qubesI am not sure why i am unable to watch movies using VLC...when trying to watch a movie, it stops after i click on play...any reason why this is happening?05:06
pc-labi'v a problem with a monitor how i can reset display configurayion ?11:08
ricotzalkisg, hi13:39
ricotzdid you had problems with newer firefox version on e.g. ltsp?13:40
alkisgHi ricotz13:40
alkisgWith firefox in general, yes13:40
ricotz(not sure if you where one of the firefox-esr requesters)13:40
alkisg2 problems, reported, 1 solved, with upstream patch13:40
alkisgNo, I'm not...13:40
ricotzah I see13:41
alkisgricotz: do we have firefox-esr in 16.04?13:41
ricotzalkisg, what where those 2 problems?13:41
* alkisg checks...13:41
alkisgflash immediate crash,13:41
alkisgand flash crash on right click13:41
ricotzregarding firefox-esr https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/ubuntu/ppa13:41
ricotzright, that was fixes13:41
alkisgDoes it fully replace firefox, or it installs alongsidE?13:42
ricotzit installs in parallel like firefox-trunk13:42
ricotzwith a separate profile branch13:42
alkisgAh, got it; this may cause confuse with link opening from e.g. thunderbird etc13:43
ricotzalkisg, how so?13:43
ricotzI am using firefox-trunk, firefox-esr and firefox in here, and firefox is set as default13:44
alkisgis there a setting for all users, like update-alternetives?13:51
ricotzalkisg, no they are completely separate14:02
alkisgSo it wouldn't be easy for first graders to go to preferences and set firefox-esr as their default browser, it would be confusion for teachers and sysadmins...14:04
ricotzalkisg, doing so should work14:47
velkatahi all15:01
mjregimi would like to know if anyone could sove mi issu ,, unable to detect orther video to mirror my screen,, i am a newbie so forgive my ignorance18:26
buzynдисплей qhd20:13
buzynкак сделать изображение крупнее? (не изменяя разрешения)20:14
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buzynввел в терминале, ничего не нашло20:21

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