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mupBug #1721276 opened: [2.3, UI, HWTv2] Hardware Test tab - Table alignment for the results doesn't align with titles <MAAS:New for ltrager> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1721276>15:12
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gullhello everyone !17:57
shubjeroI have a bunch of servers that are unknown to MaaS but have been configured to PXE boot and MaaS is serving up a PXE environment but the servers never make it in to MaaS as 'New'. If I add the server in to Maas manually I can get it to work/comission/etc. Anyone know whats up with that?18:09
shubjeroI used to be able to just pxe boot new servers and they would automatically appear in maas after going through a pxe boot.. from there i was able to comission and deploy them18:10
shubjeroI guess whats not working is the 'enlistment'18:11
roaksoaxshubjero: check that /etc/maas/rackd.conf points to the right IP address18:14
shubjeroyeah, it does18:16
roaksoaxshubjero: do you have a console log to look at ?18:16
shubjeroi have a virtual console to the server18:24
shubjeroit reaches an ubuntu 16.04 login but there are some errors before it gets to the login prompt18:24
shubjeroand im not sure how to log in to the system at that state18:24
roaksoaxshubjero: would be good to see those errors18:27
shubjeroyeah but i cant get at them18:28
shubjeroflys by so quick18:28
mupBug #1721360 opened: "ubuntu xenial is configured as the commissioning release but it is not selected for download" but xenial is synced <cdo-qa> <cdo-qa-blocker> <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1721360>18:36
shubjeroroaksoax: https://imgur.com/a/bywNj - here's the error18:56
roaksoaxshubjero: seems like the machine cannot find the datasource18:56
roaksoaxshubjero: try making sure that /etc/maas/regiond.conf has the correct maas_url to an ip the machine can access18:57
shubjeromaas_url: http://localhost/MAAS18:57
shubjerois that right? :/18:57
roaksoaxshubjero: change that to an  IP18:57
roaksoaxshubjero: e.g. http://<ip>:5240/MAAS18:58
shubjerothe maas server ip, right?18:58
roaksoaxshubjero: yes19:03
shubjeroyeah, ill give that a try19:03
shubjerogive me a bit, got distracted with something else19:03
shubjerothanks for your help19:03
shubjeroroaksoax: works, you da man19:13

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