ahoneybunI might see folks at Scale valorie02:07
valorieahoneybun: I've always wanted to make it to scale, but not so far05:01
valorietherefore: jealous05:01
clivejodo we have a page explaining what the KC is and does ?12:11
clivejoI can only find the constitution on the website12:12
ahoneybunlol valorie14:06
ahoneybunI've sent an email to support@linode.com and CCed this list in on it17:46
ahoneybunvalorie: clivejo acheronuk17:46
clivejodid you get the log in details?18:19
valorieahoneybun: https://survey.documentfoundation.org/66562820:20
valoriecool voting system20:20
ahoneybunI did not get it from Phil yet20:20
clivejohave you pinged him or emailed him directly?20:21
ahoneybunno I have not20:25
valorieresponded to clive's email and the thread22:34
valoriesorry for the delay; husband decided today was the day to chip branches22:34
valorieI quit before I strangled him with my bare hands22:35

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