lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:43
lordievaderGood morning06:21
jink'sup, kids.06:25
jinkHappy World Animal Day.  You all get an extra treat today. :P06:25
ducassemorning all07:08
lordievaderHey ducasse, how are you?07:39
ducassegood thanks, lordievader - and you?07:40
lordievaderDoing good here :)07:42
lotuspsychjebbl work08:37
BluesKajHiyas all11:41
pauljwHi everyone14:27
BluesKajhey pauljw14:29
pauljwhi BluesKaj, how's it going?14:30
BluesKajjust fine thanks, pauljw, and you ?14:31
pauljwgood here14:32
nicomachusit's playoff time for American baseball. :D14:45
BluesKajwell it's called the "World Series" ...never undesrstood why, because no other leagues other than the American and National Leagues are allowed to participate :-)14:50
BluesKajwe all know what that implies , but it's rather presumptuous14:51
BluesKajjust funnin' btw ... i always liked baseball, even played it a bit as a kid14:52
pauljwhow many other viable leagues were in existence when it was so named?  it is an American sport14:52
BluesKajyup, so it should be called the US series or some such14:53
pauljwsome such as World Series??  if they were the only leagues in the world at the time, it's not wrong.14:55
pauljw...but maybe the rug we're sweeping the rest of history under is big enough for baseball, too.14:59
BluesKaj this site debunks internet myths and it seems derive from world championship series from the 1880s or so http://www.snopes.com/business/names/worldseries.asp15:05
BluesKajbut it's still presumptuous :-)15:06
naccthere are canadian teams :)15:06
BluesKajthere were lots of baseball teams in Canada, especially in 190315:07
naccwas just saying the "us series" would also be wrong15:08
BluesKajbut they didn't have money to challenge the American pros15:08
BluesKajCanada invented hockey but it took American money, arenas and fans to make it a pro league15:10
nicomachuspauljw: there are a lot of asian and south american leagues15:29
nicomachusjapan and korea in particular are noteworthy15:29
nicomachusBut also, yes, Canadian teams.15:29
nicomachuswell, not just "team". Used to be "teams"15:30
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BluesKajthere's also a  baseball world cup plus the olympics15:53
daftykinsnicomachus: so i guess the Royals as we knew them are now gone, who knows how many players will leave!15:54
nicomachusat least 3 key players. and we already let 5 coaches go.15:54
BluesKajwhat's happening with the Royals?15:55
daftykinswell they didn't make it to postseason this year, most likely due to getting rid of too many good players for this season15:55
daftykinsdoubt it was really the coaches fault, but they got the axe anyway15:55
nicomachusehh... our pitching was pretty sub-standard. And the pitching coach was the big one they let go.15:56
nicomachusBluesKaj: 3 key players are now free agents (contracts were up), and we just don't have the money to renew their contracts.15:57
BluesKajnot good , guess they got rid of some big salaries15:57
daftykinsweirdly it's still Alex Gordon who earns the most versus anyone else15:57
nicomachuswe're paying him WAY too much15:58
lotuspsychjegood evening guys17:00
lotuspsychjehey BluesKaj17:03
BluesKajhey lotuspsychje17:03
lotuspsychjehi oerheks17:03
lotuspsychjewayland isnt going well for me on artful17:04
lotuspsychjebuggy mouse lags over animations/icons start17:04
lotuspsychjei read alot of those kind of bugs on wayland, both fedora & ubuntu17:05
oerheksheya lotus :-D17:05
BluesKaji haven't even bothered trying wayland since i'm on kde/plasma with nvidia gpu17:05
BluesKajfedora 25 with wayland and gnome 3 was very smooth and silkywith intel i915 driver but it was still gnome so it didn't last long on my laptop17:09
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: remember wich gnome version that was?17:10
oerheksfedora is much smoother, for ages, smoother bootscreen, and such17:10
TJ-I think most of that is to do with using gdm rather than lightdm/sddm, and this stupid split where the greeter runs on a different tty at times17:12
lotuspsychjethe weird thing overall smoothnes is okay, just when i click icons to launch programs its laggy17:14
lotuspsychjehtop shows gnome-shell and wayland ontop17:15
BluesKajlotuspsychje,well that makes sense, ..must be something else eating resourcers17:15
lotuspsychjeon xorg, everything runned like rocket17:16
lotuspsychjeyou think wayland will not be a light thing to install on older systems?17:17
daftykinstime to dump the single core athlon XP, lotus :)17:17
* daftykins ducks17:17
lotuspsychjeits a 64bit amd 3200!!!17:17
lotuspsychje2gig ram & 120gig ssd17:18
lotuspsychjei still boot faster then w1017:18
daftykinsoh i could've sworn you said it was still an Athlon XP :)17:18
BluesKajI'm on an old amd 5200+ dual core , maybe wayland will run ok if I replace the nvidia with an amd gpu, or will it ?17:19
daftykinsit might legacy boot something faster than 10, but modern hardware can boot 10 faster than old kit can boot legacy OSs17:19
lotuspsychjewith an ati X80017:19
lotuspsychjedaftykins: thats true, cant compare with intel i...17:19
daftykinsdon't dump nvidia D:17:19
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: tested artful on that machine?17:20
BluesKajlotuspsychje, yup, speaking to you from Artful kde/plasma17:21
BluesKajI read about wayland devel co-operation between nvida and fedora devs17:22
BluesKajthey've formed a team, but i  use the word loosely17:23
daftykinsstill smells to me like AMD's drivers are in a state of flux17:23
lotuspsychjedaftykins: hmm that could be it right17:24
lotuspsychjei really wonder artful final17:25
lotuspsychjeif they well make it with wayland17:25
BluesKajyeah, things will reamain so for a while until OS devels and the mfgs firm up their positions on wayland so to speak17:26
BluesKajbut I do think wayland is the future, no going back now17:28
BluesKajhmm apparently the nouveau driver woks with wayland for nvidia gpus..nouvea has usually worked well with my semi-legacy Geforce 210 gpu17:49
Bashing-om!info nvidia-38417:56
ubot5Package nvidia-384 does not exist in xenial17:56
Bashing-om!info nvidia-384 artful17:57
ubot5Package nvidia-384 does not exist in artful17:57
BluesKajhmm, the kwin-wayland deb package has unmet dependencies, oh well , maybe next time18:32
Bashing-omawaiting nvidia-384 to hit the artful repo : https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/artful-changes/2017-October/011550.html .18:35
BluesKajwhat i meant was the kwin package has unmet dependencies with the nouveau driver. wayland is supposed to work on the nouveau according to the article i just read18:38
* Bashing-om afk for bout an hour :(18:40
daftykinsnot the lawn again?!18:41

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