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apwleitao (N,BFTL), no, ppc64el is not compatible with 7.2 without patching right now11:35
apwgcc 7.211:35
tseliotapw: hi, can you approve nvidia-graphics-drivers-384 in artful NEW, please?13:25
apwtseliot, will look shortly13:26
tseliotapw: thanks!13:26
apwtseliot, does this only upgrade -375, does it not also upgrade -367?  are you relying on the chain there ?13:40
tseliotapw: yes, it only upgrades 375. 375 had transitional packages for 36713:41
tseliotwhich should still be there in the archive13:41
apwtseliot, and done13:52
tseliotapw: thanks a lot!13:52
apwtseliot, and it has cratered on armhf13:55
apwsed: can't read NVIDIA-Linux-armv7l-gnueabihf-384.90/nvidia_icd.json.template: No such file or directory13:55
tseliotapw: let me check13:55
tseliotso they only introduced the change on x86 and x86_6413:56
tseliotI'll fix it13:56
tseliotapw: 384.90-0ubuntu2 fixes that on armhf14:19
tjaaltonapw: I should probably upload the oem kernel to xenial NEW..14:39
apwtjaalton, you would need to upload it to the CKT PPA14:39
apwso it gets built right14:39
tjaaltonah, ok14:45
leitao_It seems that mainline ppc64el kernels are failing to build15:04
leitao_I am wondering if this is a toolchain being more strict issue.15:05
apwleitao_, yes, it is the compiler being more strict, i think sforshee sent a fix for that somewhere15:06
leitao_sforshee, is it a kernel issue? If so, I can pester the powerpc maintainer to get it accepted. 15:08
apwleitao_, we definatly applied something to the kernel source to avoid/fix the issue15:10
leitao_apw, but it does not fix the mainline builds, right?15:11
apwnope, they will need the fix to land upstream, or some manual action15:12
apwthem failing is an indicator that the mainline kernel is broke15:12
leitao_apw, by the way, did you see that there is a regression on artful/master-next on P9?15:38
apwleitao_, got a pointer to the regresion ?15:40
leitao_apw, yes15:41
leitao_sent to the kernel-team mailing list.15:41
leitao_apw, "[Artful][PATCH 03/16] powerpc/perf: Add nest IMC PMU support"15:41
leitao_A patchset that we sent and it seems broken15:42
leitao_a full revert would be ideal15:42
apwsforshee, ^15:42
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apwleitao, well damn that is poor timing15:45
leitaoapw, :-|15:46
leitaoapw,  and it breaks it completely, not even booting a p9. 15:46
apwleitao, how did that get past testing, given it is a patchset for P915:47
leitaoapw, that is a question we are trying to understand internally. 15:48
leitaoGustavo said he tested and it worked. 15:48
leitaoBut I was not sure if he enabled the CONFIG_VAS option15:48
leitaowhich really enables the feature.15:48
apwleitao, anyhow, i'll poke people to sort that out, as right now the kernel planned for the final kernel for artful has that junk applied15:48
leitaoapw, ok!15:49
leitaoapw, sorry about it again. We are addressing it internally. This must never happen and it will certainly bring a lot of burden to you.15:52
apwleitao, it is particularly painful as this is the last upload for artful, for kernel freeze15:52
leitaoapw, yup15:53
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sforsheeleitao: http://lkml.kernel.org/r/20170928133340.19312-1-seth.forshee@canonical.com is the patch I sent for the boot regression18:26
sforsheeleitao: I'll revert that series and respin artful18:27
sforsheeleitao: sorry, for the build regression18:28
leitaosforshee, sorry for the regression. :-)18:28
leitaosforshee, I am not sure if powerpc maintainer will find you patch at LKML. They usually look at the powerpc subsystem. 18:29
leitaolet me pester him with it.18:29
sforsheeleitao: I sent it to the linuxppc-dev list, maintainers also included too18:29
sforsheebut also to lkml18:29
leitaoah, ok!18:29
sforsheethat's just the easiest way to give a link, I only need the message id18:30
sforsheeleitao: also http://lkml.kernel.org/r/20170928133426.19454-1-seth.forshee@canonical.com for a selftest build failure18:31
leitaosforshee, just pestered the powerpc maintainer. I hope to have a review by tomorrow18:31
sforsheeboth of those are because of a new compiler18:31
leitaoyea. these compiler guys.... :-P18:32
sforsheeleitao_: you still around?20:47
leitao_sforshee, I am20:47
sforsheeleitao_: okay, let me double check with you which commits I should revert20:47
leitao_sforshee, I would revert the whole series. It seems to be completely broken.20:48
sforsheewhat I did was the ones for bug 171829320:48
ubot5bug 1718293 in The Ubuntu-power-systems project "[Ubuntu 17.10] POWER9 - Base - Integrate P9 VAS (Virtual Accelerator Switchboard) support in kernel" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/171829320:48
leitao_I understand that disabling VAS=y would also work20:48
leitao_sforshee, that is the bug.20:48
sforsheebut I wonder if the ones for bug 1718292 should also be reverted or not20:48
ubot5bug 1718292 in The Ubuntu-power-systems project "POWER9: NX842 module changes" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/171829220:48
leitao_sforshee, were patches from 1718292 commited?20:49
leitao_nm, it seems so.20:50
leitao_sforshee, I do not know, let me try to discover.20:51
leitao_sforshee, you will need to revert 1718292 also.21:01
sforsheeleitao_: ack, thanks21:06

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