notlikethesoupwb mrgoodcat13:37
mrgoodcatdigital ocean had a problem with my physical host13:38
mrgoodcatbox rebooted a couple times13:38
mrgoodcati've been migrated to new hardware now13:38
cmaloneyGood morning13:38
cmaloneygood deal13:38
mrgoodcatgoogle i/o today13:39
rick_hwoot woot13:46
cmaloneyThey better still have a headphone jack on their new phones or there will be a paddling13:46
rick_hnope, won't be there13:46
cmaloneyI've already done the whole "daisy chain shit" off of a single port13:48
rick_hyea, I'm not looking forward to my next long flight with the "power with a headphone port" dongle required13:50
rick_hthe damn qc20 are firmly in place for best travel headphones around13:51
cmaloneyI refuse to buy USB-C headphones13:51
rick_hthere's only one usb-c port. If you're watching movies on the plane you'll need the dual dongle.13:52
cmaloneyI'm not trusting a company that is already trying to meet a price-point to have a decent DAC converter13:52
rick_hI think apple finally released their version13:52
cmaloneyconverter converter. ;)13:52
rick_hhttps://goo.gl/nQEMKK nothing like adding some bulk to your sleek phone13:54
cmaloneyI understand they're catering to the blutooth audio folks13:54
cmaloneybut frankly audio over blutooth is not grat13:54
rick_hit's better, but yea not great.13:55
rick_hI picked some up for riding the stationary bike13:55
cmaloneythis is what gets people to think vinyl is the superior format13:55
rick_hbut power is limited, noise cancelling sucks13:55
rick_h"man, I miss the good ole days with bluetooth. All that dropping out really added character to the music"13:55
mrgoodcatrick_h: i like my mdr-1000x a lot as well14:03
mrgoodcatalso i disagree that the noise cancelling sucks14:05
rick_hBluetooth noise cancelling? Every review is it's not as good as the qc20 and that's not as good as their over ears ones14:06
mrgoodcati used both in the store and decided on these14:06
mrgoodcatyou can use them at CHC if you like14:06
mrgoodcater try them out that is14:06
rick_hCool will have to check it out14:07
mrgoodcati got them for work. we have an open-ish floor plan and a training program for field consultants that consists of mostly 20-23 year olds14:07
mrgoodcati havent been at chc in a while14:07
mrgoodcatare people still going regularly?14:07
mrgoodcatthe biggest advantage of these is that they have an analog wired option14:09
rick_hI've not been in a long time.14:09
mrgoodcatwhich i used on the plane14:09
cmaloneyI'm still going14:13
cmaloneyWe have a meetup group now.14:13
rick_hcmaloney: linky to the meetup group?14:14
cmaloneyMat set it up, so we're at 50 members14:20
cmaloneyand naturally there's a lot of folks in there that have yet to make a meeting14:21
mrgoodcatdo people actually use the rsvp feature?14:28
* cmaloney just cleared out a bunch of folks who haven't shown up (AFAICT).14:29
cmaloneyStill thinking about building a meetup competitor14:29
cmaloneywith federation14:30
mrgoodcatany particular reason other than the obvious of wanting to use federated services?14:30
cmaloneyIdeally I'd like it to talk to other federated services so you can share photos with Mediagoblin and toot about it via Mastodon14:32
cmaloneysince meetings are (by definition) social events14:32
cmaloneywhy not incorporate social platforms into it14:32
cmaloneyThat too, and I'd like an environment where if soemone wants to really keep something private they can14:33
cmaloneyGroups that still want to meet but don't want the attention14:33
cmaloneyeg: recovery groups, victims of assault, etc14:33
cmaloneyso the meeting could be set to not federate off of the erver14:34
brouschcmaloney: Please do14:35
brouschI've thought the same14:35
brouschmeetup is expensive: $140+/yr14:35
cmaloneyYeah, it is14:35
cmaloneyAlso I'd like it to federate so folks can run their own servers and not cost us a dime14:35
cmaloneybut we can charge small amounts of money to be on the main server14:36
cmaloneypart of this is also allowing groups that have wrong information on Google14:36
cmaloneyeg: a church that has hours from M-F 9am-5pm14:36
cmaloneyClosed Sunday14:36
brouschThe church can fox its hours14:37
cmaloney(Name me a Christian church that is closed on Sunday)14:37
cmaloneyRight, but what's listed is the office hours, not the service hours14:37
cmaloneyBut yeah, that's the onus for the project14:38
cmaloneyMeetup is expensive and is charged per group14:38
cmaloneyand has a ridiculous membership cap for the basic level14:38
cmaloneywhich gets filled up with folks who are joiners, not participators14:38
brousch7th day adventists14:39
cmaloneybrousch: Thank you for reminding me of the exception to the general rule. :)14:39
jrwrenGood morning14:50
cmaloneyGood morning14:50
mrgoodcatcmaloney: what are you referring to RE: google information14:53
mrgoodcatdoes meetup check to make sure your hours are correct?14:53
cmaloneyno, different problems15:12
cmaloneyre: google information on a location vs. meetup foo15:12
greg-gwearing fingertipless gloves, it's cold in my office17:22
cmaloneyI didn't realize Wikimedia was in that dire straits.17:29
greg-g:) home office17:30
greg-glow 60s in here17:30
cmaloneyWe have humidity here. Looks like it wants to rain17:31
jrwrenwarmer in MI than it is out west this week.17:32
rick_hRained here, thunder and such17:32
rick_hClearing up a bit now17:32
cmaloneyrick_h: Ah, must be that weather north of the University Drive line17:33
* cmaloney is making shit up17:33
jrwrenhahaha, swiping on the ear peice of google pixel buds.17:33
jrwreni wonder if they patented the touchpad on earpiece.17:34
greg-gwhat's the term for an academic article that is a meta analysis... I think I just remembered, meta analysis18:26
dzhothat's the one18:26
rick_hjrwren: yea, but the translate demo was pretty cool18:27
jrwrenVERY cool19:08
mrgoodcatyea that was the best part of the event20:23
rick_hugh "Google bumped up the camera's aperture from f/1.8 to f/2.0. This lets in more light, which is everything in photography."20:26
rick_humm, no. 1.8 is more light than 2.020:26
mrgoodcatwhere do you see that?20:27
mrgoodcatrear is f/1.8 aperture btw on the pix220:28
rick_hsaw that in a cnet article20:28
mrgoodcatjust looked in tech specs20:28
mrgoodcat'im sure they just had it backwards20:28
rick_hhmm, maybe that's "from 2.0 to 1.820:28
rick_hah ok, that's cool then20:28
mrgoodcati wonder how much of the advantage of the pix2 will be backported to pix1. obviously hw changes can't be, but things like the ML in the camera20:29
mrgoodcatis that somethign being released today? something that has been slowly developed and is just in the google camera app? pix2 specific?20:30
mrgoodcatdoes it depend on new hardware?20:30
rick_hwell I think the big thing on the camera is the left/right pixels20:32
rick_hthe ML is nice and all, but I think it's the dual pixels that's enabling the feature20:33
rick_hthe new launch interface and such should arrive for sure20:33

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