms would be] in git, and, we'd like to add a docker image repository to the setup. We're experimentally trying this in MAAS at the moment.13:45
tvansteenburghed___: the bundle is just yaml, so you can store it anywhere13:49
rick_hed___: howdy, so the k8s page walks through install steps: https://jujucharms.com/canonical-kubernetes/ and it'll work with maas. As far as storing a bundle in git or the like I don't think you'll need to. Check out http://mitechie.com/blog/2017/9/28/learning-to-speak-juju for 'terminology' introduction.13:49
ed___thank you tvansteenburgh & rick14:42
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tvansteenburghed___: regarding docker registry in your k8s: https://medium.com/@tvansteenburgh/private-docker-registries-and-the-canonical-distribution-of-kubernetes-31cb05a9b61c16:28
skaythe resources doc mentions using a resource per dependency, but I have ~90 python packages I use. should I bundle that many or have 90 resources?16:57
tvansteenburghskay: bundle them. i assume this is so you can install offline?17:00
skaytvansteenburgh: yes17:01
tvansteenburghi certainly wouldn't have 90 resources, lol17:01
skayhaha me either. I hadn't noticed that bit in the docs until today17:01
skayare nested dictionaries okay for yaml configs?17:09
skaypy yaml is okay with them17:09

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