roastedsnaps seem to still require authentication?01:19
lotuspsychjedid you fix it jayze 04:07
jayzeYeah everything is working pretty great04:09
jayzealthough I was not able to connect to wifi on campus today. Must be something of how the wifi is setup authentication wise.04:09
jayzeWorks just fine at home when im not on the dock and authenticates.04:10
lotuspsychjejayze: yeah .edu networks can be a pain04:13
jayzeyep, I am not sure exactly what the issue is there. But I am going to work on it next week for sure. 04:14
lotuspsychjejayze: got any other bugs on artful you seen?04:40
lotuspsychjethese are my founds https://bugs.launchpad.net/~lotuspsychje04:43
jayzemmm well, caffeine was crashing everytime I loaded up.04:52
jayzebut I just removed it.04:52
lotuspsychjejayze: not very big issues :p04:53
jayzenope, not really.04:53
lotuspsychjejayze: overall gnome smoothness good for you on wayland?04:53
jayzeIts been pretty stable, I did not even bother installing a LTS partition.04:53
jayzeVery smooth.04:54
jayzeId try it on my desktop but I dont really want to setup dual booting on that machine. Though it would be way overpowered.04:54
jayzeI am curious to see it run though04:55
lotuspsychjejayze: i got stuttering issue on xorg to wayland switch05:06
lotuspsychjeon older ati x80005:06
jstarnesHello, all. This afternoon I made a live usb of the beta iso. It worked fine on my desktop, however on my acer chromebook 14 with galliumos gave a boot error gfxboot. Is this a known issue?05:21
lotuspsychjejstarnes: try TAB to bypass it?05:22
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | jstarnes could also help05:24
ubottujstarnes could also help: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter05:24
jstarnesI am currently on the chromebook under gallium, so testing will have to wait a bit.05:29
jstarnesSet up irc on phone. I will try your suggestions.05:39
jstarnes-andOk 'live nomodetest' got me to the live desktop. Thanks05:43
lotuspsychje!yay | jstarnes-and 05:44
ubottujstarnes-and: Glad you made it! :-)05:44
yookoalaDo you guys know much about Linux display stack?05:49
yookoalaHow does Linux treat tty console differently than the Xorg / wayland display?05:50
yookoalaI'm still tracing a bug with Gnome, where it logs me off everytime I turn off the screen.05:53
yookoalaBut I do not know enough to the display stack to pin point the exact pacakge thats responsible.05:54
ducasseyookoala: you don't really need to know, if you file a bug against some package that might be involved the devs will take care of reassigning it properly06:36
yookoaladucasse: I have filed a bug but I don't know if devs noticed that.06:42
yookoalaI guess I might filed it under the wrong package.06:42
ducassewhich package did you file it against? what is the bug number?06:43
yookoaladucasse: bug #1721428 under gnome-shell06:45
ubottubug 1721428 in Nouveau Xorg driver "Artful (17.10) Session logout after screen turned off" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/172142806:45
ducassegive me a moment to read it06:46
yookoaladucasse: Thanks06:46
ducasseit was only filed two days ago, that's not long. i suggest posting in the discussion thread you mention to get others to first of all confirm the bug, then add their comments. that will add to it's visibility.06:49
yookoaladucasse: There are already others (I believe from the forum thread) commented on the issue. But I think I gotta wait then.06:52
jstarnes-andOn the liveusb I have not been able to get sound via the speakers or headphones. Happily bluetooth ad2p do work. Any ideas?06:58
adamitschWhy my computer wont shut down on 17.10?08:06
adamitschand my area selection screenshot doesn't work ... :/08:14
qqqwxleaanybody have any success running gnome-music on 17.10 beta?13:18
=== qqqwxlea is now known as qwxlea
roastedqwxlea: I was able to launch gnome music and play a local track14:19
roastedit doesn't seem to understand the symlink though. My music is symlinked over autofs from a smb share on my server.14:19
roastedI haven't used gnome music in a long time. This is kind of blah compared to rhythmbox. :<14:19
roastedIs anybody else noticing any weirdness with 17.10 and Wayland? Just a minute ago I had about 3 or 4 programs open. I hit CTRL Q to close VLC and my entire session logged out.14:20
roastedThis has happened a few times...14:20
qwxlearoasted: thanks, that explains some missing stuff, the startup is just very slow on first start, I forgot about it and after an hour stuff appeared14:21
qwxleabut so far it's stable14:21
roastedyeah. i mean it functioned for what few local tracks I had14:21
roastedbut if I can't tap into a network share for my music this thing is DOA to me. :P14:21
qwxleayep, went back to clementine14:21
roastedI also find it irritating that just by clicking a track it auto plays it14:21
qwxleawhich is ugly...14:22
roastedso when I was in IRC and lcick back to gnome music to make it active window, it switched my track14:22
roastedI haven't used clementine in a while now.14:22
roastedI hav ea soft spot for Clementine -- I used it to run the music at my own wedding 5 years ago. :P14:22
roastedI quite like rhythmbox tho. More simplistic than Clementine but it actually has useful/expected features vs Gnome Music.14:22
qwxleaclementine is like the dog from GOT, ugly but powerful, potentially evil (qt)14:22
roastedI think I have some misguided anger towards Qt at the moment.14:23
roastedThe appindicator is acting silly with Qt apps14:23
qwxleai like krita...14:23
roastedso i'm finding myself looking for a new IRC client that isn't Qt just to avoid that bug14:23
roastedI hope it gets fixed by release though14:23
roastedit's maddening14:23
qwxleatesting polari here14:24
roastedI'd rather simply not use appindicator than my icons changing just by my screen locking14:24
roastedI'm tempted to try out polari14:24
roastedbut I would need some sort of bouncer14:24
roastedI use quassel-core and quassel-client. It's gravy.14:24
roastedI would need to set up ZNC or something to switch clients if I want that same feature set.14:24
roastedand ZNC is hilarious to set up vs that of QuasselCore14:24
madigensroasted: https://riot.im/14:24
roastednever heard of this madigens14:25
roastedlooks neat at first glance tho14:25
madigensme neither until a month ago. it's an online messenger thingamabob with irc bridging14:25
roastedcan I host it on my server?14:25
madigensmaybe, the core is apparently opensource14:26
qwxleamadigens: that is not an inspiring line14:26
roastedany of you running 17.10 with wayland?14:26
roastedyou see any random log outs when you hit certain keyboard shortcuts?14:27
madigensi'd love to run wayland but i don't seem to get that option14:27
qwxlealike what shortcuts?14:27
roastedlike I hit CTRL Q to close VLC14:27
roastedan dit logged out my entire                                                                                             session14:27
qwxleajust a sec... let me try14:27
roastedand somehow my laptop locked up typing that as I hit space bar14:27
roastedlike just now I did it and it closed VLC fine14:28
roastedbut 15 mins ago14:28
roastedsession just died as if I hit log out14:28
qwxleanope works fine vlc+wayland+CTRL-Q14:29
roastedit's happened with other apps too14:29
qwxleabut i have a super-simple graphic card14:29
roastedI don't even use VLC. That was the first time I opened it.14:29
qwxleagnome-mpv here14:29
roastedI dig gnome-mpv and mpv14:29
roastedfor difference use-case scenarios14:29
roastedwhat's your experience with appindicator14:30
roastedare you getting any wishy washy icons?14:30
roastedi.e. screen times out or you lock it, come back, half are gone?14:30
roastedseems isolated to Qt apps for the most part14:31
qwxleanope, sofar everything is great, better then kde-neon-plasma which crashed daily14:31
qwxleabut i have been in chrome-emacs-gnome-terminal for two days, mainly14:31
roastedyeah I had a bad experience with neon14:31
roastedit does it with apps like dropbox and nextcloud too14:32
roastedand quassel in my case14:32
qwxleayes, i try kde every two years or so, and then go back to gnome14:32
roastedif I lock screen and come back telegram, quassel, dropbox gone14:32
roastednextcloud remains somehow14:32
roastedit's squirrely14:32
qwxleaok, i haven't installed those yet, let me try installing dropbox ... brb14:32
qwxleainstalling dropbox always makes me feel a bit dirty...14:36
roastedyeah. I really don't use dropbox much.14:36
roasted5GB of Dropbox or 1TB on my nextcloud... tough decision :P14:37
roasteddropbox is a good example of the issue with appindicator that 17.10 will use, tho14:37
qwxlearoasted: you have a private nextcloud install?14:38
roastedI just host it on an old light power server in my basement14:38
roastedthrew two laptop drives in there, 2x1TB, raid1'd them. it works. :P14:38
qwxleaok, testing closing my laptop, and coming back, hopefully... brb 14:38
roastedno need to test close. Even a simple lock screen + log in (Super L, then log back in) will simulate the issue. :P14:39
roastedhope the bug gets more traction by release14:40
qwxleaok, got myself a beer, as i am being super helpful today :-)14:40
roastedyou see the dropbox systray icon disappear?14:40
qwxleadropbox icon is gone14:40
roastedthere's a bug somewhere. could +1 it. :P sec...14:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1719192 in gnome-shell-extension-appindicator (Ubuntu) "Some Top Icons Disappear After Screen Locks - 17.10" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:41
roastedI gotta jet for a bit. back later. thanks for the quick confirmation. :P14:41
irateminLooking for some assistance on a wifi problem.  Upgraded 17.04 - 17.10 last night.  Wifi connects but continues to show a ? instead of strength.  Unable to resolve any address.15:03
irateminAsking again before I wipe the laptop. 15:03
qwxleairatemin: you can do some debugging with nmcli15:04
irateminim not experienced with that tool but can read up on it.  What types of checks do you suggest running?15:06
qwxleastart with nmcli> some pastebin, it is probably a driver issue 15:10
irateminsounds good.  I'll play with it tonight.  thanks for the advice15:13
qwxleairatemin: we had stuff like this before: https://askubuntu.com/questions/613065/unable-to-connect-to-wireless-network-following-upgrade-to-15-0415:17
qwxleahave fun!15:17
tosmannHi all, has anyone got any experience with the networking changes in Ubuntu 17.10 server in regard to static IPs and bridge interfaces?20:04
tosmannMmmmmm.... juicy silence....20:36
Bashing-omtosmann: Generalities are too broad . Got a specific question ?20:40
tosmannBashing-om: Yes - I've tried setting my network preferences (static) the same way I used to in 17.04 and 16.10 ( /etc/network/interfaces). This is ignored in 17.10. I've also tried to create a /etc/systemd/network/25-myconf.network but this is also ignored. I can't find any documentation on what has changed or what should be the "preferred" way of doing things now - thus, I ask - what changed? I want to create my br0 interface that has th IP and config 20:43
tosmannand redirect it to my enp8s4f0... 20:44
Bashing-omtosmann: Good question that I do not know the answer to . no br0 experience here . wait for the response here of those who do know .20:46
=== qqqwxlea is now known as qwxlea
qwxleatosmann: the best docs i used, but that was last year or so: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Systemd-networkd#Bridge_interface21:11
qwxleais tracker-preferences dead? how do i tell tracker NOT to index certain folders?21:14
ducassetosmann: aiui, network configuration is now handled by netplan, but it is (or is supposed to, anyway) auto-generate config from existing /e/n/i or nm setups21:22
ducasseyou might want to look into it anyway, 'nplan' package. i've got a link, somewhere...21:22
tosmannducasse: step 1, hurdle 1: 21:35
tosmannroot@thjalfi:/etc/systemd/network# netplan ifupdown-migrate21:35
tosmannUnsupported method manual21:35
tosmanniface enp8s4f0 inet manual  <---- needed in the old /e/n/i when using a bridge...21:36
ducasseoh, faaantastic. i was thinking of upgrading my desktop today, glad i didn't...21:41
ducassehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Netplan https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MigratingToNetplan21:44
roastedqwxlea: I have the opposite problem. Tracker seems to work against the default folders, but not of anything inside new folders I created, such as nextcloud, etc.21:46
roastedoh what the21:46
roastedthink I just found it actually?21:47
qwxlearoasted: gnome-control-center > search,  little star, add OTHER location21:47
roastedqwxlea: system settings >> search >> 3 lines in lower right corner21:47
roastedqwxlea: but doesn't that answer your question too as you can just disable what you don't want?21:47
qwxlearoasted: maybe, it might take some time for stuff to appear, disapear from the index21:48
qwxleait sure is no OSX-spotlight :-(21:48
roastedI'm already getting results populating21:49
roastedso tracker must have updated21:49
roasteda more logical default approach would be any non-hidden dir in /home/$USER21:50
roastedwonder if I can just do that...21:50
tosmannducasse: the magic line that will unbreak the network; "apt install ifupdown" :) Thanks for the link. I think they still have a mile to go with the migration to Netplan. It may be a good idea from a descriptive installation point of view - but from the viewpoint of a sysop of decades, it's "one more thing I have to learn and another which I can't unlearn". I've installed ifupdown and am about to reboot - let's see if the iron comes up with an active 21:58
tosmannnetwork again :)21:58
Bashing-omtosmann: fingers crossed :)22:05
ducassetosmann: let's hope so :) seems it's trendy to plug in new software before it can do the stuff the old did...22:06
tosmannnope, still comes up on dhcp :|22:15
kiromaGRUB doesn't display anything for me, but still responds to keyboard actions.22:24
kiromaIt started happening recently.22:24
tosmannok, progress - installed bridge-tools (which aren't installed by default - my oversight) and rebooted, now the interfaces _are_ correctly configured - but something still tags as failed in starting the network (delaying boot for almost 2 minutes)...22:30
Bashing-omtosmann: ' systemd-analyze ; systemd-analyze blame ' give any hints ?22:47
tosmannThe problem was systemd-networkd-wait-online - and it wasn't enough to do systemctl disable, it needed systemctl mask23:31
tosmannbut at least no I have liftoff. Reboot time down to 160 seconds...23:31

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