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mupPR snapcraft#1594 closed: code style: remove the extra quotes in the dedent example <Created by elopio> <Merged by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/1594>17:47
ekkisI'm setting up to publish a snap but need to select a "developer namespace".  can anyone explain to me what this is?19:52
ekkisI can, apparently, only set it once and I don't want to get it wrong19:52
ekkisthe docs state: "This namespace will represent you as a publisher in the Snap Store and you won’t be able to change it afterwards"19:54
ekkisrepresent me? how?19:54
ekkisI have an account name.  so can I have my account name the same as the namespace?19:54
kyrofaekkis, yes20:25
kyrofaekkis, your namespace will show up in `snap list` as the publisher of the snap20:25
zyga-solusekkis: right20:27
zyga-solusekkis: so essentially this is your publisher nickname20:27
zyga-solusekkis: if you say "my namespace is ekkis"20:27
ekkisoh... I see.  it's because my "account" doesn't have an account name, like in most other systems20:27
zyga-solusekkis: then if someone "snap install thatfancyapp"20:27
zyga-solusekkis: then they will get it from "ekkis"20:27
zyga-solusekkis: I agree the word namespace is not clear here20:27
ekkisso they don't have to run `snap install ekkis/thatfancyapp`?20:28
zyga-solusekkis: that's right20:31
zyga-solusekkis: users install snaps20:31
zyga-solusekkis: snaps have names20:31
zyga-solusekkis: and users search by name, not by developer IDs or similar things20:31
ekkisthanks mate20:31
zyga-solusmy pleasure :)20:31
sergiusenskyrofa is the time off getting too boring? :-P20:31
ekkisI'm building my first20:31
kyrofasergiusens, haha, no, I just tend to idle here even when I'm not working and noticed a question :)20:32
zyga-solusnothing like the feeling of building one's first snap :)20:32
ekkisI can specify the `source` field as a url to a tarball.  can I also point it to a github repo?20:33
zyga-solusekkis: snaps give developers the power to publish to users20:33
zyga-solusekkis: yes20:33
ekkisdo I use the .git url?20:33
zyga-solusekkis: there are lots of possible schemes, sergiusens and kyrofa can tell you all about that20:33
ekkisfor example, for Einsteinium (which I'm trying to package), the Clone or Download button indicates: https://github.com/emc2foundation/einsteinium.git20:34
ekkiscan I use this url?20:34
kyrofaekkis, indeed you can20:34
sergiusenszyga-solus does content interface work with classic snaps?20:34
ekkissuppose that my project has a bunch of dependencies.  the build doc indicates I should install them using apt-get.  how do I express these in the `parts:` section?20:39
ekkisI presume these parts are snaps?20:39
ekkisso I have to find the equivalent snaps? or?20:39
ekkiswhich also begs the question, do I have to declare all the building tools?20:40
ekkismost of the dependencies are developer-level20:40
ekkisin other words there are dependence packages that don't need to be included in the snap20:42
kyrofaekkis, there are three keywords that will be of interest: build-packages, stage-packages, and build-snaps20:44
ekkisoh... let me read up on those then20:44
kyrofabuild-packages are debs that are installed on the host (builder). Build tools might fit into this section20:44
kyrofastage-packages are debs that are fetched from the archive and unpacked into the snap20:44
kyrofabuild-snaps are snaps that are installed on the host (e.g. perhaps your build tools are snapped)20:45
ekkisit's not part of the `parts` section I see20:45
kyrofaekkis, I'm not sure which docs you're reading20:46
ekkisI see in the different part of the docs it talks about these 3 keywords20:46
ekkisso for example, the command `sudo apt-get install build-essential libtool autotools-dev automake pkg-config libssl-dev libevent-dev bsdmainutils` in the instructions requires I have all those tools for building20:47
ekkisthat means I have to find snaps of them correct?20:47
kyrofaekkis, no, those would be build-packages20:47
ekkisso do I just declare `build-packages: build-essential libtool autotools-dev automake pkg-config libssl-dev libevent-dev bsdmainutils` ?20:48
kyrofaSomething like that. It needs to be a YAML list, but you have the right idea20:49
ekkisah.  ok20:49
ekkisand Snapcraft knows to do an apt-get for each20:49
ekkisand if snap is running on Fedora it will do a `yum install`? (or whatever it is now)20:49
kyrofaekkis, not yet, support for other distros in snapcraft is coming20:50
ekkisah, but at least theoreticallly20:51
ekkisat present I'm only concerned with Ubuntu20:51
ekkisI used to package stuff in RPM form for Redhat and later Fedora20:51
ekkisso having a cross-distro packager is great!20:51
kyrofaekkis, note that, while Snapcraft currently only runs on Ubuntu, the snaps it produces should run everywhere20:55
ekkisoh.  anywhere so long as `snap` is available on the platform20:58
kyrofaekkis, you got it21:01
kyrofaekkis, fedora has snapd, for example21:01
sergiusensekkis support for rpm distros is coming through dnf support, you can probably get more detailed information from Son_Goku on that aspect21:04
* Son_Goku waves21:05
sergiusenskyrofa since you are here, mind quickly glancing at snapcraft#1597 ?21:06
mupPR snapcraft#1597: pluginhandler: warn about migrated system libraries <Created by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/1597>21:06
Son_Gokuekkis: if you want to build RPM-based snaps, you can do it by hand right now21:08
Son_Gokuthough it's a pain to do21:08
Son_Gokukyrofa and kalikiana have been helping me with getting different aspects of Snapcraft running on Fedora21:08
mupPR snapcraft#1597 opened: pluginhandler: warn about migrated system libraries <Created by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/1597>21:08
ekkisSon_Goku: I may want to.  I'm building my first snap so I'll stick to the Ubuntu variant but I may come back to you21:14
ekkisSon_Goku: I was a redhat/fedora guy for a decade years ago21:14
Son_Gokuthe main problem is describing the security stuff21:17
Son_Gokuotherwise, it's really easy21:17
* Son_Goku grumbles21:23
Son_Gokucrap Wi-Fi sucks21:24
ekkisdoes it matter what I call parts? I think I only have one part so I could just call it `main`?21:24
ekkiskyrofa: "A set of Ubuntu packages to be downloaded and unpacked to join the part before it’s built" -- what does "join" mean?21:27
ekkisguys, I've looked through the docs but it's not at all clear to me where I actually run the commands to build my app21:30
ekkisI need to run autogen, configure, make and make install21:31
ekkisoh.... I can use `plugin: autotools`21:32
mupPR snapcraft#1574 closed: Add Dotnet plugin and a sample snap for integration test <enhancement> <Created by rakeshsinghranchi> <Merged by sergiusens> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/1574>21:32
ekkisso I just need to figure out how to configure the plugin21:32
zyga-solusekkis: part names don't matter21:43
ekkisok, cool21:43
zyga-solusekkis: snapcraft has nice built in help I think21:43
zyga-solusincluding help for particular plugins21:43
ekkis# snapcraft --help autotools?21:44
sergiusenssnapcraft help autotools21:44
zyga-solusnot quite I think, try snapcraft help and look from there21:44
zyga-solusI think snapcraft help plugins or something like that talks about it but I don't remember21:44
zyga-solusthank you sergiusens21:45
ekkisthe help is for commands to snapcraft21:46
ekkisbut I'm looking at the web for help.  the docs are not very clear21:47
sergiusensekkis https://docs.snapcraft.io/build-snaps/your-first-snap21:49
ekkisyes, I'm reading through that doc21:50
sergiusensmy network is wonky, so I cannot verify what I am sending over your way ekkis but this might be useful https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/create-your-first-snap21:51
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