floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> @KMyers did you ever have problems with that white filament?01:18
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> I made about 10-failed prints with everything perfectly calibrated on that white stuff.  Then I switched to the wood, and it's working awesome https://print.adamoutler.com/webcam/?action=stream&150707811174501:18
floridagram-bot<govatent> I don't support Apple, but weren't they a major player on the cups system back in the day?11:07
floridagram-bot<KMyers> @AdamOutler, No, I have not12:12
floridagram-bot<KMyers> @govatent, Yes but the Apple of the past is not the Apple now12:13
floridagram-bot<govatent> True12:13
floridagram-bot<govatent> Btw what's this trim application I've been hearing about12:14
floridagram-bot<KMyers> Trim: An Assistant That Saves You Money … http://www.asktrim.com/12:15
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> Google is announcing Pixel2, 2xl, Google home mini, and plus today.12:16
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> At 12pm EST.12:17
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> I'm really hoping home plus has a display.12:17
floridagram-bot<ahoneybun> watching the google show at work15:41
floridagram-bot<govatent> Lucky15:45
floridagram-bot<ahoneybun> this is awesome15:54
floridagram-bot<ahoneybun> @KMyers @itnet7 any word on the release party?15:58
floridagram-bot<ahoneybun> I can grab some swag and send it out15:58
floridagram-bot<KMyers> No. Will reboot that in a bit. Feel free to send stuff to my house if you can and I will ensure it is taken to the event16:02
floridagram-bot<ahoneybun> Thanks, I can grab some Pop stickers too for people we are testing that and using that16:03
floridagram-bot<AdamOutler> My internet is out along with several towers between work and home.21:26
floridagram-bot<KMyers> @AdamOutler, Damn21:29

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