elFuchs: after several memos and an unresponsive PM session, i feel we've given enough warning and done due diligence now, so when you get a moment, can you either shut down #ubuntu-it-touch and #ubuntu-it-phone or transfer them to the ubuntuirccouncil account?20:01
FuchsI think I'll go with transfer, shut down you can do if you like, us doing it would maybe look a bit meh. Thanks for leaving that option, shall transfer them shortly20:02
Fuchsgood to see I didn't use that command for so long that I mess up the order20:03
Fuchsel: both done, feel free to close / forward / whatever :)20:04
elthat would only take me a week to forget, i had to script up making a new irc session for when we do updates on our server20:04

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