m0nkey_diddledan: you still awake?01:03
m0nkey_I think I've solved my issue with calling other programs from perl, without it launching a shell01:04
m0nkey_super simple01:05
m0nkey_and it works01:05
m0nkey_now, I have to figure out how I can run the command remotely. but I guess my program is my ssh session and my options and args are my actual application and args01:06
m0nkey_nice thing now, i have a way to add, remove and validate all options and args before executing01:06
m0nkey_simple to itterate through the array and remove anything that breaks out, such as & or |01:06
m0nkey_so something like:01:07
m0nkey_for(@options) { s/(\||\&)//g; }01:07
m0nkey_that should be enough to remove any crap01:08
diddledancheck for ; too01:08
m0nkey_good idea01:09
m0nkey_yeah, that code works01:09
m0nkey_ping: cannot resolve hello: Unknown host01:10
m0nkey_child exited 17408 at ./fork.pl line 26.01:10
m0nkey_just stripped that crap01:10
m0nkey_even more regex: s/\Q(\||\&|\;)\E//g;01:11
m0nkey_\Q and \E to treat everything as a string01:11
m0nkey_so no nasty escape sequences01:11
m0nkey_change the for to a map and voila!01:13
m0nkey_map { s/\Q(\||\&|\;)\E//g; } @options;01:13
m0nkey_that should be enough to strip all the crap01:13
diddledanstep 2: ..., step 3: profit01:13
m0nkey_ok, so this is the final snippit.. https://pastebin.com/A0BhGjUq01:18
m0nkey_and backtick, that can be used to execute code too01:22
m0nkey_that should be it01:22
m0nkey_i modified it to write the output of the code to a buffer instead of stdout01:22
m0nkey_allowing me then to keep the output in a var01:22
m0nkey_#perl tell me I don't need to escape. seems they're right. it gets treated like a normal character01:37
diddledanLol, MS says of SQL Server “this is not just a database engine. This is an enterprise database platform” <— what’s the diff??01:47
diddledanThat’s from this video: https://youtu.be/mvr143yvLmk01:49
m0nkey_im out01:59
m0nkey_g'night folks01:59
diddledanSilly auto erect02:00
m0nkey_Indeed. Silly erect.02:00
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.06:18
diploMorning all06:58
SuperMattgood morning07:08
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MooDoohowdy all07:40
SuperMattoh man, I don't want to work today07:52
SuperMattor ever07:52
MooDooyou're not the only one mat4y07:55
MooDoosee can't even type today lol07:55
SuperMatttyping is for losers07:58
zmoylan-pii win \o/ i get to go to hospital with a wonky foot08:49
diplopopey: Just trying gnome-contacts on Solus and it's failing to load.. where is the best place to go from here ? the forums or a repo ?11:47
popeyyeah, try the forum, and tag @kenvandine on it11:48
diploI just found a post mentioning gnome-contacts11:48
SuperMattdiplo: Ubuntu12:33
diploheh, I was waiting for one person to do that SuperMatt :)12:36
diploJust knew I'd get him here and it's snappy related which is ubuntu12:37
diddledanwho wears short shorts?14:27
diploNope, never..14:27
diddledanomg, CD-ROMs?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NU_XI7fguI14:32
diddledanlol, love that they thought that the killer product to put on CDROM was "more encyclopedias, better encyclopedias..."14:41
zmoylan-piencarta did very well.  a new version every year. kerching14:45
zmoylan-piof course in the early years encarta made a lot of dosh for pc sales.... no it won't work if your pc has no cd-rom....  no it's better with sound...14:59
diddledannearly time for the googs (50 minutes)15:08
zmoylan-picome see our new phones without headphone jacks?15:09
zmoylan-pihow... untempting15:09
diddledanannoyingly, I'll only see the first 30 minuets live, cos I have to go out at 5:3015:09
zmoylan-pisee if only you had google glass 3 you watch it on the fly out and about till you walk into a lampost not marked on os maps :-P15:10
zmoylan-pifixed in google glass 4!15:19
daftykinscrikey, domain registrar's DNS control panels can be so inconsistent15:53
diddledanit's android time15:59
diddledanlife stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YGoxbeSzLc15:59
diddledanlive, too15:59
* zmoylan-pi puts on the soap opera androids... hums away to the theme tune...16:00
daftykinstime for another $900 phone announcement16:00
diddledanhuman lives matter too. AIs shouldn't be privileged16:05
diddledanI vote for "people first" rather than "AI First"16:06
zmoylan-pibe quiet human, or we'll cut your food pellet supply!16:06
diddledanAI and Software and Hardware?? you mean AI isn't software?16:09
diddledanAIs are designing AIs now???!16:10
diddledanhas nobody even watched terminator?!16:10
zmoylan-pibut it'll obey the generals who pay for it, the salesman said so16:12
daftykinssales reps in the front row, mmm that's not what i'd want to hear XD16:12
zmoylan-piif they bring out ed-209 duck!16:13
diddledanyou have three seconds to comply16:13
diddledansurprise, we're not releasing new phones16:17
zmoylan-pismart suppositories?16:18
zmoylan-pino one will ever mug you for it...16:18
diddledanI wonder how many times they're gonna say "Deep Learning"16:18
daftykinsit's so uninteresting16:19
diddledanradically helpful16:19
zmoylan-piit's a sales pitch with nothing new to show...16:19
diddledantwo different presenters, and nothing new yet16:20
zmoylan-pibe excited aout the cloud!16:21
diddledanmaybe three is a charm16:21
diddledanhandsfree calling in the UK? free?16:23
diddledanfourth presenter, and still no new hardware16:24
* daftykins suddenly remembers Arnold Rimmer instructing the Scutters to repaint Red Dwarf16:27
zmoylan-piit was the wrong shade of gray16:28
zmoylan-piand it's arnold j. rimmer ssc bsc to you16:30
diddledanmustn't forget the bsc16:30
zmoylan-pivery important16:30
daftykinsapologies :>16:31
diddledanI wonder how accurate that kids behaviour would be16:39
diddledanit's certainly a good idea to keep kids occupied. I just not sure they'll respond like that16:39
daftykinsnow you need a soundproof room to put them in16:47
diddledanok, pixiebook16:48
daftykinscheap? well no, no...16:48
zmoylan-pionly one question, can it run linux?16:49
diddledanwat. a browser only laptop with 16GB of RAM?!16:50
zmoylan-piwell the browser is chrome...16:51
zmoylan-piwhich has an appetite for ram that makes zombies look vegan...16:52
ahayzen"the snap team is working with us" ... then you realise they are talking about snapchat not snappy :')16:56
diddledan1000$ for a tablet16:58
diddledanthat's as cheap as the new iphone16:58
zmoylan-piwell you wouldn't want your phone to feel left out16:58
diddledanyup, no headphone hole17:01
zmoylan-pipay more get less17:02
diddledandig at apple there17:03
m0nkey_diddledan: my new code is being pentested now. so far, it hasn't got in.17:04
m0nkey_I also re-wrote the re-write :)17:04
daftykinsyou see Austin, he loves coooooode17:05
m0nkey_that's the new routine17:05
m0nkey_using open317:06
m0nkey_the scan is on-going, but i haven't been penetrated yet17:06
* diddledan penetrates m0nkey_ 17:06
daftykinswhat if her family aren't in the kitchen?17:08
* m0nkey_ sighs17:12
m0nkey_dear Amazon.ca, please ship my crap.17:13
m0nkey_I want my switch17:14
daftykinsi think there are health and safety ethics against that17:14
daftykinsheh you getting Zelda?17:14
m0nkey_not that kind of switch17:14
daftykinsah :>17:14
m0nkey_the switch i bought will serve a purpose17:15
m0nkey_and not look pretty on the tv table, unused.17:15
daftykinsah i've got one of those at a clients spare now, we had to move up to a 48 port for his house17:16
daftykinstoo many gadgets :)17:16
m0nkey_now you tell me :P17:19
daftykinsin fact i still haven't vacuumed out the dust and considered a plan for it, ah well it might go in his London flat perhaps17:20
daftykinsi'm flying out to his Spain pad and then checking out the London one from Monday next week!17:20
daftykinsSW6 if anyone lurks there :>17:21
daftykinsarsenip: ooh are you still in the area?17:21
zmoylan-pipssst.... don't use ryanair ;-)17:28
daftykinsheh client and his wife and kid were booked on Monarch until Monday...17:35
m0nkey_fun, we monitor their network devices17:38
m0nkey_lets look at the network utilization trend for the last month :)17:38
daftykinso rry17:39
m0nkey_oh yes, there is a drop of traffic17:40
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m0nkey_daftykins: PM? :)17:45
daftykinshe... he showed me things D:18:42
m0nkey_don't say that. diddledan will be unhappy19:05
daftykinsthat's true, bit jelly he will be19:05
m0nkey_btw, confirmed, the remote code execution bug has been fixed. changes pushed to prod. no more gaping hole.19:05
daftykinsvewy gewd, i thought you were unpenetrated earlier, though19:06
m0nkey_I was penetrated yesterday19:06
m0nkey_then i patched the hole19:07
daftykinsah right19:07
m0nkey_thankfully it was during a security scan that revealed it, not some black hat.19:07
daftykinsyet ;D19:07
* diddledan penetrates m0nkey_ again19:08
zmoylan-pithars a hole in server dear liza, dear liza...19:09
daftykinsi've asked if i can go and check out my Dad's companies server, as apparently the excuse for why windows updates has been turned off on the domain for 2 years was "the disk was full"19:09
zmoylan-pilets see a virus copy itself on there then!19:10
daftykinspls viruses are so 90s19:10
m0nkey_anyway, going home time19:11
m0nkey_talk later19:11
* zmoylan-pi leaves 8" floppy outside daftykins gaff...19:11
daftykinsm0nkey_: \o19:11
daftykinszmoylan-pi: the drunks will get your floppy on the next wander by19:11
zmoylan-pithat'll wipe off19:12
zmoylan-piunless they've been drinking tape head cleaner again19:12
m0nkey_my netgear switch has shipped22:34
m0nkey_i should see it tomorrow22:34

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