dupondjeWhats the easiest way to build a package for all supported ubuntu versions into a ppa? Is there like some command to dput to all ?12:00
cjwatsonEasiest way if it's possible is to upload to the oldest series and then copy forward (including binaries) once it's built.12:03
dupondjebut then its not rebuild against newer libs right?12:03
cjwatsonOr use recipes if you can.  Failing that you just need to build a source package for each series with appropriately-distinct versions and upload each of them.12:03
cjwatson(This is often automatable.)12:04
cjwatsonNo, it's not.  Though in the majority of cases there's no need to do so.12:04
dupondjerecipes are in LP right. i'll have a look at that :)12:05

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