CyberpunkZombiehello all, can anyone recommend a good wireless pci card?00:51
lordievaderGood morning06:21
jamespagecoreycb: oh not nice - 172088708:29
jamespagebug 172088708:29
ubottubug 1720887 in libvirt (Ubuntu) "Default settings for virtlogd results in "too many open files" errors" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/172088708:29
coreycbjamespage: is that on cpaelzer's radar?12:06
coreycbjamespage: fwding to him nonetheless12:08
Jenshaetomreyn and sarnold thank you for the help with hard drives and ZFS. I have managed to boot up a 4x 500GB RAID on one machine and 3x160GB RAID5 on another with Ubuntu server. The 160 machine is being used as a desktop.14:31
JenshaeI still need to configure the 500 one. At home, Ubuntu server with a desktop installed was giving me a lot of lag spikes, quirks and graphics failures, Xorg crashing. I have resorted to a standard SATA 500GB that is booting then it mounts a zpool of 3x 500GB SSHDs, which do seem to be improving my games performance and coding environments.14:34
trippeh"oh no", Slack is segfaulting on my Ubuntu 17.1015:03
drabJenshae: were you doing root on zfs?15:08
drabI still have not dared to do that, seems a sketchy process15:08
joeliotrippeh: wfm in ff, not using client15:09
drabalso what SSHDs do you have? I'm running a bunch of standard HDs + a SSD for SLOG, but wondering if a few SSHDs would make a difference15:09
soahcccIs it normal that smart values go down? I mean the ones that normally only go up, do I have a self healing disk? got a bunch of these:  SMART Prefailure Attribute: 5 Reallocated_Sector_Ct changed from 93 to 9215:09
drabsoahccc: smart values normally go down afaik, at least a large chunk of them15:10
drabso in your case it's saying current value went down from 93 ot 92, when it gets to 5 your disk is toasted.15:10
drabalho ime I consider it to be replaced far before it gets to the threshold15:11
drabespecially for key attributes like Realloc Sect15:11
trippehah hm. it seems to be crashing in glib, and glib did get upgraded earlier today.15:12
soahcccdrab: well the disk had a very high Raw_Read_Error_Rate (65 million) but I figured this value is BS for most disk vendors. I let the provider check the disk, they said no error but I don't quite believe that. Smart long test goes through but the IO issues speak another language :/15:12
drabsoahccc: I'd agree on Raw_read error to be BS, most stuff I read when I was trying to figure smart out said the same. normally it's only 3 or 4 attribue that's worth paying attention to and that's not one of them15:14
drabto be perfectly honest, unless it's some extreme case, I take all smart values with a bag, not a grain, of salt15:14
soahcccat least arguably sda (0 realloc) is way better of than sdb (325 reallocated sectors count)15:14
trippehjoelio: I'm using the electron clusterfuck. So I guess I'll be on the web thing for a bit. :)15:15
soahcccdrab: the weird thing is that IO is very slow (e.g. database is waiting for IO a lot) and I'm guessing it's due to mdadm and one disk kinda dying15:16
Jenshaedrab First step was, normal Ubuntu on normal 500GB Sata drive, pure magnetic.15:16
JenshaeThen I installed ZFS, just with apt install zfs15:16
JenshaeFrom there, I did a zfs create raidz /dev/disk/by-id/(x3)15:17
JenshaeThen using just used create to make folders and zfs mountpoint=/home/user/steampath/steamapps pool/steamapps15:18
JenshaeI hope that is enough for you to find your way, giving you a rough guide from memory15:18
JenshaeYou need to use UUIDs with ZFS or it can get a bit hinky it seems.15:19
drabthanks, I have zfs going on several boxes, the question was about root on zfs15:19
drabwhich sounds like you're not using15:19
JenshaeI did use sudo -i to do it all, yes.15:19
drabk, thanks15:19
JenshaeWhat I wanted to do and couldn't manage was getting grub to boot the pool and run everything off it.15:20
drabsoahccc: if you can afford it I'd replace the drive. most ppl I've talked about this with seem to replace the drive at around 100 tops, so 325 is pretty bad if you take their thresholds15:21
soahcccdrab: yeah I'm going to monitor these counts for a couple of days and give that to my provider so I get the replacement for free :D15:22
JenshaeSometimes it is fun to see how far something can go before it breaks completely ;)15:24
JenshaeJust have backups.15:24
joeliotrippeh: yea, never understood that electron stuff tbh, there's already a browser on the machine! :)15:27
drabbut but, it's a desktop app, you know, like, a desktop app, desktop apps are cool15:28
trippehbut I hate having free memory15:30
drabtake some sticks out and send them over :P15:30
JenshaeIt sounds obvious but I found out this year that the benefits of 4x4GB are better than 2x8GB RAM sticks.15:48
JenshaeCiao o716:00
soahcccHehe I think this is going way faster than thought, I'm at 340 (+15) Reallocated_Sector_Ct already... oh one more 341 ._.16:10
trajikIs there any trick to getting static ip configured in Ubuntu 17.10 Server?  Do you have to use netplan, or /etc/network/interfaces still works?18:07
Epx998Is there an apt repo that houses packages from https://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty-updates/debian-installer/ ?18:08
maxbEpx998: Um, the main Ubuntu archive itself?18:16
drabEpx998: I have "main/debian-installer" in my debmirror script and like maxb said it comes from the main ubuntu archive itself18:21
Epx998and now my ixgbe driver wont compile buh18:26
VillageHello Guys, whats packages can be simulate with this python2-gevent python2-psutil ?19:10
naccVillage: can you rephrase your questio?19:19
Villagenacc, ok19:19
Villagei try sudo apt-get install python2-gevent python2-psutil19:19
Villageand get error that this packages not existed19:20
Villageits normaly?19:20
naccVillage: what versio of ubuntu?19:20
naccVillage: and yes, those packages don't exist on Ubuntu19:20
sarnoldall the python2 versions of packages are named 'python-foo' and the python3 versions are named 'python3-foo'19:20
Villagenacc, 16.04 (64bit)19:21
naccVillage: then what sarnold said19:21
sarnoldit'd have saved everyone a load of trouble if they had used 'boa' or 'constrictor' or 'mamba' or something rather than 'python3' but what are you going to do? :(19:21
VillageSo python-foo isntalls al phyton2 packages?19:22
sarnoldwell, no, but if you want gevent for python2 then you install the 'python-gevent' package19:22
Villageand what about psutil ?19:23
sarnoldsame thing, python-psutil19:23
sarnoldtry running 'apt-cache search python psutil' and see the output :)19:24
VillageOk, thank you Guys, what i need know now i know19:24
Villagepython-foo package does not exist19:25
Villageseems like i not understand you good19:26
naccVillage: that was just an example, there is no python package named foo19:26
Villageunderstand now this, nacc, ok19:27
Villagegood luck, guys,until19:27
sarnoldVillage: "foo", "bar", and "baz" are often used as stand-ins for real things19:28
Villagenow i know:)19:28
Villageyou light me19:29
naccrbasak: fyi, glibc 2.19-13ubuntu1 has a patch that doesn't apply (quilt push fails). `pull-lp-source` of the same also fails. I think this relates to historic fuzz allowance, but not 100%. But I also can't recall what we decided to do to work around this19:48
Epx998is it possible to prevent a kernel upgrade after a install, so that the final kernel is the same as the installer?20:19
naccEpx998: you'd need to update evenntually anyways?20:20
Epx998not nessessarily20:20
Epx998the ixgbe driver all of a sudden is failing to compile on fresh ubuntu images20:20
naccEpx998: i mean, for security purposes, you do want to20:22
naccisn't the ixgbe driver upstream?20:22
Epx998right, but still - not nessessarily20:22
Epx998and no its not20:22
naccuh ... are you sure? apt-file says it is20:22
Epx998what version in the apt-file?20:22
Epx998right but what version20:23
naccI dunno20:23
Epx9983.1.x something oro ther20:23
naccbut you said it was't upstream20:23
naccit is.20:23
Epx998intel is on 5.2.x20:23
Epx998newer intel gbe cards dont work with ubuntu out the box20:23
naccthat's on 17.1020:24
nacc(4.13 base kernel)20:24
Epx998but on 14 and 16 its the old driver20:24
naccsoudns like a crappy vendor :)20:24
trippehthe version numbers are mostly just confusing20:24
naccnot sure why you'd think brand new hardware would work on an OS that is 4 years old20:24
nacceven with HWE20:24
Epx998no reason to not ship with an updated driver20:25
Epx998not all code is always built on the latest and greatest either20:25
* nacc doesn't have time for this20:25
Epx998just saying ;P20:25
trippehthe linux mainline ixgbe driver tends to be more or less in sync with the intel one at the time of release20:25
Epx998trippeh: intel x550's dont work out the box with 14 or 16, shrug20:26
trippehintel is just mostly lazy about updating the in-kernel version string20:26
trippehEpx998: yes - at the time of release beeing the key point here20:26
Epx998i like ubuntu, but we dont have these problems in our centos farm20:27
trippehyes, it is easier for intel to target ancient kernels with their out-of-tree driver :)20:28
Epx998our version of ubuntu is dictated by google I think, for our mobile stuff that uses android.20:29
Epx998not like my team personally wants to run these old releases20:29
trippehdid the out-of-tree driver stop building on newer 16.04 point releases, is that what you are saying?20:32
trippehbecause x550 is supported out of the box on say 17.0420:32
Epx998thats great, but doesnt help on this farm im forced to run 12/14 on :D20:33
Epx998hmm gives me an ide tho20:33
naccuh, run a modern OS as the host, and use VMs/containers?20:33
trippeh12 is EOL though ;)20:33
naccand that20:33
Epx998oh i know - its frigging silly20:34
trippehif the out-of-tree driver is not building properly, you may be missing some header package for the newer images or intel needs to fix their release20:40
trippehpastebin the error?20:41
Epx998it worked eariler, not sure what has changed.20:46
trippehright, driver is def not expecting that kernel version20:50
trippehseems like a poke intel problem :p20:50
Epx998ok so its something i am doing when i downgrade the kernel20:50
Epx998id just stick a updated kernel on the netboot installer, but that hasnt worked for me yet20:52
rbasaknacc: worst case: unless there's an easier way, we can apply (package, version) patching again.20:55
Epx998yeah its the downgraded kernel hmm20:59
naccrbasak: yeah, i could recall if we had a different workaround than source patching for dealign with patches-applied failing22:05
rbasakI don't remember. I'm open to any better way :)22:06
naccrbasak: well, we had talked about skipping patches-applied that don't apply22:07
naccrbasak: which would lead to breaks in the history22:07
naccbut if we dont' have publishig parents anymore22:07
rbasakMaybe an opportunity to see if the history correctly resumes again?22:07
naccthat is a little less relevant22:07
rbasakIf so, I don't think I particularly mind if we leave a hole in history or patch the source.22:07
rbasakI suppose for hash stability we can't change it later.22:07
rbasakSo perhaps patching the source would be inconsistent with that.22:08
naccrbasak: yeah, we just need to decide -- it feels weird to patch the source for a behavior change in dpkg (presumably)22:08
rbasakThe more general issue will be a constant matter for us to deal with I think - changes in dpkg or related tooling that cause historical imports to behave differently.22:08
rbasak(whether by failing where it previously succeeded, succeeding where it previously failed, or changing the import result)22:09
rbasakAll of those will mutate the hashes.22:09
naccit is technically only valid to 'build' somethig in the release in which it built, right?22:09
nacc(where source extraction is just a pre-step to building)22:09
rbasakI think I have a bug on noting the "build" used to try and stabilise that.22:09
rbasakI hadn't thought of that, but I suppose that's the expectation that Debian and Ubuntu both try to enforce, yes.22:10
naccwell, what is technically nice is we *can* carry every dpkg version i the snap :)22:10
rbasak(and rarely further)22:10
naccit's a bit madness22:10
naccbut it's technically possible for the bits we use (dpkg-source)22:10
naccgetting the build-deps right would be tricky, though22:10
rbasakBuilding really old versions may prove difficult too.22:10
nacci mean it's possible, it may not work :)22:11
rbasakMy feeling is that it's probably not worth it.22:11
naccfor now, let me see how it goes to skip a patches-applied failure22:11
rbasakI would like to log in the commit message what was used, though, so that we can reproduce it later.22:11
naccand see how glibc at least looks22:11
naccyou mean like a dpkg version?22:11
* rbasak heads for bed22:11
naccrbasak: have a good evening22:11
rbasakNot just the dpkg version, but the everything version.22:11
rbasakWhich might be better described as a snap version, for example, with separate tooling to be able to reproduce the snap version's build dependencies so we can later rebuild an equivalent snap.22:12
rbasaksnap needs reproducible build support :)22:12
naccheh, yeah well that's a whole other topic, rbasak :)22:13
VillageGood evening,22:35
Villagewhat's can be that i can't user sudo command?22:35
Villagesudo: /etc/sudoers is owned by uid 1001, should be 022:36
Villagesudo: no valid sudoers sources found, quitting22:36
Villagesudo: unable to initialize policy plugin22:36
naccVillage: pretty explicit error message there22:38
Villagehow fix it?22:39
Villagemaybe i ser chown -R for other user22:39
Villageand other user cant use sudo22:40
Villagehow fix it you don't know?22:40
naccVillage: why is /etc/sudoers owned by 1001?22:41
Villagei don't know what is 1001 but i use command with root chown -R User /etc/22:42
naccVillage: that was not very smart on your part22:43
sarnoldALWAYS use 'visudo' to edit the sudoers file22:43
sarnoldNEVER use anything else22:43
geniiA reinstall will be required.22:43
geniisarnold: He didn't edit it, he chowned it22:43
VillageOk, from now i know that need set chown only folder what you need now father folders22:43
naccVillage: I really cant' understand what you're writing22:44
sarnoldholy cow .. chown -R user /etc/ .... yeah. definitely a re-install will be your easiest solution.22:44
naccVillage: you should not be chown'ing any system directories22:44
geniiIf you just boot to recovery and chown it back to root, there are various ones in there that normally are not owned by root. so a reinstall is best22:44
naccyeah, i would also recommend a reinstall22:45
naccand perhaps taking some sysadmin-y courses22:45
Villagenacc, i use FTP and primary FTP user (ex. User), so sometimes need touch folders with via ftp22:45
nacc(that's not meant as derisive, Village, but it should really be obvious why you should not have done what you did)22:45
naccVillage:  you have no reason for *anyone* to ftp into /etc22:45
naccmight as well throw your machine into the trash22:46
nacc(now i'm being derisive)22:46
Villageso dolution reinastall ubuntu22:46
sarnoldand once you do, _please_ figure out a better way to administer the machine than FTP. Please. PLEASE. :)22:47
Villagebut if i boot it too rescue mode and chown -R root /etc/22:47
sarnoldyou could either spend an hour comparing ls -laR output on two machines and running a hundred chmod commands22:48
sarnoldor you could just reinstall it and be sure it's configured correctly from the start22:48
Villageoh, it's need time:/22:48
Villagei first anyway try boot rescue mode and chown -R root /etc/22:49
naccVillage: as you've been told, that is also wrong.22:50
naccVillage: please listen to us and reisntall your machine22:50
naccand then spend some time learning why a) administering your machine with FTP is incredibly wrong and b) why doing any kind of recursive chown in system directories could break things.22:50
sarnoldactually, this might not be so bad22:51
sarnoldhere's the list of things in my /etc/ that aren't root:root http://paste.ubuntu.com/25676213/22:51
geniiWhat might also work is in recovery, mount read-write, make a list of all the packages currently installed on your system, then do a reinstall on all those packages22:51
sarnoldwho knows what you had on _your_ machine, but this list is way smaller than I expected.22:52
geniiNotably, the cups dir should be group lp, and shadow file and gshadow file to group shadow22:53
Villagehalf day i install from zero, and now again22:53
Villagei need tea and smoke el cigarette22:53
Villageand thank you guys, need reinstall server22:54
sarnoldgood luck Village :)22:54
Village:) Thank you, Guys22:54
naccrbasak: looks like it is able to move ahead with the just proposed MP (for review, not merging yet)22:55
naccmdeslaur: do you want me to prepare an update for php7.0 to address https://www.cisecurity.org/advisory/multiple-vulnerabilities-in-php-could-allow-for-arbitrary-code-execution_2017-093/ by bumping to 7.0.24?23:01
naccmdeslaur: possibly you're already on it23:01
draburm, they say test everything with virtual machines, it'll make things easier...23:15
* drab shrugs23:15
drabfor whatever reason ssh works from host to lxc container and to virtual box VM on the same desktop23:16
draband viceversa23:17
drabping works between vbox and lxc, but ssh does not23:17
drabbut vbox has its if set up on the same bridge lxc is, hence the ping working23:17
tafa2so I added an extra source/ppa, when I delete it from sources.d on login ubuntu tells me there are 44 packages for me to update - these were obviously on the repo I deleted, since apt list upgradable now returns nothing. How can I clear this?23:24
sarnoldtafa2: the ppa-purge package may help23:25
tafa2.google ppa-purge23:25
tafa2thanks sarnold23:26
sarnoldtafa2: if you're sure there's no overlap between the ppa packages and the archive-provided packages, you can just delete the lists in /var/lib/apt/lists/23:26
tafa2basically I've got a custom repo to install older PHP versions23:27
tafa2but it's also got newer php versions23:27
tafa2Is there a way for me to tell it to ignore those packages without having to type them all out individually?23:27
tafa2I suspect just removing it is easier - php 5.3 isn't going to get an update anytime soon I don't think.23:28
tafa2sarnold ppa purge removes all installed packages as well haha23:32
tafa2glad i ran that on a test system first.... phoooooo23:32
drabthis is the weirdest thing...23:38
drabtcpdump shows SYNs making it on both ends and back23:38
drabbut nothing else23:38
drabit's like never completing the TCP handshake23:38

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