floridagram-bot1<govatent> That's scary01:09
floridagram-bot1<govatent> People are so crazy01:09
floridagram-bot1<RazPi> So someone suggested to me javascript front end dev was easy, paid well, and had a lot of free time10:33
floridagram-bot1<RazPi> Is this all true10:33
floridagram-bot1<AdamOutler> No.12:09
floridagram-bot1<AdamOutler> It depends where you work.12:09
floridagram-bot1<AdamOutler> The bottom of glass prints comes out like glass! :D12:59
floridagram-bot1<ahoneybun> Damn the Google Home sound is awesome20:42
floridagram-bot1<AdamOutler> you just got one?20:43
floridagram-bot1<ahoneybun> No the one you guys got me20:43
floridagram-bot1<AdamOutler> oh!  Yeah!20:43
floridagram-bot1<ahoneybun> Got internet last Wednesday20:43
floridagram-bot1<AdamOutler> it's great!20:43
floridagram-bot1<ahoneybun> But they gave me tv and phone for some reaon in a bundle20:44

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