andolWondering if someone could help me remove my Ubuntu cloak? Haven't really been doing much contribution lately, so feels a little bit odd "wearing" it.06:39
elkyandol: staff here might notice, or you can keep an eye on /stats p and ask one who shows up there06:41
andolelky: Will do, thanks.06:51
Fuchsandol: unaffiliated instead?10:51
andolFuchs: I figured simply cloakless, unless I'm missunderstanding something?13:25
Fuchsandol: I can do cloakless or I can give you unaffiliated, hence me asking what you prefer16:26
andolFuchs: Got it :) Please make me cloakless.16:45
Fuchsas you wish16:51
Fuchsandol: cloak removed16:51
Fuchsandol: hoping to see you in another project soon, then :)16:52
Fuchselky: ^^^  in case of you people keeping record of that somewhere16:54
Unit193Fuchs: Already taken care of. :)17:02

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