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lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:07
ducassehi, everyone06:11
ducasse\o lotuspsychje, Bashing-om06:11
lotuspsychjehey hey ducasse06:13
Bashing-omducasse: \o WB ,06:13
ducassehow are you guys? been busy, Bashing-om?06:22
ducasseBashing-om: there was a deer running across my lawn this morning, just an hour ago :)06:22
* Bashing-om getting sleepy // Been slow but picking up presently .06:23
xanguaNo deers in the "deer Park" here, apparently we ate them all06:24
Bashing-omducasse: We have been missing the deer we generally see here :(06:25
ducasseso close to major forest here, but it's still rare to see them in your yard.06:29
* ducasse slides a coffee over to sleepy Bashing-om06:29
ducassework today, lotus?06:30
immuhi ducasse lotuspsychje Bashing-om06:35
* Bashing-om pours his milk into provided coffee :)06:37
Bashing-omimmu: :)06:37
immuis today a good day for everyone?06:40
Bashing-omAnd that's all folks ;; g nite .06:49
EriC^^morning all10:24
ducassehi EriC^^10:25
ducasseall well?10:25
EriC^^hi ducasse , how are you?10:25
EriC^^yes, thanks10:25
ducasseall good here, thanks.10:26
BluesKajHowdy all11:05
ducassehiya BluesKaj - all well?11:10
BluesKajhey ducasse, yes doing fine, but it's raining, and you?11:11
immuEriC^^, hi13:26
EriC^^hi immu14:04
immuBluesKaj, hi15:04
BluesKajhi immu, EriC^^15:15
immuhi all15:16
immui am wrong , i took the command and ran it15:17
immuoops wrong window15:17
EriC^^hey BluesKaj15:35
BluesKajhey EriC^^ , what's happening today?>15:49
EriC^^not much eating some icecream you?15:49
BluesKajnot much here either, just staying inside aon rainy miserable day15:50
ducasseyay icecream! :)15:50
EriC^^i'm doing a little work on my website now15:51
EriC^^as well, trying to get the scroll bar, chat window stuff to work15:51
EriC^^hmm not working, damn15:52
EriC^^wb immu15:56
immuwhere had you being EriC^^15:58
EriC^^here immu15:58
EriC^^got it working, whew!15:59
EriC^^i can also add this to termview.me for a better scroll experience, it had some bugs with that16:00
EriC^^my last mission for now on the youtubextras site is to fix the search bar code i got cause it seems to hang, wish i knew somebody that knew javascript well :(16:01
immulike what?16:01
EriC^^immu: it's a site that shows all youtube comments, and lets you chat with others watching to help eachother out, also has a "top useful comments" list that you can add comments to16:02
immuon which Ubuntu are you on? version16:02
EriC^^i was working on the scroll bar so it autoscrolls if you're a little close to the bottom16:02
EriC^^hey daftykins16:03
EriC^^how are you?16:03
daftykinsnot bad thanks :) hiding out from some rain here, too16:03
ducassei'm on ubuntu 42 vegan vorgon16:03
daftykinsall well over there?16:03
EriC^^yup all good here16:03
EriC^^did you finish the renovation for your home?16:03
immuEriC^^, tell me your Ubuntu version16:04
daftykinsnah still stuck in insurance paperwork again, sadly16:04
EriC^^those insurance guys are worst than lawyers16:05
immudaftykins, its the same renovation work yeah that you posted about16:05
daftykinspossibly, roof leak damage still right now16:05
daftykinshehe, well we all play a part... right now i've gotten a lot of the reports in, but now the insurance adjuster wants an update on the projected cost, but the building firm didn't supply something that made sense so i have to discuss that - but i'm going to Spain for work on Monday16:06
daftykinsgonna try to leave some notes for my Dad to pass to his colleague to get it right whilst i'm away - don't want to lose another week waiting16:10
forgottensudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnome3-team/gnome316:14
immuducasse, you are so funny version 4216:15
oerheksOh, i am still on 41 - Utterly Usefull16:17
immui am on Ubuntu 17.04 :) waiting for 17.10 :)16:17
forgottentrying 17.10 with gnome.  everything about linux seems bloated and clunky to me16:21
EriC^^gnome is pretty fat16:23
daftykinsare you running it on a calculator?16:25
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ducasseso, what _isn't_ bloated and clunky, in your view?16:27
forgotten[    0.072000] smpboot: CPU0: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700HQ CPU @ 2.40GHz (family: 0x6, model: 0x3c, stepping: 0x3)16:27
forgottenthe BSD's16:27
daftykinstry again with a light DE.16:29
forgotteni run Awesome on my X1 carbon with openbsd16:29
forgottenim not saying it's slow... just clucky and bloated.16:30
forgottenlike the proc list... holy crap16:30
syntaxicyou guys know any good VAC for ubuntu?16:33
syntaxic HexChat: 2.10.2 ** OS: Linux 4.10.0-32-generic x86_64 ** Distro: "elementary"elementary" ** CPU: 2 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 3.50GHz ** RAM: Physical: 3.8GiB, 83.2% free ** Disk: Total: 9.7GiB, 57.0% free ** VGA: VMware SVGA II Adapter ** Sound: ENS1371 - Ensoniq AudioPCI ** Ethernet: Intel Corporation 82545EM Gigabit Ethernet Controller ** Uptime: 41m 8s **16:35
daftykinsif you're running elementary OS then you're in the wrong place16:36
ducasseplus, if nobody asked for your system specs then nobody wants to see them.16:38
oerheksmy system is black with some leds. looks fast  ...16:39
oerheksand it has a big bad ubuntu logo on it, so it must be good!16:40
syntaxici didnt mean to post them, this is my first time using hexchat. i thought it would prompt you to proceed17:26
oerhekssyntaxic, that would be a good option17:26
syntaxicand i also have ubuntu, im just deciding to use hexchat on this distro17:26
syntaxicbut yeah, do you guys know of any good vacs for ubuntu? i only found a really old one last updated over 10 years ago.17:29
daftykinsno idea what you're referring to when you use that acronym17:30
Bashing-omo/ guys - slow Saturday -17:33
daftykinssurprised not more are in, seems a lot of rain keeping folk indoors :)17:33
ducassevac = vicious attack cat?17:35
syntaxicvirtual audio cables, sorry17:36
oerheksoh, jack ..17:37
syntaxicoh, thank you17:39
oerheksold, but should work https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToQjackCtlConnections17:41
immui am bacck17:51
immuEriC^^, ducasse lordievader BluesKaj  & did i forget anyone else17:53
pauljwHi everyone18:51
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