lucas-arghey guys, when i install some snap like... sudo snap install wavebox03:27
lucas-argwavebox does not appear in the apps menus03:27
lucas-argor gnome apps03:28
lucas-argsnap apps dont appear in gnome apps with wayland03:35
lotuspsychjereading alot of mouse lag bugs on gnome/wayland both ubuntu and fedora08:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1718653 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "Windows buttons gone on specific programs" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:03
lotuspsychjelets hope that gets solved in final08:04
passtHow do I show the top panel on both screens when using a laptop and an additional display? In the moment it is shown on the notebook only.08:15
passteh, I test 17.10beta with gnome08:17
lotuspsychjepasst: does screen settings show both screens?08:22
lotuspsychjepasst: only have 1 screen here, but cant find any settings there08:23
passtyes, both screens are shown in the display settings and I don't mirror the screen08:29
lotuspsychjepasst: how about the Fn + F(screen) key does that do something usefull when switch?08:30
passtI don't understand what you want me to do?08:39
passtproblem is solved. After I setup the external screen as the only screen and then set it back to expand desktop to each screen, the external screen kept the top panel.09:36
passtVirtualbox seamless mode doesn't work as expected. When  I switch to seamless mode with win7 as the guest and maximize a window, the window isn't shown fully maximized. The window of the program covers the size of the area which it had before I started to maximize it.10:32
passtDoes anybody know this behaviour in ubuntu with virtualbox before or is it a bug in the beta version?10:32
passtBtw when I resize the program window with the mouse, It is shown correctly.10:33
madigenshi! how do i get a wayland session in artful? in both virtualbox and on a laptop with some radeon 5xxx igp i can't select it on the login screen15:25
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dchotashey guys, can anyone help me understanding what's causing my fresh install to hang/freeze when I try to shut it down or restart? I've enabled the debug shell as per a recommendation on stack overflow and extracted my dmesg before the last REISUB. http://termbin.com/8lf016:25
TJ-dchotas: looks like a fault in the wifi kernel driver16:28
dchotasI've looked around for drivers for this specific wireless card and up untill fairly recently, it wasn't supported natively and I've seen some thread on stack overflow where people download backports for 4.4 and compile just the ath10k driver.16:29
TJ-dchotas: starting at 46.333111 looks like there's some problem with the pcie bus/hardware comms16:29
dchotasBut the driver is supported now16:29
dchotasthe card, I mean16:29
TJ-[   29.852463] pcieport 0000:00:1c.5: AER: Multiple Corrected error received: id=00e516:29
dchotasTJ-: I not so strong in driver/firmware related issues, what would be a good place to start?16:30
dchotasthe card is a Qualcomm Atheros QCA937716:32
TJ-dchotas: it could be caused by problems in the Mobo firmware. I see you've got kernel commandline "acpi=force" - that is very unusual and if needed points to a problem16:33
TJ-dchotas: why is that needed?16:33
dchotasI just blindly follower a stack overflow thread when I was searching for 'ubuntu restart/shutdown hanging' without specifying the underlying issue16:34
dchotasI'll remove that, thanks for the reminder16:34
TJ-dchotas: also at the start I notice the MTRR couldn't build an optimum set.16:35
dchotasI could give this a try16:35
dchotasalthough I'd had to figure out to to compile it for my specific card and put it in the right place16:35
TJ-dchotas: you might try with "noaer" instead for those, but I'm not clear if they're related to the driver bugs later16:36
TJ-dchotas: does it happen if you prevent the Wifi from associating?16:39
dchotasYou mean not letting the card connect to any network?16:39
dchotasI'll try that, brb.16:41
TJ-dchotas: looks like it's something to do with hardware-offload of the TX A-MPDU aggregation. So could be the firmware on the device. any later firmwares available? See https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/latest/driver-api/80211/mac80211-advanced.html#tx-a-mpdu-aggregation16:45
dchotasTJ-: Simply trying to disable Wifi while it is connect will cause the settings UI to crash and force close. Also after restarting with airplane mode `on` the freeze didn't happen.16:49
TJ-dchotas: which does seem to confirm it16:49
TJ-dchotas: I'd first try to find a newer wifi firmware because it seems to be a firmware issue, in that the ath10k_pci driver asks it to stop the ba session and will callback to the kernel's 80211 syb-system when the firmware says done. But what is happening is the callback never happens so the kernel gets stuck and you see those stack traces for the stuck threads16:51
dchotas_Sorry, got logged out for some reason, might've missed somethign you said.16:51
dchotas_Hmm, I should probably give the firmwares on that ath10k repo a spin.16:52
dchotas_Can I just backup the existing .bin file and dump the other one in it's place?16:52
jbichadchotas_: that crash may be fixed in gnome-control-center 1:3.26.1-0ubuntu1 which should be in updates sometime today16:53
dchotas_jbicha: thanks for the heasds up!16:53
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dchotasTJ-: Apparently the files on that github as exactly the same as the ones I have in /lib/17:05
TJ-dchotas: might be worth filing a bug on kernel bugzilla 17:06

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