naccurgodfather: yes, but it is in 16.0400:00
naccbirkoff: it is released and that makes it as stable as anything else released. It is not an LT00:00
urgodfathernacc: you are correct my friend00:00
urgodfatherthank you!00:00
naccurgodfather: np, aiui, mythbuntu was just an ISO version of some of the default packages00:01
naccurgodfather: the mythbuntu ppa also is still maintained, afaict00:02
urgodfatherthats good to know00:02
urgodfathermicroshitheads fubared my htpc00:03
urgodfatherso... now im on the mission to rebuild00:03
urgodfatherpreferably backend and frontend on the same machine but for some reason i remember having problems with it long term00:04
urgodfatherhow do i list pcie devices00:37
urgodfatherlooks like i have to track down how to get my tuner working00:37
bcowanurgodfather, lspci00:37
urgodfatherthats what i thought00:37
urgodfatherim used to using grep00:37
bcowanurgodfather, lspci -k | grep blahh00:38
urgodfatherhmm.... according to linuxtv my card has been supported by linux for years00:39
n35xdxb0i have a basic function like    https://pastebin.com/YhKg70bV    with allwos me to select files and then open one with default editor by entering a number. only issue is i can't get make it scrollable with more or less. i''ve tried adding   | less   at the end, to no effect. any ideas?01:58
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norsuHi all! Ubuntu Mate: is there any way to enable a search function like in macOS: cmd + space or Windows with the windows key? I can find the MATE Search Tool but it isn't quite the same thing. Usually I like to launch software with that macOS cmd + space style02:29
Lehthanisevening!  Anyone here know anything about ajenti?02:30
doug16knorsu, like alt+f2?03:01
tgm4883norsu: there is synapse03:05
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norsudoug16k: ok yes that is the MATE Search Tool but just is a bit klunky compared to macOS or Win version of the ~same thing03:36
doug16kI guess you are running mate then. this is #ubuntu so I assumed you were using unity03:37
doug16kthere's a ubuntu mate? ok :)03:39
doug16kI'm a defaults guy03:39
doug16kain't broke and all that03:39
no_wee_feeHello. I'm stuck. Last 1.5 yrs running Ubuntu. Never an issue....04:01
no_wee_feeMy wifi is dead now. Just won't connect to any network. Spins, times out, then disconnects.04:02
no_wee_feeI've been troubleshooting on the ubuntu network troubleshooter, but no leads.04:02
no_wee_feeAny help on here tonight?04:02
nickgarveyno_wee_fee: can you pastebin the output of "sudo dmesg | tail -n50" ? let me know if you need help doing that04:03
no_wee_feeSure thing. Here you go: https://paste.ubuntu.com/25690273/04:04
nickgarveyhm nothing stands out. can you try to connect again, and then re-run that command and pastebin it? that way I can see what logs are generated when you run it by comparing it against what you just sent me04:06
no_wee_fee_sorry! I saw where you were going so I disconnected the LAN and tried connecting to wifi to generate more dmesg: https://paste.ubuntu.com/25690301/04:08
no_wee_fee_[ sorry! I saw where you were going so I disconnected the LAN and tried connecting to wifi to generate more dmesg: https://paste.ubuntu.com/25690301/04:09
nickgarveyokay perfect. I see line 39 of that paste and I'm trying to understand what "Reason 2" means04:10
nickgarveyI know the disconnect was line 39 because of the timestamps - there is a jump in time from 38 to 39. I will look now to figure out what that mysterious 2 is :)04:11
no_wee_fee_here are some deauth codes from Cisco. Wonder if this helps04:12
no_wee_fee_"2Previous authentication no longer validNOT SUPPORTED" ??04:12
nickgarveyno_wee_fee_: I see some people who had the same issue and resolved it this way: https://askubuntu.com/a/68949204:13
nickgarveybasically it seems it might be related to some ipv6 settings that you don't likely need. try disabling them and then trying. I doubt you need to reboot but it won't hurt if it doesn't work without it04:13
no_wee_fee_nickgarvey: I already have IPv6 disabled. I can't remember how I did it though (was a long time ago). I'll read through the post you recommended (lots of info!) and let the room know what I find.04:16
no_wee_fee_Thanks for that killer dmesg debug command!04:16
nickgarveysounds good, good luck! :)04:18
xorpadhow can I enable colors in bash? is it a compile time option or is there a setting?04:23
nickgarveyxorpad: what kind of colors? do you mean for ls in particular?04:23
xorpadI mean for the bash shell04:24
xorpadMy rapsberry pi running ubuntu is monochromatic in every terminal04:24
nickgarveywhat component of the shell? do you mean your prompt? the output of particular commands?04:24
xorpadbasically, when I use ubuntu on my pc the text is color coded to a certain extent and is not on the pi04:25
nickgarveycan you send a picture of what you mean? there are different settings for different colors and I want to make sure I suggest the right thing for you04:26
xorpadI don't have one04:28
xorpadI currently don't have any shells open with color in them04:29
nickgarveyxorpad: okay. I think what you are really looking for is "dircolors". search around for how to set that up and that might do it for you04:29
nickgarveylet me know if you have any questions on it, happy to help04:29
xorpaddircolors sounds like a term for what I'm looking for04:30
xorpadthank you much sir04:31
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no_wee_feehello nickgarvey: no go buddy. disabling ipv6 on each wifi connection in NM did not solve the issue.04:54
no_wee_feeAny further ideas?04:54
no_wee_feeThe "reason 2" according to the Cisco site said "prior authentication no longer valid"04:56
no_wee_feeIf I run `nmcli dev`during the handshake, it yields this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/25690443/04:57
no_wee_feeWHich is quite interesting. Its like my network manager is not prompting me for credentials nor using any I might have stored.04:57
no_wee_feeI recently deleted all stored wifi networks in NM. This is around the time everything started happening.04:58
nickgarveyno_wee_fee: hm. I found the same thing - reason 2 means it's an authentication issue04:58
no_wee_feeyep. so why isn't NM prompting me for creds?04:59
nickgarveyI would experiment with different WiFi security settings and see if you make progress, but I'm just guessing on this04:59
nickgarveysee if you can manually force a particular authentication (that hopefully matches the right one!) and see if that gives you a prompt04:59
no_wee_feehm. ok. maybe i'll reinstall NM as well.04:59
no_wee_fee_nickgarvey: just disabled wifi authentication altogether and still same issue.05:06
no_wee_fee_hello. Any wifi gurus in here?05:16
no_wee_fee_I am articulate :) and have a baffling issue05:16
no_wee_fee_Check out the results of `nmcli -s a` and `sudo dmesg | tail -n100`: https://paste.ubuntu.com/25690511/05:17
no_wee_fee_By the way, these two commands in conjunction can do a lot!! for wifi troubleshooting!!05:18
no_wee_fee_During this time, my wifi icon just spins, spins, then times out and says "disconnected"05:19
no_wee_fee_I've deleted all profiles in Network Manager so each connection should prompt me for a password, but it doesn't.05:19
no_wee_fee_I don't know if you see that "Reason 2" on line 36 and 101, but looking it up here: https://supportforums.cisco.com/t5/wireless-mobility-documents/802-11-association-status-802-11-deauth-reason-codes/ta-p/3148055 yeilds very little05:20
lotuspsychjeno_wee_fee_: try to compact your issue with details05:25
lotuspsychjeno_wee_fee_: ubuntu version? kernel? wifi chipset?05:25
arunkumar413Hi All05:27
arunkumar413I'm trying to login to root shell through recovery mode05:27
arunkumar413Could you please help05:27
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: morning :p05:28
no_wee_fee_lotuspsychje: sure thing! https://paste.ubuntu.com/25690557/05:28
cfhowletthey ^3 lotuspsychje!05:28
lotuspsychjeno_wee_fee_: and your problem is?05:29
no_wee_fee_Check out the results of `nmcli -s a` and `sudo dmesg | tail -n100`: https://paste.ubuntu.com/25690511/05:29
no_wee_fee_Wifi will not connect to a wifi connection it ALWAYS had connected to before.05:29
no_wee_fee_Wifi icon just spins, spins, then times out and shows "disconnected" icon05:30
lotuspsychjeno_wee_fee_: did you try boot an older kernel?05:30
lotuspsychjeno_wee_fee_: and what about on 16.04.2 did it work properly then?05:30
no_wee_fee_I have never tried that before. I usually issue that one "autoclean" command to keep my boot partition small05:31
no_wee_fee_lotuspsychje: it might have. I've been doing loads of things with the laptop lately. Not sure which "thing" changed05:31
cfhowlettno_wee_fee_, autoremove should reatain at least 1 old kernel05:31
lotuspsychjeno_wee_fee_: another thing to try is a clean liveusb test your wifi05:32
arunkumar413My ubuntu 16.04 is broken.05:32
cfhowlettarunkumar413, no details = no answers05:33
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.05:33
no_wee_fee_lotuspsychje: thats a good idea. I did turn authentication off on the router and it still had the same problem.05:33
arunkumar413GUI is broken. Need to drop in to root shell n install the correct graphic driver05:33
lotuspsychjearunkumar413: what graphics card?05:34
lotuspsychjearunkumar413: ubuntu version?05:35
arunkumar413 16.0405:35
arunkumar413Just shared the screen shot of lspci05:36
lotuspsychjearunkumar413: what did you do to get there? ubuntu should be installing fine on that card05:37
no_wee_fee_lotuspsychje: spun up a tails live usb. will try booting to that and testing wifi. thank you very much for the idea.05:37
arunkumar413Dropped into rootshell through recovery mode05:38
arunkumar413Yesterday we installed a wrong driver by mistake05:38
lotuspsychjearunkumar413: what driver?05:39
lotuspsychjearunkumar413: sudo apt purge your-wrong-driver05:40
arunkumar413We were able to remove it. But couldn't install the correct driver due to network issue. Now i connected the Ethernet cable to the laptop05:40
arunkumar413Unable to bring up the WiFi in root shell05:41
lotuspsychjecable to the rescue arunkumar41305:41
arunkumar413What should i do now to connect to the Ethernet05:42
lotuspsychjearunkumar413: plug in the cable and recoverymode with network enabled05:42
arunkumar413In rootshell now05:43
lotuspsychjearunkumar413: ubuntu-drivers should show you your available drivers list05:43
arunkumar413Not showing05:44
lotuspsychjearunkumar413: ubuntu-drivers --list  perhaps05:44
arunkumar413No it's not working05:45
arunkumar413First lets bring up the eth0 interfce05:45
arunkumar413Ifconfig eth0 up is not working05:45
arunkumar413these are the options in recovery menu https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/OKMVH12Y/irccloudcapture-577487288.jpg05:49
lotuspsychjearunkumar413: enable network05:50
lotuspsychjearunkumar413: check your screen, it says enable network right05:50
arunkumar413I only know a few basic commands. I'm not a pro05:50
arunkumar413Did that05:51
arunkumar413Nothing happens05:51
lotuspsychjearunkumar413: ok now goto rootshell again05:51
arunkumar413Ok. In rootshell now05:51
lotuspsychjeand do your thing05:51
arunkumar413it now shows three interfaces https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/gnd6YM1w/irccloudcapture-352948033.jpg05:52
lotuspsychjearunkumar413: ubuntu-drivers --list05:53
arunkumar413This command isn't working05:54
cfhowlettis this a laptop?  any chance you hit the kill wifi button?05:54
arunkumar413it says some commands are required https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/2bC45PCE/irccloudcapture668788159.jpg05:54
lotuspsychjearunkumar413: ubuntu-drivers list05:54
arunkumar413Yes it's a laptop. I didn't hit the WiFi button05:55
arunkumar413do you think it's connected to internet https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/NewuYpd9/irccloudcapture-1220279339.jpg05:59
arunkumar413I ran ping
yookoalaHello. Is there anyone here who understand how the display stack in Linux works?06:00
Ben64best to ask your actual question06:00
yookoalaWhat is the difference between Xorg and tty console in handling screen output?06:01
yookoalaI met a bug in Ubuntu where it logs me off every time I turn off a screen. But if I switch to tty console first, I can evade the bug.06:03
arunkumar413lotuspsychje: are u there?06:03
yookoalaThe bug only affect me in Gnome shell06:03
yookoalaWhat package could be responsible?06:03
lotuspsychjearunkumar413: ubuntu-drivers list06:04
lotuspsychjeyookoala: yoir on 17.10?06:08
lotuspsychjearunkumar413: try ubuntu-drivers autoinstall06:09
arunkumar413It's not connected to internet06:10
arunkumar413this is what happen after running auto install drivers https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/zYnzrLUG/irccloudcapture-1588020431.jpg06:13
lotuspsychjearunkumar413: how about sudo apt purge amdgpu, as that made you get black screen06:14
lotuspsychjearunkumar413: by default system should use radeon06:14
arunkumar413these are the graphic cards on my system https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/MiWtkAnl/irccloudcapture1080904592.jpg06:18
arunkumar413One seem to be built in priocessor n the other is external06:18
arunkumar413First help me connect to internet. Then we can resolve the graphic drivrr issue06:20
arunkumar413lotuspsychje: ??06:38
yookoalaquestion: Is there anyway I can setup Unifont as the console font in tty? I tried "dpkg-reconfigure console-setup" but the font, even is installed in /usr/share/consolefonts directory, is not available for selection.06:40
ducasseyookoala: which release is this?06:41
yookoalaDoes it matter?06:41
ducasseok, ask in #ubuntu+1, then06:41
yookoalaWhat if I were in 17.04?06:43
yookoala(I also have 17.04 machine)06:43
ducassewe don't do "what if" here.06:44
arunkumar413lotuspsychje: Are you there06:51
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arunkumar413anybody help plz07:08
no_wee_feehello! I'm seriously stuck here. No wifi working for last two days. Any wifi gurus out there? : https://paste.ubuntu.com/25690988/07:30
no_wee_feeall other computers connect to router just fine. This computer will not connect to ANY wifi for some reason. Only LAN07:34
GWM...pressed a possible hardware button for wifi off?07:43
GWMif it's a laptop07:43
ducasseaccording to rfkill it's not blocked and it can see the ap's around it, so probably not07:48
gulzarI am on Ubuntu 16.04 with KDE plasma DE. Android 6 MTP SD card is not allowing me to paste from PC. I am paste files into one folder but not all. What can be the issue?08:01
Cat_BPRMHello i have a number of issues, first: o'm on a laptop and i cantget the battery icon to show in the top right08:24
arunkumar413Able to connect to internet fro command line08:43
arunkumar413Now want to intall the graphic drivers08:43
Steristcould running these commands with hard drive installation cause further problems or is it best to do it from a live cd?08:47
MathisenSterist, does not mather08:52
Steristabsolutely certain? :)08:52
Mathisenas long as you can chroot into the correct install you work from hd anyway08:52
MathisenSterist, you do got more then one install right ?08:57
MathisenSterist, just so you understand that chroot = jumps into other install08:57
Mathisenso if you trying to repair your current install you doing this from you dont need to do that08:57
Steristso skip chroot command?08:59
MathisenSterist, lets just start from start ;) what issue do you got on your current install09:00
SteristI have win7 and ubuntu 17.04 nothing else (yet)09:00
Steristwhen I boot I get thrown into grub rescue09:01
Mathisenok so you can only boot live now then ?09:01
SteristI turned off swap, commented it out, deleted the partition, and that caused the sda numbers to shift09:01
Steristno, I know the commands to temporarily set grub to look to the right partition09:02
Steristbut I cannot for the life of me get it to STAY that way (-_-)09:02
Steristswap was sda5, root sda6, home sda709:03
MathisenSterist, sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg09:04
Steristdeleting 5 turned 6 into 5 and 7 into 6, but grub still sniffing out sda609:04
Steristone moment :)09:04
SteristI've ran mkconfig before as well as grub update, did not fix anything.09:06
Steristis this supposed to do something different from the naked command09:07
Mathisenis your fstab messed upp also if drive letter switched ?09:07
Mathisennano /etc/fstab09:07
Mathisenmake em correct if they are wrong09:07
Steristdrive letters I'm fairly confident are untouched, should be just partition numbers09:07
Steristit still shows sda5 as swap, but, also commented out.09:09
Steristin fstab09:09
ducassefstab probably uses uuid if it's still default09:09
Steristand the original sda6 and 709:09
Steristthough they are now sda5 and 609:10
Mathisendoes ubuntu got gen-fstab command in repo ? im not an ubuntu user :)09:10
Steristand I do see uuid mentioned for each.09:10
Steristhaven't a clue. I can guess that's "generate fstab" but the vast majority of commands I do not know til I've needed to learn about them.09:11
akikpreviously when i've removed partitions in fdisk, the other partitions have kept their partition numbers09:12
Steristif you remove a partition at the end, they will remain the same09:12
Steristif you remove one anywhere else, all others after it will shift backwards one number09:13
arunkumar413Command to install the Radeon driver09:14
Steristsorry my IRC client freaked. disconnected almost immediately after my previous message.09:14
MathisenSterist, you missed nothing, new09:15
MathisenSterist, what did grub-mkconfig command output look like can you pastebin it09:16
SteristIRC is on my phone, different devices09:16
Mathisenwell did it find correct entrys then ?09:17
Steristnot sure I know enough about what I'm looking at to determine what's correct and not09:18
SteristI do see lots of msdos5 throughout it, and not msdos609:19
Mathisentry to see if it worked then reboot09:19
Steristseems to suggest it's correct but it was like this last time too when I rebooted.09:19
alkisgSterist: what's the output of `sudo sfdisk --dump /dev/sda; cat /etc/fstab`?09:20
tomreynSterist: compare the uuids in /etc/fstab to those provided by: lsblk -fs09:21
Steristwhich of these should I do first (0_o)09:21
alkisgThey are basically the same thing, do mine09:21
alkisgAs it has more info09:21
Mathisenyour fstab needs to be correct do do what tomreyn said09:21
Steristcommand sounds dangerous, is that making a log file overwriting my client fstab..?09:23
alkisgNo, they are read-only commands, they don't modify anything09:23
alkisgdump means "display all info in text mode"09:23
SteristI see all partitions sda1 thru 6, lacking 4 probably because it's an extended that contains everything that is and was ubuntu related09:25
alkisgCan you put the result to pastebin?09:25
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:25
Steristdifferent devices. an extra hurdle. hang on09:25
Steristwhat's my prognosis doc ;(09:28
alkisgSterist: sorry, sfdisk in msdos partition tables doesn't list the uuid, so please also upload the output of `lsblk --fs` as tomreyn said09:29
alkisgsudo lsblk --fs09:29
* alkisg was using sfdisk in gpt disk...09:29
tomreynjust one dash, though09:31
tomreynlsblk -fs09:32
tomreynsudo not needed09:32
alkisgThe new style with two, the old with one...09:32
alkisgSudo is needed when the partitions aren't mounted09:32
Steristand I used 2 dashes :)09:32
alkisgSterist: all seem fine, so just run `sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc` and select "sda" as the boot device09:33
Steristthat's the magic command I've been hunting for? could it be? :D09:34
alkisgYou'll tell us after reboot :)09:34
SteristI shall screenshot the shit out of it.09:34
Steristquiet_splash leave it alone?09:35
alkisgJust enter there09:35
alkisgYou can also use tab and space for navigation of buttons and check boxes etc, when needed09:36
SteristI'm at an info screen and it kinda seems as if the terminal has hanged09:37
alkisgWait 30 secs, then press enter09:37
alkisgIf you don't see a prompt then... tell us09:37
ducassealkisg: btw, the uuids you get with gpt tables are not filesystem uuids but partition uuids - often listed as 'partuuid'09:37
Steristram appears completely full. half consumed by cache09:38
alkisgducasse: thanks, I saw 2 things there and I thought it included both partuuid and uuid, but no, it was "type" and partuuid09:39
alkisgI was looking for a command that would list partition order as well, since lsblk and blkid don't09:39
Steristcpu almost completely idle, virtually 0 read or write activity, and terminal still not acknowledging my input09:39
alkisgBut in this case 2 commands were needed for full info09:39
SteristI got it. had to use tab key to highlight OK09:40
alkisgSterist: what's the last message that dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc produced?09:40
alkisgEh :)09:40
alkisg(12:36:21 μμ) alkisg: You can also use tab and space for navigation of buttons and check boxes etc, when needed09:40
alkisgSterist: remember to check sda, not e.g. sda509:41
alkisgYey! Note down the magic command! :D09:42
Steristand as your reward, I have another problem for ya ;)09:43
Steristsoftware center won't load nada09:43
* alkisg is using synaptic since software center is no longer developed09:43
Steristjust shows categories without images09:43
alkisg...and gnome software isn't yet ready09:43
Steristit was working 2 days ago then poof :(09:44
alkisgRun it from terminal and pastebin the output09:44
Steristnot quite sure how to run from terminal09:46
alkisgAs I'm not sure which software center you're running, run `ps aux| grep soft` and see the command09:46
alkisgIt might be gnome-software or software-center etc09:46
alkisgAlso, I'll go afk for a while, so maybe someone else can help you on that one...09:47
SteristI see /usr/bin/gnome-software --gapplication-service09:50
razorsharpfangHow does one tell ubuntu to not shut down a network interface on system restart?09:55
arunkumar413How to install Radeon graphic driver on Ubuntu 16.04 from command line09:56
razorsharpfangMostly I'm just sick of configuring the network interface every time the system restarts and want to save its configuration.09:58
Steristunfortunately I don't have the knowledge on how to do so but you could create a script to do it upon reboot09:59
razorsharpfangSee, I have two interfaces and only ONE of them loses configuration.10:00
RonaldsMazitisclamscan -r --bell -i /home/username /home/username/clamav2.log10:00
RonaldsMazitisis already running 15 mins10:01
RonaldsMazitisno results10:01
RonaldsMazitisshould I wait for it to finish10:01
tomreynarunkumar413: radeon is an open source driver, if you have matching hardware and no /etc/xorg.conf (and did not change / have changed files in /usr/share/X11/ ) it should get loaded automatically.10:01
RonaldsMazitismy pc thinks crtl is pressed sometimes, when it's not10:02
razorsharpfangOh man, could be a keyboard problem.10:02
RonaldsMazitisthe button seems fine10:02
tomreynrazorsharpfang: configure them either using network-manager (using it's GUI, UI (nmtui) or CLI (nmcli)) or /etc/network/interfaces10:02
razorsharpfangtomreyn: Is ifconfig not going to save its changes?10:03
tomreynrazorsharpfang: no, never did.10:03
razorsharpfanghoho, that explains that.10:03
razorsharpfangtomreyn: I like how the file tells you how to get help on it inside it.10:04
googl3i insert usb card, but where i can find it?10:05
tomreyngoogl3: does the temrinal command "lsusb" list it?10:06
arunkumar413tomreyn: amd64-microcode is the drivrr in use10:10
arunkumar413My laptop is a hybrid configuration10:10
arunkumar413It has a built-in graphic card and an external graphic card10:11
arunkumar413Also how to know which graphic driver is in use?10:11
arunkumar413tomreyn: seems like radeon driver has a problem https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/5Is22Rlp/irccloudcapture-2093793249.jpg10:13
alkisg`lspci -nn -k | grep -A 3 VGA` tells you hardware, drivers in use etc10:13
googl3tomreyn: i have no idea, because there is a very strange name10:14
arunkumar413alkisg: Radeon seem to be loaded but not used10:16
Steristany idea why Gparted is seen as newest version at 0.25.0-1 when that version is pre- 201710:17
arunkumar413Ububtu-drivers devices command returns amd64-microcode10:17
ducassearunkumar413: amd64-microcode is not a graphics driver, it's microcode updates for your processor10:18
ducasseSterist: which release are you on?10:19
ducasse!info gparted zesty10:19
ubottugparted (source: gparted): GNOME partition editor. In component main, is optional. Version 0.25.0-1 (zesty), package size 419 kB, installed size 1924 kB10:19
SteristI see live discs go up to 0.31+10:19
arunkumar413But I don't know why laptop freezes at login screen10:20
ducasse!latest | Sterist see this10:20
ubottuSterist see this: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.10:20
arunkumar413I thought it to be a graphic driver issue10:20
Steristdang. guess I have to do a live disc :( current version refuses to shrink ext410:20
ducasseuse resize2fs10:21
SteristI'm really not the terminal-savvy type. not enough to mess with partitions through it10:22
ducassethere might also be a later gparted available in a ppa10:22
Steristarunkumar413 I don't know if you have already, but go in Software Updater, click Settings, Additional Drivers, wait for it to load and select the proprietary driver if it isn't10:23
arunkumar413Sterist: i can pass the login screen10:23
arunkumar413It stucks10:23
Steristwere you able to before?10:24
arunkumar413I'm in root shell now through recovery mode10:24
Steristbut were you ever able to log in since installing10:24
arunkumar413Installing what?10:24
ducasseand what has changed?10:26
arunkumar413I  installed the amdgpu driver but it didn't improve the performance. So removed it.10:27
SteristI was going to say if you haven't ever been able to log in, reinstall AFTER hitting Try Ubuntu and selecting the proprietary driver, but that wouldn't apply here I guess10:27
arunkumar413Now i can't go past the login screen. It freezes after few cursor blinks in the user name field10:28
Steristmaybe your session needs to be wiped? I'm out of ideas already ;(10:28
tomreynarunkumar413: do you have things like "nomodeset", "radeon.modeset=0", "options radeon modeset=0" in /boot/grub/grub.cfg ?10:29
arunkumar413Lemme check10:29
ducasseor is radeon blacklisted?10:29
arunkumar413How do i chec these. I'm not pro with commands10:30
EriC^^arunkumar413: try "cat /proc/cmdline | nc termbin.com 9999"10:30
ducassearunkumar413: 'grep radeon /etc/modprobe.d/* | nc termbin.com 9999'10:31
tomreynmost likely, your issue is that the changes made suring the amdgpu driver installation (how did you install it?)  were not fully reversed.10:32
arunkumar413I got the result a website link10:32
tomreynpost the website link here10:33
Steristcan anyone recommend a good disc burn app? :)10:35
EriC^^Sterist: k3b is supposed to be very good10:35
ducasseSterist: for cd/dvd? for a very simple one with few dependencies, xfburn.10:36
SteristI'll check it out now. thanks10:36
arunkumar413tomreyn: http://termbin.com/qitg10:36
SteristI used to use xfburn but recently it seems to lack features it had before10:36
ducasseSterist: if you're in a gnome/gtk-based environment, you might want to try brasero to avoid pulling in half the kde stack with k3b10:37
SteristI've already started k3b installation =/10:38
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arunkumar413tomreyn: any ideas10:39
Steristk3b does have some funky behavior but.. appears to work10:41
arunkumar413tomreyn: as per the output it sesms that they're blacklisted10:42
Doc-SaintlyI'm copying a file and it gets stuck at 594.2 of 647.5 GB10:44
Doc-SaintlyIt gets the error splicing file error, but the source and destination are ext4. It's a brand new destination drive.10:44
Doc-Saintlyany ideas?10:44
ducassearunkumar413: nope, what we were looking for was 'blacklist radeon', not radeonfb10:48
=== probhakarroy is now known as simplica3110
tomreynarunkumar413: sorry, i got a little busy here, but will try to help when i can. the radeonfb blacklist lines are fine, this is not the radeon module10:48
tomreynarunkumar413: so the radeon module is not blacklisted. is it loaded? run: lsmod | grep radeon10:49
arunkumar413No output10:50
tomreynarunkumar413: what happens when you: sudo modprobe radeon10:51
arunkumar413Invalid argument10:52
tomreynarunkumar413: did you mistype it?10:52
arunkumar413It says couldn' insert Radeon : invalid argument10:54
arunkumar413Should r be capital?10:54
tomreynarunkumar413: no, did i type a capital?10:55
tomreynarunkumar413: which uubntu release are you on, which kernel version are you running? lsb_release -sd; cat /proc/version10:56
tomreynarunkumar413: and does using a lower case 'r' in "lsmod | grep radeon" output anything?10:57
arunkumar413tomreyn:  https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/YQNzZxQJ/irccloudcapture-562244043.jpg10:59
baxx i'm going to reformat my current setup and reinstall, but I have windows on this as well at the moment. I have these partitions : https://image.ibb.co/eppVYw/image.png  , I'm not too sure which are actually linux and which are windows though. I would guess that the windows partitions are /dev/sda1 , through to /dev/sda4 , is that right?11:01
tomreynarunkumar413: okay let's see if you have those options i mentioned earlier in grub.cfg11:04
BluesKajHowdy all11:05
arunkumar413BluesKaj: hi11:05
tomreynarunkumar413: grep -i modeset /boot/grub/grub.cfg11:05
BluesKajhi arunkumar41311:05
arunkumar413tomreyn:  https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/7DW9fq8K/irccloudcapture-1434531736.jpg11:07
arunkumar413BluesKaj: still struggling with the graphic driver issue11:07
arunkumar413Remember yesterday we removed the amdgpu driver11:07
BluesKajarunkumar413, the only suggestion zI have is install the radeon driver11:08
arunkumar413Now the Radeon doesn't seems to habet rolled back properly.11:08
tomreynarunkumar413: hmm so you don't have any leftovers *there*, but still the 'radeon' module fails to load at boot because it tries to start in user mode setting instead of kernel mode setting. you will need to find out why it does this and reverse this.11:08
arunkumar413Ok. What should i do now11:09
tomreynin the past, only user mode setting was supported, then both were supported for a while, nowadays only kernel mode setting (KMS) is supported.11:09
akiktomreyn: what is the user mode you mention?11:10
tomreynarunkumar413: the key to this issue is in the output you posted here: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/5Is22Rlp/irccloudcapture-2093793249.jpg11:10
tomreynakik: i mean 'user space', not 'user' https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mode_setting11:11
akiktomreyn: is that the reason nomodeset doesn't work with the intel gfx driver?11:12
arunkumar413Ok. Now what should i do11:12
arunkumar413Should i edit the grub.cfg   and set it to kernal mode?11:13
lfowlrtoday ubuntu sent some security updates , but ...11:15
lfowlrdid it release the flaws too?11:15
lfowlrif it did, then it's a risk, as some users might updaate a day or two later?11:16
lfowlrso how often does ubuntu release security problems flaws11:16
lfowlranyone ?11:16
ducasse!usn | lfowlr11:17
ubottulfowlr: Please see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn for information about recent Ubuntu security updates.11:17
lfowlryes, but does ubuntu release those flaws or not?11:17
lfowlrhow quickly does it release11:18
BluesKajtomreyn, I assume dkms installs automatically to build the amd driver11:18
lfowlrwhat's the grace period- ideally it should be at least 90 days from the known daate11:18
arunkumar413tomreyn: should i just system restore to solve the problem11:18
tomreynBluesKaj: that's well possible. you mean fglrx?11:19
ducasselfowlr: if you look at that link you can see exactly what ubuntu releases11:19
lfowlrbut what's the grace period it doesn't say11:19
tomreynakik: i don't think so. the "nomodeset" option still works.11:19
BluesKajno tomreyn , any gpu driver11:20
ducasselfowlr: what do you mean by that? the usn is released when the package is updated.11:20
lfowlrbut what if I update my system a week later? is it insecure then11:22
lfowlrtill then11:22
tomreynBluesKaj: sorry i don't understand what you're saying, can you rephrase? are you saying that nomodeset never works as a kernel option nowadays?11:22
lfowlras the exploit is released??11:22
ducasselfowlr: your system is vulnerable until you update11:22
ducasselfowlr: ubuntu doesn't release the exploit, they release the fix11:23
akiktomreyn: when i add "nomodeset", xorg switches to the vesa drivers and puts "(EE) No devices detected." into Xorg.0.log11:24
akikvesa driver11:24
tomreynakik: right, so this kernel option is functional11:24
akiktomreyn: what i mean is that it disables the i915 driver11:25
tomreynakik: i would expect i915 to only support KMS on all supported ubuntu releases11:25
tomreynarunkumar413: if, by "system restore", you refer to restoring backups, that's an option. if, however, you are referring to the windows functionality of this name, this won't magically fix / restore your ubuntu configuration.11:28
lfowlrducasse: ones the fix is release- the source code where the error is - is knownj- because that's where the fix is11:30
lfowlrand that's the place too look for the exploit11:30
BluesKajtomreyn, nomodeset should still work afaik , but in some case dkms fails to build the gpu driver before nomodeset is even looked at11:31
tomreynarunkumar413: i suggest you work thorugh this paragraph: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/VideoDriverDetection#Problem:_Need_to_purge_-fglrx11:31
arunkumar413How about re installing the whole kernal or modules11:31
ducasselfowlr: you still need to know how to _use_ the exploit etc11:31
ducasselfowlr: anyway, this is really not on-topic here11:32
MonkeyDustlfowlr  type   /j #ubuntu-offtopic11:33
tomreynarunkumar413: what i linked to will reinstall the relevant packages. the kernel isn't your issue.11:41
lfowlrhow do I remove a ppa,?11:41
tomreyn!ppapurge | lfowlr11:41
ubottulfowlr: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html11:41
lfowlrremove a ppa package and also other installed packages11:41
BluesKajarunkumar413, do you have separate / (root) and /home partitions ?11:41
tomreynlfowlr: i (and it seems others, too) would be happy to discuss the 'time to patch' / 'risk of disclosure' topic more in #ubuntu-offtopic if you're still interested. you don't seem to have the full picture there, yet. but since this is not strictly ubuntu support it's off-topic on *this* channel.11:44
Doc-SaintlyI'm copying a file and it gets stuck at 594.2 of 647.5 GB. I get a splicing error at the same spot every time. It's a brand new drive. Both file systems are ext4. Any ideas?11:45
arunkumar413BluesKaj: no11:46
arunkumar413Only single partition11:46
arunkumar413tomreyn:  tried thr reinstall command it failed to fetch some urls11:48
arunkumar413tomreyn:  https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/gnQPxTbj/irccloudcapture-714514084.jpg11:49
BluesKajarunkumar413, separate / and /home partitions has the advantage of doing an OS reinstall to / while merely having to set the moutpoint for /home thereby saving most of your settings and config files from the previous install11:51
arunkumar413_tomreyn: trying the commands in this link: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/368748/ubuntu-16-04-gui-freezes-on-login-start-page11:51
RonaldsMazitishow to run clamav so it gets locations of viruses11:51
arunkumar413_but unable to fetch the URLs11:51
RonaldsMazitisI can't seem to understand parameters it needs to have11:52
BluesKajwhat viruses?11:52
BluesKajRonaldsMazitis, a runtime error is not a virus11:54
arunkumar413_seems like not connected to internet11:54
RonaldsMazitisit does not write where viruses are but says I have 611:54
RonaldsMazitisI can't find right parameters to run clamav so it scans and actually writes where they are11:55
RonaldsMazitiswho was the genius to make pointless scanning possible11:55
Eduard_MunteanuIt's rather trivial to reinstall on a single partition while preserving /home, though. Not sure how easy that's with most installers, but it can be done.11:56
BluesKajarunkumar413_, you need an ethernet connection11:56
akikRonaldsMazitis: did you look into clamav2.log? i don't see a mention of 6 viruses11:57
BluesKajEduard_Munteanu, never heard of such a method11:57
RonaldsMazitisyes, there is nothing11:57
RonaldsMazitisI once scanned clamscan -r /home/username11:57
RonaldsMazitisit said I have 611:57
Eduard_MunteanuBluesKaj, you just delete everything but /home and reinstall without formatting the partition.11:57
arunkumar413_BluesKaj: yes11:58
oerheksRonaldsMazitis, search online for every item in your log, 9/10 it is a false positive11:58
arunkumar413_BluesKaj: ping is working11:58
RonaldsMazitisthen I scanned clamscan -r /home/username /home/username/clamav2.log where it found all symlinks, empty files11:58
RonaldsMazitisbut not the damn viruses11:59
RonaldsMazitisso I tried it again11:59
akikRonaldsMazitis: clamscan man page says that -i should show them11:59
arunkumar413_BluesKaj: but ping google.com is not working11:59
RonaldsMazitisthen why it gives runtime error11:59
RonaldsMazitisrunning for hour taking almost 1gb of ram and giving out runtime error11:59
RonaldsMazitisperfect antivirus11:59
oerheksRonaldsMazitis, paste that log on paste.ubuntu.com ?12:00
akikRonaldsMazitis: clamscan seems to output found infected files on stdout12:01
RonaldsMazitisit is deleted12:01
RonaldsMazitisruntime error is all I got12:01
oerheksdeleted .. and you claim symlinks ..12:01
RonaldsMazitisbecause I runned clamscan -r --bell -i /home/ronalds /home/ronalds/clamav2.log12:02
RonaldsMazitiswhat should I run12:02
BluesKajEduard_Munteanu, one ends up with 2 /home dirs with that method12:02
RonaldsMazitisdamn stupd antivirus12:02
PMunchHi, I have a bit of a technical problem. I've been running a small server from a Ubuntu server install for a while. Now the location where I've kept the server is going to be rebuilt so I've got nowhere to keep it. But I've been offered to virtualize the machine during this time. I've taken the drive and plugged it into my workstation and my initial idea was to simply shrink the partition and dd it over into an image. But the drive is partitioned as one12:03
PMunchsimple boot partition, and one extended partition with a LVM partition that contained the data and a swap partition. I've deleted the swap partition and shrunk the data partition but I'm still stumped on how to shrink the physical volume down so I can dd the whole thing into an image..12:03
tomreynarunkumar413_: "Temporary failure resolving 'archive.ubuntu.com'" is often caused by an unstable internet connection.12:04
tomreynarunkumar413_: apparently you already looked into this?12:05
dah85tomreyn, i've had it happen where the internet connection was solid, i found that choosing a direct mirror instead of going through archive.ubuntu.com helped12:05
tomreynarunkumar413_: the stackexchange link you posted is not very likely to help you12:05
arunkumar413_tomreyn: i think the desktop is removed12:06
tomreyndah85: it may also happen when the nameserver your system uses isn't working properly12:06
arunkumar413_when i ran the command   apt-get install ubuntu-desktop it installed the desktop12:06
tomreyndah85: the approach you took may have (temporarily) worked around this.12:07
dah85tomreyn, correct, it's also likely to be cosmic radiation causing it too, but in 100% of the cases i've found with this, changing to something other than archive.ubuntu.com resolves the issue. happens on multiple machines, with multiple configs, using multiple connections.12:08
arunkumar413_tomreyn: on the desktop12:08
tomreynarunkumar413_: ubuntu-desktop is an optional 'meta' package, which just ensures that you have everythign installed that's required for the default ubuntu desktop12:08
tomreyndah85: i'm just saying it doesn't solve the issue, it just works around it. but for the average use case, that's probably good enough.12:09
dah85the issue seems to be with the archive.ubuntu.com server12:09
tomreynarunkumar413_: very nice. so you actually had removed packages you shouldn't have removed.12:09
arunkumar413_i ran all the commands in this link https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/368748/ubuntu-16-04-gui-freezes-on-login-start-page and it worked12:09
dah85it's easily reproduced, when experiencing that issue, try resolving the ip from another device on another connection (ie a phone on cellular data) and it will also not resolve, try it from a vps in another country, same thing.12:10
dah85the ubuntu servers are out of our control, but deciding where to connect for packages is in our control, and we can change to an appropriate server.12:10
baxxwhat does it mean when it says a "package has been kept back" , ? After running some apt get12:17
tomreyndah85: hmm, this is news to me, if you can reproduce this issue i bet canonical would appreciate debugging info on it, such as dig lookups against archive.ubuntu.com and ns1.canonical.com (maybe include dns lookup traces + traceroutes, too)12:17
tomreynbaxx: that it was not installed / upgraded for some reason.12:17
dah85tomreyn, i'll be sure to do that if/when it happens again12:18
tomreyndah85: i suggest you talk to the handler on duty in #canonical-sysadmin on how to properly report it when it happens12:19
dah85suggestion noted, perhaps the person with the issue above could collect some information, it's not happening to me now and likely won't since i've changed to a local mirror.12:20
hwpplayer1Hi people i want to talk about some packages where should i talk that ubuntu freenode or here ? It is about quantum science packages12:25
hwpplayer1Hi people i want to talk about some packages where should i talk that ubuntu freenode or here ? It is about quantum science packages i write that on UbPorts Telegram group12:25
hwpplayer1Do we have source code communication channel ?12:26
oerhekshwpplayer1, is that for ubports/phone?12:32
hwpplayer1oerheks : No not only for phone for all devices12:33
oerhekshwpplayer1, join #ubports for that?12:34
hwpplayer1oerheks : it is for ubuntu and for all free / open source communities12:34
hwpplayer1oerheks : there should be ubuntu science channel right ?12:35
oerhekshwpplayer1, not sure there is ..12:35
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"12:35
hwpplayer1oerheks : there it is #ubuntu-science12:36
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Dreamanflickering in Chrome on Ubuntu  problem12:52
Dreamansome paket to istall or12:52
BluesKajDreaman, check your OpenGL setting, change it to 3.1 if possible12:56
ericuswhat would you make of this? https://pastebin.com/gb3PmYG713:00
ericusthe later part13:00
ericusjust a grub-update to fix it?13:01
tomreynericus: fix what?13:03
tomreynericus: this output looks fine / normal as long as you have another kernel image installed (and configured to be bootable)13:04
ericusline 77-8213:04
pankajWhile installing a package via aptitude 'aptitude search package_name13:04
pankajWhile installing a package via aptitude 'aptitude search package_name' I saw three symbols listed 'i', 'p', and 'v'. I know of 'i' but what does the rest means.13:05
tomreynericus: this warning is to be expected if you removed all but one kernel images.13:05
ericusokay thanks13:07
oerheks p= no trace of the package exists on the system c = deleted  i = installed  v = meaning that the package is virtual.13:11
onioHi I was wondering if anyone can help with sfdisk13:14
hwpplayer1what is sfdisk ?13:15
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:15
hwpplayer1sfdisk - display or manipulate a disk partition table13:15
oniocommand line tool for creating partitions on sdcard13:16
tomreynonio: is this a statement, a question, or...?13:16
qqqwxleaanybody have any success running gnome-music on 17.10 beta?13:17
hwpplayer1onio : only for sd cards ?13:17
tomreyn!ubuntu+1 | qqqwxlea13:17
ubottuqqqwxlea: Artful Aardvark is the codename for Ubuntu 17.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+113:17
qqqwxleamoving to ubuntu+113:17
oniotomreyn not a statement I am trying to compare the result I am getting when using gparted with sfdisk13:18
=== qqqwxlea is now known as qwxlea
oniowhen I issue the following command "sfdisk /dev/mmcblk0 << EOF ,64,0x0c,* ,1024,L, EOF13:20
pankajoerheks: What does the 'p' means13:20
onioI get the following /dev/mmcblk0p1       2048  2111      64   32K  c W95 FAT32 (LBA) /dev/mmcblk0p2       4096  5119    1024  512K 83 Linux13:20
onioDevice         Boot Start   End Sectors  Size Id Type13:22
SimonNL p= no trace of the package exists on the system, pankaj13:22
Loperesolvconf is ignoring "dns-nameservers" but it adds "dns-search foo.com" from /etc/network/interfaces in Ubuntu 16.04. Any ideas?13:22
Dreamanhttps://imgur.com/a/JWFi4    qqqwxlea13:22
Lope/etc/resolv.conf is not getting nameservers and it's driving me nuts.13:23
MonkeyDustonio  use this to paste multiple lines    http://paste.ubuntu.com/13:23
oniookay thanks MonkeyDust would do13:23
pankajSimonNL: I did not understand.13:23
Dreamanqwxlea https://imgur.com/a/JWFi4    4k13:23
MonkeyDustLope  http://paste.ubuntu.com/25692526/13:25
LopeMy interfaces file is dead simple. http://codepad.org/Ep78VVVl13:25
pankajSimonNL: Hello13:26
qwxleaDreaman:  ? :-)13:26
SimonNLhttps://translate.google.com/?hl=nl#auto/hi/no%20trace%20of%20the%20package%20exists%20on%20the%20system   pankaj make it translate to the language you understand13:26
oniothis is my command that I am issuing for sfdisk http://paste.ubuntu.com/25692532/13:26
tomreynonio: "gparted" uses libparted on its backend, as does the "parted" CLI utility. you might want to prefer this to sfdisk. if, however, you want to make something work with sfdisk instead then you should describe what something is, and how the result you are receiving now differs from the one you are trying to achieve, and which result you are trying to achiev exactly.13:27
BluesKajLope, not using systemd ?13:28
LopeBluesKaj: I'm using standard ubuntu 16.0413:28
oniothis is the output I get http://paste.ubuntu.com/25692546/13:29
Lopeso all your base are belong to systemd.13:29
MonkeyDustLope  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue13:29
LopeUbuntu 16.04.3 LTS13:29
tomreynonio: what exactly are you trying to do?13:29
oniotomreyn does this mean that "sfdisk" is usable13:30
Loperesolvconf is ignoring "dns-nameservers" but it adds "dns-search foo.com" from /etc/network/interfaces13:30
Dreamanhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/25692556/  qwxlea  :)~13:30
LopeI've tried a single nameserver "dns-nameserver" it ignores that too.13:30
tomreynonio: generally speaking, using "sfdisk" is fine, yes.13:30
oniotomreyn I am learning embedded linux starting with bootloaders. I am following a boot "Mastering Embedded Linux Programming"13:31
LopeI have network-manager, but this interface is unmanaged by it.13:31
BluesKajLope, I'm surprised you can even connect to the internet with eth0 in the interfaces file , the systemd naming convention has changed eth0 to enpXXX13:31
BluesKajLope, so you are using NM13:31
BluesKajyour dns IPs should be separated with a comma and a space13:32
Lopeah, well yes it's actually enpXXX but I normally obfuscate configs I paste.13:33
LopeMuch of a muchness.13:33
tomreynonio: i see. now how does this relate to gparted and sfdisk specifically?  what is your ubuntu support question?13:33
qwxleaDreaman: nice box :-) quite outperforms my tp-x220 (but mine is portable)13:34
Lopeto connect to the internet I have to run this manually after `ifup enpXXX` `printf 'nameserver %s\n' >/etc/resolv.conf`13:34
=== gr33n7007h is now known as al2o3-cr
n35xdxb0i have a bash function tht looks like this   https://pastebin.com/KV8zeZA5    everything works except the  | less   part. it creates a list where you can select a file with a number, i just want to add paging/scrolling, is there an alternative to  | less  ?13:34
LopeAny idea why resolvconf ignores dns-nameservers?13:34
oniotomreyn I am not sure if I am even in the right forum, but I was looking for answers on why the sfdisk issued on the command line does give the requested size13:35
MonkeyDustn35xdxb0  there's also   #bash13:35
onioI am not sure if I am even in the right forum, but I was looking for answers on why the sfdisk issued on the command line does NOT give the requested size13:35
n35xdxb0MonkeyDust: ye i tired there. no one seeemed to know. and i've been googling for a while. can't find anything. but thanks :)13:36
oniotomreyn if I am in the wrong forum can you recommend the right one please13:37
tomreynonio: asking questions about sfdisk or gparted is fine here, since both are in ubuntu. i was just unable to understand what you are asking specifically so far. for what i can tell, the sfdisk command you ran as shown at http://paste.ubuntu.com/25692532/ creates the expectable results as you have shown at http://paste.ubuntu.com/25692546/13:38
tomreynonio: with the sfdisk input you made, what size do you think you requested for which partition (where does it differ from the actual result)?13:40
oniotomreyn I was expecting 64Mib which is consistent with the gparted result but not the sfdisk result13:41
tomreynonio: raw number input to sfdisk is interpreted as sectors, not bytes (nor megabytes).13:42
tomreynonio: see how the "sectors" column in the output you posted matches the input you provided to sfdisk.13:43
onioyes. that is correct13:44
GWMHi I am trying to install ffmpeg on a headless ubuntu server and apt is trying to install x11 and mesa and stuff like that at the same time13:44
GWMI just want a headless ffmpeg for streaming /dev/video113:45
GWMHow do I prevent apt from installing x11 et al13:45
oniotomreyn I was of the assumption that issuing the sfdisk command would be creating partitions big enough to host bootloader and file system13:46
LopeI'm finding it very strange that nobody here seems to know how to set dns-nameservers in /etc/network/interfaces such that it will be respected by resolvconf and dnsmasq etc?13:46
sheapit's a mess that I've never seen an answer to, only workarounds13:46
Lopedoes dnsmasq interfere with resolvconf getting dns-nameservers from /etc/network/interfaces? I'm specifying the dns-nameservers as per the resolvconf manual and it's not going into /etc/resolv.conf. Only dns-search, not dns-nameservers...?13:48
akikLope: dns-nameservers ip ip ip is the correct syntax13:48
oniotomreyn see excerpt from book http://paste.ubuntu.com/25692670/13:48
tomreynonio: the bootloader is usually installed to the raw storage device (/dev/mmcblk0 in this case), not to a partition. the latter is also possible in some configurations but is more error prone and generally discouraged. sfdisk does not make assumptions, it does exactly what you ask it to do. you asked it to create 2 small partitions, and it did.13:49
Lopeakik: yes, that's what the manual says and how I'm doing it, but it doesn't work.13:49
akikLope: works in 16.04. i only configure the interfaces in /etc/network/interfaces13:49
Lopeakik: I'm on 16.04.313:50
LopeDoesn't work for me.13:50
tomreynonio: maybe "this script" (which i do not know) relates to a different variant or version of the (sfdisk) software, or is just wrong. book authors can fail, too. ;)13:50
akikLope: i don't run resolvconf manually ever13:50
oniotomreyn see script line 49 to 60 for commands http://paste.ubuntu.com/25692682/13:51
tomreynonio: if you read the sfdisk manual page (run "man sfdisk") you will notice that the "INPUT FORMATS" chapter discusses, in the "Named-fields format" paragraph, the "size" filed, and the formats / values it can take.13:53
tomreyni meant to write "field", not "filed"13:53
Lopeakik: yeah on ubuntu 14.04 I removed resolvconf. I absolutely hate it.13:53
oniotomreyn cool I guessed that13:54
akikLope: could it be that when you changed /etc/resolv.conf manually, it broke things(tm)13:54
Lopeakik: I just thought there should be a reasonable way to make it work.13:54
LopeBut it seems like other people can't make it work either.13:54
akikLope: lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 29 Aug 16 21:39 /etc/resolv.conf -> ../run/resolvconf/resolv.conf13:54
LopeCos I've been asking on 4 channels and it seems nobody knows.13:54
oniotomreyn I would check again. I must confess I sometimes struggle with understanding "man pages"13:54
Lopeakik: no, writing to /etc/resolv.conf manually doesn't break anything, infact it's necessary for me to connect.13:54
LopeBut if I ifdown and ifup the interface, resolvconf kills it again.13:55
akikLope: how does your /etc/resolv.conf look after boot?13:59
oerheksUbuntu 14.04 no longer allows you to edit /etc/resolv.conf directly. Instead, you have to modify /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head or tail13:59
oerheksold info, you should have known this, Lope14:00
tomreynonio: it seems that the author of this script you posted makes the assumption that all versions of sfdisk before 2.26 interpret raw number input to the size field as sectors unless the sfdisk command line option of "--unit M" is provided, and that all later / greater versions interpret those values as megabytes. tand that this is not consistent with the behaviour of the sfdisk command you have on your ubuntu system.14:00
sheapworkaround, still seems nasty to do that instead of with the method that he was trying14:00
akikoerheks: you can also configure it in /etc/network/interfaces14:00
oerheksakik, true ..14:01
oerhekssudo nano /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base  && bla bla && sudo resolvconf -u14:01
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sheapthere's no way that that's the cleanest/intended method of updating resolv.conf though14:02
oerhekssheap,  yes it is, for 14.0414:02
oniotomreyn yes you are correct14:03
akikLope: what if your network-manager is configuring your ethernet interface anyway?14:03
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oniotomreyn: I am looking at the man page "Input format" section14:03
Lope`apt-get remove --purge resolvconf` aka hellspawn solved it.14:03
sheapoerheks: where does it say that?14:03
oniotomreyn: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mastering-Embedded-Linux-Programming-Second-ebook/dp/B071DN5DPL/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1507385101&sr=8-1&keywords=mastering+embedded+linux+programming14:07
oerhekssheap,  page 35 and on https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide/serverguide.pdf , and enough examples in google14:07
oerhekseditting resolve.conf is not persistant, that is why you modify /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base so it gets regenerated14:08
tomreynonio: what's your point?14:10
oniotomreyn: just pointing out where the script came from. Its not important. I would simply report my findings to the author and move on. Thanks for your time14:12
tomreynonio: you're welcome. if you come across any ubuntu support questions, feel free to come here and ask them again.14:13
hashmanhi guys, please help me with an issue that keeps me crazy. I'm using 16.04.3 in my laptop. If I close the laptop and It enters in suspend mode, It is not able to come back to life. I know that the system is not hang or anything like these, because with ctrl + alt + f1 I can open a terminal and there I'm able to restart the system with ctrl + alt + del, but I have no video no matter what I try. Please advice14:17
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RonaldsMazitisclamscan -r -i /home/username /homer/username/clamlog.log14:54
RonaldsMazitisLibClamAV Warning: [Bytecode JIT]: Bytecode run timed out, timeout flag set14:54
RonaldsMazitisLibClamAV Warning: [Bytecode JIT]: recovered from error14:54
RonaldsMazitisLibClamAV Warning: [Bytecode JIT]: JITed code intercepted runtime error!14:54
RonaldsMazitisLibClamAV Warning: Bytcode 36 failed to run: Time limit reached14:54
RonaldsMazitisLibClamAV Warning: [Bytecode JIT]: Bytecode run timed out, timeout flag set14:54
RonaldsMazitisHow do I have to make a scan to show viruses14:56
RonaldsMazitisadding parameter -i makes it error14:56
RonaldsMazitisit's 3-4 time scanning 300 gb of data14:57
RonaldsMazitisI'm angry at this stupid antivirus14:57
RonaldsMazitisor those are just warnings14:58
RonaldsMazitisand it will finish the scan14:58
RonaldsMazitiswho knows14:58
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RonaldsMazitisit shows 6 viruses15:00
RonaldsMazitiswhy it can't give the locations15:00
RonaldsMazitisit's just stupid or something15:01
oerheksRonaldsMazitis, i gave you the manual yesterday..15:02
oerhekssudo clamscan -v -r /FOLDERTOSCAN | grep FOUND >> /path/to/save/report/file.txt  >>> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ClamAV#Infected_files_reporting15:02
skinuxWhat is the Whoopsie process?15:03
oerhekseasy to find, skinux15:03
RonaldsMazitiswho was the idiot that did not include locations of viruses in default process15:05
urgodfatherhello room i am having difficulty getting my tuner card to work. i have some instructions that i have been following, but i cannot remember how to verify if it is functioning properly in kernel messages15:05
oerheksRonaldsMazitis, why ? *you* don't read the manual15:06
RonaldsMazitisoerheks nothing happens15:06
RonaldsMazitiswhen I run that thing15:06
RonaldsMazitissudo clamscan -v -r /home/username | grep FOUND /home/username/viruses.txt15:07
RonaldsMazitisit just ends15:07
ducasseRonaldsMazitis: see if this helps - https://askubuntu.com/questions/250290/how-do-i-scan-for-viruses-with-clamav#56094715:07
oerheks.. /home/username/ ...15:08
RonaldsMazitisno it does not help15:08
oerheksyou might have tons of logs in that folder now15:08
RonaldsMazitisI tried every command15:08
floogy >> should Point to a File rather to a folder15:09
RonaldsMazitisno there is nothing15:09
RonaldsMazitissudo clamscan -v -r .. /home/username ... | grep FOUND /home/username/viruses.txt ?15:10
oerheksfloogy, agreed, or the manual should say /home/$USER/..15:10
RonaldsMazitisdamn it , I don't understand what did You thought with ...15:10
floogyafter gep FOUND you Neef >> to redirect the result15:11
RonaldsMazitisthat command does not work15:11
oerheksRonaldsMazitis, those examples do not know your username, so you should fill it in yourself15:11
RonaldsMazitissudo clamscan -v -r /home/$USER/ | grep FOUND >> /home/$USER/viruses.txt  >>>15:12
RonaldsMazitisthat is idiotic15:12
RonaldsMazitisbash: syntax error near unexpected token `>'15:12
ducasseRonaldsMazitis: remove the last '>>>'15:12
ducasseat the end15:12
floogyyes, remove the threema > at the end15:13
RonaldsMazitisright now it does nothing15:13
RonaldsMazitissudo clamscan -v -r /home/$USER/ | grep FOUND >> /home/$USER/viruses.txt15:14
RonaldsMazitisso now it's scanning 300 gb again15:14
RonaldsMazitisI'm so stoked15:14
oerheksbut only your /home folder,15:15
floogyOK Bye, can't Cope with the German autocorrection on my Android mobile15:15
ducasseskinux: first hit from a web search - https://askubuntu.com/questions/135540/what-is-the-whoopsie-process-and-how-can-i-remove-it#13555215:15
RonaldsMazitiswhy it does not have any percentage15:16
RonaldsMazitisnothing shows15:16
ioriaClamAV engine will, by default, never load, trigger or execute untrusted bytecodes; further more  If execution time exceeds the value (timeout) , the bytecode signature’s execution is terminated and the user is notified.15:16
RonaldsMazitisit should atleast show what files it is scanning or what15:16
oerheksDoes mint have woopsie too ?15:16
oerheksdoes it sent to canonical or mint?15:17
urgodfatherdoes this device look like its functioning properly?15:17
oerheksurgodfather, driver is in use, so yeah  Kernel driver in use: saa716415:18
floogyyou should Point to that file in Your Home. directory, e.g. by Using a pager like less15:18
ducasseurgodfather: all that tells you is that the driver is loaded, the logs produced by loading it would tell you more15:18
urgodfatherwhy does it say access denied for capabilities?15:19
urgodfatherducasse: how to view logs?15:19
ioriaurgodfather, try with sudo lspci15:20
ducasseurgodfather: try 'dmesg' for the kernel log15:20
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AnthaasI can NOT get my updated xresources to load...15:22
AnthaasI have been using a solarized theme, but have changed my xresources and dircolors to monokai15:23
Anthaasxrdb -merge ~/.Xresources and xrdb -load ~/.Xresources are having no effect - including after reboot15:23
ioriafirmware issue15:24
urgodfatheri recognize that firmware from my attempts last night.... i can manually download it and install it15:24
skinuxOH, no worries15:25
urgodfatherwhere should i put it? lib/firmware or lib/firmware/'uname -r'15:25
ducasseAnthaas: do none of the resources specified get set, or just some of them?15:25
Anthaasducasse, None change.15:25
ducasseAnthaas: can you pastebin ~/.Xresources for me?15:26
Anthaasducasse, https://dpaste.de/Vqke15:27
ducasseAnthaas: ok, those look good. how do you test them - which terminal etc?15:29
AnthaasRunning the above commands - I realised I installed this via gnome-terminal-colors-solarized - Im presuming it did something additional...15:30
hwpplayer1I want to make an IRC Meeting on #ubuntu-science at UTC+3 19:00 Istanbul who wants to join are welcome15:32
Anthaasducasse, That was it - I have changed to the theme I wanted with gnome-terminal-colors-monokai15:34
ducasseAnthaas: you probably had something overriding colors there, i don't know what that is/how it works15:35
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marekw2143hi, I've deleted my "Desktop" directory15:44
marekw2143and there was very important file inside (text file)15:44
marekw2143you know if it's possible to recover that ?15:45
MonkeyDustmarekw2143  did you have a backup?15:47
marekw2143MonkeyDust: probably no15:48
marekw2143I guess chances are near 0  ?15:48
MonkeyDustmarekw2143  if you did not make a backup, then you don't have one15:49
MonkeyDust!recover | marekw214315:49
ubottumarekw2143: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery15:49
ducassemarekw2143: what have you done after deleting it? like, *exactly* what have you done?15:50
marekw2143ducasse: I've used PC15:50
marekw2143written data to partition where deleted file was.....15:50
oerheksmarahin, did you delete it in the gui? then it is in your trash15:51
ducassemarekw2143: if you've written to that filesystem it's most likely gone.15:51
marekw2143no, i guess it was not by gui, anyway, it is not in a trash15:51
marekw2143ducasse: is it  100 % ?15:52
ducassemarekw2143: no, you can always try to recover it - try some of the tools in the link above. your chances aren't very good, though.15:53
marekw2143it was small text file15:54
marekw2143created in vim15:54
oerheks!info extundelete15:55
ubottuextundelete (source: extundelete): utility to recover deleted files from ext3/ext4 partition. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.4-1 (zesty), package size 51 kB, installed size 168 kB15:55
marekw2143oerheks: yes, just installed it15:56
marekw2143searching for manual now ;)15:56
forgottenis the change to gnome not happening until version 18?15:56
oerheksextundelete --restore-all or  --restore-file path/to/deleted/file or if you know the *exact* name  --restore-files filename15:57
marekw2143oerheks: thanks15:57
ducassemarekw2143: is /home part of the root filesystem?15:57
oerheksi would choose restore all, as you deleted the folder too15:58
marekw2143ducasse: unfortunatelly yes15:58
marekw2143can  I run extundelete while running system?15:58
marekw2143or have to use live cd ?15:58
oerhekstry it on your running system, AFAIK15:59
ducassemarekw2143: then you're not doing yourself any favors by installing stuff and writing even more - you should do the recovery from a live image15:59
ducasseif you've already installed it, you can run it now, but don't write anymore to that fs15:59
marekw2143ducasse: let's assume my file is named "abc", then I should: extundelete --recover-files "abc" /dev/sda1 ?16:00
ducassemarekw2143: not familiar with extundelete, check the man page16:02
marekw2143no manual16:02
MonkeyDustmarekw2143  http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/man1/extundelete.1.html16:03
Cat_BPRMHey, i have 3 post-install problems, 1. im on a laptop and i want to get a battery indicator in the top right, 2. i want to know how to make nvidia graphics default on all games (mobile graphics), 3. my system settings isn't 'correct' (there ae some options missing and some multiples), 4.My keyboard is supposed to light up, i cant get it to work, its an asus laptop and the function keys wont work which is supposed to be used to contro16:05
marekw2143so I've run extundelete --restore-file /path/to/file /dev/sda116:06
marekw2143but received : failed to restore file /path/to/file16:06
oerheksthat path to file, it used to be in a folder.. you would need to restore the folder first.16:08
oerheksThat is why i would choose restore all16:08
forgottenman.  linux is clunky and bloated16:08
oerheksforgotten, somehow we all agree that is not true.16:08
oerheks.. but it is good to have an opinion :-D16:09
forgottenoerheks: so you speak for everyone else? :)16:10
MonkeyDustforgotten  stop, no opinions and discussions here16:10
forgottenuhhh?? why?16:11
ducassethis is a support channel16:11
oerheks.. this is technical support, for dicussion there is #ubuntu-discuss16:11
forgottenlol k16:13
Pinkamena_DHello, does anyone know where the suspend / resume scripts are located for ubuntu 17.04? I have tried modifying and making new scripts in /etc/pm/sleep.d but they do not seem to be run automatically.16:18
Pinkamena_DI am guessing that that advice is outdated16:18
bastibuckhello everyone, hope you are having a nice weekend16:21
bastibuckwas wondering if anybody could share experience with installing ubuntu on a SD card16:22
akikbastibuck: there's almost nothing to it16:23
oerheksuse it like an usb-device, i hope your system can boot from it.16:24
akikbastibuck: you just select it as your storage device and ensure that grub will be installed on it16:24
bastibuckspeed is fine?16:25
bastibuckwanna use it for web development mainly16:25
=== kostkon_ is now known as kostkon
akikbastibuck: it will most probably be slowish but we can't know what kind of hardware you have16:26
bastibuckso it depends on the laptop and the sd connector?16:27
bastibuckor the SD card I choose16:27
Cat_BPRMi have 4 post-install problems, 1. im on a laptop and i want to get a battery indicator in the top right, 2. i want to know how to make nvidia graphics default on all games (mobile graphics), 3. my system settings isn't 'correct' (there ae some options missing and some multiples), 4.My keyboard is supposed to light up, i cant get it to work, its an asus laptop and the function keys wont work which is supposed to be used to control the16:27
akikbastibuck: just try it and see if you manage to do your work there. why is it that you want to use a sd card for work?16:27
bastibuckbecause I mainly use windows on my laptop but it doesn't handle relativ symlinks what I need for my CMS16:28
akikbastibuck: another choice would be dual boot16:28
bastibuckfrom the same hard drive?16:29
akikbastibuck: yes16:29
bastibuckany experience with this? I'm affraid to do it :-D16:29
igpwhat is involved in setting screen resolution in Ubuntu Gnome at various stages of boot? I am having trouble with it turning displays on-off and changing resolution back and forth when I pass the greeter and start a Gnome session16:29
akikbastibuck: it became harder to setup with uefi but ubuntu installer has support for it16:30
bastibuckhmm I think I will stick to SD card for now to have it seperate16:30
bastibuckthere shouldn't be a difference between USB stick and SD card, right?16:31
bastibuckin speed/compatibility16:31
akikbastibuck: i used kubuntu on an usb 2.0 stick and it was ok16:31
oerheksnot in compatibality,.. it is just slow16:31
akikbastibuck: if you can, go for a usb 3.0 device16:32
bastibuckokay good point16:35
bastibuckthanks for your feedback16:35
ducasseCat_BPRM: which release is this?16:35
bastibuckwill try it and see what I get out of it16:35
akikbastibuck: there are some steps you can do like disabling swap so the sd card won't be used for that and limiting writes16:36
bastibuckdo you suggest going for the newest version when I do?16:37
oerheksbastibuck, no, use lts, unless you want to upgrade any 9 months16:38
bastibuckalright good point16:38
bastibuckwill do, thanks for helping :)16:39
ducasseCat_BPRM: you can try logging in as guest to see if that solves 1 and 316:39
Cat_BPRMit doesnt ducasse16:40
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akikbastibuck: yet another choice could be virtualization, i.e. you could run linux in full screen on windows16:41
bastibucksounds interesting16:41
Pinkamena_Dtrying to run nm-applet on startup16:43
Pinkamena_Dor resume rather16:43
Pinkamena_Dworks as my user with 'nm-applet &'16:43
ducasseCat_BPRM: best idea i had atm, sorry, hang around until someone who uses a desktop environment can help16:43
Pinkamena_Dbut I cans get it to work from root with sudo -i -u <USER> bash -c 'nm-applet &'16:44
Pinkamena_Dor various variations16:44
Pinkamena_Dhow can I get it to run as if it was my user on a bash shell16:44
akikbastibuck: for example virtualbox is quite user friendly solution for it16:45
alkisgPinkamena_D: you can't run processes inside other users' sessions easily. Why don't you put it in the startup programs?16:45
alkisgnm-applet is supposed to autostart...16:45
Pinkamena_Dthis is for resume not startup16:46
alkisgThere's dbus_session_bus_addresss, xauthority etc to take care of16:46
Pinkamena_DI am working around some kind of driver bug with my wifi hardwarte16:46
alkisgPinkamena_D: if it crashes and you want to re-run it, just put it in a loop16:46
Pinkamena_DI have a script I can run each time I resume to fix the wifi, I just want it to run automatically16:46
Cat_BPRMdoes anyone know how to make games use my nvidia gpu?16:46
Cat_BPRMits a mobile gpu16:46
alkisgAnd put it in startup16:46
bastibuckakik: thanks looks good. gotta go now but will keep your tips in mind when I actually do install and read more into VMs16:46
alkisg*in session startup16:47
bastibuckbye all16:47
Pinkamena_Dit does not crash16:47
Pinkamena_Dit just says the device is not ready16:47
alkisgOK, a loop will make it retry then16:47
RonaldsMazitisif You use nm-applet with tint2 then check if You start everything wih &16:47
Pinkamena_DI feel as though it could be a common problem to just run something as a different user in general - is there no way to just inherit everything that usually happens to open a terminal as my user?16:49
alkisgPinkamena_D: usually there's a dbus listener process in the user environment, which a system process can invoke16:49
Pinkamena_Dhow about a simple situation where I want to simply show something with etc $ notify-send for another user? This could be a pretty common use case?16:50
Pinkamena_DWhat kind of commands can be invoked from the dbus listner? Would it follow a logical bash style command or its something lower level?16:52
igpCat_BPRM: by installing nvidia drivers, nvidia-settings and nvidia-prime. This is slightly dated, but mostly relevant: https://www.dell.com/support/article/uk/en/ukbsdt1/sln298431/a-guide-to-nvidia-optimus-on-dell-pcs-with-an-ubuntu-operating-system?lang=en16:52
skypcehi guys16:55
skypceit is possible implement same bluetooth management from ubuntu 17.10 to 14.04?16:56
skypcedoes it is possible implement same bluetooth management from ubuntu 17.10 to 14.04?16:56
oerheksskypce, i don't think so, there is a huge change to systemD16:58
oerheksbut if you want to try it out: build the packages yourself16:58
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igpwhat is involved in setting screen resolution in Ubuntu Gnome at various stages of boot? I am looking to troubleshoot issues that I am having on multiple monitors and need to know where to start17:00
igpi.e. where would monitor settings be stored for: 1) grub stage 2) gdm greeter stage 3) gnome session stage; does xorg.conf matter at all or is it only monitors.xml?17:01
FrostyBytesigp: do you even need multiple monitors bootsplash? I'd just get it work in the X session with some xrandr commands stuck in .xsession or .xinitrc17:03
igpFrostyBytes: yes. First reason: laptop display (primary) is hidpi, default tty defaults to 4k resolution and microscopic text. Nothing is readable during boot and switching to TTY, i.e. ctrl-alt-f1 gives me an unusable console, which I use when gnome freezes up to kill the offending processes.17:06
igpFrostyBytes: second reason: every time I switch to lock screen/greeter and log back in, my screen resolution starts changing back and forth out of control a dozen times, sometimes this ends up in one/some of my external displays not receiving the signal afterwards (but they still show up in the OS as functioning) and I want to find the cause of this and fix it17:08
akikigp: you can influence the virtual console resolution with video= kernel parameter. it accept a xresxyres17:08
akiki.e. 800x60017:09
igpakik: thank you, i will try this out now17:09
ducasseigp: which kernel are you on?17:11
igpducasse: 4.10.0-3517:12
ducasseigp: then it's not what i was thinking of, sorry. can't find the link now anyway...17:14
igpakik: that did the trick for textmode, thanks!17:15
erle-when is /etc/cron.hourly executed?17:28
erle-right at the full hour?17:29
Ben64mine runs at :17 today17:32
erle-Ben64, is it always the same?17:33
Ben64idk, check your syslog17:33
erle-seems to always be :17:0117:35
geirhagrep 'cron\.hourly' /etc/crontab17:36
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RonaldsMazitisoerheks clamav found some viruses but then crashed18:07
RonaldsMazitisall in windows software18:08
RonaldsMazitisalso clamav did not write this info into file18:11
RonaldsMazitisor that is not crash18:15
sirru5hHowdy Everyone18:18
cat_bprmI cant get prime settings to show up in nvidia x server... can anyone help? im on an asus laptop with a 960m18:22
Penguin900I have a script I placed in init.d, then ran "sudo update-rc.d script defaults", running "sudo /etc/init.d/script start" works, but the script does not work on restart. Is there a place can I see error logs or something?18:24
Bashing-omcat_bprm: What release and what desktop are you running ?18:25
cat_bprm16.4 ubuntu18:25
cat_bprmIcant type XD18:26
Bashing-omcat_bprm: K; we can work 16.04 . pastebin ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia* ' see what we have to work with .18:26
Bashing-omcat_bprm: Pleasantly surprised .. that all looks sane . What does X think ' cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit ' ?18:30
georgempHi. I'm trying to connect to a pptp server from Ubuntu Desktop 16.04. But, it keeps errorign with Connection Timed out. I can telnet to the server port 1723 fine.18:31
georgemp VPN connection: connect timeout exceeded. - I see that in the logs18:32
georgempany ideas on how to troubleshoot this? Thanks18:32
Bashing-omcat_bprm: As a by the way though - nvidia recommneds the 384 version driver : http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/123918/en-us   - I would expect 375 to do however .18:32
cat_bprmBashing-om sorry, i dont understand XD im new to linux...18:32
cat_bprmfor the previous message18:33
cat_bprmfor your latest message, should i use the 384 driver?18:33
cat_bprmor stick with 37518:33
Bashing-omcat_bprm: NP .. The GUI runs on Xserver, that is a layer of X. the X-server makes up a log filke of how it interdaces with the jerenl - Xorg.0.log - . So we want to look at that log for a report of any errors .18:34
cat_bprmplay so i'll find that in the file browser which i need to learn how to use XD18:35
Bashing-omcat_bprm: 375 version should be fine . we see what  the ststem says ^^ .18:35
Bashing-omcat_bprm: As before , in a terminal run ' cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit ' and pass the URL back here .18:37
Bashing-omcat_bprm: I be a while reading .18:38
cat_bprmBashing-om thats fine18:38
cat_bprmi have ages to wait, i have nothing to do18:38
Bashing-omcat_bprm: What is the reason that the boot parameter " acpi=off " is set ? that is not an optimum thing to leave set generally .18:40
cat_bprmoh i had that because wheni was trying to install ubuntu yesterday, it crashed whenever i tried to loadbuntu installer18:41
cat_bprmive no idea what it does so i left it, no harm so far, i juts know it worked18:42
Bashing-omcat_bprm: Well, we are getting out of me experience range .. but I bet the acpi parameter effects " Matched fbdev as autoconfigured driver "18:43
Bashing-om where you load the fall back driver rather then the nvidia driver .. humm ??18:44
cat_bprmif i removethat peramiter, will it stop ubuntu loading like it stopped ubuntu installer loading18:45
Bashing-omcat_bprm: Let's try a different approach and get the nvidia driver to load . OK ?18:45
cat_bprmi should say booting...18:45
Bashing-omcat_bprm: I want that you remove the acpi=off . reboot to the grub boot menu -> boot up from advanced a recovery kernel. See what happens . with the 375 version driver installed I would expect it to load degraded ! ..but to load . How old is this lap top ? Maybe we can adjust the DSDT table (??).18:49
cat_bprmbashing-om just eatingdinner, i wont be long18:52
jakdhello , i want to download something in github to my own dir , how?18:55
oerheksRonaldsMazitis, good. if you don't own the license ...18:56
cat_bprmim back18:57
cat_bprmhow do i remove acpi=off?18:58
tosmannHi all, has anyone got any experience with the networking changes in Ubuntu 17.10 server in regard to static IPs and bridge interfaces?18:58
Bashing-omcat_bprm: How did you set acpi=off ? and edit to /etc/default/grub file ? an boot option in the kernel boot line ?19:01
cat_bprmwhen i was booting grub from usb i scrolled to install ubuntu and pressed e anddid it from there, i dnt know how to revert it19:02
Bashing-omcat_bprm: That is a one time thing . reboot and let's see if you now come up on the GUI - as the driver is installed .19:04
ioriacat_bprm, you can paste   cat /etc/default/grub so we can check19:05
cat_bprm'You are trying to send an empty document, exiting.'19:06
ioriacat_bprm,    ls -l  /etc/default/grub19:07
donofriohow would I go about seeing how big my install is taking up excluding a directory?19:07
donofrioexcluding /mnt I mean19:07
ioriacat_bprm,   cat /etc/default/grub | pastebinit19:08
ioriacat_bprm,   you see this line ? GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="acpi=off"19:09
ioriacat_bprm,   you want to remove that acpi=off ?19:09
Bashing-omcat_bprm: ioria is so wise - GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="acpi=off" - :)19:10
cat_bprmokay, then restart?19:10
ioriacat_bprm,   sudo nano /etc/default/grub and make the line this way : GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=" "19:10
ioriacat_bprm,   sudo nano /etc/default/grub and make the line this way : GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=""19:10
ioriacat_bprm,   the run  sudo update-grub19:10
ioriacat_bprm,   wait ...19:11
ioriacat_bprm,   make grub visible commenting  with '#' this line : GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=019:12
ioriacat_bprm,   so if the system not booting, you can easily access it  and change the parameter19:12
cat_bprmwhere do i put that19:12
ioriacat_bprm,   it's just the 2° line in  that file :  now should look like this    #GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=019:14
cat_bprmi still dont understand... which line?19:14
cat_bprmnevermind i understand19:14
ioriacat_bprm,   good19:14
cat_bprmand how do i save and exit19:15
ioriacat_bprm,   ctrl+o then ctrl+x19:15
ioriacat_bprm,   sudo update-grub19:15
cat_bprmso ubuntu SHOULD load fine even with this off?19:15
ioriacat_bprm,   we don't know19:16
cat_bprmwhat do i do if it doesnt19:16
alkisgTry removing it with "e" from grub first, before updating grub.cfg...19:16
alkisgI.e. temporarily, only one time19:16
ioriacat_bprm,   you select the first item , press 'e' and add it again19:16
cat_bprmhow do i get the grub menu on startup?19:17
ioriacat_bprm,   you 'll find at bottom of the screen all the instructions19:17
cat_bprmi wont... it doesnt show for me19:17
alkisgHold down left shift19:17
cat_bprmwhat now?19:18
alkisgPress e to edit the menu19:18
alkisgAdd/remove acpi etc, whatever you want to test19:18
cat_bprmi know that, i mean now that i removed acpi19:18
ioriacat_bprm,   if grub not showing , you have not commented the line i said19:19
ioriacat_bprm,   paste it again, please19:21
cat_bprmpaste what? sudo-upgrade grup?19:22
ioriacat_bprm,   we're talking about /etc/default/grub file19:22
ioriacat_bprm,   looks fine19:24
ioriacat_bprm,   reboot19:24
cat_bprmill come back here after19:24
RalphBahi there, if someone good with system architecture design has a bit time and would like to help me with an architectural decision please read https://pastebin.com/6b9pr02p and pm me19:41
oerheksRalphBa, try #programming19:47
VlanXHello... looking for alternatives to PAC (Perl Auto Connector) since this one is bugged beyond belief in Ubuntu 17.0419:47
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VlanXI really hate whoever made PAC19:56
VlanXquit programming man19:56
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maziarI am creating a lot of small files with m3u8 format and I do want rsync copy all of them but rsync is stop copying those files, because each files is creating every 4 second , what should I do to copy these files from local server to remote server ?19:57
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=== mrpan is now known as Mr_Pan
tosmann(question repeated since 1 hour ago) Hi all, has anyone got any experience with the networking changes in Ubuntu 17.10 server in regard to static IPs and bridge interfaces?20:02
EriC^^!ubuntu+1 | tosmann20:02
ubottutosmann: Artful Aardvark is the codename for Ubuntu 17.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+120:02
EriC^^they might know ^20:02
tosmannubottu: thanks!20:03
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)20:03
RalphBaoerheks, thanks20:07
skypcehi all20:09
skypcei have unclickable wine icons elements in ubuntu 14.0420:10
skypceonly 1 works fine20:10
skypcetwo icons in panel only works the last20:10
RalphBawhat application you installed?20:11
skypceinstant eyedropper + lightshot20:11
skypceboth in independant playonlinux drives20:12
skypceso i have some problems with my hifi and bluetooth in ubuntu 14.04, do not pair20:12
skypceany help is welcome, thanks20:13
RalphBaah, so its about playonlinux. what is it saying if you try to start it from within pol?20:13
skypcethe pol runs ok20:13
skypcewithout problems20:13
skypceunity panel is the problem20:13
RalphBaskypce, 14.04 is pretty old. the bluetooth protocol was extended in the meanwhile. here I would suggest you an upgrade20:13
skypceonly is clickable 1 elements , not both20:13
skypceyes RalphBa but i love unity20:14
skypceubuntu 17.10 is using gnom20:14
skypceubuntu 17.10 is using gnome20:14
ducasse16.04 has unity20:14
skypce16.04 do not work bluetooth hifi20:14
skypcesame problems20:14
RalphBatake 16.04, but sooner or later you have to get to gnome20:14
skypcei was tested it in a virtual machine20:14
RalphBaand honestly, I'm one of the guys saying unity and mir were a mistake of cannonical20:15
ducasseif you tested in a vm it didn't even have access to your hardware20:15
RalphBaif its an usb dongle you can attach it to vm20:16
RalphBabut it might cause problems20:16
RalphBaskypce, install ubuntu on an usb drive20:17
RalphBaso you can try it without messing up your local install20:17
ducasseno need to even install, run a live usb to see if 16.04 works better20:17
RalphBawell... yes20:18
RalphBabut if you want to test the gnome environment, you should install it on usb since live system is pretty limited20:18
skypceok i will try20:18
skypcethank you men20:18
oerheksno better experience as a bare metal install20:19
ducasseskypce: 16.04 is supported until 2021, so you can stay with that and unity until at least then20:19
RalphBaskypce, also consider, ubuntu gnome 17.10 is not ubuntu 17.10. yes it bases on ubuntu but its pretty unity like20:19
skypcei like unity :S20:19
RalphBabases on gnome20:19
RalphBayes... but unity is dead20:19
skypcei like the menus in panel20:19
skypceall it is very good20:20
skypcei hope that soon will appear a fork of unity free20:20
RalphBaI'm pretty sure they will port this one to gnome to... if there isn't already an gnome shell extension doing exactly that20:20
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oerheksnot dead, just not default20:20
skypcecanonical must release the unity20:21
RalphBaskypce, you should really take a look at https://extensions.gnome.org/#20:21
skypcelike gnome 2 , with mate20:21
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oerheksbut guys, this is technical support, there is also #ubuntu-discuss20:21
RalphBagnome 3 is very customizable20:21
Bashing-omskypce: unity will continue - with community support - CANONICAL will continue to sypport 'til EOL .20:23
RonaldsMazitisgnome 3 takes 2gb of ram without opening any app20:25
RonaldsMazitisor bit less20:25
RonaldsMazitisI have like 4 gb only, so every bit of RAM is kinda good to have20:26
RonaldsMazitisin my prefference openbox > unity > gnome 320:27
RalphBaRonaldsMazitis, unity isn't the most lightweight environment too20:27
RalphBaor did something change in the last 2 years?20:28
oerheksdid you get rid of your infected wine, RonaldsMazitis ? windows virusses do work on pirated software in wine :-D20:28
RalphBaoerheks, *lol*20:28
oerheksjust remove the folders and you are fine.20:28
littlydwhat is the command in linux to find how many packets dropped from yesterday?20:28
RonaldsMazitisI did remove infected autocad I was not using20:28
RonaldsMazitisgame however stays20:28
RonaldsMazitisbut I don't know if those were 6 viruses since clamav crashed20:29
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RonaldsMazitisI had to remove daemons and stuff, because it was taking RAM in background20:29
RonaldsMazitisUnity was really good when it came out, it was perfect for my i5 laptop20:30
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RalphBawhen it came out it was quite different to now20:31
RalphBait used only 2d stuff, the latest I used required 3d stuff and emulated it via software if card wasn't capable of20:31
RonaldsMazitisso You say it is heavier now?20:31
oerheksdepends, if you installed wine stuff with sudo20:31
RalphBawhat caused a lot of memory and cpu usage for sure20:32
RonaldsMazitiswine stuff was installed by normal user20:33
RonaldsMazitisI still have running unity sessions20:33
RonaldsMazitisI don't use it, cause openbox is faster20:33
RonaldsMazitisstill, Unity rocks good with compiz effects20:34
RonaldsMazitissome people might like it20:34
dauntl3sshi everyone, is there anyway to remove Apache completely from php7.1 as you can see it's all up in there conflicting with my nginx: https://kopy.io/wM3Nq -- I've already done sudo apt remove/purge apache2* and the utils.20:34
MonkeyDustRonaldsMazitis  unity IS a compiz effect20:34
RonaldsMazitissudo purge apache?20:35
RonaldsMazitissomething with purge20:35
dauntl3ssRonaldsMazitis: right in my message I said I've run sudo apt purge apache2* already :)20:36
RonaldsMazitisI once tried nginx20:36
dauntl3ssif you look @ the pastebin I put there, you'll see where the apache files are20:36
RonaldsMazitisit did not run well with php20:36
dauntl3ssnginx runs amazing with php :)20:37
RonaldsMazitismaybe it's php fault20:37
RonaldsMazitisor nginx20:37
wedgieor pebkac :)20:37
RonaldsMazitisI have no idea why then it does not run for You20:38
RonaldsMazitisYou can manually delete every apache file20:38
RonaldsMazitisYou did find them so thats not a problem now20:39
dauntl3ssyeah, I just don't want to damage the php7.1 install20:39
dauntl3ssso I'm curious if there's a clean way I can do that20:39
RonaldsMazitisbut You can always reinstall php aswell20:40
RonaldsMazitiswell I give up, somebody that knows servers better should give advice20:40
joaopaulosrAnybody in there who can help me with a little question about WSL Ubuntu?20:40
dauntl3ssRonaldsMazitis: yeah that's what I'm thinking to do, but I don't know how to install php7.1 without bringing along these apache files20:41
RonaldsMazitisit always installs them aswell?20:41
dauntl3sslet me see if I can find the command again20:42
ducassedauntl3ss: is this 17.10, since you're using php7.1?20:42
RonaldsMazitis7.1 is on 16.04 aswell20:42
dauntl3ssducasse: I'm on 16.0420:42
RonaldsMazitisI know, cause it made me change a lot of sql lines20:43
ducasse!info php7.1 xenial20:44
ubottuPackage php7.1 does not exist in xenial20:44
ducassedauntl3ss: from a ppa?20:44
dauntl3ssducasse: from here: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php20:45
RonaldsMazitisah , yes I have 7.0.2220:46
RonaldsMazitisalso that repository is why Your nginx may not work20:46
dauntl3ssis there another way to use php 7.1?20:47
dauntl3ssI'm using Laravel 5.5 and it requires php7.1 I think20:47
ducassewait for 17.1020:47
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scrumI moved my hard drive with ubuntu on MBR to an UEFI motherboard.  How do I reinstall grub to work with UEFI?21:02
ducasseyou need to create an efi partition, among other things. after that, install grub-efi for the correct architecture, then make sure the right efi firmware variables are set up21:03
qwxleadauntl3ss: another solution is using docker with your complete development stack in it21:05
dauntl3ssqwxlea: yeah, I've never used Docker before but I think I'll get into it21:05
dauntl3ssYou like it?21:05
qwxleadauntl3ss: it is a whole new kind of headache, nothing like the old ones :-)21:12
dauntl3ssqwxlea: mmm sounds right up my alley xD21:12
qwxleadauntl3ss: actually when you get the hang of it, it's really nice, you can copy your server's install locally, same packages etc, less surprises when deploying21:13
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donofriodauntl3ss, https://medium.com/software-development-stories/developing-a-dockerized-web-app-on-windows-subsystem-for-linux-wsl-61efec96508021:14
dauntl3ssI like the sound of that because it's always lovely locally, it's when you get into the pesky production env that all this stuff pops up21:14
dauntl3ssthank you! I'll take a look now, maybe it'll be easier than all this upgrading downgrading ugh21:14
qwxleadauntl3ss: yes, it keeps your local workstation tidy, and the mess is in the docker image21:15
dauntl3ssI've read walkthroughs by this guy before, for Laravel and Paypal good stuff21:16
ducassescrum: you can also avoid reconfiguring for uefi if your mobo supports csm/legacy mode21:20
scrumI have a Asus x370-A21:21
scrumI cant find anything like that in the menues21:21
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baxxany latex users?21:40
baxxhttp://tipsonubuntu.com/2016/09/16/install-tex-live-2016-ubuntu-16-04-14-04/ < i was going to install using this, not sure if that's the standard approach?21:41
kostkonbaxx, only if you are after the latest version otherwise just install the one from the repos21:44
baxxkostkon: i seem to remember the ubuntu repos being a bit behind with latex stuff21:44
baxxive run this now, see if it breaks :S21:44
kostkonbaxx, suit yourself21:45
ducassebaxx: if it breaks, you're basically on your own, though - only repo software is supported here21:47
baxxducasse: this isn't the only resource online , but ok - thanks21:47
oerhekszesty gets 2016, next artful this month 2017 .. https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=texlive22:01
oerheksbit old?22:01
donofriois EOL on 17.04 really 1/2018? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases22:18
donofriono TLS for 17.04?22:19
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions are supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Xenial (Xenial Xerus 16.04.1). Ubuntu !flavors may have different support durations, check their release notes for information.22:21
donofrioBashing-om, well it says from the link I posted that "Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS Xenial Xerus Changes August 3, 2017" is the newest so you should update that bot22:22
baxxhow to find out the version number of a package in the ubuntu repo?22:22
MonkeyDustbaxx  apt policy [package]22:24
Bashing-omdonofrio: Note HWE .22:24
baxxMonkeyDust: ok cool thanks22:25
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack22:25
baxxMonkeyDust: if i've installed from a PPA, will this tell me info about that ppa ( as in, the PPA will redirect this command ), or will it still tell me about the main repo version?22:25
baxxwill purge work on something that's been installed from a PPA ?22:27
oerheksuse synaptic for detailed softwarecenter and filter22:27
oerheksnewest version gets priority, AFAIK22:28
baxxoerheks: newest version of what, ?22:28
baxxI just installed from a PPA, but I want to remove that and install from the repo22:28
baxx( installed texlive )22:28
oerheksoh, ppa-purge would do that22:29
Bashing-om!ppa | baxx22:29
ubottubaxx: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge22:29
oerheksreverse packages, if available22:29
oerheksno, the !ppapurge factoid22:29
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html22:29
oerheksyou might need to logout/login after that22:30
baxxok cool - will that clean up what was installed by that PPA as well? Or just remove it from sources?22:31
baxxseems it'll clean up, cool ( i think )22:31
baxxhttp://vpaste.net/q5q3o  seems to suggest they do at least22:32
Bashing-ombaxx: But bear in mind nothing but you will touch config files in your /home directory .22:33
donofriowhy is 17.04 older than 16.04?22:33
oerheksdonofrio, huh?22:33
baxxBashing-om: you mean in my users ~/ directory ( where Documents etc is, .bashrc and such ) ?22:33
Bashing-omdonofrio: 16.04 == year 2016 and the 4th (04) month .22:34
donofrioit says 17.04 is april 2017 16.04 is auguest? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases22:34
Bashing-ombaxx: Yepper .. if any reside . It is yours, and nothing will invade "your" space .22:34
donofriojust trying to find out why no LTS for 17.04 is all I guess22:35
baxxBashing-om: OK cool, so if there were any files installed before In ~/ , then purging won't affect / remove them22:35
oerheksyou have been told 17.04 will not be LTS. and read carefull, 16.04.3 point release.22:35
Bashing-ombaxx: Correct .. that may or may not be a good thing .22:36
baxxBashing-om: yeah, hm - i'll check after there's not too much in there. Cheers22:36
Bashing-omdonofrio: A LTS is released on a 2 year cycle . 14 -16 - 18 . Those in between are supported for 9 months .22:38
ducasse!release | donofrio22:40
ubottudonofrio: Ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 9 months (non-LTS) or 5 years (LTS). More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases22:40
noidUbuntu is good23:00
Toadisattvaubuntu IS good23:00
noidBut linux is not so good...23:01
noid:P It is hard23:01
* capella used to know one :)23:01
noidI'm just writing something I just managed to connect to this IRC thing23:02
Toadisattvaat the end of the day whether you run a linux distro or windoze or an apple os or android or what have you it still boils down to a google search of "how do I fix this error"23:02
noidToadisattva, lol, true :)23:02
noidWhat do you talk about in here? Ubuntu in general... I guess?23:02
ducassenoid: this channel is for technical support, for chitchat register and join #ubuntu-offtopic23:03
noidducasse, OK thanks23:04
baxxafter going through the process of removing a PPA and installing from the repo, how to insure that everythings ok?23:11
baxxit seemed to install a bit quickly for the size of it ( texlive-full )23:11
RalphBa if someone good with system architecture design has a bit time and would like to help me with an architectural decision please read https://pastebin.com/6b9pr02p and pm me23:19
bazhangRalphBa, ask here23:19
RalphBabazhang, I post this in the hope that a good software architect reads it23:20
bazhangRalphBa, better to give us a synopsis in channel first23:21
RalphBaits not really about ubuntu, but the chance is pretty high that one of the rare guys catches it23:21
bazhangRalphBa, is it about hardware23:21
RalphBano about creating a runtime23:21
RalphBaI'm speaking about software architecture23:22
bazhangRalphBa, then ask here and give us lots of details23:22
RalphBawell in that text is a lot of info, but I fear I should not post that all in here23:22
RalphBait is about a programming paradigm I'm about to design23:23
RalphBaI think organic programming describes it best23:23
bazhangtake it step by step RalphBa , this is an in channel support issue placee, not a PM me one23:24
pauljwdoesn't look like an ubuntu support issue from here, RalphBa23:25
RalphBahow said, its a post for the rare guys, and since I do not know where they are I have to place it on locations the rare guys might see it and get interessted23:26
RalphBaif I'm lucky23:26
bazhangRalphBa, since it's not topical, you can try the chat channel or the appropriate place23:27
RalphBachat channel?23:28
RalphBawell, whats the appropriate place?23:28
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic RalphBa23:29
bazhang /msg alis list term RalphBa23:29
bazhangto find one23:29
RalphBathat sound not good what you wrote, I fear something bad might happen23:30
bazhangRalphBa, it's the freenode services listing service23:31
RalphBaah, term is term not short for terminate23:31
RalphBayou have to admit that looks suspicious :D23:32
hfpHi! I just put coreboot on my ThinkPad x230. It went well and I can boot into memtest, coreinfo, and tint. However, if I select to boot from my hard drive, it stays stuck a booting from disk. The OS is Ubuntu 17.04 with full disk encryption, with the Lenovo BIOS, it took me to a prompt to unlock the disk and boot. If I boot from USB, I can get Ubuntu to run from the LiveUSB. I suspect it is a bootloader23:38
hfpproblem rather than a BIOS problem but I'm not certain. How do I fix it?23:38
Toadisattvais secureboot enabled in the BIOS? I know that can conflict with disk encryption23:39
=== kostkon_ is now known as kostkon
hfpToadisattva: coreboot doesn't do secureboot at all23:42
Toadisattvaah I see23:43

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