tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> @UniversalSuperBox, Omg, now that the appimage run fine, I can't boot my device..00:00
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> Seems bricked00:01
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> No it booted00:02
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @exar_kun, lol00:04
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @exar_kun, did you make that?00:04
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> No, it doesn't boot normally, it have problems00:05
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> πŸ’€ RIP00:10
tgBot<malditobastardo> What problem ? Your phone? Do you finally managed to flash it?00:12
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> @malditobastardo, No, I finally have UB installer working, but my phone doesn't boot in any way00:13
tgBot<malditobastardo> @Akira_rulezZ, When that started to happen exactly?00:14
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> Few minutes ago00:15
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> When I tried to reboot into fastboot mode00:15
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> I think it's broken00:18
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> All this work for nothing00:18
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Did it boot before?00:20
tgBot<malditobastardo> It's almost impossible that your device is bricked00:20
tgBot<elavdeveloper> What phone do you have?00:20
tgBot<malditobastardo> I think it was a Bq 4.5?00:22
tgBot<malditobastardo> Not sure. Just saying00:22
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tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> Uuuuhhhh It booted suddenly00:25
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> UB installer is working00:25
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> (Photo, 720x1280) https://irc.ubports.com/Bfdq4BiV/file_1341.jpg00:26
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> Finger crossed00:26
tgBot<nfsprodriver> First time takes some time.00:26
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> I have a BQ E500:26
tgBot<malditobastardo> @Akira_rulezZ, You have to be patient man. You are freakin out a lot πŸ™€πŸ˜Ή00:27
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tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> @malditobastardo, No, before when I've tried to boot, the screen flashed and then turned off00:28
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> I have a lot of patience, I modded a lot of Android devices, but I've never had so much problems00:29
tgBot<elavdeveloper> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/mjfwp6UD/file_134200:33
tgBot<malditobastardo> @Akira_rulezZ, From now on install ubuntu dual boot and start learning. You will need it after all of this :)00:36
tgBot<malditobastardo> Windows = problems00:37
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> @malditobastardo, I'm planning to do it, but I need support do do it correctly00:37
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> @malditobastardo, I've never had any, for real, I play games too, but I never had any problem with Windows00:38
tgBot<malditobastardo> Until today :)00:39
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> @malditobastardo, πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ no, the dev told me it's a driver problem when UB installer hasn't worked πŸ˜‚00:40
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> I'm trying to switch to Linux on PC and Sailfish on mobile, but I like Ubuntu Touch too, that's why I've bought a device00:41
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> Is it normal to have all accounts and apps still in the phone after reboot?00:56
tgBot<deedend> Hey guys, I have a OPO that want to be a guinea pig for the various options around, and one of these options is Ubport, do you know if it's possible to have some sort of multirom to have more than one os on the phone and choose one at the start?01:10
tgBot<PhoenixLandPirate> @deedend, No03:34
tgBot<deedend> @PhoenixLandPirate, Thanks03:45
tgBot<mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh> @elavdeveloper, Why there is mplayer in there?😳04:45
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> Good morning, how can I see if I have UBports on my BQ? After flash I still have all my accounts, I though my device should be wiped05:54
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> And how can I get an app store? I've heard there is an unofficial06:00
tgBot<Stereofont> @Akira_rulezZ, You can go into system settings and look at 'About' but if you have been successful you will find OpenStore already among your apps06:03
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> @Stereofont, So, yesssss 😬😬😬06:08
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> I'm on UBports 😬✌️06:08
tgBot<Stereofont> πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“06:10
tgBotUvneshkumar was added by: Uvneshkumar06:12
tgBot<Stereofont> You can still use UbuntuStore but it is not supported and will close soon. In OpenStore you will find e.g. Dekko2 and uMatriks06:12
tgBot<Stereofont> Look also for the installed UBports app06:13
tgBot<Stereofont> In system settings you can choose a version but it sounds like Stable is best for you at the moment06:14
tgBot<Stereofont> I think you have a phone? There is a flashlight now on the pull-down menu06:19
tgBot<Stereofont> There is an adblock app if you want one06:19
tgBot<vanyasem> @Uvneshkumar, welcome06:22
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> Thank you all for support, it was a bit hard and frustrating, but now it's done06:25
tgBot<Uvneshkumar> @vanyasem, Thanks. Nice to be here..!06:26
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> I see the Telegram app doesn't supports supergroups, right?06:30
tgBot<harishsays> Fwd from Flohack: We will roll out supergroups asap, and not waste more time with other features06:31
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> @harishsays, Good to know, thank you and what about web whatsapp?06:34
tgBot<mohammadrazis> How to use whatsapp in UT?06:35
tgBot<Stereofont> @Akira_rulezZ, You can use the web version for that but supergroup support is only weeks away06:36
tgBot<Stereofont> @mohammadrazis, There is an app for that. I have no use for it but it seems there are lots of difficulties with it. Best is not to use WhatsApp 😎06:38
tgBot<Stereofont> LoquilM app06:40
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> (Photo, 720x1280) https://irc.ubports.com/NPRLhBzM/file_1344.jpg06:40
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> I can't turn off my device πŸ˜‚06:41
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> Touch didn't respond on menu06:43
tgBot<mohammadrazis> @Stereofont, Thanks.06:45
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> Today after work I will try To setup Everything For my needs and to use as a primary device06:54
tgBot<Stereofont> @Akira_rulezZ, Maybe that will correct after the first reboot06:59
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ubports_botProject ota-push build #1196: SUCCESS in 0.49 sec: http://ci.ubports.com/job/ota-push/1196/07:01
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> @Stereofont, πŸ˜¬πŸ‘07:04
tgBot<Stereofont> @Akira_rulezZ, There is a 'disappearing keyboard' issue if you move between apps but that will also be fixed soon07:10
tgBot<Matteo> I'm trying to install gedit on my phone by terminal but of course I get an error because it states it cannot save files in var/cache/apt being the filesystem only read mode....my question is, if I force the system to be writable and I install gedit, could it be potentially harmful for the whole phone functionality and future OTA updates?07:20
tgBot<TronFourtyTwo> It could break OTA, yes07:21
tgBot<TronFourtyTwo> It's for this reason we use containers07:21
=== danwe1 is now known as danwe
tgBot<Matteo> @TronFourtyTwo, Ok, thank you for the answer. So how can I install gedit from terminal, routing the installation to a container like Libertine, guessing I have this already created?07:39
tgBot<TronFourtyTwo> @Matteo, https://wiki.ubports.com/wiki/Libertine%3A-install-and-manage-desktop-applications07:47
tgBot<Matteo> Grazie Emanuele! I'll try to follow the instructions07:52
tgBot<bastos777> Are the apps in containers able to exchange data via content hub or copy-paste to outside the container? And do I have access to the ut home folder?08:04
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ubports_botProject ota-push build #1197: SUCCESS in 1 min 6 sec: http://ci.ubports.com/job/ota-push/1197/08:24
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> @Stereofont, I've found it when I've tried to configure Dekko2 😬09:00
tgBotWillem-Jan de Hoog was added by: Willem-Jan de Hoog10:22
tgBot<Willem-Jan de Hoog> hi. I am trying to create a zip that installs ubuntu touch on my phone (oneplus one). It boots but no UI. I can get a adb shell but don't really know what to do next.10:24
tgBot<Willem-Jan de Hoog> dmesg shows: init: ureadahead-touch main process terminated with status 510:24
tgBot<Willem-Jan de Hoog> also: init: /init.environ.rc: 13: export requires 2 arguments10:30
tgBotHaatim Sayed was added by: Haatim Sayed10:31
tgBot<vanyasem> @Haatim Sayed, welcome10:34
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> Hi, I'm not able to download any apps from open store, have I to do something?10:44
wdehoog hi. I am trying to create a zip that installs ubuntu touch on my phone (oneplus one). It boots but no UI. I can get a adb shell but don't really know what to do next.10:45
tgBot<Stereofont> @wdehoog, I suggest you join the Telegram group. It is possible to install the old Canonical version using an img but not the UBport version11:13
tgBot<Stereofont> @Akira_rulezZ, Strange. Are you out of storage?11:14
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> @Stereofont, Oh, I've solved with a reboot 😬11:16
tgBot<mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh> @Willem-Jan de Hoog, There is already cpt installer to install ut.11:16
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> But when I try to configure Dekko2 I can't because keyboard doesn't show11:17
tgBot<DanChapman> Pull the top indicator panel down a little then close it and the keyboard should come up11:17
tgBot<DanChapman> I believe this is fixed in the devel channel11:18
tgBot<popescu_sorin> (Photo, 1280x768) https://irc.ubports.com/cQCU0qZy/file_1346.jpg11:38
tgBot<popescu_sorin> wayland client on mir on X11:38
tgBot<popescu_sorin> i think :))11:39
tgBot<Willem-Jan de Hoog> what is cpt installer?11:43
tgBot<Willem-Jan de Hoog> I create the zip from the downloads from the jenkins server. Why would it not work?11:44
tgBot<TronFourtyTwo> UT is more than just an android mod11:45
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> I have another issue with LoquiIM, I get Decrypt error on all chats12:03
tgBot<malditobastardo> @Akira_rulezZ, Join loqui telegram group12:09
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> @malditobastardo, Have you a link?12:10
tgBot<mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh> @Willem-Jan de Hoog, https://ubports.com/page/ubuntu-oneplus-one you can find method to install ut. Also ctrl+f for cpt12:12
tgBot<Willem-Jan de Hoog> @mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh yes I want ubports touch on my phone but not with an installer. I don't know what it does and like to keep what is already on it. Besides I have no adb access when in recovery mode. (unauthorized).12:16
tgBot<mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh> @Willem-Jan de Hoog, You will have to format it. Without format you cannot install ut12:17
tgBot<TronFourtyTwo> @mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh, it's open source you can analiza it before run it12:17
tgBot<Alexander> @Akira_rulezZ, https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAAk1L0lOiRPuM02yxQ12:17
tgBot<mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh> The installer will format and install.12:17
tgBot<TronFourtyTwo> @Willem-Jan de Hoog, I meant answer him, sorry πŸ˜’12:18
tgBot<mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh> I understand 😁12:18
tgBot<Willem-Jan de Hoog> I guess only boot needs to be formatted. The rest is still one file /data/system.img isn't it?12:19
tgBot<Willem-Jan de Hoog> so I try to create this /data/system.img12:20
tgBot<mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh> @Willem-Jan de Hoog, Knock yourself out. Buy please take backup before that. You might regret if you did not take backup.12:20
tgBot<Willem-Jan de Hoog> because I will use this system.img I do not have to create a backup. yes of the boot partition but not of the rest.12:22
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> @Alexander, Thank you πŸ˜¬πŸ‘12:23
tgBot<mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh> I think I know enough that is why suggesting you to take backup. And use Ubuntu installer. But I consider myself noob. So if you are sure what you are doing might work.  please go ahead.12:25
tgBot<Willem-Jan de Hoog> @mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh I appreciate your help. I already posted my questions on the forum but someone said I should join the telegram group.12:28
tgBot<DanChapman> Anyone here interested in using markdown in emails?12:30
tgBot<mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh> @Willem-Jan de Hoog, Okay then wait for around 5 more hours .. core developers are sleeping at the moment i think. You will see more grup activity by Then . Then you should ask12:31
tgBot<Willem-Jan de Hoog> @mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh thanks!12:32
tgBot<vanyasem> @DanChapman, in dekko.12:35
tgBot<vanyasem> ?12:35
tgBot<DanChapman> Yeah 😊12:35
tgBot<DanChapman> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/7P5hmjTD/file_1348.png12:36
tgBot<DanChapman> I partially implemented it a while back and i'm wondering if anyone would actually use it if i finished it off, if not i'm just going to pull it out of the source tree12:36
tgBot<mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh> @DanChapman looks good. But I am far far away from using email on ut right now.12:38
tgBot<mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh> For some reason the group is awfully quite today.12:39
tgBot<vanyasem> everyone is in our OT chat πŸ˜‚12:39
tgBot<elavdeveloper> @mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh, I don't have idea. πŸ˜‚12:48
tgBotKiran kr. Reddy was added by: Kiran kr. Reddy12:54
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tgBot<Kiran kr. Reddy> Good evening Ubuntu touch..12:55
tgBot<DanChapman> Welcome Kiran kr.12:56
tgBot<Kiran kr. Reddy> Thnx Dan.12:56
tgBot<Kiran kr. Reddy> I have question.. May I ask here regarding oneplus one12:57
tgBot<Kiran kr. Reddy> Oneplus one has soc 801 snapdragon. 801 snapdragon supports HD calling volte. If I install Ubuntu touch in oneplus1 then will it support my volte 4g sim.. ?13:00
tgBot<Willem-Jan de Hoog> ok got it working. ubport running on my phone.13:01
tgBot<Willem-Jan de Hoog> how can I check what version is installed?13:01
tgBot<Alexander> @Willem-Jan de Hoog, Sytem settings -> about (at the bottom of the page) -> and then you have got everything you need to know ;)13:03
tgBot<Willem-Jan de Hoog> @Alexander, It shows 'ubuntu OnePlus bacon' and IMEI etc. but not ubports version13:05
tgBot<Kiran kr. Reddy> Hey Willem-Jan  how did u installed Ubuntu on oneplus.. Using multirom or dirtyflashed.. ? Please reply.13:09
tgBot<Kiran kr. Reddy> I tried using multirom but didn't booted ..no success13:10
tgBot<DanChapman> multirom isn't supported. The only option is to flash13:11
tgBot<Kiran kr. Reddy> Ok.. Will try to flash.13:12
tgBot<DanChapman> πŸ‘13:12
tgBot<Willem-Jan de Hoog> @Kiran kr. Reddy, I don't know what dirtyflash means. I made a backup of my boot partition which I have to restore when going back to normal. The zip I made flashes the ubports boot.img.13:13
tgBot<Willem-Jan de Hoog> I will make another backup of the current boot (ubports) so to switch from normal (multiron) to ubports I have to restore the ubports backup of the boot partition.13:15
tgBot<samitormanen> Anyone using UBports in Nexus 4, could you check your "Baseband version" from fastboot mode? Seems like everybody else have working GPS besides me.. I just wanna check if that could be reason.. My baseband is "M9615A-CEFWMAZM-2.0.1701.03"13:22
tgBot<Kiran kr. Reddy> πŸ‘13:29
tgBotGerhard Faber was added by: Gerhard Faber13:30
tgBot<malditobastardo> There should be a sticky saying "multirom is not supported" 😺13:36
tgBot<malditobastardo> @samitormanen, Gps takes a few minutes before start to work13:37
tgBot<samitormanen> @malditobastardo, 10minutes isn't enough, and even 1hour doesn't get fix13:39
tgBot<Stereofont> @Willem-Jan de Hoog, There should be an r. number = revision. On the forum there is a list of revisions for each port13:41
tgBot<Willem-Jan de Hoog> @Stereofont, Not on my display. Only serial, IMEI, wifi mac, bt mac, storage, licenses and dev mode13:45
tgBot<samitormanen> Could this be reason.. http://www.gaggl.com/2014/01/ubuntu-touch-install-on-nexus-4/14:08
tgBot<samitormanen> I did have 4.4.4 before UT install14:08
tgBot<Lorxu> @wayneoutthere, That was... oddly reassuring14:17
tgBot<Marty McFly> How is fairphone2 environment goin? I just bought it to install ubuntu, but i got the version with android 6 imao -.-14:19
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> You can run builds from the devel channel and the screen will work. The camera is proving to be more tricky14:21
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @Willem-Jan de Hoog, It should also be right next to where it says "Ubuntu Touch" if I remember right.14:23
tgBot<Willem-Jan de Hoog> ubuntu-touch uses path /data/system.img and unfortunately plasma-mobile as well. Does anybody know how to easily have them coexist?14:23
tgBot<Marty McFly> Oh perfect thats fine, i dont want the cam to work :) I will try thank you14:23
tgBot<Chris Clime> @mariogrip, Hi Marius, how in general do you recommend compiling oxide for armhf ? With some modifications I was able to build it locally for x64 on debian testing (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Oxide/BuildInstructions) but I'm struggling with [https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Oxide/ArmCrossCompiling], Do you recommend using a chroot or lxc, or can cross compiling be done without it ? Does the container have to be vivid in order to build for 15.04 stable, or can14:26
tgBotit be 16.04 ?14:26
tgBotLloydAlmeida was added by: LloydAlmeida14:50
tgBot<samitormanen> Sorry stupid questions, but I can't find it from google. Is radio firmware (baseband modem) bundled with UBports image OR is there any difference if I install UBports over Jellybean, Kitkat,Lollipop?15:01
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> There should be no difference. We don't rewrite the radio.15:03
tgBot<samitormanen> @UniversalSuperBox, Ok. Thanks. Maybe I should try different radio firmware to my mako. Jellybean and kitkat have different radios..15:09
tgBot<samitormanen> I hope it resolves my gps issue15:09
tgBot<samitormanen> Can I do it like this: download 4.3 factory image > extract it > phone in fastboot mode > fastboot flash radio new.radio.firmware.img ?15:12
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Probably, but I don't want to give bad advice that can end up bricking your phone.15:13
tgBot<samitormanen> Is it safer if install android 4.3 and then install ubports?15:14
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> It's about the same as any factory image.15:14
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Check out the flash-all script, see how it does it15:15
tgBot<samitormanen> Ok15:15
tgBot<samitormanen> (Photo, 800x1280) https://irc.ubports.com/MSXqm3vc/file_1350.jpg15:16
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Cool. That should work. As always, at your own risk. :)15:17
tgBot<samitormanen> I try to get that Nexus4 to my wife. She wants to try ubports.. But without working gps it is useless for her..15:18
tgBot<Marty McFly> uhm... how to find the dev channel repo for fp2?15:29
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Hmm?15:34
tgBot<Marty McFly> ouch πŸ˜† nvm15:36
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> You can change your channel before installing in the UBports Installer15:37
tgBot<Marty McFly> yib sorry i found it15:38
tgBot<Marty McFly> now it says a password is needed, but i didnt set one15:38
tgBot<Marty McFly> im actually on fp2 android 6 open version15:39
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> That's your password on the computer15:40
tgBot<malditobastardo> Fwd from jsalatas: Anyway.... I'm currently stuck with the oxide web engine trying to figure out how it works and eventualy update it to a newer version of chromium and port it to gcc7.15:47
tgBot<malditobastardo> Fwd from jsalatas: It's the web engine for the web browser app. Actually more or less a qt wrapper arround chromium15:47
tgBot<malditobastardo> Fwd from jsalatas: I don't know what they are doing :) … Actually my primary concern know is to understand the oxide-qt engine and eventualy be able to either update it to a newer chromium version or (I doubt that this would be easy) completely replace oxide-qt with Qt's qtwebengine implementation. … In any case I'll try to find some time to talk to UBPorts guys and see what they're up to. I haven't talked to them since the Qt 5.9 thing ;)15:47
tgBot<malditobastardo> Fwd from jsalatas: Actually even bigger would be the milestone of porting to gcc7, and so to ubuntu 17.10 and debian sid.  β€¦ After that I guess i'll have some time (without any porting) to see other issues like setting up a CI environment and moving forward with the actual code, because until now most was just porting ;)15:47
tgBot<malditobastardo> It really worth investing so much time and effort optimizing the browser?15:48
tgBot<Marty McFly> is there any trick to get fp2 into the bootloader? i tried 10x times now all what i get is a blacksreen saying: FAIRPHONE, powered by Android15:58
tgBot<j2g2rp> @malditobastardo, Thx for the info, it's been a long since last time John Salatas told us that the porting to Qt 5.9 was almost done. … About oxide I also don't know. Maybe for phones oxide it's a good option, but for desktop... I really don't know16:08
tgBot<samitormanen> @UniversalSuperBox, I flashed older radio firmware, from android 4.3 and now N4 GPS is working! Yay! Of course I have to test it more but cold start fix took ~9min and warm start fix ~30sec 😎16:10
tgBot<samitormanen> And it test was now indoors..16:11
tgBot<malditobastardo> @j2g2rp, Yeah exactly. But I understand if he/they are doing some kind of research for themselves. Like to experiment etc16:13
tgBot<malditobastardo> But I think that is a waste of time in a desktop environment16:14
tgBot<malditobastardo> As you said. But well. Even with UBports16:14
tgBot<malditobastardo> With the port of 16.04 it should be easier to implement the mobile version of Firefox. I think.16:14
tgBot<malditobastardo> But to be honest I am not an expert. I am a flight pilot 😹16:15
tgBot<j2g2rp> as some developers says (i'm not a developer) chromium based web browsers (like oxide) are better option to arm arch based devices  because it's faster in that arch. … Oxide it's a good thing to achieve the goal of convergence. Far from that I don't know more reasons πŸ˜† … More that one year ago I tried to use oxide in desktop and it was a pain compared to firefox or chromium, maybe because of ads and other things that users usually blocks with ex16:19
tgBot<j2g2rp> talking about oxide and webbrowsers. Any news about broken oxide upgrade?16:20
tgBot<j2g2rp> just curious16:21
tgBot<Aury88> @j2g2rp, I knew the porting to qt 5.9 was complete: https://yunit.io/yunit-project-updates-20170917/16:21
tgBot<malditobastardo> @j2g2rp, You are right. Good point. About convergence etc.16:23
tgBot<malditobastardo> @j2g2rp, I don't know too much sadly.16:25
tgBot<Marty McFly> what can i do? ubports installer dont recognize my phone. Fairphone2 with the stock Open Android 6, usb-debug and bootloader are active16:25
tgBot<Marty McFly> I am on ubuntu 1716:26
tgBot<j2g2rp> Since i'm not owner of a fairphone i don't know anything about it, just i heard (not sure if it was in fairphone) that depending of the version of android it could fail. … Just about your version of ubuntu. If it's 17.10 maybe it won't works. I don't know if 17.10 have all packages of adb and the others...16:32
tgBot<malditobastardo> I think there is an appimage of the installer so you really don't need any special dependencies16:33
tgBot<Marty McFly> i dont understand what you say about "appimage" sorry^^ just tried to apt install adb, buut no changes...16:39
tgBot<Marty McFly> the guis is waiting for device, the terminal prints says repeatly: "debug: adb shell: echo 1"16:39
tgBot<Marty McFly> and when i choose manually terminal says: "debug: fastboot: wait for device"16:40
tgBot<Stereofont> @Marty McFly, Probably worth trying on a 16.04 machine and preferably one with 2.0 usb16:41
tgBot<Stereofont> Also try obvious things like several different data cables16:42
tgBot<Marty McFly> i am wondering, when i connect, the buld a mtp connection. i this okay?16:46
tgBot<Marty McFly> i am wondering, when i connect, they build a mtp connection. is this okay?16:46
tgBot<j2g2rp> of course you are in fastboot mode didn't you? … Also check two things: …       1. your usb wire it's fine. …       2. you are not using a usb hub. Connect it directly16:48
tgBot<Marty McFly> how to get in fastboot mode? just activated usb-debugging like the installer advised me16:49
tgBot<Marty McFly> yes my wire is fine and i can connect the phone. as i said phone and computer build up an mtp connection16:50
tgBot<j2g2rp> not sure how it's on fairphone. In BQ you should restart your device presing also volume up, and then select fastboot16:50
tgBot<Marty McFly> adb is not choosable in the usb options16:51
tgBot<Marty McFly> when im going to bootloader, i just see the fairphone logo, but google says its normal.16:54
tgBot<j2g2rp> https://ubports.com/page/ubuntu-fairphone-216:55
tgBot<j2g2rp> (Photo, 385x133) https://irc.ubports.com/OH0JUUHC/file_1352.jpg16:56
tgBot<Marty McFly> oh this is meaned the installer? i thought its just printed there cuz the camera.16:58
tgBot<Marty McFly> mhh... and what way i can solve it now?17:00
tgBotKristijan Krsteski was added by: Kristijan Krsteski17:01
tgBot<j2g2rp> I don't know if you'll can do anything with that. … Don't know if a downgrade version is possible or if there is also some new hardware that can't be managed by the os in 6.0 version.17:01
tgBot<j2g2rp> https://forums.ubports.com/topic/596/fairphone-with-android-6-0-marshmallow17:03
tgBot<malditobastardo> It's important to read before doing anything17:05
tgBot<Marty McFly> so what i understand out of this links, i need the cam and display from old fp2, install the devels version and then i can change my hardware back?17:06
tgBot<j2g2rp> that's what i'm reading in github link, but they are talking about android 6.1. Is it your version?17:07
tgBot<Marty McFly> i have android 6.0.1. i found this comment: @tforgione The UBports installer already has support for the new screen. but you need to install the devel channel since there is where the changes are pushed to. rc and stable will get the fix later17:10
tgBot<Marty McFly> so the phone version should be the reason for my connection problem17:11
tgBotsambuccid was added by: sambuccid17:11
tgBotMujahid119 was added by: Mujahid11917:12
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @Marty McFly, It never changes. Fastboot has no interface.17:14
tgBot<j2g2rp> i'm not sure about that, looks like the other people managed to preinstall ubports but got stucked with a "blue screen of death" during startup instalation. … in your case cpt is awaiting to phone in fastboot17:14
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Again, the screen fix is in devel.17:15
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> It's not in stable, so the warning stays on the website.17:15
tgBot<Marty McFly> yes Dalton i got that. it should be a adb problem correct?17:16
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> On windows or Linux?17:16
tgBot<Marty McFly> Ubuntu 1717:16
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Oh.17:16
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Alright, so there is a bug.17:17
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Thanks for confirming. ;)17:17
tgBot<Marty McFly> can i check adb anyway?17:17
tgBot<Marty McFly> im not sure if the problem is on ubports side17:17
tgBot<Marty McFly> you are from team?17:18
tgBot<Marty McFly> List of devices attached … adb server version (39) doesn't match this client (36); killing...17:31
tgBot<Marty McFly> could this be the reason? i need to downgrade my adb?17:31
tgBot<j2g2rp> it's 17.10 or 17.0417:50
tgBot<Marty McFly> 17.0418:01
tgBot<Marty McFly> but after some tries i did enter: sudo apt-get install adb18:02
tgBot<j2g2rp> strange, i used mdt three months ago18:02
tgBot<Marty McFly> so may my adb is like ubuntu 17.10 idk18:02
tgBot<j2g2rp> in 17.04, so it also should work18:02
tgBot<Marty McFly> mdt?18:02
tgBot<j2g2rp> it's another snap to flash it18:03
tgBot<j2g2rp> magic device tool18:03
tgBot<Stereofont> @Marty McFly, You were coming from Android? I assume that you got developer status and allowed debugging and switched from charging mode?18:04
tgBot<j2g2rp> don't know if it's supports fairphohe 218:04
tgBot<j2g2rp> (Photo, 729x465) https://irc.ubports.com/zayDaaY5/file_1354.jpg18:04
tgBot<Marty McFly> oh that looks nice. i would like to try, but i dont know how to download the devels rom. @ Lion: no i never used Smarthphones cuz i dont accept Google Privacy Bull****18:07
tgBot<j2g2rp> it should have developer mode enabled in android?18:09
tgBot<Marty McFly> can you tell me where to download the actual devels rom and a tutorial for the magic device tool ?18:10
tgBot<Marty McFly> yep dev-mode is needed18:10
tgBot<Stereofont> @Marty McFly, Did you tap build number seven times?18:10
tgBot<Marty McFly> i didnt counted lol. why?18:11
tgBot<Stereofont> @Marty McFly, Sorry I wasn't clear you had done that 😎18:11
tgBot<j2g2rp> no tutorial is needed … you can install it with  β€¦ sudo snap install magic-device-tool β€”devmode18:12
tgBot<Marty McFly> ah okay :)18:12
tgBot<j2g2rp> (Photo, 925x391) https://irc.ubports.com/DD7b9voA/file_1356.jpg18:12
tgBot<j2g2rp> https://github.com/MariusQuabeck/magic-device-tool18:12
tgBot<Marty McFly> thanks! and where i get the newest devels rom?18:16
tgBot<Marty McFly> oh i thought its a rom installer. i tries to autodownload hu? cuz ich need the devels version and there is just the legacy choosable... hrrr hrrr18:18
tgBot<Stereofont> @Marty McFly, You can switch to that on the phone once you have stable installed18:26
tgBot<Marty McFly> via my desktop? cuz screen wont work in stable version18:26
tgBot<Stereofont> No. In system settings on the phone18:27
tgBot<Stereofont> Oh I see. I didn't have that problem. So you need to borrow a first edition screen maybe …18:28
tgBot<Marty McFly> yea this is the only known solution for me but i think there must be a better way^^ and it lokks like im the only one where the ub installer isnt working, so i have any other problem to be solved.18:30
tgBot<samitormanen> Where can I find app spesific logs? Like Camera app.18:31
tgBotJustus Bebeng was added by: Justus Bebeng18:32
tgBot<exar_kun> @samitormanen, Not sure if there are specific log files for each app, but I was once instructed to do this for the camera logs: … adb shell "/android/system/bin/logcat -d" >cameralogcat.log … adb shell "dmesg" >cameradmesg.log … Provided that you open and run the camera app there could be some data produced by doing that.18:40
tgBot<j2g2rp> @Marty McFly, did you tried through mdt?18:41
tgBot<Marty McFly> no my phone would be like bricked or not18:41
tgBot<Marty McFly> cuz mdt just have legacy version18:42
tgBotbunia was added by: bunia18:42
tgBot<exar_kun> I had most success with CPT18:42
tgBot<Marty McFly> never heard about18:42
tgBot<exar_kun> https://ubports.com/r/downloads-cpt-linux18:44
tgBot<exar_kun> Another alternative to the UBports installer18:44
tgBot<exar_kun> From this page: https://ubports.com/page/ubuntu-fairphone-218:44
tgBot<Marty McFly> i tried chmod +x and ./file.deb but got an error :) can yo tell me the usage?18:47
tgBot<Marty McFly> syntax error near unexpected token `newline' … ./cpt_0.5.0_all.deb: line 1: `!<arch>'18:48
tgBot<exar_kun> @Marty McFly, Oops, well on Ubuntu the deb installs via "Ubuntu software" or dpkg -i pakname.deb , then you can run the app through the gui. it will guide you through Ubuntu Touch installation and flash it etc.18:49
tgBot<exar_kun> I guess not so useful on arch ...?18:50
tgBot<exar_kun> It's very similar to the UBports installer18:51
tgBot<samitormanen> @exar_kun, Ok. Thanks!18:51
tgBot<Marty McFly> when i do this i get in a junge of missing dependencies, can i autoniclude them?18:55
tgBot<Marty McFly> i mean the "dpkg -i pakname.deb"18:56
tgBot<exar_kun> I thought normally it will do that, but that's beyond my knowledge. It does seem to be using python though.18:57
tgBot<Marty McFly> iamo what a hard job today :) C P T is in long?19:01
tgBot<Marty McFly> lol i dont get it started. i think its fully installed but what i type now? just "cpt" is uknown19:07
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tgBot<Marty McFly> iǘe found the code segment where the rom location is spezified, can i just change this adress to http://ci.ubports.com/job/daily-fp2/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/device_FP2_devel.tar.xz and my device will directly boot the devels version?20:03
ubports_botProject daily-bacon build #307: SUCCESS in 14 min: http://ci.ubports.com/job/daily-bacon/307/21:05
ubports_botProject ota-push build #1199: SUCCESS in 1 min 1 sec: http://ci.ubports.com/job/ota-push/1199/21:06
tgBot<tylnesh> Anybody knows how to solve that age-old nonsense of Ubuntu Touch copying a video file when playing it?21:32
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @Marty McFly, Were you able to get it installed?21:45
tgBot<tylnesh> Also, is apt upgrade safe?21:51
tgBot<Marty McFly> no i am still trying. actually i try to to debug the cpt.py code, after flash the recovery it stops cuz its thinks the device is disconnected.21:57
tgBot<Marty McFly> or i can install just with adb commands by hand?22:04
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> CPT doesn't have a channel switch option?22:04
tgBot<bastos777> Welcome Kristijan , @sambuccid and @Mujahid11922:05
tgBot<bastos777> And welcome bunia , Justus22:06
tgBot<Marty McFly> i am not sure in the first lines in the code is a channel option, i just tried to is it with entering "devel" in the string. but as i wrote cpt has another problem with my device22:06
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> I'm downloading 17.10 so I can test the different installers and see if I can't debug the issues. In the meantime, and I should have asked you earlier, do you have any earlier installs anywhere?22:07
tgBot<Marty McFly> what you are mean with early install?22:08
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> 17.04 or 16.0422:08
tgBot<Marty McFly> sec22:09
tgBot<Marty McFly> my ubuntu image is a 17.0422:09
tgBot<Marty McFly> bt terminal says 17.1022:09
tgBot<bunia> @bastos777, Thanks! I am very happy to be here - finally. (Still no option to join supergroups on Telegram for UT) And so nice to have the possibility to try the stable version on mako!22:11
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @Marty McFly, Yeah, I'm asking if you have an install of 16.04 anywhere so we can get around this issue22:12
tgBot<Marty McFly> no i dont have, should it work with a virtual machine? i could try that. and sorry ma version is 17.04 dunno why said 17.1022:15
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Oh, the installer didn't work on your 17.04 either? strange.22:15
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Did you use the snap at all?22:16
tgBot<Marty McFly> snap?22:17
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Hmm, don't know when that guy was updated22:21
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Well, since all else has failed, `sudo snap install magic-device-tool --devmode`. It always gets it right.22:21
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Run with `magic-device-tool`22:21
tgBot<Marty McFly> oh yes tried but channel is not choosable22:25
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Aha.22:25
tgBot<TomasOqvist> @UniversalSuperBox, And sudo, right?22:25
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @TomasOqvist, Sometimes. Depends on whether it can detect your device without it.22:26
tgBot<Marty McFly> i am in the ubports recovery now wow!22:26
tgBot<Marty McFly> can i do anything usefull now?22:26
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @mariogrip, any troubleshooting steps we can go through so we can fix this?22:27
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Looks like it isn't just him: https://github.com/ubports/ubports-installer/issues/3622:27
tgBot<mariogrip> @UniversalSuperBox, maybe send me the installer logs? ~/.cache/ubports/ubports-installer.log22:29
tgBot<Marty McFly> so. is there any .zip i can install via the ubports recovery thats boots me directly to the devel edition??22:29
tgBot<mariogrip> @Marty McFly, you can try `sudo ubuntu-device-flash β€”server=http://system-image.ubports.com touch β€”device=FP2 \ … β€”channel=15.04/stable` from recovery22:30
tgBot<mariogrip> try that from recovery22:31
tgBot<mariogrip> you might need to install `sudo apt-get install ubuntu-device-flash phablet-tools`22:31
tgBot<mariogrip> oh! wait22:31
tgBot<mariogrip> you need to select devel22:31
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Also he's trying to install devel, not stable22:31
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> silently deletes message22:31
tgBot<mariogrip> ```sudo ubuntu-device-flash --server=http://system-image.ubports.com touch --device=FP2 \ … --channel=15.04/devel```22:32
tgBot<mariogrip> that's the correct one ^22:32
tgBot<mariogrip> Marty ^22:32
tgBot<Marty McFly> i cant find something what looks like a terminal there22:33
tgBot<mariogrip> @Marty McFly, oh, on your laptop/desktop22:33
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> That's on your PC22:33
tgBot<mariogrip> with a usb connected22:33
tgBot<Marty McFly> and phone in recovery? or bootloader?22:34
tgBot<mariogrip> @Marty McFly, recovery22:34
tgBot<mariogrip> you are in the ubports recovery right?22:34
tgBot<Marty McFly> yes22:35
tgBot<Marty McFly> i think its installing22:35
tgBot<mariogrip> ok, good22:35
tgBot<Marty McFly> at least downloading ❌22:35
tgBot<mariogrip> yeah it's downloading all the files needed22:35
tgBot<Marty McFly> before connection check?22:36
tgBot<Marty McFly> yeyeyyeyeye a smiley face on my screen :)22:37
tgBot<Marty McFly> thanks alot i hope it works now :)22:37
tgBot<mariogrip> :)22:37
tgBot<hwpplayer1> Do we have snap search for package search ?22:38
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @hwpplayer1, I don't quite understand, where are you looking?22:39
tgBot<Marty McFly> i am in! my god a whole day for this install hahaha thanks to all helpers :)22:42
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> My Ubuntu 17.10 download has completed, but I don't have one of the shiny new Fairphones to test the install on.22:43
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> So I'm missing a pice of the puzzle to fix this problem. :P22:43
tgBot<Marty McFly> hehe22:43
tgBot<Marty McFly> but thx for downloading22:43
tgBot<Marty McFly> btw its 17.04 i informed you wrong22:44
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Well, thanks for sticking with us. We're happy to have you.22:45
tgBot<hwpplayer1> @UniversalSuperBox, Like sudo apt-cache search22:45
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @hwpplayer1, You're looking for `snap find`. But no, that is not currently on Ubuntu Touch.22:46
tgBot<hwpplayer1> On desktop ?22:46
tgBot<hwpplayer1> Where is the source code of snap system ?22:46
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> I've no idea. That's an excellent question for one of the Snapcraft channels on GitHub. Or possibly snapcraft.io22:47
tgBot<hwpplayer1> Okay i'm there already22:47
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Scroll all the way to the bottom, it's under "Contribute".22:48
tgBot<hwpplayer1> https://rocket.ubuntu.com/channel/snapcraft22:49
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Alright22:49
tgBot<Marty McFly> its possible to deactivate radiochip and microphone?22:52
tgBot<Ricardo> have flopped a bq e4.5 from the terminal and the recovery is not that of ubports.es correct?22:55
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @Marty McFly, Well, you can always go into airplane mode. As for the mic, you could probably turn it down with something like alsamixer.22:56
tgBot<hwpplayer1> https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft22:56
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @Ricardo, I'm not sure what you mean?22:57
tgBot<Marty McFly> its a beggining thx22:58
tgBot<Ricardo> (Photo, 960x1280) https://irc.ubports.com/0JHUPnBy/file_1358.jpg23:09
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> No, that is not the UBports recovery.23:09
tgBot<Marty McFly> "Swipe from the long/short left/right edge to view..." is popin up every 2 actions i do23:11
tgBot<Ricardo> That recovery is correct in e4.523:11
tgBot<Marty McFly> and its bugged i need to power off display to get it away23:11
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Hmm. Let me see if there's a file that needs to be poked23:13
tgBot<Ricardo> have installed it from the terminal and it has installed me well the systems can be?23:13
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Bah, I'm not going to be able to find it. @mariogrip is there a file that stops the tutorial from showing up that isn't getting touched?23:15
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @Ricardo, Are you asking how to figure out which system you have installed, or something else?23:16
tgBot<mariogrip> @UniversalSuperBox, you can use phablet-config23:17
tgBot<Marty McFly> i dont have a back or a home button, how to get out of system settings?23:18
tgBot<mariogrip> @UniversalSuperBox, else it's … ```dbus-send --system --print-reply ' '--dest=com.canonical.PropertyService ' '/com/canonical/PropertyService ' 'com.canonical.PropertyService.SetProperty ' string:edge boolean:true'```23:18
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @Marty McFly, Swipe from the left of the screen to the right?23:21
tgBot<Ricardo> I ask if what I have installed is correct.apparently everything is fine23:22
tgBot<Ricardo> (Photo, 540x960) https://irc.ubports.com/rWkXqqp3/file_1360.jpg23:22
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @Ricardo, Looks like the RC channel to me.23:23
tgBot<Marty McFly> its 2 different problems. problem one is that swiping message comes alltime and not leave with a swipe, i need to repower my display for that23:23
tgBot<Marty McFly> but strong problem is that im sock in my settings23:23
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> If all else fails, reboot I'd suppose.23:24
tgBot<Marty McFly> (Photo, 720x1280) https://irc.ubports.com/w5uvDGol/file_1362.jpg23:24
tgBot<Marty McFly> button forgotten?23:24
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Nope. Swiping from the very left edge of the screen to the right goes Home.23:25
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Swiping from the very right edge to the left goes to the app switcher23:25
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> No global back button23:25
tgBot<Ricardo> The question is: Why does not recovery of ubports?23:26
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> We can't rebuild the recovery for the Canonical devices. There's no source code available.23:26
tgBot<Marty McFly> from the "very" left πŸ˜† okay understood^^23:26
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> And that should make the tutorial stop now, too. :)23:27
tgBot<Marty McFly> πŸ™ˆ23:29
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Once you get used to that navigation, it'll be hard to go back to any other mobile OS.23:30
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Waaaaaaay too satisfying23:30
tgBot<Marty McFly> i never had any other mobile os23:30
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Oh23:30
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Well23:30
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Point still stands. :P23:30
tgBot<Marty McFly> im a freelancer πŸ˜†23:30
tgBot<Ricardo> Is that recovery correct?23:33
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Yes23:33
tgBot<Ricardo> (Sticker, 388x512) https://irc.ubports.com/fkgB0LJ0/file_136323:36
tgBot<samzn> (Photo, 1280x1278) https://irc.ubports.com/9VIeg0Za/file_1365.jpg23:44
tgBot<samzn> any ideas for the glyph?23:44
tgBot<Marty McFly> a setting for stretching the "very" left swipes would be cool23:49
tgBot<Marty McFly> maybe with the old display its another performance idk23:49
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @Marty McFly, That's a feature of the Tweak Tool, found in the OpenStore.23:50
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Edge sensitivity, methinks23:50
tgBot<samzn> (Photo, 1280x1278) https://irc.ubports.com/0Rkl0aGx/file_1367.jpg current idea is something like this23:50
tgBot<popescu_sorin> center them dots!23:51
tgBot<Marty McFly> ty23:51
tgBot<popescu_sorin> j/k23:51
tgBot<popescu_sorin> what is it for?23:51
tgBot<samzn> probably exactly what you think it is :)23:52
tgBot<popescu_sorin> whatsup?23:53
tgBot<samzn> ya23:53
tgBot<Marty McFly> the enemy in my bed : x23:55
tgBot<popescu_sorin> looks ok23:56
tgBot<popescu_sorin> maybe drop the inner shadow23:56

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