hwpplayer1Hi do you talk about high performance computing ?12:58
tomreynhwpplayer1: i guess there's no reason not to12:59
tomreyn...as long as it's based on ubuntu-server13:00
hwpplayer1tomreyn : run that command on your Ubuntu OS -->  sudo apt-cache search quantum | more > quantum.ubuntu.txt on your playground folder ofcourse13:03
tomreynhwpplayer1: why?13:04
hwpplayer1tomreyn : i just want to talk about these packages and their sources , it is related with science , machine learning and high performance computing13:05
tomreynhwpplayer1: okay, what's your goal?13:07
hwpplayer1tomreyn : to deploy them in a more comfortable environment13:07
hwpplayer1there is a channel for that #ubuntu-science13:08
tomreynhwpplayer1: yes i guess it's best discussed there.13:09
tomreynsee also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuScience13:09
hwpplayer1But no one is there , hope Canonical didnt left there13:10
tomreynif you are trying to improve on the packaging of these softwares you'd best read up on ubuntu package development (see also #ubuntu-devel and it's channel topic)13:12
hwpplayer1tomreyn : not only packaging but development and service contiunity13:12
tomreynif you'd like to get involved with software development you'd best contact the developers of the existing softwares directly (i.e. outside of ubuntu).13:13
hwpplayer1i'll make it up to you , a platform may be13:14
hwpplayer1I want to make an IRC Meeting on #ubuntu-science at UTC+3 19:00 Istanbul who wants to join are welcome15:33
gunixguys, i need some help :(19:53
gunixwhen using mariadb on lxd containers, mariadb won't start the nodes when using galera19:53
gunixi can start the first node with new glaera cluster19:54
gunixaand i can start any db as long as i disable the galera conf19:54
gunixhmm ... i think this might be related to the fact that connections between containers default to ipv6. i have to test this.19:55
gunixwell, i disabled ipv6 on all nodes, AND i also rebooted the hypervizor and it seems to work now20:18
tafa2can anyone recommend a dnsbl other than bl.spamcop.net, zen.spamhaus.org and cbl.abuseat.org ?21:53
keithzg[m]tafa2: I also use truncate.gbudb.net, although in my postfix conf it's after the three you mentioned, heh.23:36
keithzg[m]IIRC it does catch some things the others don't from time to time23:37
tafa2thanks keithzg[m]23:44
tafa2added it looks good23:44
keithzg[m]No problem :)23:44

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