Kali_Yugahow do I change the color of the clock in lubuntu?02:44
Kali_Yugagot it02:55
ArMedicWould anyone be so kind to point me where to fix my taskbar settings like they came by default.  I have attempted to add the spacer settings back but my clock and stuff just dont look right06:31
ArMedicOr perhaps ticking the stretch box i just noticed fixed all my woes..nevermind. sorry.06:34
zakhello guys14:20
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Guest95252i have a problem with my lubuntu14:21
Guest95252when i log in in gui, the screen turns black then tell me to relog again14:21
leszekGuest95252: sounds like a permission error. Anything in the ~/.xsession-errors log?14:46
tanatovagohow  make resolution screen to 1024x768 ?17:22
lapoldhi all17:44
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user______hi every one19:35
user______there is problem in lubuntu 17.04. It need to be fix. When sb is installing Tribler(latest version deb* pack from their website) by gDebi..gDebi...return massage witch information:" dependency error.. can not be fulfilled(done).python-wxgtk2.8"I supose this is error newest python library witch is pre-installed witch older.19:41
user______Sb know hpw to fix this? install? older? pls...inform about that lubuntu developers..and makes update/upgrade19:41
wxluser______: gdebi doesn't always take care of dependencies ahead of time, so you may have to manually install. also you might have a conflict based on other packages. for this, `apt install -f`19:42
user______Hi thank you for response.19:43
wxluser______: further more if it's not from canonical repos, you could go to the software provider (tribler) for support19:43
user______Tribler website on facebook is..so anachronic..the latest post is from 201419:43
wxlthat's beside the point19:44
wxlobviously, you can hold canonical/ubuntu/lubuntu responsible for supporting something they provide19:44
wxl!info python-wxgtk2.8 zesty19:45
ubottuPackage python-wxgtk2.8 does not exist in zesty19:45
wxl^^ there's your problem19:45
wxlthe package explicitly requires that but it's not in the repos19:46
user______Ok..thank you. I will try contact. But..I have clean installation of 17.02 Lubulintu..i think there is no conflict. I has reinstalled python library from source to the latest version and conflict is still..19:46
user______I know I know19:46
wxlwell it's requiring the package19:46
wxlyou could try to open the package, remove the dependency, rebuilt the .deb and install that19:47
wxland maybe you'll get lucky XD19:47
user______I was reading article about tribler..and I'd like to test this funny app. I was thinking that is popular in student society.19:47
wxlnever heard of it19:48
wxlit looks like it's packaged for trusty:19:48
wxl!info tribler trusty19:48
ubottutribler (source: tribler): Python based Bittorrent/Internet TV application. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.2.0+git20130731.149555fa-1ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 1240 kB, installed size 6624 kB19:48
wxlwhich is interesting because so is the required library:19:48
wxl!info python-wxgtk2.8 trusty19:48
ubottupython-wxgtk2.8 (source: wxwidgets2.8): wxWidgets Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (wxPython binding). In component universe, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 3426 kB, installed size 20533 kB19:48
wxlit's in debian unstable but it appears to have no maintainers19:50
wxlthe control file does list a maintainer though: paulliu@debian.org19:50
wxlyou can try ask them for help19:50
user______Ok thank you for your attention. I will ask sb on Lubuntu/ubuntu facebook forum...Maybe someone had such a problem and solved.19:50
wxli think you are unlikely to have much luck that way19:50
user______Second..do you know some other packet manager like gDebi?19:50
wxlthe issue is that it's incompatible with the version of the OS you're running19:51
wxlby design, apparently19:51
wxlyou can either rebuild the package to remove the dependency (maybe), use the right version of the OS (trusty), or contact the people that can provide support. in particular, paul liu did the packaging for tribler apparently, so that would be the way to go19:52
wxlthe fact that there's no real support for it does suggest that maybe it's not as popular as you think19:52
user______Thank you i will try to write to him19:54
user______The program is interesting and worth doing19:55
user______Thanks a lot for your resonse and help. For every one ..who want to try install this app..pls try how to do it.19:56
user______Thank you!!!!19:56
a3rpha22any one there ??20:36
wxluser______: if you're still there, here's your fix-- use the alpha version https://www.reddit.com/r/tribler/comments/5shyto/debian_install_fails_with_the_message_cannot/20:40
a3rpha22can i use the dd command to burn the iso file to a usb flash drive ??20:42
a3rpha22dd bs=4M if=/path/to/archlinux.iso of=/dev/sdx status=progress20:42
user______So to install Tribler on 17.02...have to download dev from here https://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/i386/python-wxgtk2.8/download21:16
user______i will try does it works21:16
user______and i will write does it solve the problem21:17
user______I think to add old repo 14.02 to new repo 17.0221:17
geniiThere is no 17.0221:18
geniiAnd no 14.0221:19
fvdSb who want install Tribler...torrent witch onion trassing..mechanism..must download and install packet from https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/search/?q=python-wxgtk2.8+&op=   before they download deb package from tribler website...Instalating tribler.dbi..by gDebi...but before you have to install odler python 2.8 library from adress in link21:26
fvdGuys..interest Tribler..it is very good app..21:26
fvdGuys..look on tribler..!!! https://www.tribler.org/21:28
fvdRecomen that!!!for study and fun.21:28
krytarikfvd: No advertising.  Please leave.21:28
fvdok sory21:28
fvdsory but I only recomend sory21:29
fvdI was writing about because I was trying install it on 17.02...and I have found solve method so I want do share this21:30
fvdJust only from that.21:30
fvdbut why no advertising? when the app is good and no...popular why not advertising? I think many people want ude it.21:32
fvdFOSS idea free open software - for that.21:33
geniiBecause the channel is for support. It's off-topic and somewhat spammy also21:33
fvdOk Ok21:34
krytarikFlooding even.21:34

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