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sparky8251anyone here use Kates snippets a lot? trying to script adding the numbers on some lines together but cant find ANY recent docs on it. most recent i can find is for like v4.5 and it seems to be on v17 according to help now05:31
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hyper_chhi there, having a huge problem.... after loging in, I see the desktop for a second, then screen turns black.... then I see desktop again for a second, then screen turns black and stays black... I can still see the mouse cursor.... I did move the user home folder to /user/xxx-backup and created new empty user home folder, still same behaviour07:36
hateballhyper_ch: new install, has it worked before, etc?07:36
hyper_chhateball: it worked before07:37
hyper_chneeded force poweroff to do yesterday because it was unresponsive07:38
hyper_chhateball: created a new user, same behaviour07:40
hyper_chhateball: same behaviour even with new user.... interestingly,  Alt-F2 for the search still works.... but it's black background and nothing else seems to be working07:42
hateballhyper_ch: right, and this happened since an update or what?07:42
hyper_chhateball: no, had to force poweroff yesterday07:43
hyper_chbecause notebook was not responsive07:43
hateballhyper_ch: anything in ~/.xsession-errors of interest?07:44
hyper_chhateball: https://paste.simplylinux.ch/view/raw/47fb63cb07:48
hyper_chthat was the new created user07:49
hyper_cha problem with plasmashell?07:50
hyper_chhateball: any idea?07:58
hateballhyper_ch: sorry beyond my scope of knowledge08:29
hyper_chyeah :(08:29
hateballhyper_ch: suppose if you had to poweroff the machine in a poor state, liveboot it and run fsck?08:29
hyper_chmaybe time to use zfs and make regular snapshots08:29
hyper_chhateball: so, got it to work again... first I did upgrade to 17.10 because I assumed some package file might have been damaged for some reason.... still, same behaviour... then I found to remove libqtcore4 which helped some users.... did that also... still no luck... then I read cups could be the culprit, purged and reinstalled... still the same... then I thought I grabe a 17.10 kubuntu iso, install it in a vm, generate a list of isntalled09:49
hyper_chpackages and and use that package list to do another apt-get install .... now it works again... few packages were missing :)09:49
hateballhyper_ch: weird10:15
hyper_chhateball: https://github.com/sjau/bash-stuff/blob/master/apt-package-list  used that to get list of installed packaged in new kubuntu install in vm10:51
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John85sorry, think i joined the wrong channel lol11:30
John85nope im in the right place11:31
John85anyone use KDE wallet?  I downloaded the handbook,  but cant figure it out11:32
lordievaderJohn85: Half, only my wifi password is in there.11:32
John85I have  created a new wallet in the wallet manager,  and from what the handbook says,  when i log on to a web site,  I should be propted as to weather i want to save log in details,  but it dont11:33
lordievaderWhat browser, and does it have support for the Kwallet?11:33
hateballby default chromium will save to kwallet11:33
John85ah ok11:34
lordievaderNot sure if Firefox has support for it by default.11:34
hateballthink you had to use a special plugin for firefox11:34
hateballand now that mozilla has deprecated npapi... who knows11:34
John85ok,  found a plugin :)11:36
John85brb..need to restart firefox11:37
BluesKajHiyas all11:41
John85that was worrying11:42
John85kde wallet wont accept my password for firefox11:42
John85chrome works fine though11:43
hateballyeah, never tried getting kwallet to work with firefox11:44
BluesKajhey lordievader, John8511:44
John85hey BluesKaj11:44
John85might just migrate to chrome in that case11:44
lordievaderHow are you doing BluesKaj ?11:45
BluesKajI don't muck about with kwallet, can't be bothered with it ...usually i receive a lecture about security at this point, but I haven't had any probs so far.11:46
John85i only really want KDE wallet to store passwords for websites, i dont want to have to enter my password whenever I open up a browser11:47
BluesKajgood here lordievader, and you?11:47
lordievaderDoing good11:47
John85BluesKaj,  I'm thinking of going back to my old method of storing passwords too,  KDE looks like too much hassle11:49
hateballJohn85: well you can store them in firefox itself and use a master password, as well11:49
hateballJohn85: or just use a sane browser like chromium that works as expected ;p11:50
BluesKajit's not kde so much as the whole wallet system is clunky IMO. John85`11:51
John85ye,  i tried reading through the handbook,  but couldnt figure it out, so will probably just leave it11:52
John85i do need to change my passwords though11:52
BluesKajchrome works well ...i switched after FF decided they needed pulseaudio for web-audio ... not on my pcs they don't11:54
John85im just so used to using firefox,  used it for as long as i can remember11:56
BluesKajme too but chrome quickly became my dwfault due to it's features , like PIA vpn extn and embedded version of flash that works11:58
John85if i cant get firefox to work again,  i may have to anyway12:00
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John85anyone know of any apps available for checking security of passwords?12:14
hateballJohn85: see this https://www.cyberciti.biz/security/linux-password-strength-checker/12:17
hateballI use pwgen to generate random passwords12:17
John85random passwords are ok if you are storing them,  but i need a memorable yet secure master12:21
John85i believe my current one is secure,  but need to be sure,  and its probably time i chnaged it anyway12:22
hateballwell yes, obviously you would not use kittykat1 as your master password :p12:22
John85no,  i googled most used passwords a while ago out of curiosity,  cant believe home many people use things like 12345 or qwerty12:23
John85hmmm...cracklib check says my password is "OK",  does not say how OK though lol12:30
hateballwell either it's good or it's bad12:31
hateballeither you can crack it easily, or you can't12:31
John85right..i best do some work12:34
John85speak soon12:34
BluesKajForceRecon, :-)12:48
ForceReconHey BluesKaj!  I just had to install chrome today to utilize some cryptography class videos in the browser.. Unfortunately Full screen ended up being the video in the middle with a huge white box around it12:48
BluesKajperhaps the video aspect ratio is limiting it's size on full screen. ForceRecon12:53
BluesKajForceRecon, why use a browser anyway12:54
ForceReconsorry for delay13:14
ForceReconthe classes are posted online13:14
ForceReconI can see them in YouTube but would rather do the ones from the official site and firefox won't play them13:14
ForceReconhttp://www.crypto-textbook.com/ == online Course / Videos13:15
ForceReconI just keep going here and use FF.. - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1usFRN4LCMcfIV7UjHNuQg/videos13:16
ForceRecongreat teacher.. great classes13:16
BluesKajForceRecon, the youtube video works fullscreen here13:24
BluesKajon chrome13:24
BluesKaj'Morning dougl14:41
douglBluesKaj, how you making out wit vpn stuff?14:41
BluesKajgood, i installed a PIA vpn extn on chrome which hides my IP while I surf14:42
BluesKajthink Nordvpn has the same xetn14:42
BluesKajextn even14:43
douglBluesKaj, I never under stood the difference between vpn to be incognito or vpn to access remote network.14:44
BluesKajdougl, their IP is substiuted for your actual IP by your vpn tunnel to their server , so thwe server IP shows as yours , not exactly incognito because an actual vpn server IP is shown as yours, but it ends there14:47
douglBluesKaj, do you have a url for an educational read?14:53
* dougl brb14:55
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threebarso, i need help with sound16:09
threebari have a Lenovo laptop, if that's important16:09
threebar00:1f.3 Audio device: Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-H HD Audio (rev 31)16:09
threebarstandard 17.04 install16:09
threebarnever messed with any sound16:10
threebarit just kinda worked16:10
threebaronly problem: i start the system, it works fine. if i plug in my headphones, the audio switches to them. if i unplug them, it switches back to speakers16:10
threebarnow, if i plug in the headphones again, no sound. unplugging sends sound to speakers16:10
threebarheadphones never get sound until i restart16:11
threebarI haven't really had to mess with Linux sound stuff since ALSA was new, so I don't know much about PluseAudio or whatever the stuff is today16:11
BluesKajthreebar, open alsamixer in the terminal and make sure automute is disabled, then add this line to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf, oprions snd-hda-intel index=0. That should help solidify your audio output settings16:19
BluesKajcorrection: options snd-hda-intel index=016:19
threebarok, doing16:20
threebarshould i test now?16:21
threebarsame behavior16:22
BluesKajlogout and back in first16:22
threebar1 sec for me to check16:23
threebarstill broken16:24
threebarheadphone cable unplugged, speakers work fine. plugged in = no sound16:24
threebaralsamixer headphone volume at 100, auto-mute = disabled16:25
BluesKajyou might have to reset your pulseaudio settings in system settings>multimedia>hardware16:25
BluesKajbbl..errands for 20mins or so16:26
threebarnothing working there16:27
threebarunplugging headphones makes stuff work there16:28
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kiromaHey, I'm eccountering a bug at random that makes Plasmashell use 100% of one thread for no apparent reason.16:51
kiromaI'm eccountering it right now, but the system still feels responsive.16:54
kiromaIt looks like it has a softlocked while() loop somewhere, but I can't trace it down with perf top16:55
mparillokiroma: I have seen that with dynamic wallpapers17:20
kiromaDon't have that mparillo17:28
kiromaBut I have few widget17:29
kiromaOh and also mousing over a tab in task bar emits XCB Error17:30
user|86554tengo una duda18:22
user|86554ojala puedan ayudarme18:22
Ab3Luser|86554: this is an English channel18:22
user|86554i need help with Kubuntu18:22
Ab3Luser|86554: let us know your needs, and if someone that can help is reading, he/she will answer you.18:24
user|86554what software i should to use Kubuntu booteable in a a pendrive?18:24
user|86554Im in Ubuntu18:24
kiroma‎user|86554: gnome-disks18:33
kiromaYou can use any software you want, Kubuntu's installation image is just like any other one, but gnome-disks is already avaible and has option to write a disk image.18:34
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v3n0mPlease help me out. I am using kubuntu and I am behind a proxy in my university. The proxy settings of kde are not working.19:21
v3n0mI can't even use discover. I have to setup a proxy manually in firefox etc and the apps don't get the proxy itself.19:21
v3n0mI just used arch linux before and kde in it and it seemed to work that way in the proxy settings but it does not work in kubuntu. The version of kubuntu is 17.0419:23
v3n0mI really love kde and this is annoying me.19:23
v3n0mAnyone will help me or should I just leave?19:24
BluesKajv3n0m, do you have the proxy set in system settings>settings>proxy?19:24
v3n0mI tried everything.19:25
BluesKajwhich setting in proxy?19:25
v3n0mSetting up environment variables and allowing it to auto detect it. And setting up an environment variable myself.19:25
v3n0mUse manually.19:25
BluesKajdid you logout after each change19:25
v3n0mIs what I tired first and then the other.19:25
v3n0mYeah, I rebooted.19:26
v3n0mI can make apt work through setting an environment variable but discover ain't working and neither the driver manager.19:26
v3n0mI mean it should just work by setting up proxy in the proxy setting just like gnome.19:27
v3n0mWhy is it having this issue?19:27
bael-c4where am i?19:28
v3n0mYou are in the matrix talking to the 0s and 1s.19:29
ubottuKubuntu is the Ubuntu flavour using KDE Software and the KDE Plasma Workspaces.  See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join  #kubuntu - See also !kde19:29
BluesKajbael-c4,  ^  this where19:29
v3n0mBluesKaj please help19:29
v3n0mThis is getting frustrating.19:30
bael-c4thanks, now all is clear :-)19:30
v3n0mI mean, please there has to be a way.19:31
BluesKajv3n0m, have you tried without the variables, whatever they may be19:31
v3n0mYeah, without it as well.19:31
v3n0mI first set up without variables and was hoping it to work.19:31
v3n0mI mean, any issue with the proxy settings?19:31
v3n0mIt didn't work in live evnvironment either while installing kubuntu.19:32
v3n0mPlease any solution19:35
BluesKajv3n0m, perhaps asking in #kde chat might help, if not there , then try the ##linux chat19:39
v3n0mWhat can be the issue?19:43
v3n0mIt started working after I selected the option defaults19:59
v3n0mdon't know what was the problem20:00
v3n0mWell yeah seemed like network manager wasn't running by default. All I did was sudo NetworkManager and it started working.20:03
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jamisnemoIf i install kubuntu fresh, what kernel version will it come with?20:57
jamisnemoor rather, how do i find that out?20:57
genii!info linux-image-generic xenial20:58
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 13 kB20:58
genii!info linux-image-generic zesty20:58
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (zesty), package size 2 kB, installed size 13 kB20:58
genii!info linux-image-generic artful20:58
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (artful), package size 2 kB, installed size 13 kB20:58
* genii goes back to making another pot of coffee20:58
jamisnemogenii, thanks!21:07
ForceReconjoin #freenode23:02

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