Kilosmorning everyone05:30
Kilosand inetpro 05:30
magespawngood morning Kilos06:50
andrewlsdMorning peeps08:41
* andrewlsd lurks via Kiwi web IRC as andrewlsd_208:43
inetprogood evening18:23
Callum_sup :)18:24
the_calhaxanyone know anything about macs?18:28
MaNIsure, do you have something more specific you want to ask?18:41
the_calhaxMaNI, how can I reinstall the OS from a flash drive? I get this error when I use the recovery partition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqBOZWeJaDM&t=170s18:43
MaNIeasiest is of course if you have two macs, but if you need to do it from linux IIRC you can just convert the dmg to an iso (dmg2img -v -i /path/to/image_file.dmg -o /path/to/image_file.iso)  and then use DD to write it to the flash drive (sudo dd if=/path/to/image_file.iso of=/dev/sdx)18:49

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