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luisssHi everyone, i need help i have a pc with Xubuntu17.04 but in fact it does not matter if i put 16.04 it only works with 32-bits and of course it shows very poor performance. If a try with 64-bit it will start but right before desktop screen shows up it stops recognizing keyboard en mouse because of the usb ports they are connected to. Can somebody help me or at list point me in the right direction on how to fix this because it is way be13:46
luissstter 64-bits. This is my hardwaer: https://pastebin.com/QJVZmRN113:46
luisssSomebody willing to help me please?14:03
DraganHello to all15:56
DraganI am installed 17.10 and doesnt see ati radeon hd 6xxx m series gpu15:58
pavlushkaDragan: wait for someone to answer who knows about.16:02
Dragananyone need to install additional radeon driver?16:05
krytarikDragan: Try #ubuntu if you're this impatient.16:09
Dragani am wrong ubuntu use other graphic unitiy16:10
Dragandifferent from xubuntu16:10
krytarikNope, not at all.16:11
Dragansame as ubuntu 100%?16:11
Dragangood luck to me :D16:11
Dragankrytarik did u maked to install  fglrx16:12
krytarik!amd | Dragan16:13
ubottuDragan: Open driver for AMD cards: amdgpu (cards >= GCN1.2 aka GCN 3rd gen), radeon (older cards). Closed drivers: amdgpu-pro (>= GCN1.2) fglrx (older cards, unsupported by AMD in 16.04+). For info on GCN levels, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AMD_graphics_processing_units . For fglrx info, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD16:13
krytarikMaybe this helps a bit.16:14
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ProTrademarkhello all, I am having a critical issue18:42
ProTrademarkThis is my first time using Linux and I just installed xubuntu 16.04 on a laptop18:43
ProTrademarkhowever I am experiencing and issue where 1-5 min after start up the touchpad and keyboard are both completely unresponsive18:44
ProTrademarkand I need to hold down the power button to reset the laptop18:44
ProTrademarkobviously this makes it impossible to use18:45
ProTrademarki would be grateful if anyone had any ideas on how to help18:45
sinewavProTrademark: Does the same thing happen while running a Live DVD?18:58
ProTrademarkthe laptop does not have a dvd drive19:01
ProTrademarkbut i can try with a USB19:02
ProTrademarkI will report back in 5 min19:03
ProTrademark...just waiting for it to freeze...  maybe in 10 min19:12
sinewavSometimes the Live Disc loads more/different drivers than the installation. If it doesn't freeze with a Live Disc I would guess this is the case. Then you would just have to determine which drivers are the problem.19:23
sinewavtyping dmesg after you start might give you an indication of what went wrong, but I admit this type of problem is not a specialty of mine.19:25
sinewav*type dmesg in a console window19:25
ProTrademarkok since the last hard restart it still hasn't frozen19:27
ProTrademarki'll let it run for another 30 mins19:28
ProTrademarksinewav, OK it's been over an hour and it seems fine, for now. I really really appreciate your help today. I'll see tomorrow if it happens again and if it does I'll come back here. Anyway, see you later20:21
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