jvelasquezTJ-,  I first noticed it, because I was wondering why I'd get prompted for my pw twice00:00
TJ-I got confused when light-locker wanted it's password (which it doesn't have) not mine!00:01
TJ-When it gets silly now I Ctrl+Alt+F1, "pkill light-locker", Alt+F7 back to Desktop00:01
Term1nalI need some help :( I'm stuck in "emergency mode" I think it had something to do with my video drivers. I finally managed to get it into a tty mode with nomodeset, and I can startx successfully under maintainence mode00:01
Term1nalI was stuck without the ability to call up tty with ctrl+alt+f<x>00:02
Term1naljust a black screen00:02
Term1naleven after apt-get remove --purge nvidia* from rw mounted recovery00:02
Term1naltrying systemctl default was no dice either.00:03
Term1naljust brings me right back to emergency mode.00:03
jvelasquezTerm1nal,  which kind of nvidia device do you have?00:03
Term1naljvelasquez: GTX 1070m00:03
jvelasquezTerm1nal,  and which version of driver did you try?   and which source was it,  from distro, or from nvidia.com ?00:04
TJ-Term1nal: best thing to begin with is to get the system booting to CLI only, but in multi-user mode. At the boot menu edit the entry and add to the kernel-command line (linux ...) "systemd.unit=multi-user.target" and press Ctrl+X to boot with that.00:04
Term1naltried nvidia-current, tried nvidia-36700:04
Term1naltried reloading nouveau00:05
jvelasquezTerm1nal,  did you blacklist nouvuo or whatever it is?00:05
TJ-Term1nal: with full multi-user you've then got all the ttys and you can manually test starting the GUI with "sudo systemctl start lightdm.service" (or whatever DM you're using)00:05
Term1naljvelasquez: at this point trying to get rid of nvidia since it seems to be problematic00:05
jvelasquezI agree with TJ-00:05
Term1nalbut I will try that TJ-00:05
Term1nalone moment00:05
jvelasquezTJ-,  doesn't he also need nomodeset  in that kernel cmnd line?00:06
Term1nalthe only thing that even got me this far was removing gfxmode=$linux-gfxmode or whatever the line was.00:06
Term1naland adding nomodeset00:06
Term1naland adding nouveau to modules00:06
jvelasquezTJ-,  would new video drivers get into his initramfs ?00:07
Term1nalTJ-: do I just append it to the same line within the quotes?00:08
jvelasquezTJ-, he describes his problem as sounding early in boot00:08
TJ-jvelasquez: Term1nal no, not loaded until rootfs is available00:08
TJ-jvelasquez: "nomodeset" may help if you get a black screen when starting with the multi-user.target, yes00:09
jvelasquezTJ-,  so, if it's on the network, sshd running,  he could ssh right into the machine?00:09
TJ-jvelasquez: it'll use the standard VESA modes then00:09
TJ-jvelasquez: indeed.00:09
Term1naltrying it now with the added parameter00:09
TJ-Term1nal: don't need the quotes - I use those to show commands are separate from my commentary00:09
jvelasquezTerm1nal, if you have a second machine,  turn on sshd as soon as you can too00:09
Term1nalI still have the line: gfxmode=$linux_gfx_mode00:10
jvelasquezTerm1nal,  well get rid of it00:10
Term1naljvelasquez: no dice. hits emergency mode once again00:12
Term1nalreached target system time synchronized is the last systemd output00:13
Term1nalthere is one failure, which is the mounting of a storage filesystem on a secondary hard drive, non-critical to operation00:14
jvelasquezTJ-,  so, in single usr mode, if he disables X,  then he'd have no issue reaching a degraded multi-user mode right?00:14
Term1nal"failed to mount /media/Storage.... " which gives dependency failed for Local File Systems00:15
TJ-jvelasquez: it'd be a regular multi-user mode00:15
TJ-Term1nal: that's not an issue, external media00:15
jvelasquezTerm1nal,   try,  systemd.debug-shell=true   and then trying to get to tty9 after boot00:15
TJ-Term1nal: emergency mode means something else is wrong.00:16
Term1nalI "appear" to be in a tty currently.00:16
Term1nalsince it goes straight from grub to the sytsemd [   OK   ] message scrolls00:16
TJ-Term1nal: you can always add "init=/bin/bash" to the kernel command line and then you've got a shell in rootfs, where you can disable things without systemd running00:16
Term1nalyeah, I can ctrl+alt+f<x> and get to other TTYs, but they're all just a cursor00:17
jvelasquezchmod a-x `which Xorg`     would work unless you run wayland00:17
Term1nalI appear to be on the first tty (ctrl+alt+f1)00:17
Term1nalI'll try the debug-shell thing00:17
jvelasquezbut it's a horrible way to do it.00:18
Term1naldo I still want to keep the multi-user.target in the parameters as well?00:18
jvelasquezi think so.00:18
jvelasquezyou want to try,  multi-user, and open a debug shell00:19
jvelasquezbut the debug shell doesn't always work.   but  init=/bin/bash  will almost always work.  but you won't have process control here, and so you'll have to be Very careful what you type.00:19
Term1naldebug shell did not appear to work.00:20
Term1nalstill hit emergency mode.00:20
jvelasquezok.  init=/bin/bash00:21
jvelasquezbut you won't have process control.00:21
jvelasquezyou'll want to think about what you want to do.  which is why I had thought,  chmod a-x `which Xorg`00:21
Term1naljvelasquez: can't I just use the root shell from "maintainence" ?00:21
Term1nalI can do package management and so forth there00:21
jvelasquezTerm1nal, yep00:21
Term1nalokay, so I'm at the root shell00:22
Term1nalwell, emergency mode root shell, I put in the root password to get it00:23
TJ-if you've got systemd, you can just do "systemctl disable lightdm.service" to prevent the DM and GUI from starting00:23
jvelasquezget a consensus here on a plan of action first00:23
Term1nalTJ-: strangely, I can actually startx from this shell and get an almost-working gui00:24
Term1naljust not seem to be able to launch apps00:24
jvelasquezit seems most people run lightdm in ubuntu, so TJ's suggesting sounds best.00:24
jvelasquezdisable lightdm00:24
Term1nalok, done00:25
jvelasquezTJ, what about, systemctl set-default multi-user  ?00:26
jvelasquezTerm1nal, that should be good, reboot00:27
TJ-sorry, I'm in and out. Fixing an android phone00:27
jvelasquezTJ,  what about grub's gfxmode ?  what's with that?00:28
jvelasquezTJ,  he didn't have a problem before installing this nvidia package,  yet now grub's gfxmode is enough to disable the screen?00:28
TJ-if you've got editing control now, then edit "/etc/default/grub" and uncomment the line "GRUB_TERMINAL=console" and then "update-grub"00:29
TJ-that way the system will remain in a text-only console00:29
TJ-get some stability back then you can focus on getting the correct drivers sorted00:29
Term1nalsomehow, update-grub isn't changing things.00:29
Term1nalno, just doesn't do anything.00:30
jvelasquezTerm1nal, i think that's good00:30
TJ-Term1nal: have you "mount -o remount,rw /" ?00:30
jvelasquezTerm1nal,  grub-install is the one that has output00:30
Term1nalwhen I boot and check the config (press e) it still shows a paramter that shouldn't be there anymore because I removed it from /etc/default/grub00:30
TJ-update-grub should report the entries it adds to /boot/grub/grbu.cfg00:30
Term1nalI had added novdeau.modeset=000:31
Term1nalbut I remove it and update-grub, it persists00:31
Term1nalbut I know for a fact I'm in rw00:31
TJ-Term1nal: it's not in "/etc/default/grub" ?00:32
Term1nalTJ-: definitely not there.00:32
TJ-Term1nal: is /boot/ on a separate file-system? is it mounted currently at /boot/ or are you generating the file into the rootfs, which will then have the real /boot/ FS mounted over it00:33
TJ-which would mean the file you're updating neve gets seen by GRUB :)00:33
TJ-Term1nal: "grep boot /et/fstab" ... anything?00:33
TJ-Term1nal: "grep boot /etc/fstab" ... anything?00:33
Term1nalTJ-: if I run update-grub from "recovery mode" proper it works00:34
Term1nalbut not when I hit "emergency mode"00:34
jvelasquezTerm1nal, also, i believe update-grub likes to keep old configs as backups00:35
jvelasquezi imagine emergency mode might be a onionfs for rootfs or something00:35
Term1nalwell, scrap that it didn't actually change it00:36
Term1nalstill has that noveau thing I added in before00:36
Term1nalI checked /boot/grub/grub.cfg and it shows the entries as they should be.00:36
TJ-Term1nal: do you have multiple distros installed on the PC?00:37
TJ-Term1nal: I'm wondering if GRUB's root isn't the one you think it is00:38
jvelasquezEFI or BIOS?00:38
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jvelasquezi swear, sometimes EFI has two different part for boot,  /boot and /boot/foo00:39
jvelasquezTerm1nal, what about,   update-grub -o /tmp/myGrub00:40
jvelasquezdoes that work?00:40
jvelasquezdo you know if you're using EFI or BIOS?00:43
jvelasquezcan you confirm if /boot is mounted ?00:44
Term1nalyes it is.00:44
jvelasquezrw ?00:44
TJ-"grep boot /proc/mounts"00:44
jvelasquezalways check /proc/mounts !00:44
jvelasqueznot  `mount`00:45
Term1nalI got it to stay this time00:45
jvelasquezmount lies ~00:45
Term1nalbut I had to go in at boot and remove the gfxmode line again00:45
Term1nalso it wouldn't just show a black screen00:45
TJ-mount used to consult /etc/mtab which could be stale; now it's usually a symlink to /proc/mounts so should be correct, but reading the kernel's list directly avoids any doubt00:45
Term1nal/proc/mounts shows /boot/efi00:47
Term1nalhow do I find out what is "causing" it to hit emergency mode?00:48
TJ-Term1nal: "journalctl -xb" may help00:49
jvelasquezno idea.  journalctl -xe ?  tail -1000 /var/log/syslog ?00:49
Term1nalwhat should I look for?00:53
Term1nalunit apparmor.service has begun starting up.00:55
Term1nalfollowed immediately by something abut /var/log duplicate line for path00:56
Term1nalthen reached target emergency mode00:56
TJ-Term1nal: have you attempted booting with "systemd.unit=multi-user.target" and did it still hit the emergency.target ?00:57
Term1nalsystemd-tmpfiles-setup.service has begun starting up, then next line is started emergency shell00:57
Term1nalTJ-: I have that systemd.unit=multi-user.target at the end of the line containing "linux..."00:58
Term1nalit's in the grub.cfg as well00:58
TJ-Term1nal: OK, so it's something beforehand, for sure.01:00
TJ-do you have a separate file-system for /tmp/ ?01:01
TJ-The cause of the emergency may appear in messages earlier in the log - it is running several service start-ups in parallel01:01
Term1nalTJ-: no, /tmp is not a separate filesystem01:03
Term1nalthe only error I have in red text is regarding that secondary storage drive.01:03
Term1nallocal-fs.target: triggering onfailure dependencies01:04
TJ-Term1nal: that must be it then; Systemd must have somehow generated a dependency for it01:05
TJ-Term1nal: check in /var/run/systemd/generator/ see if you can see one there that matches the external media. Removing it might be enough01:06
Term1nalcould be right.01:06
Term1nalso just get rid of the .mount entry for that storage drive?01:07
Term1nalthere's an entry -.mount01:08
Term1nalI can't cat it or anything01:09
Term1nalcause it keeps trying to see the dash as a paramter01:10
wedgiein that situation do ./-.mount01:10
wedgie(or a full path)01:10
Term1nalI guess it's the root .mount01:11
Term1nalbecause it says Where:/01:11
Term1nalso I removed the symlink in local-fs.service.requires/01:12
Term1nalto the storage drive01:12
jvelasquezAnyone know much about apparmor ?   my /etc/hosts file is a symlink to /etc/@/$(hostname)/etc/hosts,  and so now I get tons of errors about apparmor.  how can I get apparmor to follow the symlink?01:14
TJ-jvelasquez: you can set additional permissions under /etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/01:18
ntzhello ppl, I'm attempting to write a script/plugin for gimp that just scales selection by certain criteria .. can you please gimme output from followung command on hw displays ? returns thing like this: http://sprunge.us/GTGV ,, command is:01:19
ntzperl -e 'for $x ("-v", "--listmonitors", "-q") { print foreach("### xrandr $x\n", qx/xrandr $x/); }' | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us01:19
ntzthanks much!!01:19
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ArMedicAnyone that uses preload..that sees it actually increases speed?01:21
jvelasquezntz  curl: (6) Could not resolve host: sprunge.us01:22
ArMedicI was looking at the list of startup applications,and I was curious as to what 'has' to be there for ubuntu to startup well....what can i remove so startup is faster, any ideas?01:24
ActionparsnipArMedic: in an age of SSDs high speed RAM I don't think it'll gain much in observable speed IMHO. Unless you are using a platter based disk for your Ubuntu installation I can't see it doing much01:24
jvelasquezntz, ohh. it was me@!01:24
jvelasquezntz,  you need this?  http://sprunge.us/CZDj01:26
ArMedicActionparsnip, I don't have a SSD so I am guessing this one is platter based.01:26
ActionparsnipArMedic: bum used to be able to enable / disable startup services and you can research what each is. I'm not sure if it works with systemd. Maybe there is something similar for systemd01:27
ntzjvelasquez: :D, thanks much!! ,, groovy01:27
ActionparsnipArMedic: if you move your Web browser cache to tempfs it can make Web browsing a little faster.01:28
ArMedicActionparsnip, This computer has 2.16GHZ cpu, and 8GB RAM...I just believe the reaction time for opening stuff should be faster than what it is. Trying to improve on speed.01:29
ArMedicActionparsnip, Its a fresh install so that isn't the issue.01:31
ActionparsnipArMedic:seems systemctl can be used to disable and enable startup services. See man pages. Your system isn't too bad. I've ran Ubuntu on way less. If you switch to XFCE or LXQT then you will get a snappier desktop01:31
ActionparsnipArMedic:reducing vm.swappiness will keep applications in RAM. Set it to 2 and it should help01:32
ArMedicActionparsnip, Thanks!01:33
Myrthplease help me i think i'm going crazy:  $ ls -al bin/ioncube_encoder55_8.3 >>> -rwxrwxrwx 1 moshe moshe 830784 Oct  1 00:05 bin/ioncube_encoder55_8.301:38
Myrth$ bin/ioncube_encoder55_8.3 >>> zsh: no such file or directory: bin/ioncube_encoder55_8.301:38
Jonno_FTWuse a different shell maybe?01:39
TJ-Myrth: is it on a mount that has noexec option?01:39
Myrth# bin/ioncube_encoder55_8.3 >>> bash: bin/ioncube_encoder55_8.3: No such file or directory01:39
MyrthTJ-:  how do i check this01:39
TJ-Myrth: the other possibility is that it's for another architecture. You can check arch with "file <filename>"01:40
Jonno_FTWuse stat01:40
Myrthioncube_encoder55_8.3: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, interpreter /lib/ld-linux.so.2, for GNU/Linux 2.2.5, stripped01:41
TJ-Myrth: well, you know where the file is, so work out which mount it is on and check the options for that mount with "cat /proc/mounts"01:41
Myrthit was working today01:41
TJ-Myrth: is the system 32-bit i386 install?01:41
Myrthand just suddenly01:41
Myrthi've tried that for both _64 and not01:41
Myrthyou're right01:41
Myrthi'm on 6401:41
Myrthshouldn't it be able to run 3201:41
TJ-you need to ensure the foreign arch is added and install multilibs01:42
Myrthhow do i do that?01:42
TJ-Myrth: "sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386"01:42
TJ-Myrth: then "sudo apt update" to get the 32-bit package lists fetched01:42
TJ-Myrth: you will also likely need "sudo apt install multiarch-support"01:43
Jonno_FTWis there anyway to install a .deb package using aptitude only?01:44
Myrththank you01:45
jvelasquezntz:  xrandr: unrecognized option '--listmonitors'01:45
MyrthTJ-: apparently i do have multiarch-support already installed01:45
Myrthdid --add-architecture and apt update01:46
Myrthstill runs only x6401:46
jvelasquezntz:  http://sprunge.us/KGLd  you need this?01:46
TJ-Myrth: OK, so you need the libraries for i386 that that program requires. Identify them with "ldd <path/to/bin>"01:46
TJ-Myrth: you'll see some "not founds" or similar message there. For each, you have to discover which package contains that file and then install it (for the i386 arch)...01:47
Myrthok i guess will have to ask the publisher of the soft for those01:47
TJ-Myrth: ... so for example lets say it is missing "/usr/lib/foorbar.so" - then first see if the equivalent 64-bit library is installed with "dpkg -S /usr/lib/foorbar.so" ... if you get a package name there you can install the i386 version with "apt install <package>:i386"01:48
TJ-Myrth: rinse and repeat for each missing lbirary.01:48
Myrththank you so much01:48
TJ-Myrth: if you can't find a 64-bit package installed you either need to install "apt-file" or use http://packages.ubuntu.com/ and advanced search to find packages containing the file, and then do "sudo apt install <package>:i386"01:49
Myrthi guess i'm used too much to windows where both 32 and 64 work seamlessly01:49
TJ-Myrth: they do on Linux if you install from the package archive because the packages declare their dependencies so everything required is installed automatically01:49
TJ-Myrth: but you put something on the system manually, you're responsible for installing its dependencies too - whether that is 64 or 32 bit01:50
jvelasquezMyrth, they don't make ioncube for 64bit ?01:51
Myrthjvelasquez:  they do, but not for all loader versions01:51
Myrthold ones don't have _64 version01:52
jvelasquezMyrth,  Wow64 on windows you mean?01:55
Myrthi don't really have a good understand about windows internals01:56
Myrth*good understanding01:56
jvelasquezI had thought it consumes a GB+ just for wow6401:56
jvelasquezme neither. too complicated.01:56
jvelasquezand manual is incomplete01:56
jvelasquezso I have to reboot after changing an apparmor profile huh?02:10
TJ-jvelasquez: I'd have thought "systemctl restart apparmor.service"02:18
jvelasquezohh it's a service?02:18
TJ-jvelasquez: although I wouldn't be surprised if it uses inotify to watch it's config directories to automatically detect changes. many services do02:19
TJ-the part that loads the profiles into the kernel is, yes02:19
TJ-same as iptables loading rules into kernel netfilters02:19
jvelasqueziptables is a service now?02:19
TJ-no, but iptables-restore is often run by firewall services at start-up to reapply the rules02:20
TJ-the point being a userspace 'service' runs once to load profiles into the kernel. They don't need to continue to run unless they monitor their config directories for changes and reload them02:21
jvelasquezI'm surprized inotify rules aren't part of systemd unit scripts02:22
TJ-systemd uses inotify to watch for changes to its own configs02:22
jvelasquezecho "inotify IN_CLOSE_WRITE /etc/apache2" >>   apache.service02:23
jvelasquezI'm gonna whine to the systemd guys about that right now02:24
mattflyhi im having a problem with wired connection on a ubuntu machine02:25
jvelasquezmattfly,  me too.02:25
mattflyive installed wicd but wanst able to connect02:25
BeansnRicedoes anyone know how to stop irssi from joining a channel at startup?02:25
mattflyits not a startedup02:25
mattflyits been some hours of googling and trying02:25
TJ-mattfly: what release of ubuntu?02:25
mattflyit used to work normally but then there was a lightning and i suspect the board can be damaged02:26
TJ-mattfly: so that usually uses ifupdown's /etc/network/interfaces02:26
mattflybut kinda weird since the router is ok02:26
TJ-mattfly: ahhh... now you tell us :)02:26
mattflyhow can i know if there is still a board that works there?02:26
mattflythere were other compters connected to the lan and they werent damaged02:27
TJ-mattfly: have you used ethtool to check if the device looks good? also /var/log/kern.log for any reported errors from the driver.02:27
mattflynot really02:27
TJ-mattfly: when the cable is in ethtool should indicate if the link is active. kern.log should report it UP as should "ip link show"02:27
mattflywont dmesg show anything?02:27
mattflybecause it doesnt02:27
TJ-mattfly: maybe try a different cable too02:28
TJ-dmesg is where kern.log gets its messages from02:28
mattflyyeah it is a looong cable02:28
mattflyit exists because wifi didnt work on that distance02:28
TJ-mattfly: the kernel should report the device being detected and initialised. You've got an 'eth0' node for it I assume?02:28
TJ-mattfly: if there's an ethX node then the driver is fine02:29
mattflythere is02:29
mattflyi didnt get that error02:29
TJ-mattfly: ok, so I'd goto "ethtool" and do some diagnostics, check it reports the link active and connected (at some speed)02:30
mattflyand there is a eth0 interface after ifconfig02:30
mattflyokay, how should i use ethtool?02:30
TJ-mattfly: is the PC configured to use DHCP?02:30
mattflyyeah it was02:30
TJ-mattfly: and is it getting an IP at all?02:30
mattflybut i also tried static02:30
TJ-mattfly: OK, focus on the link status first then02:30
mattflyand when i try dhclient02:30
mattflyit starts sending those dhcp idk what now and never ends02:31
mattflyor after i do ifup eth002:31
TJ-mattfly: start with "ip link show eth0" ... it should say it's UP02:31
TJ-mattfly: check the system does have ethtool with "which ethtool" ... obviously without net you can't easily install it :)02:32
TJ-mattfly: if it's there do "sudo ethtool eth0" and look for the line "Speed: XXXXMb/s" if it isn't there then the link isn't established02:33
Triffid_Huntermattfly: can try "mii-tool eth0" to show link status02:34
Triffid_Huntermattfly: however even when mii-tool indicates link ok, I've had situations where packet loss exceeded 80%, eg in the case of bad cables or fried adapters02:34
mattflyip link show eth0 says <NO-CARRIER, BROADCAST, MULTICAST, UP>02:35
Triffid_Huntermattfly: no-carrier means it thinks the cable is unplugged or broken02:35
mattflyit is not plugged02:35
mattflyi will plug and check02:35
mattflyim back soon02:35
TJ-mattfly: as a test, with a short patch cable, can you put a laptop or other PC next to this problem one and see if they can bring up the link between them? That'd help establish if it's a loooooong cable issue or something in the hardware. Test it each end with "sudo ip link set  eth0 up"02:35
TJ-mattfly: I have to go, hope you get it sorted02:37
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mattflyhave i missed something?02:47
mattflyeven tho i plug the cable it says "eth0: no link"02:47
mattflyas output of mii-tool eth002:47
Triffid_Hunter<TJ-> mattfly: as a test, with a short patch cable, can you put a laptop or other PC next to this problem one and see if they can bring up the link between them? That'd help establish if it's a loooooong cable issue or something in the hardware. Test it each end with "sudo ip link set  eth0 up"02:47
mattflybut the cable works in another computer02:47
mattflyill get a cable02:48
Triffid_Huntermattfly: how long is "long"? ethernet is rated to go up to 100m if there's no joins or similar disturbances in the cable02:50
Triffid_Huntermattfly: so if it works in another computer but that one says no carrier (rather than connecting but giving epic packet loss) then it's likely that the ethernet port is damaged02:51
mattflyits like 50 m02:52
mattflyand the same cable works on my laptop02:52
mattflyi was talking at first over it02:52
jvelasquezTJ-,  it went right onto their todo list.   <twb> master:TODO:  - maybe add support for inotify events02:52
Triffid_Huntermattfly: then likely the ethernet port is busted unfortunately02:53
mattflylet me connect both computers02:53
mattflyi just got a wire02:54
mattflyokay both connected02:54
mattflywhat do i do02:54
jvelasquezTJ-,  the inotify rules for systemd services, that is.02:55
jvelasquezTJ-,  #systemd peeps like the idea.02:55
Triffid_Huntermattfly: set them both up, check mii-tool02:55
mattflyit still shows no link02:55
mattflyserious man :/02:55
mattflythis lightning?02:55
mattflya longe wire over the roof02:56
Triffid_Huntermattfly: seems that way02:56
mattflyon my other computer02:58
mattflywhen im connected with this one mii-tool returns: enp7s0: no autonegotiation, 10baseT-HD, link ok02:58
mattflyif i unplug from it it says no link02:58
mattflythis from the other computer02:58
Aginor10baseT seems rather suspicious on its own03:00
Aginorthat's rather old technology03:00
mattflyyes it is old03:00
mattflyold as fuck03:00
Aginorcoax-cable kind of old?03:01
mattflycoax cable?03:01
mattflyim using normal lan cables03:01
Aginorah, sorry03:01
AginorI'm mixing it up with 10base2 or 10base503:01
Triffid_Huntermattfly: sounds like your ethernet adapter is indeed toast - the other end can detect that a cable is there but the other end won't talk to it03:02
Aginorthey could just be failing at autonegotiation03:02
mattflybut the computer that doesnt work says eth0: no link still03:03
Aginortry forcing the same on both sides03:04
mattflyforcing the same what?03:04
Aginoryou might also need an actual crossover cable if it's going from computer to computer and you have old hardware03:04
Aginorsame ethernet mode03:05
mattflyi am tryign to connect this old on to lan03:05
mattflyim testing to see if the lan board is toasted or not03:06
mattflyactually it is a laptop03:06
mattflyboth are03:06
Aginorso you are connecting two computers together directly or via a switch/hub?03:06
mattflyjust to see if it would work03:07
Triffid_Hunterhardware would have to be ancient to not have autoneg right? my computers had that in 200503:07
mattflythis old laptop is about that age03:07
Aginormattfly: modern ethernet cards do crossover automatically, ancient ones didn't03:08
Aginorso a direct computer-to-computer connection would require a crossover cable03:08
mattflythe plan is not crossover is just to make sure if the board is gone or not03:08
genericuser123is there a way to make screen have the bottom bar in byobu?03:08
Aginorautonegotiation (which you're relying on) relies on the cabling being correct03:09
Aginorso no link if cabling is wrong03:09
mattflyaw jesus, ok03:09
Aginorplug it into a hub or switch03:09
mattflyso what else should i check for?03:09
Aginorif light comes on, all good03:09
Aginorno light, all bad03:09
mattflyi dont have a hub right now03:09
Aginoror home router03:10
mattflyi have a lan cable that comes from the home router that is a bit far away right now03:10
mattflythis cable works on my laptop, but not on the old one03:10
mattflyi can see the eth0 interface on the old one as output of ifconfig and others like miitool and ip link show eth003:11
mattflybut i i plug the cable it remains as no link03:11
Aginorwhat's at the other ends when you do those tests?03:11
mattflya home router03:12
Aginorthat should be fine03:12
mattflybut i has no lights03:12
mattflyit *03:12
mattflyokay its time to swuitch to a rhaspberry03:17
mattflythanks for all good night03:26
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lucas-argguys when i do sudo snap install wavebox wavebox install and i can run it in terminal, but cant have in in the menus gnome apps etc03:29
lucas-argany idea??03:29
lucas-argok snaps dont appear in gnome apps only in wayland moved back to xorg and all works ok03:34
xuanruiHad anyone installed nvidia drivers on skylake machines running ubuntu 16.04?03:42
xuanruior is updating to 17.04 easier?03:42
glitsj16xuanrui: are you on 16.04 currently?03:54
xuanruiglitsj16: yes03:54
RailalisWhen trying to install ubuntu alongside windows with an ssd, how can I set the size the partition on said ssd and put user files on a second unallocated harddrive?03:55
glitsj16xuanrui: what does your system advise? sudo ubuntu-drivers devices03:55
xuanrui== cpu-microcode.py ==03:56
xuanruidriver   : intel-microcode - distro non-free03:56
xuanrui== /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:01.1/0000:02:00.0 ==03:56
xuanruimodalias : pci:v000010DEd0000139Bsv00001028sd00000706bc03sc02i0003:56
xuanruivendor   : NVIDIA Corporation03:56
xuanruimodel    : GM107M [GeForce GTX 960M]03:56
glitsj16xuanrui: ouch, use a pastebin to avoid the floodbot03:56
xuanruihere: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25671130/03:57
glitsj16xuanrui: so it tagged the 384 driver as recommended, just install that via apt03:58
xuanruiI've tried that; it doesn't work03:58
xuanruiaka black screen03:58
glitsj16xuanrui: you could try a PPA like https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa to get the latest drivers03:59
xuanruiYep, obviously I was using this PPA04:00
xuanruiand it still doesn't work04:00
glitsj16xuanrui: odd, that PPA has 387.12-0ubuntu0~gpu16.04.1 as latest, did you sudo update && sudo upgrade recently?04:03
xuanruiYep I did04:03
glitsj16there's a kernel param you could try, add "rcutree.rcu_idle_gp_delay=1"04:05
xuanruito which file?04:05
glitsj16xuanrui: to the boot options in GRUB menu to test, to /etc/default/grub to make that permanent.. try it first maybe04:06
glitsj16press "e" on the selected menu and append it on the line starting with linux04:07
xuanruiI'll try this04:07
glitsj16xuanrui: if you edit /etc/default/grub, you need the usual "sudo update-grub" to regenerate grub.cfg04:08
RailalisWhat's the best way to partition linux alongside windows with an sdd and dedicated linux harddrive?04:17
BittersHey all04:19
RailalisBitters: hello04:20
KeithWeissharwhy does osdisc charge $14.95 for a 16gb usb flash drive?04:32
KeithWeissharit costs $14.95 to purchase a preloaded 16gb flash drive04:33
BittersShould I go with Ubuntu Mate or Kali Arm for a project im working on. Its basically a Wifi Pineapple on a Pi304:33
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xuanruiglitsj16 nope, didn't quite work out04:52
Bajornwhere I can post a solution for an specific problem that worked for me?04:59
Bajorncan I*04:59
glitsj16xuanrui: are you using the hwe stack on 16.04? Might need a newer kernel + nomodeset05:01
alkisgBajorn: normally you would file a bug report for the package that was broken, and then upload a suggested solution there. Which package did your solution involve?05:02
BajornI don't know if it had something about a package05:02
xuanruiglistsj16 I have 4.10.0-35-generic kernel version05:02
Bajornit was abour some ACPI problems05:02
xuanruiI thought this should be new enough05:02
alkisgBajorn: the acpi code is in the linux package05:03
BajornNice, I'll check it out05:03
BajornI had this problem with my laptop that when I was giving the shutdown order (by GUI or terminal) it just restarted05:04
glitsj16xuanrui: it should yes.. only thing i can suggest is trying the 'nomodeset' kernel param (if you didn't try that already)05:04
Bajornand sadly by turning ACPI off in the grub options it brought down wifi and usb05:05
alkisgBajorn: to file a bug report for acpi, and your workaround, type `ubuntu-bug linux` in a terminal05:06
alkisgBajorn: you'll end up with something like this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/134974005:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1349740 in linux (Ubuntu) "acpi PNP0A08:00: _OSC failed (AE_ERROR); disabling ASPM" [Medium,Confirmed]05:06
BajornThanks, I'm on it05:09
xuanruiglitsj I think I've tried it before, gonna try it again05:21
xuanruiif it still doesn't work I'll just update to 17.04, which is supposed to support skylake better05:22
BajornAnyway folks, if you're having the trouble of turning off your laptop and getting a restart instead05:28
Bajorntry GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi_osi=Linux" on /ect/default/grub05:28
Bajornworked for me :)05:28
lotuspsychjexuanrui: think best support would be choosing an LTS version to start with05:54
xuanruiloutuspsychje 16.04LTS proved to be a non solution05:56
xuanruiI guess I can wait for 18.04, but that's still a long wait05:57
alkisgIn Ubuntu MATE, I'm trying to `apt purge --auto-remove ibus`. That also removes unity-control-center. So apt then wants to install gnome-control-center to satisfy some dependency. Nevertheless, MATE has mate-control-center, so none of those are actually needed; they're a dependency of some other package that depends on ibus.06:01
alkisgI want to find and remove that other package too, without manually searching for it. In this case, aptitude would suggest 2-3 solutions, and one of them would be to remove that other package.06:01
alkisgSo my question is, how can I do what aptitude would do, using apt...06:01
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alkisgLike some "apt purge --auto-remove --DONT-INSTALL-ANY-OTHER-PACKAGES ibus"06:05
lotuspsychjexuanrui: how about 16.04.3 with kernels play?06:07
lotuspsychje!pinning | alkisg is what you need?06:07
ubottualkisg is what you need?: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto06:07
xuanruilotuspsychje Yes, that's what I have06:08
alkisglotuspsychje: no, not holding a specific package, but removing a package without installing more, just to satisfy dependencies06:08
xuanruiand that doesn't work at all06:08
alkisglotuspsychje: using aptitude, I arrived at this command: aptitude purge ibus indicator-bluetooth unity-control-center gnome-bluetooth indicator-datetime indicator-session unity-greeter unity-settings-daemon06:17
alkisgThose additional packages were pulled by some package, and recommended ibus etc, but weren't really part of a standard mate installation. I still don't know how to do that with apt...06:17
alkisgI think the deal was ubuntu-mate-desktop recommends libaccount-plugin-1.0-0 which recommends unity-control-center-signon which pulled all the other stuff06:21
alkisgYet, in the official ubuntu mate CDs, unity-control-center-signon isn't installed (something with the seeds, apparently)06:22
AggregatedExpcetif i write a tcp server which listen on
AggregatedExpcetand wvdial creates ppp0 interface after tcp server already started06:29
AggregatedExpcetwill it listening on ppp0 interface too?06:29
SwedeMikeAggregatedExpcet: from my experience, if you bind to :: (for IPv6 compatibility) or (if you only want to support legacy IP), then yes.06:30
westonHi all, I have identified a desktop PC(Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz Lenovo M710) with TSX enabled. I have instaleld ubuntu 14.04 in this PC. When I checked the TSX support from Ubuntu from "/proc/cpuinfo" with "rts" flag but it is not shown. Means my ubuntu is not detecting and showing the TSX. ANy suggestions?06:36
AggregatedExpcetSwedeMike: thanks06:40
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zambaelricsfate: definitely06:50
zambaelricsfate: it has to be FOSS06:50
alexasi was experimenting with traffic obfurscation and changing parameters in iptables and now my teamviewer can't connect to network07:23
alexassometimes if i restart machine it works07:23
alexasbut i really need to debug the issue, any ideas where to look at? i know they have their own logs but they too cryptic to my eyes07:23
alexasalso maybe a dns issue, there is a dnscrypt running probably misconfigured07:23
alexasneed to solve both of htis joints really07:23
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bumbarhow can i install specific version of package (need elixir 1.2.6, but it installed 1.5.2, here's apt-cache policy output: https://dpaste.de/XFgZ )09:21
geirhaapt install elixir=1.2.6-109:29
geirhathe next apt upgrade will install 1.5.2 again though09:30
ivdsangenhi, I have two M2 SSDs that I want to install Ubuntu on, such that it has a single encrypted root filesystem spanning multiple disks, is this possible?09:33
TandyUKHey guys, having issues logging into a remote 14.04 system from certain hosts10:30
TandyUKsome can login fine, others try, fail and the following is logged in /var/log/auth.log on the system we're trying to login to:10:30
TandyUKsshd[10875]: fatal: no matching mac found: client hmac-sha1,hmac-sha1-96,hmac-md5 server hmac-sha2-512-etm@openssh.com,hmac-sha2-256-etm@openssh.com,umac-128-etm@openssh.com,hmac-sha2-512,hmac-sha2-256,hmac-ripemd160 [preauth]10:30
Ben64well it says the problem there10:31
TandyUKrather cryptically10:32
TandyUKopenssh is up to date omn the server, so whats the problem?10:32
TandyUKIm trying to convert this physical server to a vm using vmware converter10:32
TandyUKvmware converter being one of the things unable to connect10:32
TandyUKputty from the same machine connects just fine10:32
Ben64the client is too old and bad10:33
Ben64look at what the client supports, sha1, sha1-96, and md510:33
TandyUKi have no idea what vmware converter supports, its the latest version of it (6.1.1)10:34
hateballTandyUK: might want to ask in #vmware then, if someone knows any tips for using the converter10:36
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wookso i finally figured out the remote desktop problem11:01
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stefycutei need some help11:19
stefycutemy chrome isnt working11:19
stefycuteit tells me it doesnt have a internet connection11:20
akikwook: so what was the problem and what is the solution?11:20
stefycutewhen in fact i have a internet connection as you can see11:21
Ben64stefycute: does firefox work11:34
stefycutejust tor11:35
wookcouldn't get remote desktop to work with xubuntu 16.04, solved it simply by installing vanilla ubuntu 16.04 and downloading the xubuntu desktop environment11:35
TJ-stefycute: sounds like the default route is not configured correctly11:39
BluesKajHiyas all11:41
wookbut now i'm having the problem that when i switch to the xfce environment desktop sharing no longer works11:41
stefycutehow do i configure it correctly11:42
TJ-stefycute: It depends on how you've got TOR configured. I would have expected that to be the default route in which case everything would 'just work'. It may be the default route has been removed (to prevent anything going out that isn't on TOR) but that you need to configure the applications to use a local TOR proxy11:47
stefycuteO.o it can do that?11:49
TJ-stefycute: depends on what you've installed and how you've got it configured11:49
stefycutei have no idea11:49
stefycuteso i need to configure tor?11:50
TJ-stefycute: sounds like TOR is working but you have to configure applications to use it as a proxy, but you'd need to read the docs on the TOR install you've got11:50
stefycutedoes deleting it and reinstalling it works?11:53
RonaldsMazitishello, I'm using pulseaudio, how do I get volume applet for openbox ?11:53
RonaldsMazitisI installed indicator-sound-gtk2 can't run it11:53
iAmSlowwhere can i list snap images?11:57
skinuxI'm having trouble getting out of mysqld_safe and back to normal mysql12:05
skinuxps aux doesn't list it, but it seems to be running using mysqld_safe12:05
MikeSethhar har12:10
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longsleepHey all, is there a way already to get 16.04 AppArmor profiles to work with Kernel 4.14 as found in Ubuntu mainline ppa? I see lot of deny for dhcpd, cupsd and network-manager with 4.1412:12
ebinscommandolongsleep: aa-logprof maybe?12:13
RonaldsMazitishow to start pnmixer12:14
longsleepebinscommando: mhm maybe but i was rather looking for a packaged way - would be a shame if 16.04 cannot proberly be used with Kernel 4.1412:14
skinuxHow do I get out of mysqld_safe safe mode?12:15
ebinscommandolongsleep: afraid I dont know much about apparmor, it's more of an annoyance than a proper security model from where I stand12:15
ebinscommandoskinux: don't start mysqld_safe?12:16
skinuxI did that so I could reset root password12:16
skinuxWill just restarting my system work??12:16
skinuxOr did it modify configuration so it's always in safe mode??12:16
ebinscommandokill mysqld_safe and start normal mysqld12:17
skinuxI've killed it 5 times, still shows in ps aux12:17
ebinscommandoskinux: systemd restarting it or something12:17
skinuxWell, starting mysqld_safe didn't set mysql config to always start safe mode, did it?12:18
ebinscommandoas far as I know there's no such option in config to begin with12:18
skinuxOkay. I'll restart my system then.12:18
skinuxThank you12:18
ebinscommandoI just realized that mysqld_safe isn't "safe mode"12:19
RonaldsMazitisso there is no volume control applet for openbox ubuntu12:22
RonaldsMazitisI'm using tint2 panel12:22
ebinscommandolongsleep: aren-t apparmor profiles per-app?12:24
ioriaRonaldsMazitis, you can try gnome-sound-applet (from  gnome-control-senter if installed)12:24
longsleepebinscommando: there are profiles for specific apps yes12:24
ebinscommandolongsleep: and those are shipped with the apps, not with the kernel right?12:24
RonaldsMazitisioria it can't find it12:24
RonaldsMazitisgnome-control-center is installed12:25
ioriaRonaldsMazitis, what ? the command or the package ?12:25
longsleepebinscommando: not with the kernel yes - aa profiles are seperate from the kernel12:25
ioriaRonaldsMazitis, ls /usr/bin/gnome-sound-applet12:25
ebinscommandolongsleep: in that case why would kernel upgrade break apparmor12:25
ebinscommandolongsleep: /proc or /sys or /dev changes I can understand, but anything else?12:26
RonaldsMazitisls: cannot access '/usr/bin/gnome-sound-applet': No such file or directory12:26
longsleepebinscommando: because newer kernel has newer aa with newer features - in 4.14 aa has gotten new stuff which seems to be not yet supported/handled in the existing profiles12:26
longsleepprobably/maybe 17.10 profiles have it - in any case i am wondering if/how a backport of those profiles to 16.04 is feasible/existing12:27
ebinscommandolongsleep: hrm, then I suppose you're left with looking for updated profiles in upstream source12:27
longsleepebinscommando: sure i could do that - but the average dude cannot - also its a pita to maintain12:28
ioriaRonaldsMazitis, gnome-control-center sound12:29
RonaldsMazitisno sound there12:29
RonaldsMazitisit seems like it is gone since 16.0412:30
ioriaRonaldsMazitis, try gnome-alsamixer12:30
RonaldsMazitisthats not an applet12:31
ioriaRonaldsMazitis, call it from tint12:32
RonaldsMazitislike launcher?12:32
ioriaRonaldsMazitis, yep, launcher_item_app = ....12:33
RonaldsMazitisthat will give me applet?12:33
ioriaRonaldsMazitis, should give you the controls12:33
RonaldsMazitisI have pavucontrol for tha12:34
RonaldsMazitisI need fast applet12:34
RonaldsMazitisI installed pnmixer, doesn't start at all12:34
ioriaRonaldsMazitis, install     gnome-alsamixer    and set    : launcher_item_app = /usr/share/applications/gnome-alsamixer.desktop12:35
RonaldsMazitisdid it12:35
RonaldsMazitisit's another window12:35
RonaldsMazitisnot an applet12:35
RonaldsMazitisevery time I need to switch sound level I need to open window12:35
RonaldsMazitisit's not practical12:35
gvvg_Hi - I'm running ubuntu 16.04.3 and I can't use the shutdown menu option - it just reboots - I've googled and updated the boot line in grub and added a line to the modules for apm but it still won't shutdown - any ideas?12:37
gvvg_this was a fresh install12:37
ioriaRonaldsMazitis, seen this : https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/356413/volume-icon-for-pulseaudio-on-tint2-nothing-works12:37
skinuxRestarting didn't work, mysqld_safe starts with the machine now.12:40
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sysx1000hello. I have nameserver in my resolv.conf. it's reachable and it responds to queries, however ANY name resolution in ubuntu ends with "unknown host". What's wrong?12:46
ioriaRonaldsMazitis, if no joy with tint ,  you can use lxpanel -> add item -> menu -> add -> volume control12:48
brokencodesSo, has anyone fashioned a bash script to grab a semi-current list of port scanning IP's and other nefarious ne'erdowells, and apply them to the drop connections in iptables?12:57
brokencodesI ask because my server is getting scanned nearly constantly from these curmudgens, and it it driving me up a stinking wwwall.12:58
TJ-brokencodes: so don't log them. You'll just fill up the nftables with one-shot IP addresses of which there are several billion. if there are no services listening on those ports it won't hurt. If there are, either protect them by requiring a VPN, or enforce TLS on them.13:00
brokencodesWell, I didnt mean to chase off all the help... dang.13:00
brokencodesI have a service on port 8888....13:00
brokencodesI need to aonly allow connection by 3 cellular providers, on this particular box...13:01
sysx1000any idea, why plain resolv.conf is not working?13:01
brokencodescould I drop all connections to 8888 that don't originate from within this tight knit list of IP's?13:01
brokencodessysx1000 pastebin your resolv.conf if you can.13:02
TJ-brokencodes: yes, if you can get a list of their IP blocks. You can probably get that via BGP using something like looking-glass13:02
brokencodesis it in /etc/13:02
brokencodesdid you try restarting networking after setting resolve.conf?13:03
sysx1000host -t a google.com  works just fine13:03
sysx1000brokencodes: I use plain resolv.conf without resolvconf package13:03
TJ-sysx1000: are you changing it when NetworkManager is managing the DHCP/DNS settings13:03
brokencodesnot what I asked, but ok...13:03
sysx1000no network manager13:03
BluesKajsysx1000, pastrbin your /etc/resolve.conf13:03
TJ-sysx1000: so just libc ?13:04
brokencodesservice networking restart13:04
sysx1000it doesn't help13:04
TJ-sysx1000: so what've you got nsswitch configured to do?13:04
sysx1000hosts: filed13:04
sysx1000hosts: files dns13:05
brokencodesshow me results for: nmcli device show <interfacename> | grep IP4.DNS13:05
sysx1000i have no nmcli13:05
brokencodeshow about nm-tool?13:06
sysx1000is it related to networkmanager?13:06
BluesKajno NM , no nmcli13:06
sysx1000I have no NM13:06
brokencodestry changing resolv.conf to the following...13:06
BluesKajyes, hence no nmcli13:06
TJ-brokencodes: that isn't the correct syntax!13:07
TJ-brokencodes: please don't suggest incorrect settings13:07
sysx1000i tried nameserver, and dns of my provider - no result13:07
BluesKajsysx1000, which dns nameservers are you using in resolv.conf ?13:08
brokencodesI'm sorry, I got 3 things going on in my head...13:08
sysx1000it's my local net dnscache13:08
TJ-sysx1000: so it looks like an issue with either nsswitch, or the libc resolver. As you've not even got resolvconf package installed I'm wondering if you've reduced the system such that you've inadvertently broken something13:08
brokencodesadd the line I have typed above to interfaces file13:08
sysx1000TJ-: it _must_ work with plain resolf.conf and vanilla nsswitch.conf13:09
BluesKajtoo many network cooks here...13:09
TJ-sysx1000: you could try adding "options debug" to /etc/resolv.conf and see if there's anything in syslog (assumes libc was built with the debug support though - not sure if it is)13:09
sysx1000I do not understand,what could be broken there - it's a server ubuntu, it does not require any networkmanager stuff13:09
sysx1000OK, I will try13:09
TJ-sysx1000: see "man 5 resolv.conf" for more hints that may help you13:10
TJ-sysx1000: is IPv6 enabled?13:10
TJ-sysx1000: and which ubuntu release is it?13:10
brokencodescustom kernel or vanilla?13:10
TJ-sysx1000: hmmm, interesting situation then. Any special local firewall rules added?13:11
sysx1000nope :)13:11
TJ-sysx1000: anything extra like SELinux ?13:11
sysx1000omg, no :-)13:11
TJ-sysx1000: have you checked /var/log/auth.log and /var/log/syslog for clues?13:11
TJ-sysx1000: i'm wondering if somehow an apparmor profile might be responsible, or else systemd (!)13:11
sysx1000it might be a clue13:12
brokencodescan I see /etc/network/interfaces ???13:12
TJ-sysx1000: apparmor is the default Ubuntu so shouldn't be an issue unless you've changed profiles13:12
sysx1000I haven't13:12
cristian_cI've a ite 9135 dvb chip (with remote control), it uses dvb-afatech9035 driver, and i've typed sudo ir-keytable; ir-keytable and evtest perform successfully keypresses on the remote control. Unfortunately, enabled protocol field is empty and if I try to configure shortcuts in kaffeine, many keys don't work13:13
sysx1000well, auth log only contains 'Could not detect cgroupfs hierarchy.'13:13
cristian_cI've tried to modprobe some nec modules, because the remote control supports the nec protocol, but I don't know how to solve the issue13:13
TJ-sysx1000: have you tried running "sudo tcpdump -ni <ETHx> 'udp and port 53' " whilst expecting the libc resolver to work? See if it sends out network requests?13:13
TJ-sysx1000: is it on hardware, a VM, or a container?13:14
sysx1000TJ-: just have tried13:14
sysx1000no packets even were fired13:15
cristian_cany ideas?13:15
brokencodesopen another terminal and fire off a dig command13:15
TJ-sysx1000: at least the limits to the localhost then13:15
TJ-sysx1000: if it's a container or VM it could be constrained by the host policy13:16
sysx1000well, I have lxc on this host13:16
brokencodessysx1000: it would help if we knew if HW, VM or container13:16
TJ-sysx1000: but it's the hardware host that is suffering, not a guest?13:17
sysx1000but it is bare metal hardware, not emulated13:17
sysx1000yes, host is suffering, correct13:17
TJ-sysx1000: and this survives the host being rebooted?13:17
sysx1000totally :)13:17
brokencodescan you share your interfaces file13:17
TJ-sysx1000: has it always happened? if not, when did you notice it started? what changes or updates were applied just prior?13:18
sysx1000Well, after today's update13:18
TJ-sysx1000: ahhh... check /var/log/apt/history.log and term.log for clues13:19
sysx1000brokencodes: auto enp2s0 / iface enp2s0 inet dhcp - enp2s0 has dedicated IP in server's dhcp by MAC13:19
brokencodesdoes ifconfig still show the enp's or has it changed them to ethX13:20
TJ-sysx1000: consider the upgraded packages, and if suspect read their changelog from /usr/share/doc/<package>/changelog.gz13:20
TJ-brokencodes: the interface is up and non-libc name lookups work13:20
sysx1000TJ-: correct13:21
sysx1000that's just bizzare13:21
TJ-sysx1000: you may have picked up on a regression here, so it's important to try to find out which package upgrade could cause this. Has the sytem been rebooted since the upgrade (could be needed when libc packages are upgraded) ?13:21
brokencodeshe already stated it survives a reboot13:23
TJ-sysx1000: Arghh!  I see libnss3 was upgraded13:23
TJ-sysx1000: actually, here I see it as available, I haven't installed it. Have you13:23
sysx1000yes, I see13:23
TJ-sysx1000: "apt-cache policy libnss3"13:23
DomingoMontoyaIs there a way to install a package [lxd] from backports and have it get the necessary dependencies, without editing apt prefs to give backports or individual packages a higher prio? Like a one time option to apt-get?13:24
TJ-DomingoMontoya: packages in backports should depend on the exact version they require13:24
brokencodesbackports dependencies are ranged.13:25
DomingoMontoyaTJ-: Yeah, and they do. But if I want to install one package from backports, I want it to pull the proper depends from backports.13:25
DomingoMontoyaWithout giving backports a high prio, or adding a bunch of prio prefs to apt for each dependency.13:25
brokencodesdepends: libblahblah:>1.45<1.6713:26
TJ-DomingoMontoya: that should pull the dependencies from backports if that's where they are13:26
saml_i'm gonna build packages bro13:28
DomingoMontoyaTJ-: It doesn't though, because backports on server is a low prio. If I check with apt-policy, I can see the proper version it depends on available in backports, but it won't get automatically.13:29
killowncan't install anything in ubuntu http://sprunge.us/VFbc13:30
killowneverything says AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'compose'13:30
DomingoMontoyaI'm giving the option to specify the version from backports on the command line: apt install lxd=2.18-0ubuntu3~16.04.213:32
killownomg apt sucks so much http://sprunge.us/TeJj13:33
TJ-DomingoMontoya: have you tried "apt-get --with-new-pkgs install ..."13:33
killownthis shits break so easily13:33
leftyfbkillown: watch the language please13:34
TJ-killown: did you change the default python version on the system?13:34
leftyfba simple "Here's the error I get. Can someone help me troubleshoot this?" would have been adequate13:34
TJ-killown:  the problem is in the package python-pip, and specifically its post-inst script13:35
DomingoMontoyaTJ-: not understood in combination with options I've given. hrm. Well, thanks, I have to run on a call right now. I'll come back to this later.13:37
TJ-DomingoMontoya: needs apt-get, not apt13:38
killownTJ- how do I fix it?13:39
maslohi guys, what would cause clients to not be able to connect to my website once in a while? I am checking the apache access log in real time and I'm still getting a lot of requests but I don't think some of them actually connects (they time out), we have >50g free ram, > 60 g hdd, the database is on the same server (mysql) and the website uses php, apache2 and is sloppy. The thing is that it was running13:39
maslosmoothly for a while, no changes have been made to the code but now once in a while clients calls and complains that their request timed out we call the dedeciated server company and they said their network is fine, the hardware for our server is fine and our dev ops team cannot find the solution (we outsource all our devops to a local team) but I don't think they are working that hard because this has been13:39
maslohappening on and off for a week and we're losing a lot of money if you guys have any suggestions as to what it could be, what logs to check, etc that would be good  I'm a programmer, not a dev ops I donT know all that much, just the basics.13:39
masloServer is Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS on cogeco peer1, apache2 is 2.4.713:39
wookif i share a drive with samba and want to mount it in fstab am i required to run CIFS?13:40
TJ-maslo: are there any hardware load-balancers in front of your server, or a CDN?13:40
killownTJ-, where is the post-script location?13:41
sysx1000the problem was13:41
sysx1000that after reboot resolv.conf became readable only by root13:42
TJ-killown: the problemis actually caused by some python change affecting the functools13:42
maslono there is not Tj-13:42
sysx1000i.e. it has perms 0600, WEIRD!13:42
TJ-sysx1000: that is very weird!13:42
TJ-sysx1000: is that happening repeatedly?13:42
sysx1000after each reboot13:43
killownTJ-, yes, pip isn't working anymore and the script is using it13:43
sysx1000I suppose, some dhcpc scripts might do that13:43
killownTJ-, http://sprunge.us/Ffag13:44
skinuxHow do I make mysql stop starting as safemode? And how do I shut down safemode? I'm been trying with no success.13:46
skinuxThis is fucked. ps aux shows the processes, but kill tells me it can't find the processes.13:48
saml_pbuilder-dist trusty create     fails W: Failure trying to run: chroot /var/cache/pbuilder/build/23/. mount -t proc proc /proc13:48
saml_See /var/cache/pbuilder/build/23/./debootstrap/debootstrap.log      but it removes that directory13:49
leftyfbskinux: please watch the language13:49
saml_skinux, is there pid?13:50
TJ-maslo: OK, because there is a known issue with load-balancers and apache with TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT13:50
skinuxIt appears so13:50
TJ-maslo: I investigated it about 10 years ago and it can still affect some installations. See bug #13427413:50
ubottubug 134274 in apache2 (Ubuntu) "TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT causes random HTTP connection failures in load-balanced web-server farms" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13427413:50
skinuxI believe there are PIDs in this https://gist.github.com/skinuxgeek/198bfea8dc1395cdd0915af9ae1e8b5413:51
swift110_hey all13:55
saml_how do you build ubuntu packages for your software?13:56
saml_http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/getting-set-up.html  i was following this but  pbuilder-dist <release> create   fails13:56
web_devsudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/apache213:57
web_devworks for you?13:57
leftyfbweb_dev: what do you need that ppa for?13:58
web_devleftyfb, apache 2.413:58
web_devgpg: requesting key xxxxxxxx  from hkp server keyserver.ubuntu.com13:59
leftyfbweb_dev: apache 2.4 is available in all supported versions of ubuntu13:59
web_devkeyserver timed out13:59
leftyfbweb_dev: what version of ubuntu are you running?13:59
web_devleftyfb, yes, but i'm on 12.0413:59
web_devand PLEASE13:59
web_devdon't suggest me to upgrade14:00
web_devbecause I CAN'T14:00
leftyfbweb_dev: that PPA doesn't have packages for 12.0414:00
leftyfbsince it's not supported anymore14:00
web_devso there is no other workaround?14:00
leftyfbcompile or upgrade14:01
leftyfbweb_dev: why can't you upgrade?14:01
web_devbecause it's an old unsupported server14:01
leftyfbweb_dev: as in, you've tried installing 16.04 and it failed and were told by someone from here or Canonical that installing 16.04 or later will not work on that hardwarE?14:02
web_devyes i tried14:02
web_devdoes not boot14:02
maslonothing has been updated on the server in 2 weeks TJ- and the issues started happening mid last week14:02
leftyfbweb_dev: does not boot what? What error did you get? Did you come here looking for help with it?14:03
web_devleftyfb seems that 12.04.5 installs apache 2.414:03
web_devit's right?14:03
web_devleftyfb, no errors, black screen, i think it's a bootloader problem14:03
leftyfbweb_dev: ok, how about we try to troubleshoot that instead of working on an unsupported platform?14:04
TJ-maslo: and connections are arriving at the server, but not being replied to?14:04
TJ-maslo: confirmed by tcpdump/pcap ?14:04
web_devleftyfb, i think i didn't asked you anything about my unsupported device14:04
leftyfbweb_dev: 12.04 is the unsupported platform14:05
saml_http://debocker.debian.net/  is this good?14:05
web_devis possible to update 12.04 to 12.04.5 ?14:05
web_devif yes, how?14:05
ebinscommandomaslo: you may have apache or its underlings leak memory or run out of sockets, examine apache logs carefully14:06
oerheksweb_dev, no, 12.04 is dead, EOL14:06
leftyfbweb_dev: I would be happy to help you troubleshoot getting 16.04 installed.14:06
TJ-leftyfb: 12.04 is under extended support until April 201914:06
web_devleftyfb, i would be happy to make it working on my device14:06
oerheksTJ-, only if you pay for that14:07
TJ-web_dev: could I suggest you install a minimal 14.04 chroot on the system, and run it's apache2.414:07
TJ-oerheks: the security updates still come through14:07
web_devis possible to dist upgrade without changing the kernel?14:07
oerheksTJ-, with subscription only, i guess.14:08
TJ-oerheks: I don't have a subscription but I have 12.04 servers getting upgrades14:08
oerheksi don't believe that :-(14:09
leftyfbweb_dev: https://www.ubuntu.com/support/esm14:09
TJ-oerheks: well it's a fact14:09
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leftyfbeither way, I feel it would be just as much work to get 16.04 installed onto it at this point14:10
TJ-oerheks: see: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25673522/14:11
oerheksTJ-, without esm?14:12
TJ-web_dev: a chroot 14.04 install is quick to do and you know you're using Ubuntu packages. Then you just need to customise the /etc/initd./apache2 script by moving it from the chroot to the host, and adding the appropriate chroot ... prefixes to commands that need to operate inside the chroot14:12
TJ-oerheks: indeed14:12
ebinscommandomaslo: a good test would be to perform the same web request locally while mapping the domain in question to in /etc/hosts14:13
ebinscommandoif it responds your problem is outside the box14:13
ebinscommandoalso, this is a question for #httpd not here14:13
web_devTJ-: https://serverfault.com/questions/677697/ubuntu-12-04-5-is-installing-apache-2-4-not-2-214:14
TJ-web_dev: that makes sense if the server has HWE enabled14:17
web_devmaybe i can download apache 2.4 and compile14:18
ebinscommandothere are ppas for 2.414:20
ebinscommandoand im quite sure it is in 16.x14:21
TJ-web_dev: you'd need to deal with a myriad of dependency builds too; as I've said twice now the quickest is to do a chroot install of a minimal 14.0414:22
web_devTJ-, upgrading to 14.04, the kernel will be updated?14:25
TJ-web_dev: yes, if the system isn't running the 12.04.5 HWE kernel already14:25
oerheksweb_dev, why does a kernel update bother you?14:26
skinuxWhy does MySQL installation NOT ask for a root password? IT renders me unable to do anything with it.14:30
TJ-skinux: "dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-X.Y" might help (X.Y being the version)14:33
pavlosskinux: https://askubuntu.com/questions/766900/mysql-doesnt-ask-for-root-password-when-installing14:34
web_devoerheks, because, if i change the kernel, the system will not boot anymore14:34
skinuxOH I swear it is an endless circle14:35
oerheksweb_dev, hard to believe that is true.14:35
TJ-oerheks: not if the server doesn't support PAE14:36
ebinscommandoskinux: unless your box has multiple users, having a root password is pretty pointless, besides mysql 5.7 has by default identity authentication for unix root14:37
web_devoerheks, it's a dev board connected to a LCD trough GPIO14:37
web_devthe driver are only for kernel 3.214:37
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
skinuxI don't care about root account, I want to create a user for a web app to use.14:45
skinuxI can't do that without connecting as root as far as I can tell.14:46
leftyfbso you do care about the root account14:48
skinuxI just want my app to be able to use database, that is what I care about.14:48
leftyfbskinux: follow the instructions pavlos sent you to reset the root account password, then create your user14:48
skinuxThat page tells me to use --skip-grant-tables which is what started this whole mess in the first place.14:49
skinuxWhy the hell does Ubuntu have a default setup that can't even be used.14:49
rond_Hi! Questions about ubuntu 15.10 aren't answered here?14:49
leftyfbskinux: please settle down. We don't know what problems you had during your setup, but I know for a fact, on dozens of installations of Ubuntu server 16.04, when I pick mysql server, it asks me to set a root password for myself.14:50
leftyfbskinux: Regardless, there's no sense in arguing about something that has already passed and will not come up again (by the sounds of it)14:51
oerheksrond_, 15.10 is dead, EOL, upgrade please14:51
leftyfbskinux: I would follow the instructions given to you14:51
rond_oerheks: can I upgrade ubuntu without reinstalling it? I wouldn't like to install all the packages I have currently installed14:52
oerheksrond_, depends, if they are original from the repos, yes, private PPA's will be disabled, and manually installed packages too.14:53
skinuxOkay, last thing it said to do was shutdown mysql using mysqladmin, do I now start it normally?14:55
leftyfbCanonical should really make it clear during download/installation that non-LTS versions are only supported for 6 months14:55
rond_that may be reason that apt-get update doesn't work for me? (ubuntu 15.10)14:56
leftyfbrond_: yes14:56
leftyfbrond_: unless you want to upgrade every 6 months, I would suggest only installing LTS releases. The latest is 16.04 and the next will be 18.04 coming out in April.14:57
rond_I will remember that14:57
rond_So, you say that there is no other way to fix my apt-get update than to change Ubuntu version?14:57
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:58
leftyfbrond_: to get upgrades, correct14:58
oerheksthis is your fix to upgrade to 16.0414:58
web_devon ubuntu 16.0415:10
web_devi installed unity15:10
web_devbut at bootup i can see only guest user15:10
web_devnot "ubuntu" user15:11
pavlosweb_dev: are you booting the installed version or the liveCD ? if you defined a user during install, you should get the unity prompt to enter user/pw or if you selected to auto login, it should login with that user.15:14
web_devpavlos, no15:14
web_devi installed unity in a second time15:14
web_devpreviously i used only terminal15:15
leftyfbweb_dev: are we talking about the same machine that was running 12.04 before?15:17
web_devit's another one15:18
web_devwith ubuntu 16.0415:18
alkisgweb_dev: did you use the desktop cd?15:18
web_devi used linaro15:19
alkisgI don't think that's an official ubuntu release supported here, is it?15:19
web_devlinaro it's not a release15:20
alkisgThey probably have their own support methods...15:20
web_devlinaro i it's only a group of people15:20
web_devthe distro is ubuntu 16.0415:20
alkisgWell they obviously have their own installer which you used15:20
alkisgAnyway, what's the output of `ls /home`?15:20
alkisgDo you see users there?15:20
tgm4883web_dev: might want to try #linaro15:21
alkisgThen their installer didn't create a user15:21
web_devi downloaded tar.gz of ubuntu on the official ubuntu website15:21
alkisgIt's not standard ubuntu, we don't know it15:21
web_devalkisg, you don't know what you are saying15:22
web_devit's the official 16.04 release of ubuntu15:22
web_devmaybe you don't know how to help me and you tell me that isn't supported15:22
alkisgWhich .tar.gz did you download? Link?15:23
tgm4883web_dev: maybe you relax a little bit since you did say you used linaro, so it's understandable why people are confused15:23
oerheksweb_dev, did you chroot linaro with ubuntu???15:24
web_devtgm4883, i'm afraid that people need a little thing to say "isn't supported"15:25
web_devoerheks, yes15:25
oerheksweb_dev, that is your issue then15:26
oerheksthere is a #linaro group here on freenode, good luck!15:27
web_devARM based rootfs15:27
alkisgweb_dev: can you paste a specific link for the tar.gz here?15:28
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oerheksalkisg, take him to #linaro please15:29
alkisgweb_dev: a link from ubuntu.com?15:30
web_devyes you can find also there15:31
alkisgI don't see ubuntu-16.04.3-minimal-armhf-2017-08-08.tar.xz there15:34
web_devalkisg, stop please, you simply want to help me, that's clear, never mind.15:36
alkisgweb_dev: no worries I help people many hours per day. If you don't understand why I'm trying to help you like this, no problem from me15:38
alkisgFirst you need to tell people what are you using, and then people will be able to help you. Different installers give very different results.15:39
web_devlinaro is a silent channel since days, weeks..15:39
web_devit's not an useful suggestion to say "ask linaro"15:39
alkisgIt's useful to say "we don't know linaro's installer"15:39
oerheksthere is a channel called #ubuntu-arm, but i doubt you will get support by that private build of mister robert nelson15:39
alkisgThey might have different methods of support15:40
alkisgWikies, mailing lists, forums, whatever. But if we don't know the image that you're using, we can't help.15:40
web_devi just asked why unity doesn't see my own user15:40
leftyfbweb_dev: because you used an installer that was not from ubuntu15:41
leftyfbweb_dev: a regular ubuntu installation will setup a user15:41
alkisgMaybe that installer doesn't create users, and have instructions somewhere on what they expect you to do to add them15:41
alkisgWe can't know what that installer does.15:41
sgenHey Im running ubuntu 16.04 right now but need to setup a dual boot, whats the best way to create a windows 10 boot usb on ubuntu 16.04?15:44
tgm4883web_dev: what UID is your user?15:44
web_devtgm4883, IDK15:44
oerhekssgen, WOEusb http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2017/06/create-bootable-windows-10-usb-ubuntu15:44
tgm4883web_dev: can you.... look then?15:45
pavlosweb_dev: can you look at /etc/passwd file15:45
leftyfb<oerheks> web_dev, did you chroot linaro with ubuntu???15:45
leftyfb<web_dev> oerheks, yes15:45
sgenoerheks: ok thanks15:45
scorpexgreetings all, trying to work out a weird issue with chromium on ubuntu. Sometimes when I press CTRL+C or right-click > Copy ...to copy text, the entire tab will freeze and I have to close it. All other tabs are fine unless I try to copy, and then the same issue. any ideas or anyone experienced this? Thanks.15:49
leftyfbscorpex: sounds like a very chromium-specific problem. I use chrome and have never seen that issue.15:50
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zarzari recently installed another version of arm-linux-gnueabi and arm-linux-gnueabihf cross gcc/g++ via apt-get, i noticed the assembler binutils was not updated, is this normal?16:02
TJ-zarzar: you need binutils-arm-linux-gnueabi{,hf} too16:05
zarzarTJ- it is installed but not differentiated by version16:07
zarzarusr/bin/arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc and /usr/bin/arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-4.9 on my machine, but only one /usr/arm-linux-gnueabihf/bin/as16:09
zarzarcorrection: usr/bin/arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-5 and /usr/bin/arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-4.9 on my machine, but only one /usr/arm-linux-gnueabihf/bin/as16:10
dckx-mhi, quick question. I want to install python 3.6.3 in ubuntu using apt... but, I can only find instructions for apt-get. Wasn't apt supposed to replace apt-get, which is kind of deprecated? I remember reading something about that somewhere16:11
naccdckx-m: apt and apt-get are differnnt frontends16:12
oerheks!info python3.616:12
ubottupython3.6 (source: python3.6): Interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 3.6). In component universe, is optional. Version 3.6.1-1ubuntu0~17.04.0 (zesty), package size 159 kB, installed size 288 kB16:12
oerheksdckx-m, 3.6.1 is availabe16:12
dckx-mnacc: in general, should one use one over the other?16:13
oerheksdckx-m, with 16.04 apt is introduced, still apt-get works too16:13
dckx-moerheks: thanks16:13
dckx-moerheks: but isn't it funny that python is available through apt-get and no apt?16:13
Term1nalWhere can I find the .mount files? I was trying to troubleshoot something yesterday, I can't remember the directory16:14
dckx-moerheks: or that's not how it works and I am not understanding a thing>16:15
oerheksdckx-m, is it?16:15
oerhekscan you show a pastebin of the messages?16:16
dckx-moerheks: It seems I was mistaken (i.e. I wasn't understanding anything, as usual). Anyway I'm leaving now, will try to isntall later. I'll come back if I can't do ti myself. Thanks for the help16:16
oerheksdckx-m, have fun!16:17
jamisnemoOne of my ubuntu machines is having issues cleanly running apt upgrade. "dpkg: error processing archive [...] unable to create new file '/var/lib/dpkg/info/<some package name>': Operation not permitted"16:29
jamisnemoI've checked the permissions on /var/lib/dpkg/info and they look right compared to my other machines16:29
jamisnemoIs apt/dpkg somehow not running as root?16:29
jamisnemoI'm running apt upgrade after using sudo su -16:30
jamisnemoAnd rerunning it seems to work.16:30
gde33how should I  go about re-encoding a hd video so that my hp mini / celleron cpu can play it?16:30
gde33having it die trying doesn't seem a very good out of the box :P16:31
tgm4883gde33: handbrake seems a popular choice last time I did that16:32
tgm4883gde33: or plexmediaserver if your CPU is powerful enough16:33
gde33cool ty16:33
gde33any tip for a format to chose? The laptop has tons of GB to waste.16:34
JanSchhi, I've noticed weird disk caching(?) behavior regarding external storage devices. when I dd an image onto an SD card, it immediately jumps to 900 MB complete. when I press CTRL+C, it takes a long time (about a minute) to exit.16:35
JanSchI also remember swapping USB drives, and seeing the content of one on the other16:35
JanSchIs it documented somewhere how disk read/write caching works, and how can I turn this down or off?16:35
Term1nalI was advised to try disabling lightdm yesterday when troubleshooting an issue16:38
Term1nalnow I can't get it to run anymore.16:38
Term1nalunless I manually start it16:38
Term1nalI found that systemctl enable lightdm.service doesn't make a symlink, so I made the symlink myself, but it's still not starting. I still get a text login16:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1595454 in systemd (Ubuntu) "systemctl cannot reenable lightdm (with workaround)" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:39
Term1nalthe workaround described does not appear to work16:39
Term1nalif I log in textually and run systemctl start lightdm, it works as expected.16:40
Term1nalthis is not ideal16:40
oerheksTerminto enable lightdm again, sudo systemctl set-default graphical.target ( i think you have used sudo systemctl set-default multi-user.target ??)16:44
Term1naloerheks: yeah that's what it was, I checked my grub config16:45
Term1nalit didn't update the first time to remove the multi-user nomodeset paramter16:45
Term1nalI had to run it again to get it to go16:45
Term1nalit's working now :)16:45
TJ-Term1nal: did you leave the systemd.unit=multi-user.target in the kernel config?16:45
Term1nalTJ-: I did, yeah, I ran update-grub to remove it, but it didn't take the first time16:46
TJ-Term1nal: ahhh, you used set-default16:46
Term1nalI had to run it againt o get it to take16:46
Term1nalbut the issue ended up being that .mount file16:46
TJ-Term1nal: so you've got the video drivers sorted now too?16:46
Term1nalit's running off nouveau right now16:46
Term1nalI might just leave it like that16:46
TJ-that's good :)16:47
Term1nalnvidia driver was a bit finnicky16:47
Term1nalbut nouveau doesn't seem to like external monitors on this system16:47
Term1nalso I don't know...16:47
Term1nalalthough now I have a new problem @.@16:48
Term1nallightdm comes up fine.. putting in the user password doesn't start the desktop16:48
Term1nalit goes to a text screen then falls back to lightdm login16:48
Term1nalseems only to be that one user account16:49
Term1naltried a secondary test account and it works as expected.16:49
TJ-Term1nal: from terminal log-in as the affect user, then check $HOME/.xsession-errors. Also check that the user, and not root, owns $HOME/.Xauthority16:53
TJ-Term1nal: it's possible all those emergency/root tests you did caused root to write that file16:53
TJ-Term1nal: so now, your regular user can't replace/update it16:53
Term1nalyeah could be.16:54
Term1nalchecking now.16:54
Term1nalfirst reinstalling the nvidia driver, nouveau still won't do anything with my external monitors16:55
Term1naljust doesn't even detect them >.<16:55
Term1nalsince it ended up not being the nvidia driver, and instead it was a bad auto-generated fstab .mount file for an encrypted secondary drive.16:55
Term1nalit was relying on the mount entry from fstab, that only exists when the encrypted volume is present.16:56
Term1nalthe drive sits un-mounted and encrypted until it's used. which then prompts a password and mounts to the location that was found in fstab16:56
Term1nalsince that drive isn't mounted at boot, the mount point in fstab wasn't there and systemd went to emergency mode16:57
thyriaenHow can i move the top panel to the bottom in gnome3 ?17:00
Term1naloh shoot, I don't know how to get to that .xsession-errors thing because the home folder is encrypted.17:00
Term1nalTJ-: nvm, but the .xsession thing has no errors, and .Xauthority owned by root17:01
Term1nalchanging that now17:01
TJ-Term1nal: that'll fix it17:02
lotuspsychjethyriaen: perhaps the #ubuntu-gnome guys might know that117:02
Term1nalyup that did the tric17:03
oerheksthyriaen, maybe this extention is your answer, https://askubuntu.com/questions/132786/how-can-i-move-the-top-panel-to-the-bottom-in-gnome-3 or check out gnome-tweak-tool17:03
oerheks!info gnome-tweak-tool17:03
ubottugnome-tweak-tool (source: gnome-tweak-tool): tool to adjust advanced configuration settings for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.24.1-0ubuntu1 (zesty), package size 170 kB, installed size 1020 kB17:03
thyriaenoerheks, lotuspsychje thanks will do17:04
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
t0th_-i upgrade my hhvm to 3.22 how i can downgrade to version before upgraded it ?17:56
oerhekst0th_-, remove it, and reinstall from the our repo? make sure you backup stuff18:02
Term1nalTJ-: it's just one thnig after another D:18:03
Term1nalnow my nvidia-setting doesn't.... show any settings.18:03
Term1nalany external displays still aren't showing.18:03
Term1nalso frustrating.18:03
TJ-Term1nal: have you reinstalled the nvidia driver then? nvidia-settings is proprietary for the nvidia driver only18:13
Term1nalTJ-: I have, yeah.18:14
Term1nalthe nvidia-settings launches, but there's no display configuration tab18:14
Term1naljust the application profiles18:14
TJ-Term1nal: that suggests the nvidia driver isn't there! Check /var/log/Xorg.0.log18:14
TJ-Term1nal: there are 2 nvidia drivers - the kernel driver module and the X server driver module. Both need to be active for the GUI to be using nvidia (drivers) all through18:15
Term1nalhmmm yeah it appears to have loaded nouveau18:16
Term1nalI have installed nvidia-375 and it's bubbled in the additional driver gui18:16
Term1nalI have a theory18:17
Term1nalin troubleshooting I added nouveau to /etc/modules18:17
Term1nalthat might be it18:17
Term1nalfailed to load module nvidia18:22
Term1nalthat must be the culprit18:22
Bashing-omTerm1nal: ' lsmod | grep nouveau ; dpkg -l | grep nvidia* " shows what ?18:37
rond_Hi! Is it normal that when I try to create a bootable USB stick from just downloaded ubuntu 16.04.3, Rufus asks about downloading some additional files? (ldlinux.sys and ldlinux.bss) ?19:06
MaidRenamonYes, just install the files.19:06
rond_The prompt isn't mentioned in official Ubuntu guide, hence the question19:07
MaidRenamonIt's fine, just click the button to download them.19:07
oerheksrond_, seems normal, i doubt it is oke.. https://github.com/pbatard/rufus/issues/48719:09
oerheksrond when you install ubuntu without internet/updates, you still can make an usb with the internal tool, without those files19:10
rond_okay, I just wanted to make sure that rufus isn't doing anything suspicious. After all, i'm going to set up the whole OS, so it should be safe; )19:11
oerheksrond_, you are the 1st to mention it, i doubt rufus now19:11
rond_you doubt rufus? Could you say more of what you mean?19:12
oerheksno, i gave you 2 urls, find out yourself it you trust it?19:12
rond_I didn't quite understand "I doubt rufus" as an English sentence - you have second thoughts about rufus as a safe software? Or what did you mean?19:13
oerheksi doubt those downloads, why are they necessary?19:14
rond_oerheks: without them the creation of bootable USB stick woulndn't continue19:15
SimonNLdoubt that19:16
oerheksrond_, on ubuntu usb-creator does not need that.19:16
MaidRenamonI think he's trying to use Rufus on Windows, guys.19:16
rond_Oh, i didn't mention that. Sorry. MaidRenamon is correct19:17
MaidRenamonIn which case, when I did it, it did ask to download additional files.19:17
MaidRenamonJust let them download it.19:17
MaidRenamonRufus is safe. They even recommend it on Ubuntu's site.19:17
Threadnaughthi, i'm running 17.04 and I've been having issues compiling rocksdb and apparently it has to do with the linker (what the people in #gcc said), the linker is you guys right?19:18
naccThreadnaught: the linker is ld, generally19:19
Threadnaughtso can I ask you guys?19:20
naccThreadnaught: ask away19:21
Threadnaughtthanks, I was about to kms if I got bounced to yet another channel19:22
oerheksthose downloads are not needed at all.. https://github.com/pbatard/rufus/issues/94519:22
oerheksso i doubt them.19:22
Threadnaughtrocksdb compiled and ran fine on 16.04, but ever since I upgraded to 17.10 it doesn't. Downloading the latest version from git (that is passing all the tests that facebook can throw at it) and compiling it works fine, but if I run those same tests on my computer it complains. v8 js also compiles but passes all of the tests. As soon as I try to compile anything using the static libs from either, I get a wall of error messages.19:25
ThreadnaughtIt would appear that some things just aren't getting compiled into the .a files19:25
Threadnaughtand I have no clue why19:26
naccThreadnaught: 17.10? you just said 17.0419:26
ThreadnaughtI mean .04 sorry19:26
Threadnaughtlong day19:26
B105PH3REhow can I get ip_masquerade support to netstat I keep getting error message when I run netstat -M and i'm using  │@tomaw19:26
B105PH3RE                   | iptables masquereding on a server... netstat: no support for `ip_masquerade' on this system.y19:26
B105PH3REcan I get netstat -M to work using iptables masquereding getting error msg19:27
B105PH3RE[oh nvm you can't its for ipchains only19:29
B105PH3REanyway to show active masquerade connections19:30
Threadnaughtnacc: what should I do?19:30
naccThreadnaught: I feel like there's something missing from your description. You compiled on what release and ran on what release? It's not surprising, presumig whatever this is is a dynamic executable, that if you compiled it on 16.04 and ran it on 17.04, it might notw ork19:32
Threadnaughtno I compiled everything fresh19:33
naccThreadnaught: on 17.04?19:34
ThreadnaughtI even downgraded my compiler version then recompiled everything fresh and it didn't work19:34
naccThreadnaught: "19:34
naccThreadnaught: sorry, reading what you wrote -- you say the tests passed fine and then say they don't19:34
naccThreadnaught: perhaps use a pastebin, show the environments and what happens with working and non-working cases19:35
Threadnaughtthe tests run fine on github19:35
Threadnaughtfail on my pc19:35
Threadnaughtrun fine on my old pc19:35
Threadnaughtfail on my new one19:35
Threadnaughtonly difference is updated version of ubuntu19:35
ThreadnaughtI even downgraded my compiler version19:36
Threadnaughtdidn't work then19:36
naccThreadnaught: can you use a pastebin and show what is happening (error messages)19:39
naccThreadnaught: did the gcc people tell you what was wrong with the linker?19:40
wookis it possible to make .smbcredentials1, .smbcredentials2, and so on?19:40
wookfor a samba shared drive?19:40
Threadnaughtnacc: they didn't seem too interested tbh, kept trying to fix problems I didn't have19:45
Threadnaughtnacc: used nm to look inside the file and it didn't have functions in it that it itself was calling19:45
konradosPlease..., can someone help me with my wifi connection dropping? It looses connection every few minutes for a few seconds up to few minutes - here is some more info, like syslog - https://askubuntu.com/questions/961631/usb-wifi-keeps-dropping-the-connection19:46
Threadnaughtnacc: it was broken enough that tests which ran facebook ran them didn't run on mine19:46
konradosplease, ppl, I've been struggling with it for soooo long :(19:47
phelixI am not sure what is up with my server but when I add a name server it works for a few days and then it stops and can't resolve anything. I have read all sorts of things on google about running sudo dpkg-reconfigure resolvconf but nothing seems ot work. Could someone maybe help give me some advice here?19:48
codepython777how can i tell ubuntu to mount a usb device with particular ID to /dev/ttyUSB0?19:58
konradosHi again, I got disconnected, did someone answer by a chance?20:02
konrados^ this (disconnecting) is actually the problem I've been trying to solve20:02
konradosfor weeks now :(20:03
pavloscodepython777: you may have to define a UDEV rule ... see http://hintshop.ludvig.co.nz/show/persistent-names-usb-serial-devices/20:04
nacckonrados: what does `lsmod | grep rtl` say?20:06
konradosnacc, - https://paste.ubuntu.com/25675376/20:07
nacckonrados: and `lsmod | grep 8192` ?20:08
konradosnacc, - https://paste.ubuntu.com/25675383/20:09
pznold ubuntu releases I used to change /etc/inittab to change the number of running "getty" and tty. newer ubuntu, what should I search for? tried without success: grep -rn getty /etc/20:10
SicnusWhat is the best way to migrate my laptop to a new desktop?  Both are 17.04    I keep trying to copy /home but since I'm running the laptop, it gives a bunch of errors and doesn't copy everything.  I'd like to just back everything up to a 2T USB drive I have and then I can slowly move things in as I need them onthe new desktop.20:10
codepython777pavlos: thanks for the link.20:10
nacckonrados: where did you get the driver from?20:12
pavloskonrados: does this link help? ... https://askubuntu.com/questions/820886/problem-with-tp-link-tl-wn823n?noredirect=1&lq=120:14
konradosnacc, I first tried building it from sources available officially, but encountered compilation problems (..something.. already defined) then after some googling I used this: https://launchpad.net/~hanipouspilot/+archive/ubuntu/rtlwifi20:15
nacckonrados: if you got it from the ppa mentioed there, then you need to talk to the ppa owner for support (it's nnot an ubunntu package)20:15
pznwhere is the file to configure tty/getty in ubuntu which uses systemd-sysv ?20:16
konradosnacc, yes, it's the link mentioned by pavlos -20:16
konradosso, pavlos - yes, this is where I have the driver from20:16
konradosnacc, but... do I have any other option? The official one didn't compile, then this one "worked", are there any other options?20:17
nacckonrados: what "official" one?20:19
konrados sec...20:19
konradosnacc, - http://www.tp-link.com/us/download/TL-WN823N.html#Driver and now I noticed two things, first they say it's for "Linux (kernel 2.6.18 ~ 3.10.10)" and second, opinions here are rather negative: http://www.tp-link.com/us/products/details/cat-5520_TL-WN823N.html o_O Like "Does not work with new linux like Ubuntu 16.06"20:22
leftyfbThat's good because there is no such thing as 16.06. So I guess they're right.20:23
konradoswait, who's right? I'm a bit lost here20:24
FuZi0NAny idea why i can't ping my 2nd ip at the end of that config? I'm running Ubuntu Server 16.0420:24
nacckonrados: so two things, that is ot "official" to this channel. THat is what tp-linnk says.20:25
nacckonrados: well, multiple thigs20:25
nacckonrados: they clearly say it doesn't work on newer kernels20:25
nacckonrados: and that it's unsupported when it does work20:25
leftyfbFuZi0N: is the interface up?20:25
FuZi0Nenp6s0f0 is up yes20:26
oerheksthe git fixes for 8192cu should work, with kernel 4.8 https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=235268120:26
FuZi0Nthe main ip works20:26
FuZi0Njust not the failover i added at the end20:26
leftyfbFuZi0N: then you need to bring it up20:26
leftyfbit won't ping unless the interface is up20:26
FuZi0N[2:26:03PM] <FuZi0N> enp6s0f0 is up yes20:27
FuZi0Nthe interface is up...20:27
tgm4883FuZi0N: where are you trying to ping it from? And are you sure you want to set it to a /32 ?20:28
tgm4883Since it's more than likely a /24 right?20:28
leftyfbFuZi0N: the other ip's need to be added to virtual interfaces.20:28
leftyfbFuZi0N: do any of the additional ip's show up in ifconfig or ip addr?20:28
FuZi0Nthe original ip shows up fine20:29
pavloskonrados: can you paste, apt-cache policy dkms20:29
leftyfbFuZi0N: I didn't ask about the original ip20:29
FuZi0Ni was trying to follow this tutorial20:29
FuZi0Nstep 220:29
leftyfbFuZi0N: to clarify, enp6s0f0 is not the interface for your additional ip's. It will probably be something like enp6s0f0:0 or FuZi0N: to clarify, enp6s0f0 is not the interface for your additional ip's. It will probably be something like enp6s0f0:120:30
leftyfbFuZi0N: do any of the additional ip's show up in ifconfig or ip addr?20:30
leftyfbFuZi0N: did you reboot since making that change to interfaces? Did you run the command(s) manually to see if they worked?20:30
Term1nalThere a way to get systemd fstab-generator to ignore a particular fstab entry?20:31
konradosnacc, thank you very much for your help. There is just one thing the adapter DID work better (although not perfectly) like two months ago... if this was a driver problem, that wouldn't be the case, right? Plus, right now, the connection gets worser the more I use the net, like watching youtube video kills it for a loooong time, I know it sounds funny, but it's true. Is this maybe a hint of something?20:32
nacckonrados: i have no idea, sorry -- could be a kernel update in between two months ago and now20:33
konradosnacc, thing is I didn't do any upgrades, which brings  a question for the next occasion20:34
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konradospavlos, - https://paste.ubuntu.com/25675536/20:34
pavloskonrados: thx, you got the latest20:35
konradospavlos, thanks, btw - latest of what?20:36
pavloskonrados: latest dkms for 16.04,
konradospavlos, - thanks again!20:37
pavloskonrados: np20:37
konradosI got disconnected, but... I guess there were no new messages, right? :(((((20:42
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wookpavlos: so i have a new problem to solve, i want to mount drives from more than one IP address that have different samba credentials, is it possible to make more than one .smbcredentials file? such as .smbcredentials1, .smbcredentials2 and so on?20:49
a|ienFShey guys, I just added a hardware RAID 5 array to an existing Ubuntu desktop but im not seeing the raid device under /dev/mdxx20:50
pavloswook: I dont know, let's search20:50
a|ienFSis there something else I need to do to activate it inside the OS itself? I assumed being hardware RAID it would just show up as a raid device20:50
wooki've been searching it but haven't found much20:50
phelixCould someone please help me figure out why my dns will not work on my machine?20:53
pavloswook: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently  seems each mount can have its own .smbcredentials file20:53
phelixI can manually set resolv.conf to something and it works for like a day then it quits again20:54
pavloswook: this section ... Mount password protected network folders20:54
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wookpavlos: i got it :D21:09
wookit worked just like i thought it would21:09
pavloswook: good21:09
pavlosphelix: have you tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure resolvconf21:10
phelixpavlos, yes and it doesn't seem to do anything.21:10
phelixWell, I mean it takes me to a screen and asks a question that i select yes to and then reboot. But when the machine comes back  still no DNS21:11
=== stinsen is now known as sphrak
pavlosphelix: is /etc/resolv.conf a link to /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf ?21:13
a|ienFSis there anyone around that can clue me in on how to add a hardware raid array to an existing install?21:16
a|ienFSI see the individual drives under /dev but shouldnt I be able to see the raid device under /dev/mdxx ?21:18
a|ienFSor is there maybe another support channel that is more active that I can ask my question in?21:20
pavlosphelix: nmcli dev show | grep DNS21:26
docmurHey guys, I'm having troule with USB stick, where it won't set the address properly.  I want to see if using a different driver then xhci_hcd might work, but it's build into the system and so rmmod isn't effective.  Does anyone know how I would go about disabling it at boot or switcing drivers?21:26
mcphaila|ienFS: it has been years since I looked at things like this, but back then a lot of "hardware" RAID was actually "fakeRAID" as per https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto . That guide is horribly out of date, though21:27
SweepyofaceHi, I have ufw set to deny incoming by default yet I'm still able to access 8082 over HTTP with no rules matching it21:28
a|ienFSthank you, ill take a look at it21:28
Term1nalI have a volume I'm mounting, and it used to mount to the name /media/<user>/Storage21:36
Term1nalNow it mounts to /media/<user>/Storage121:36
Term1nalis there a way to stop it from doing that?21:37
Sweepyofaceanyone able to help me?21:38
Term1nalthis dude musti in my PM box trying to get me to give him shell access lol21:38
Term1nalbeware folks.21:39
Term1nal"leet haxors" are here.21:39
mustii am newbie and i wanna learn some new things from another guys21:39
Term1nalmusti: linuxacademy.com21:40
mustiok thx21:40
pavlosSweepyoface: sudo ufw reset, sudo ufw enable, sudo ufw status verbose      should list deny(incoming)21:45
foul_owl_People that often spawn non terminal programs from your terminal, don't you get sick of typing "& disown" at the end of each command? I made a function "q" and added it to .zshrc but the downside is I don't get binary autocompletion now. Is there a better way to fix this? I can't be the only one with this issue22:18
foul_owl_"q rhtythmbox" etc haha22:18
nchamberswhy not just launch them normally?22:20
Ben64why do you need disown22:20
naccfoul_owl_: you would need to add your own shell completion functionality for q22:20
nchambersits a command shells provide to disown the process22:21
foul_owl_When the shell closes, the running process goes bye bye22:21
nchambersso you are no longer the process owner of the command22:21
naccwe know what disown meanns22:21
Ben64not if you close it properly22:21
naccwhy are you starting rhythmbox from a terminal?22:21
naccuse nohup?22:21
Ben64easy peasy?22:22
foul_owl_Causes it to close for me22:22
Ben64no it doesn't22:22
foul_owl_It does in zsh22:22
Ben64well theres your problem22:22
foul_owl_Last time I used bash it did also22:22
Ben64well that's incorrect22:23
foul_owl_But that was in 2012 or so22:23
foul_owl_It is incorrect, I agree22:23
foul_owl_Hmmm nope, still a problem in bash too22:24
foul_owl_try closing xterm22:24
foul_owl_"xterm bash"22:24
foul_owl_it's gone22:25
Ben64did i say alt+f422:25
naccfoul_owl_: read. Ben64 said use Ctrl+D.22:25
foul_owl_Did I say ctrl+d ? I'm telling you where the issue occurs22:26
Ben64the issue occurs in reading comprehension22:26
foul_owl_I read what you said22:26
foul_owl_You didn't read what I said22:26
Ben64i did, you did not22:26
foul_owl_I said the issue occurs when I close the terminal via alt+f422:26
Ben64so don't do that22:27
naccfoul_owl_: until just now, you actually hadn't said alt+f422:27
naccfoul_owl_: what do you want to achieve?22:27
naccfoul_owl_: so far you've been told how to solve the problem you asked about originally, and also why there are ways to make it not a problem at all22:27
Ben64alt+f4 is even more difficult to do than ctrl+d22:27
foul_owl_Ok: specifically: I want to be able to issue ctrl+d without the process closing in zsh22:28
naccfoul_owl_: you don't want ctrl+d to close the shell?22:29
naccfoul_owl_: how does this have anything to do with what you originally asked?22:29
foul_owl_Why does alt+f4 (and ctrl+d in zsh) cause a gui program I launched in the shell to close if that process is backgrounded with22:32
foul_owl_I don't want any gui program I launch to close, regardless if I close the terminal with alt+f4 or kill or whatever22:33
foul_owl_If I do "xterm bash", "inkscape &" and then "kill xterm" inkscape dies22:34
Ben64should ask in #zsh22:34
foul_owl_It affects bash also22:34
naccfoul_owl_: read about how processes work, specifically parent/child relationships22:34
Ben64but you're asking about zsh22:34
naccfoul_owl_: and you can ask that in #bash22:35
Ben64the answers aren't the same between bash and zsh22:35
foul_owl_So no apology for saying "that doesn't happen" ? Because you can clearly reproduce the issue22:36
Ben64what apology? you didn't say you were on zsh until after22:37
foul_owl_I mentioned both bash and zsh22:37
Ben64not until after22:38
PhrohdohCan I make my scrolling decelerate over as number of ms instead of being a hard stop via xinput?22:38
Sweepyofacepavlos, did that, here's the rules now: https://hastebin.com/owonijogil.vbs22:39
Sweepyofacebut I can still get to 8082 over HTTP just fine22:39
pavlosfoul_owl_: try, xterm bash, in there nohup xclock &  now, click the red x to kill the xterm, xclock still running. Is that what you want?22:40
OnkelTemHi folks22:41
OnkelTemI can't recall how to configure Konsole (yeah this is KDE) to get me notified when any long-running command is finished?22:41
pavlosSweepyoface: maybe you need to deny http as protocol22:41
foul_owl_Yes that is. I have already written a function to do "& disown" but the issue with using a function is it prevents autocompletion of whatever binary I am trying to run, which is definitely annoying when it comes to longer binary names22:42
naccfoul_owl_: and you were told, 22 minutes ago why22:42
Sweepyofacepavlos, there's no such thing as denying protocols22:43
Sweepyofacejust ports, and 8082 has no rule22:43
Sweepyofaceso it should drop it22:43
pavlosSweepyoface: sudo ufw deny http ... but it does issue ... 80 DENY Anywhere22:44
Sweepyofaceyes.. that's just a shortcut to port 8022:45
Sweepyofacedoes nothing else22:45
pavlosSweepyoface: I guess you could try sudo ufw deny 808222:46
Sweepyofacethat doesn't work either22:46
Sweepyofaceoh maybe it has to do with docker22:50
OnkelTemWhy beep doesn't work?22:51
OnkelTemDamned, why on EVERY release of Ubuntu beep doesn't work?22:51
OnkelTemAnd I always start to search wtf this happens22:51
Ben64first result for "ubuntu beep"22:55
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n35xdxb0is there a way of seeing what time a process was started at? in top or something? i'm opening an app from menu. but i'm trying to establish what its system name is (what commande executes it in terminal)23:23
schirtzeIs this a good channel to ask about systemd/init?23:25
glitsj16n35xdxb0: look inside the .desktop file that launches it, the "Exec=..." line shows the command23:25
n35xdxb0glitsj16: hey, thanks. i don't use desktop icons. but i've found another way. i'm just sorting by time started on top. so when i launch the app from menu, i then just check top and tht tells me the name23:27
OnkelTemWhy KDE on 17.04 doens't play sounds?23:28
glitsj16n35xdxb0: always options in linux :), yw23:28
OnkelTemI mean notification sounds23:28
prappl93n35xdxb0, if you know the exact time started, you could also use 'ps aux | grep [time in 24-hour format]'23:28
prappl93eg 'ps aux | grep 18:28'23:28
n35xdxb0prappl93: damn, that's a great idea. very very useful. thanks prappl93 !23:29
glitsj16schirtze: ask your question, if someone has anything to contribute, they will turn up23:29
glitsj16schirtze: although there's also #systemd23:29
schirtzeglitsj16, thanks I'll try both23:30
prappl93n35xdxb0, no problem!23:30
kostkonn35xdxb0, your menu most likely parses the desktop files in /usr/share/applications23:31
n35xdxb0kostkon: hey i didn't know about that. i was actuall wondering abt that. why i couldn't find it bin under the menu name. so /usr/share/applications is what the menu uses to subsequently find the app?23:35
schirtzeI choose to write linux keylogger/RAT for a security course project, I think I want to approach it by somehow changing something like the boot/systemd/init/shell chain. I don't know much of the kernel boot process, but I need a resource/heading to get started. I essentially want a "man in the middle" process that sits between the stdio of any shell that is started. I'm not sure if this is the right approach/feasible. I think the23:36
schirtzeplan is to "deploy" this attack through social engineering, not actually exploiting anything. So I'm more interested to the development approach to such a project. Thoughts/ideas/resources/questions?23:36
kostkonn35xdxb0, /usr/share/applications and ~/.local/share/applications23:36
PhrohdohWhen I set options via `xinput` are those written to a conf file somewhere or will I have to rerun the command each time I start the system?23:38
n35xdxb0kostkon: thanks again! very useful to know23:38
kostkonn35xdxb0, np23:38
glitsj16n35xdxb0: it's not something uniquely ubuntu, freedesktop spec --> https://specifications.freedesktop.org/desktop-entry-spec/latest/ (for your bookmarks/notes)23:39
Loshkin35xdxb0: I do the same thing, but I usually use 'ps axf' because then everything you've started inside your DE will show up as a child process. It's usually obvious from that what's running. Developers who name their apps things like "palimsest" should be told they are very clever and then taken out and shot.23:39
n35xdxb0glitsj16: thanks, and i am definitely keeping lots of notes. with irc, i usually get so many good answers at once, i've no choice :)23:41
schirtzeAre there any good linux security channels I should know of?23:41
glitsj16haha, I couldn't resist, it sure is a nice way of gathering info indeed23:42
glitsj16!alis | schirtze23:42
ubottuschirtze: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"23:42
n35xdxb0Loshki: hahah. lol. i agree :)23:42
Loshkischirtze: ##security, never been, dunno if it's any good. Most security weenies are a bit tightly wrapped, if ya' know what I mean.23:44
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