* cyberanger wonders how some people have so much free time....14:12
Unit193Wonder why it hit here tbh, didn't see it hit anywhere else.14:12
cyberangerThat too14:16
* wrst wishes we had been here to have at least had the fun of kicking them17:06
cyberangerI think it picked from the most recent message, which was you.17:12
wrsthey cyberanger, I'm upgrading arch to gnome 3.26 it looks like, I'm pretty sure I may install ubuntu, they are making gnome what it should be, wish they had done that pre unity17:12
cyberangerSometimes it takes a colossical screw up to get it right in the end....17:13
wrstthe work they are doing on gnome is great, I'm sure not for everyone, but I think for most of us that want a just install and use it solution, I'm really happy with it17:14
cyberangerI know Qubes OS isn't for everyone, sadly.17:15
wrstwell I have to admit I don't worry as much about security as I likely should17:15
cyberangerI don't worry, I overacheive.17:17
wrstha ha very true17:18
cyberangerThen I worry about not overacheiving enough.17:18
* Unit193 randomly runs across https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-geoip/+bug/117871918:05
cyberangerUnit193: Yeah, an oldie but a goodie. Affects a larger area than that bug implies too21:44
cyberangerI just set my gear to UTC anyway, but before I'd have to manually fix it on every install.21:45
wrstwell, just got the gnome update on arch and have it pretty much looking like ubuntu... not ready to swap out yet I don't guess23:47

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