ambientAnyone here uses Cinelerra05:13
sirriffsalotlenSo I wonder, now that I am about to venture into the realms of recording drums.. is it a complete disaster to record them with mostly live mics?13:01
sirriffsalotlen[14:00] <sirriffsalotlen> Only have one condenser-mic, which I plan to place on the kick, and one dynamic which I'll put on the snare or hi-ha13:01
OvenWerkssirriffsalotlen: I am not by any means the best person to ask... but I think it would depend on the mics. I would use a dynamic on the kick, but then I have two larger diaphram dynamics that work well for that range. If you have a dynamic that lacks punch in the bottom end you may do differently.13:35
OvenWerksIf you are micing drums that you have sitting there and you can play, I would try recording with your two mics in various places. It would be quite normal to have the condenser as an overhead and use the dynamic for snare or kick whichever is lacking. Perhaps use the dynamic for kick, and the condenser as an overhead but directed more towards the snare... maybe a bit lower than a normal overhead would work.13:38
OvenWerksif you have a spare instrument input... you could use a speaker as a mic for your kick.13:40
OvenWerksI do not know what you limitation is, not enough mics or not enough inputs... so I can't say.13:41
sirriffsalotlenOvenWerks: a speaker...?13:50
sirriffsalotlenI have eight mic inputs :)13:50
sirriffsalotlenHmm perhaps you're right, might use the condenser mic (akg C412) as a mono overhead13:57
studio-user857Hi Ineed help with Ubuntu Studio 17.10. - Adudio16:50
studio-user857i.e. HDMI audion & PC motherboard Audion activation16:51
ambientHi, I am using Cinelerra and when I try to use titles I get : VFrame::allocate_data 507 could not allocate shared memory16:56
ambientSegmentation fault (core dumped)16:56
OvenWerkssirriffsalothp_: yes a speaker (woofer) makes a not bad kick mic. if you have 8 inputs and they are all mic/xlr hook the speaker between pins 2 and 3. Probably not enough output to into line inputs, but would work fine with 1/4inch unbalanced too. Most people who do this use a woofer outside of a cabinet.17:51
OvenWerkssirriffsalothp_: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqedPEPL6D417:54
OvenWerkshe is using a 12inch speaker, but if you use a smaller one with a bit wider range (higher top end) you would get most of the top end smack as well.17:56
OvenWerksbasically an overhead will pick up a lot of almost everything. Adding some snare (try both top and bottom micing... bottom with invert or phase switch)17:58
OvenWerksand kick if needed.17:59
studio-user752Have a problem with lv2rack on Ubuntustudio 17.04. Traceback is here: https://pastebin.com/uk2k2zQj18:14
OvenWerkslv2rack is deprecated18:15
OvenWerksit is known to be broken in many cases and will not be included in future releases.18:16
studio-user752Whats instead?18:16
OvenWerkssomeone is trying to get Carla into our repos to replace it18:16
OvenWerksyou may be able to get Carla from the kxstudio repo18:16
studio-user752Carla from KX?18:16
studio-user752Its sad about lv2. Thak you OvenWerks.18:20
OvenWerksI think it has been around ten years ago since the last update, it hasn't kept up with the current libs18:22
sirriffsalothp_OvenWerks: to be honest I just listened to my setup after some tweaking and it sounds pretty sweet :)19:15
sirriffsalothp_Using a speaker would be overkill at this point19:15
OvenWerkscool, problem solved :)19:16
studio-user943hi! i'm trying ubuntu studio :)20:25
studio-user943i have a question: is there any list of audio interfaces that works with ubuntu studio?20:27
studio-user943i'm worried about this20:27
OvenWerksstudio-user943: pretty much anything that is mac compatible (doesn't require drivers on a mac) will work with linux21:16
OvenWerksOn any computer, I tend to yake it in to my local music store and try before I buy...withy any OS22:14
studio-user943thanks a lot!22:33

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