flocculantthe one I don't see bug05:26
flocculantgood lord - a firefox update without mucking about ...05:56
bluesabreUnit193: can you confirm if it affects anything other than Xubuntu so we can get some more eyes on it?09:23
bluesabreThis was not a very productive cycle for the team... https://dev.xubuntu.org/#tab-timeline09:24
Unit193[18:44:21] < jbicha> Unit193: didrocks is working on the glib 2.54.1-1 merge this week09:24
Unit193Soo, still need to?09:28
bluesabreUnit193: you should be off the hook then :)09:32
Unit193Still a regression from Zesty, just not as bad.09:33
knomebluesabre, yeah... better luck next cycle10:26
knomeit's LTS, so yeah, it will be more active10:26
* flocculant christens LTS cycle - ODWAT cycle ... 10:56
flocculantoh d'oh what about that 10:56
pleia2knome: done, pointed them at ancient xubuntu-devel archives too12:21
pleia2(on my own, not via @xubuntu)12:21
knomepleia2, ta13:52

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