bdxconjure-up is having ultimate failures with lxd/localhost provider right now01:46
bdxit will only accept a lxd from snap01:46
bdxand the darn snap lxd is not really ready yet01:46
bdxwell, I mean, I havent been able to get it to work01:46
bdxtried all day01:46
bdxand conjure-up forces you to use it01:46
bdxthis https://imgur.com/a/xMyRC01:49
bdxwasnt working for me for some reason earlier01:49
bdxtrying on a fresh system now01:50
bdxthings seem to be going well so far01:50
bdxbut I'm not to the point where I was hitting failure earlier, I'll file a bug if it persists this round through01:51
stokachubdx: uhm what?02:02
stokachuYou can use cloud providers or openstack02:02
stokachuAnd stgraber would love to see a bug report on why snap lxd isn't working02:04
bdxstokachu: yeah, I wasnt able to debug as much as I wish I could have02:05
bdxIm gathering the remaining scraps trying to put something together02:05
bdx^ was one of the issues02:05
bdxwhile trying to debug one of the others02:05
bdxsomething tells me I didnt clean out system lxd and something was interfering/overlapping02:06
bdxbut yeah ... I just couldn't seem to get snap lxd working02:06
bdxit works fine for you?02:07
bdxthis is the other one I was hitting http://paste.ubuntu.com/25782424/02:09
bdxI tried totally removing all the snaps, and all the system level stuff02:09
bdxand start from 002:09
bdxbut i kept having issues02:09
stokachuyea i just launched a container02:24
stokachubdx: im in #ubuntu-server and just asked stgraber to look at the pastebin02:25
bdxguessing it had something to do with cruft somewhere getting in the way02:25
stokachuyea that's a new error ive not seen before02:26
bdxIm not hitting it anymore02:26
bdxon my new machine02:26
bdxI was just able to successfully launch one too02:26
stokachubdx: out of disk space?02:27
stokachuthats from stgraber02:27
EnvYi want to design a charm. And it contains a snort IDS tool. I did not find any charm that install application using apt-get. can anybody help08:08
zeestratEnvY: check out charmhelpers, they have a bunch of nice tools for just such things. On mobile so don't have the docs, but something line  "from charmhelpers.fetch import apt_install"10:36
EnvYzeestrat, thank you. can you share the charm that i can build and see then see the charm files to get help how to write. In the charm store they have build charms for different applications11:28
EnvYzeestrat, thank you seem like i am getting direction11:35
EnvYi am following https://pythonhosted.org/charmhelpers/getting-started.html11:43
EnvYMy directory structure of "charm create" is different from the one available on the link. e.g. their is not file as hooks.py once i create charm11:46
zeestratEnvY: the charmhelpers have moved their repo to GitHub recently and it looks like the docs on pythonhosted arent up to date. I'm out, but can probably point you in the right direction later.13:18
zeestratBasically, the current framework for developing charms uses something called reactive and layers. The basic layer has some info https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-basic/13:20
zeestratIf I forget, I'm sure you can ping rick_h to point you to some intros to charm development13:31

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